23 March 2018

We sped to Kemaman that morning from Bukit Gambang Resort City. I don’t know how many speed camera I sped through along the LPT highway in order to get to Kemaman in time before 10:00AM. Turn out, we were the first group to arrive at 10:10AM. The rest gradually arrive half an hour later including the groom who arrived well after 11:00AM. So much for being on time. I became the unofficial family photographer that day, taking pictures without pay of course. Glad to do it.

Faris and Myra wedding almost didn’t happen due to my aunt’s objection some time ago. She never liked her for some reason and were adamant that Faris should choose anybody but her. Over time thanks to reasoning with her family, she relented. But you could tell behind that smirk, I mean smile deep down inside she’s not totally happy with the proceedings.

Anyway we hung around for an hour or so before leaving for Cherating. Yes I already book an Airbnb there and planned to spend the night there. But before the 3:00PM check we decided to visit the Kemaman Zoo. Unfortunately the zoo was closed for a while for Friday prayers when we got there which was a real bummer. They don’t open until an hour an a half later and I thought it was too long to wait. So made our way slowly from Kemaman to Cherating, arriving 10 minutes before 3:00. I booked a one bedroom apartment at Samsuria Beach Resort. It was a nice studio suite with a sizeable living room, kitchen and bath tub to the delight of the kids. The kids didn’t mind sleeping in the living room since they were all air-conditioned. The host even throw in a free Digi broadband modem to use. Too bad I only found out about the free Internet in the bedroom drawer as we were leaving. There’s already free resort Wi-Fi but the Internet was horrible.

The resort is situated right beside the beach so we could just take a five minute walk from our apartment to the seaside. We flew a kite and bathed in the sea. In the evening we had dinner at Aiman Kitchen Seafood and paid for a 34 ringgit steamed siakap fish. It was the most expensive fish we’d ever had and the total damage for the night was 85 ringgit. Remind me to be wary of seafood places in far away places.

The next morning Linda and I woke up early to catch the sunrise. Although there were not much sunrise to see due to the cloud, it was a beautiful morning nevertheless. The kids enjoyed another dip in the beach, then the swimming pool. Later that afternoon we head home to KL. Just like last time, my legs fell prey to merciless sandflies. I was itchy all over that evening. Cherating and its sandflies got no chill. It was a short but refreshing 2 days getaway to Gambang and Cherating. I would highly recommend Samsuria Beach Resort especially at this Airbnb unit that I stayed at. It’s on the ground floor and the host provided a few things extra apart from the excellent amenities.