14 October 2017

I’m sure by now you’ve read the review about my last trip to Sabah. It was a memorable trip, the furthest I’ve been away from home. We stayed at an apartment called Cyber City near the KK International Airport. I booked the place on Airbnb and stayed there on the first and last day of our visit. In the middle we stayed overnight in Kundasang. The apartment measured just a little bit smaller than our very own Casa Riana with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 2 of the bedrooms were fitted with air conditioners while another air cond is fixed in the living room. The place comes with a swimming pool, gym facilities and a sport hall as well. I thought the kids would certainly enjoy themselves in the pool but unfortunately due to our busy schedule, we didn’t get the chance to use them until the last day. Even then it rained in the morning and the pool didn’t even open until 10:00 AM which is too late for us anyway.

On the morning of the second day, we packed all our stuff to leave for Kundasang. We thought of leaving some at the apartment to lighten the load plus the fact that we are going to come there again the day after the next. But our host told us we can’t because somebody else will be staying there immediately after us and so that’s fine with us. On the day when we checked in the second time, we can smell the distinct stink in the air. My guess is they didn’t take out the garbage from during our stay until a few hours before we came. Furthermore we were pretty certain that they didn’t change the sheets because I can see the same stains that we made from our last stay on them.

I have a good mind to leave a permanent negative review on their Airbnb listing but I thought I’d message the host first airing my grievances. She apologized for everything and promised to look into it so I decided not to proceed with the negative review. Perhaps it was all her staff/cleaner’s fault for slacking on their job. Or maybe they have been sloppy that way all along. Guess I’ll never know because I have no plans on staying there ever again. Sure they give one of the lowest price near KK and there’s no charge for extra guests but that’s no excuse for sloppiness. I’m not telling you not to stay at Norita’s Airbnb listing near KK but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Travelling in a big group with my extended family members can prove to be quite a challenge but doable. You have to take into account the size of the group’s number when booking for accommodation and transport, cooking in or eating out etcetera. Basically we have 4 sets of working adults in the group. Well one set is retired so that leaves us with 3. When it comes to expenditure, we divided everything into 3 groups with my family and the other one covering 3/4 of the budget. Okay, to cut the story short, when you are already a working adult with a fixed income and no significant commitment, you are expected to pull your weight and contribute to the party. I know you’re saving for your wedding next year but still no excuse to be a passenger on the trip. Even the retired people gave a sizable contribution without even asking.

In any case, I am reluctant to organize such a big and faraway trip again in the future. Especially if we can’t reach a consensus on the budget and expenditure. Next time it will probably be me and Linda and the kids. It’s much better and simpler that way.