19 September 1999

Went to the local cyber cafe since the lab is closed today with the sole intention of talking to H. unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. I do miss her a lot already. Wrote a long e-mail spelling out my problems, maybe she could help me out here. Didn't even she her during dinner tonight.

18 September 1999

Had our first real time chat on the internet this afternoon.I was pleasantly surprised to find her command of the English language is excellent. never talked to someone so good before. Tonight after a record of 30 hours without eating, i finally end my hunger strike now that i know she's safe and sound.
I'm really in a dilemma right now. Next semester i'm thinking about staying outside, renting a house with the guys next door. The thing is i don't have the money to pay for the 140 ringgit deposit. I wonder if mom approve of such idea.

17 September 1999

Can't wait for night time to come cause that's the only time when i get to meet H. To my despair she didn't show up tonight. I searched high and low, far and wide and even went to her college but to no avail. Man, this is driving me crazy. Perhaps she went to another place, perhaps i fret too much. All that almost made me forgot about my exam today. It was pretty damn hard too and she sat so far away from me.

16 September 1999

I was not in misery for long cause tonight we met again in Sri Serdang. Surely there are many guys trying for someone as gorgeous as her. We talked on the phone afterwards.

It's so hard to study when i kept thinking about her every 2 minutes.

15 September 1999

Felt terrible today. It broke my heart to see that they are waiting for somebody else during dinner. I could never forget the sight of 4 of them sitting together. Even worse, i just got her voice mail everytime i call her.

14 September 1999

I guess this is one of the happiest day of my life. Tonight i gat to chet with H personally. It was an unforgettable experience. What's more, i even got her phone number and she took my e-mail address. This is surely the beginning of something beautiful. I'm smiling to my ears all night.

13 September 1999

Last night i saw H in Sri Serdang again. Just like before, she arrived as we were leaving. It's like we're destined not to meet, ever. Plus i'm anxious that she's sitting next to someone else today. Perhaps it's an old friend. Next time i'll come early.

12 September 1999

Still recovering from that defeat we had against Manchester United yesterday. Oh i really hate those United supporters yesterday cause they were behaving like monkeys.

9 September 1999

I'm really tired of writing on you every single day of the year. From now on, I'll write whenever i feel like writing.
before u know it, it's exam time already. I had to rushed in early to find a good seat, else i would be seating on stage or up front.

4 September 1999

It's the same old routine everyday. Woke up in the afternoon. Had lunch in Sri Serdang. Play some games. Then play some more games. Have dinner. Play games again and sleep at 3.

2 September 1999

Ride home safe and sound. It's hard going around without a motorcycle license. I really have to get one in the future. My life wouldn't be complete without one.

1 September 1999

I can't believe i finally talked to H tonight. Although she only said 'hi' but that's a start. Anyway she was leaving just when i got there. Perhaps next time.
Later i went to Balakong again. On the way, i was stopped at this road block along Besraya. Thank God, the police officer didn't notice i only got a car driving license. It was really scary. I could be fined or worse locked up at the station. I'm definitely not riding any bike that far away again.