28 February 2009

If you're the same age like me, you'd probably grew up watching Knight Rider on TV too back in the 80s. I bet it was every boy's dream to own an intelligent, talking, car like that. And Hasselhoff, he was like the definition of cool back then.

Earlier this month, I saw the new Knight Rider series on TV. First impression: I was really impressed with the new Knight Rider car (a Ford Shelby GT 500 KR Mustang). Back then Kitt (the car) can do many things like shoot missiles and goes really fast. Today Kitt can do everything from changing into other cars, goes underwater, blast an EMP, create things out of thin air, change his own flat tyres, do the laundry, pay your bills and even cook dinner for you. Truly amazing what Kitt of today can do, so amazing it's nearly magical (or ridiculous). That car wouldn't be out of place in the next Harry Potter movie I tell you. Still I'll be glued to the TV when this show come on air.

26 February 2009

When we went to pick up our kids this evening we found out that Mia had a slight bruise on her right cheek. We didn't realize that Mia had that bruise until we got to the Seri Mutiara restaurant nearby.

When asked, her caretakers insists that Mia didn't fell or hit anything during their care. She was in her cot all the time. So we took Mia to see the doctor and the doctor said she's probably got bitten by an insect or something.

The next day, Mia's bruise is almost gone so it's probably an insect bite.

Lucky for everyone we didn't jump to conclusions.

23 February 2009

My car hates me. This morning I cannot start my car. I turned the ignition like a thousand times but it just refuses to start. After asking around a few people, it was confirmed that my battery was dead. It's been over 2 years since we bought that car anyway and we haven't changed the battery ever since so it's not really surprising that it had passed it's life time. Thankfully my colleague Bujal came to pick me up at home this morning. And in the afternoon Bro Din came by my house to jump start the car and we both drove to the spare part shop in Equine Park to replace the battery. I was RM160 poorer after replacing my old Century brand battery with one liquid-based, full maintenance cap ayam battery. It is times like this that I'm mighty glad that I have friends and colleagues that I can rely upon. What would I do without them. I'd like to thank Bujal, Sapuan and Bro Din for helping me out today. Good job everyone!

Moral of the story here: better to make a thousand friends than to make even a single enemy.

Later this evening I brought my family to KPJ Hospital in Kajang to get Adam and Mia treated. Mia is showing signs of eczema while Adam had been suffering that ever since he was small. On our first visit there we were referred by one of Linda's panel clinic. Today we just walked into the hospital for treatment. We waited for 2 hours before the doctor came in. A few minutes later we were another RM166 poorer. Apparently we had to pay for Mia's consultation fees and medications since it was her first visit there and she wasn't referred to by any panel nor did Linda brought any guarantee letter (GL) from her office. Thank God for credit cards.

So the other moral of the story here is don't just barge in any private hospital without confirming the rates or whether every one's covered or not. I do hope Linda can claim that.

If you noticed there's less and less post nowadays it is because I've put my life on hold. At least for this next few weeks. There's something big I'm about to endeavor and it's going to be life-changing, literally. Stay tuned.

22 February 2009

This morning while I was asleep, I received a call at around 4:15AM from my mobile phone. The guy introduces himself as Inspector Azman from Bukit Aman and he instructed me to report to Bukit Aman police headquarters concerning a case that I won't mention here. First of all, he doesn't know my name. Logically, a real cop should know the name of the person that he's about to call. He only asked what's my name is during our conversation. Second, no cops in his right mind would call anybody at 4:15 in the morning. If it's really urgent or important, they'd came by to my place and pick me up themselves in the first place. After like 40 seconds of entertaining him, I know that this is nothing more than a prank call so I just shut off my phone.

I don't know how he got my number but one thing I know it is so not funny. I am barely amused. And if you think you can pull a prank like that on me and get away, you're dead wrong Azman (or whatever your real name is). Check out my Twitter page for more information. Plus I think I'm gonna scribble your phone number at random public toilets with the accompanying message. Let's see who'll have the last laugh ha ha!

Oh what the heck. Any gay Malaysians interested in Azman can contact him at this number: 017 6725025.

21 February 2009

I must have been living under a rock, like Patrick. My colleague got married to a second wife who happens to be another colleague of mine late last year and I didn't even know about it until today! But then again, my previous job description requires me to go out as early as 9:00 in the morning and most of the time I didn't get back until 6:00 in the evening. After that I went straight to pick up my 2 kids and do my daily chores. Where got time to hang around and listen to the latest goss with my crew at Thoiba ma?

As tempting as marrying a second may be, I think I'm going to stick with my one and only. I'm not emotionally and financially strong to take care of another one. Even if I'm financially sound, I'd probably won't either. I'd go crazy thinking and worrying about both/all of them. There's no way they'll going to live together in peace.

I pity the first wife. She had to take care of the kids so far away back home while the hubby flirts and eventually marries his office mate. She must be devastated. Any sane wife must be crushed. And the sad thing is, there's nothing she can do about it. As long as her hubby is fair (I hope so), there's not much she can complain about. But is it really fair to her? The first wife? To the husband meanwhile, you can have fun now but once the reality sets in, things won't be so rosy then. Once your old wife started her rebellion and demands that your let her go, all hell will break loose. I should know, I've been there and done that with my folks.

So moral of the story here is, ladies, be careful if your hubby work long distance over a long period of time. Anything can happen when you guys are so far away and apart. It doesn't matter if it's Mallaca or Mumbai. Feelings fade or flourish. People can change. You'll never know what the future holds for you so better be safe than sorry.

*DISCLAIMER. This entry has nothing to do with anyone whose hubby going to Mumbai or wherever. Any similarity with anybody I know is purely coincidental.

20 February 2009

Top Ten Most Annoying Things My Colleagues Do At The Office

1. Fart freely anywhere and any time without warning (this is Bujal's speciality)

2. Burp or belch loudly accompanied by a stinking odour.

3. Pee while standing and spraying the entire toilet with one's urine leaving the toilet very stinking smelly (guys only).

4. Bringing their stinking shoes/socks to work and parking them at the shoe cabinet downstairs.

5. Digging vigorously into one's ears or nose and then sniffing them (like that's so gross!). I would think twice before shaking hands with this person.

6. Taking stuff without permission from one's table (this happens to me all the time).

10. Leaving their e-mail mailbox filled with read or spam e-mails until I send out the top ten most lazy e-mail users to everyone and in the end I had to clean them manually myself.

18 February 2009

Today my Motorola V3i hand phone went dead on me. The screen just went blank. Previously I've sent the phone for repair, twice for the same problem only for it to happen again. I don't think I'm going to waste my money sending it for repair again. So now I cannot see incoming calls or read or write SMS. And sometimes I worry when I (or Adam/Mia)accidentally change the profile to silent then I wouldn't know if anybody call or text me. That said though, I don't think I would mind much if my phone is broken for good. At least I can have some peace and quiet.

Technically this was Linda's phone before she bought herself a new phone last year and she gave it to me. And now that it is broken, you know what this means? Sadly no, I can't afford to buy a new phone. I think I'm stuck with this half dead phone for a while. Maybe it's better this way. Anybody want to contact me, call my office.

17 February 2009

You know, in an unpredictable economic situations like today, one cannot rely on just one source of income. That's why I'm getting myself into some side business. Nothing major though. Just selling some used/second hand goods online, specifically at Lelong.com.my.

So if you have the urge to own a Bluetooth headset, a wireless print server, an Asus EEE PC laptop charger or you need to stock up on your Canon cartridges, feel free to visit my Lelong selling page on each respective links. For now I have only 4 items for sale and they were all my friend's stuff (I'm just the middle man) but rest assured there's more to come. If there's nothing interesting you want to buy there, you can always help me up by joybidding on those items until they go ridiculously high! (I won't mind if you don't buy in the end). Also if you have anything you want to get rid of, I mean anything - phones, PDAs, laptops, gadgets, your mother-in-law, just give it to me. I can sell them online for a minimal fee he he!

16 February 2009

Somebody please sell us a house!

After Nora wrote about her brand new house in Puchong, my wife went into a house-buying frenzy. Almost every day she would search online for prospective houses to buy and she would calculate all the house loans at the bank's website. Yesterday we found a house for sale in Kinrara so in the evening we went there to see it. We were already dreaming and imagining how our potential new house would look like. But when we did got to the house, all our dreams and hope were dashed. Our possible future next door neighbour had set up a mini temple in his house and when we got there this evening, there was a ceremony of some sort going out. Bleh.

So far all of the house that we (Linda) liked is either too expensive or too far away. We're not looking for a big house or anything, just a regular single storey house with a little lawn in front. Something that's under my RM150K a month salary har har! I wonder how much Nora's house is. We really need to buy a house soon. Linda refuses to shower unless we buy a house first :)

14 February 2009

I don't know a movie about one over-grown gorilla could be so damn engrossing. So that's where Charlize Theron and Sayid of Lost started out.

Anyway, today I went to KL alone meaning to find some stuff for this little project of mine. Just when I was about to step into Low Yat Plaza I got a call from my Dad. He told me to come and see him at LCCT in Sepang. I didn't have the heart to say no so I just drove all the way to LCCT to meet him.

My Dad is moving to Limbang in Sarawak. He's got a new job there. This time it's going to be something he's really good at, plantation. Specifically, opening a new palm oil estate. Although he's going to be far away from his family for months in end, I'm actually glad that he took this new job. At least he'll be in his elements, you know, doing things he love. Definitely better than his old marketing job. I have this little motto in life that goes like this: if you love doing your job, then you'll never have to go to work ever again. You'll just go out everyday and have fun.

The reason he wanted to see me is because he'd like to ask my favour to take him to a courier company in Nilai. You see he brought along his 3 huge luggage bags. And when he weighs them at the Air Asia counter they told him it's gonna cost RM1700 to carry all of them to Kuching. Plus a few hundreds more from Kuching to Miri and finally to Limbang. That's why he thought it'll be much cheaper just to courier them to Limbang.

Because of that terrible traffic jam in KL, I only got there in LCCT 15 minutes past 12:00. I picked up my Dad and we looked around Nilai, getting lost twice on the way before finding the courier company only to see it's closed already. And we're only like 50 seconds late. I bet the office closed 20 minutes earlier. So I suggested that he went to the post office near LCCT to just post all his luggage. We found the post office easily enough and after 10 minutes, we're done and his things will be in Limbang in 2 days time for half the Air Asia price.

I'm a terrible son. I should have keep in touch with my Dad more often. I know he should have told me he's going some place far away but I guess it's my fault too that I rarely bothered to call him some time.

Well at least he can depend on this son of his.

So good luck Dad with your new job at the new place. Remember to bring home one big crocodile head for me okay? Say hi to Kenny Sia and Eera if you see them. You take care now.

12 February 2009

When I was a kid, I was quite a naughty boy. I threw tantrums, I lied, I stole stuff, I ran from home, many times I didn't listen to what my Mom and Grandma said and did exactly what they told me not to do. Once my Mom became so exasperated with me she seriously considered bringing me to see a bomoh (witch doctor) so that he could 'fix' me. I guess growing up without a father figure, someone with authority whom could discipline me somewhat contributed to my bad behaviour.

But that was then. I changed tremendously the moment I stepped into boarding school. Being on my own without my family, I learned to appreciate and love my parent, siblings and family more. At a boarding school you're all on your own, there's no one to watch over you and who's got your back except for your friends.

Maybe it's true they say. When a guy is very naughty when he was small, he'll be a good person when he grows older. I'm not saying I'm the perfect son or child but I do look after my Mom whose all alone living by herself in Serdang as much as I can. You know she cannot depend on her daughters who is and will be married and have families of their own. And my brother Faiz, well he's still has the whole world in front of him at the moment, once he finished his degree and start a family. So like it or not, my Mom will have to lean on me, his eldest son.

Yes we had our differences but if you know me like my family do, I just can't fight or sulk for long with members of my family, especially my Mom. Now that I got kids of my own, I truly realize how hard it is for my Mom to raise all four of us (especially me) almost all by herself.

Tomorrow is my Mom's 55th birthday. Happy birthday to you Mom. Let me assure you, you did one heck of a job raising me. Your most naughty, difficult and stubborn child ever. I love you Mom. Happy birthday.

11 February 2009

They call him Superman

At work apart from his official job as the procurement guy, he's also the technical support person, system admin, company driver, dispatch and also the delivery guy.

After work he went to pick up his two kids at their nursery and then stop by his regular eating place at Seri Mutiara. While holding his 11 months old baby in one arm, he feeds his 5 years old who occasionally goes astray to the mini mart next door. Next he goes home and feed his 11 months old and bathe both of them. Once in a while he'll do the dishes or the laundry or pick up the clothes from the washing line. Then he had to keep them occupied until his wife comes home, usually after 8:00 in the evening. Nevertheless he still has time to update his 3 blogs. Well at least one of them is up to date. By 11:00 PM he's ready to retire to bed since he needs to wake up before 6:00 the next morning.

A few days ago he damaged his knee ligament while running. Few people knows this but his been wearing a bandage under his pants for a while now.

Today Superman needs to rest.

8 February 2009

I stayed up late last night to watch the Portsmouth - Liverpool game. God I thought we're gonna actually lose that match when we were trailing 1 - 2 after 70 minutes. Then Kuyt scored the amazing equalizer before Torres scored the winner in injury time. Absolutely fabulous! And since the game didn't end before 3:30 AM, I didn't go to sleep until 4:00 in the morning. Imagine how sleepy I was the next day.

If I could say one thing nice about Sungai Chongkak... I can't. It's too crowded, parking was impossible to find, the gate keeper lady was rude and we had to walk miles inside to find a decent bathing spot. Give me Sungai Gabai anytime.

As I was walking out of Sungai Chongkak today I saw this girl without her bra on. Yeah you can clearly see the outline of her boobs and nipples under that singlet. And she's Malay alright. As liberal as some of us are, i don't think we're ready for such freedom yet. Now boobs and nipples are nothing strange to me but I should think the guys are having a good time watching. Of course I didn't take pictures you silly (my wife was just 5 feet away).

I think I got my cold back. Must be the cold stream water.

7 February 2009

Yesterday I had a cold. Really bad, runny nose, sneezing and all. So today I spend my weekend at home recovering. Felt much better at the moment. Amazing what little yellow pills could do for your cold. My wife went out with the kids today, to Sungai Buloh with her friend Hajar to visit another friend.

Before I went to sleep this afternoon, I wrote a little piece about the political drama in Perak. When I woke up a few hours later I saw like 10 comments and 2000 hits on my other blog. Just when I thought RPK doesn't read my blog anymore! You can still catch it on the front page of Malaysia Today if you hurry :)

p.s: Just kidding. RPK is probably too busy to read my blog.

6 February 2009

Awww so cute!

This is their mom's doing. That tudung looks like Nora's. Now my wife won't wear it anywhere!

4 February 2009

It's a sad and gloomy day in the local politics scene (if you're a supporter of PR at least). BN is all but certain to take over the Perak government after 3 stooges from PR declared themselves as independents albeit friendly to BN. The Sultan of Perak is yet to decide whether to agree to MB Nizar's resolution of the state assembly or to consent to BN's wish of forming a new government. My heart prays for a snap election but my brain is saying it's all lost for PR in Perak. Whatever it is, we'll find out soon enough tomorrow. I can't think of what those 3+1 defectors see in UMNO/BN. My guess is they're offered something they can't refuse. And you know what makes they world go round these days. $$$ of course. Nevertheless I still haven't given up hope on Malaysia just yet. They may succeed in grabing Perak tomorrow but come 2013, UMNO and BN is going to be wiped out clean. Mark my word on that.

I don't know why I'm feeling quite lethargic this past 2 days. I get tired easily and I felt rather sleepy at work. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep. Maybe I should wake up later than the usual 6.00 AM routine. Maybe Linda needs to do less overtime at work. Maybe her boss needs to be more considerate. Yup. That must be it.

1 February 2009

My plan today was to stay awake all day and sleep early in the evening so that I'll be fresh and awake for midnight's all important game. If it wasn't Chelsea that we're playing I won't even consider sleeping that late. Wouldn't miss it for the world. So I spend most of the day doing a Lost season 4 marathon at home. 14 episodes back to back.

But by the time it's dark, I can not sleep. I just can't shut my eyes and sleep. So many things running in my mind. So in the end I got up and do other things until midnight. As always before any Liverpool game I will get my good luck kiss from my kids. I think there was only one time that I forgot to get my lucky kiss and Liverpool lost. The only time we lost in the league against Spurs. I am not usually superstitious but then it worked so far so there's no harm doing it right?

Although Liverpool dominated much of the match this morning, I thought we're going to get another dreadful draw towards the end of the game. That was until Fernando 'El Nino' Torres blasted that beautiful header into Chelsea's net 2 minutes from time. He added another one a minute latter to make it 2-0.

Red Bull energy drink to keep me awake: RM3.00

Gardenia bread to munch during half time: RM2.10

Astro satellite TV with sports channel subscription: RM55.00

Bragging rights and the chance to taunt Chelsea supporters at office: Priceless