19 December 2017

One of my more unforgettable childhood memory was spending the year end school holiday in Penang with my paternal grandmother. My siblings and I we didn’t actually go there every year but a few times only when my father is not too busy too pick us up in Pasir Mas and drive all the way to Gelugor. Oftentimes we were excited to be in Penang on that time of year. We always look forward to going to the Penang Fair towards the end of our stay. In the meantime however, there’s not much we could do except to play amongst ourselves in the house. Nobody to take us out. Father only comes back a few weeks later to pick us up.

For much of her later life, my paternal grandmother or Tok as we affectionally call her, lived with her sister Tok Bibik in her home in Lengkok Pemancar, Gelugor, Penang. Ever since my father been in and out of job and later, started a new family with my present stepmother, she’d been sort of neglected by her only remaining son. If it wasn’t for Tok Bibik’s kindness, I couldn’t imagine how she would lead her life. So in a way, Tok Bibik was pretty close too us. I remembered her for all her kindness and generosity. It is no surprised that I shed a few manly tears when she passed away today. She’s been ill and weak for a few months now and today she passed away peacefully from natural causes. I don’t often cry but when I do it must be because of something really sad.

Rest in peace Tok Bibik, may you find jannah in the afterlife.