31 January 2012

Help, our child has been kidnapped!

Actually my parent in law came by this weekend and swiftly took away Mia back home to Tanah Merah. We didn't have the heart to say no despite the fact that we already paid her kindy fees. Perhaps when we are older we might just pull something like this on our future grandchild, who knows.

Thing is we're definitely going to miss that little rascal. In fact we miss her already now :(

Time to plot a plan to take her back immediately.

30 January 2012

One thing I like about my new company is that they are very generous when it comes to food and money. A month after I joined, they gave me some duit raya. Last month for Chinese New Year they also gave me some ang pow and a pay rise to boot. Not to mention the many company dinners and just makan-makan that we had almost every month. The only thing that they haven't give me yet are my own personal office space and a company car. Oh wait, they are giving me my very own room once the renovation finishes! That means a company car would come shortly after. Right.

Whilst I am eternally grateful for all their kindness, I'm just afraid I might not return the favor. I don't think what I did for the past 6 months or so commensurate with what they gave me. I worry if someday should I decide to run for office in the next election or something, somebody might be very disappointed.

That said I just try to do the best I could.

24 January 2012

What does my future brother in law and I have in common? We both don't talk much. Plus when we were about to get married we had crappy jobs that barely could make ends meet. Wait, let me rephrase that, actually I was jobless when I got married 8 years ago. I stopped working part time at McDonald's to concentrate on my studies but that didn't end well.

Anyway, one of the main reason my wife's sister had misgivings about him is because of that. He just doesn't talk much and not very friendly with people. Just like me. It's not that he's a snob or anti-social or anything. He's just shy perhaps. Just like me. But look how I turned out to be now. Look how our marriage went. 8 years is quite an achievement I must say.

My point is, it's perfectly okay if you're broke with a not very glamorous job that doesn't pay much. As long as you work hard and try your best with your job, sooner or later people, especially your boss or future employers will notice and you will climb that career ladder. That won't happen in a day but it will happen surely. Some parents will have sleepless nights if their daughter is about to marry someone like him or me back then. Will not all would work out alright, I'd say give him a chance. See how he carries himself at work. If he loves to hang around doing nothing then he's no good. Else he'd have the potential to get better in life and work and live happily ever after with your precious daughter and give you many lovely grandchildren (like me).

Don't judge a man by his career. People can change, usually for the better.

Anyway my company was so kind they gave me the whole week off. So I basically don't have to work until next Monday. So here I am doing pretty much nothing except sleeping, watching movies and playing games all day long. 8 years later I am still yet to hang outside the house chit chatting with the neighbours on our little wakaf. I am still that shy person you know 8 years ago. Plus I'd like to keep that Laziest Son in Law in Kampong Sat title that I won many years ago. It's a very prestigious award and not just anybody can win it.

23 January 2012

We're back in Tanah Merah again this time for my sister in law's engagement. Her previous two sisters didn't have any engagements before, they just get married right away so this one is kind of special.

Despite having second thoughts about the engagement and the whole wedding in general, my sister in law here finally decided to go along with it. You just don't play around with this sort of thing you know. Engagements, weddings and marriage is a sacred thing in our religion & culture and if you are not sure and have doubts about it you should just pull the plug from the start. If you do it later, after everybody have worked their ass off to make it happen it would be rude and unkind of you. Furthermore is a matter of honour and pride for both yours and theirs parent & family.

Thankfully everything is settled now. She's engaged and hopefully get married some time next year. Just remember, most marriage is for eternity. If you're having second thoughts, now is the time to do it. Not that I'm implying you do anything.

15 January 2012

Last November the kind people at Nuffnang gave me 4 free TGV movie passes for my birthday. Last month I tried to watch Ghost Protocol at TGV The Mines with my wife. When I tried to redeem my voucher the staff there said that those passes are not applicable for new blockbuster movies like Mission Impossible. He told me to come back in like 2 weeks time when the movie is not so popular anymore. That despite the fact that it was stated on their website that we can actually watch any movie including blockbuster ones although we had to top up an extra 5 bucks each. Apparently the staff there didn't get the memo. Anyway since we came all the way there we decided to buy the damn movie ticket ourselves. So much for free movie passes.

Earlier this afternoon I tried to redeem the remaining 2 movie passes at TGV Sunway Pyramid. As expected the staff at the counter claimed that those passes are not applicable to watch Sherlock Holmes as well. We get to watch other movies though, although the lame and not popular ones like Hell's Gate, Jack & Jill and My Mother Bought Me A Tricycle. Not to disappoint my kid who was ready to cry, I decided to watch Jack & Jill anyway. No surprise the movie was pretty awful but my kid had fun and laughed with everybody else at the stupid jokes.

I understand that many free things today comes with a dozen terms & condition, this one no different. That said TGV Cinemas should just print in big bold letters on their free movie passes that they are applicable only for lame boring movies that nobody wants to watch. Just spare me the bullshit. I can still afford going to the movies if I want to. The latest flick is just two clicks/download away.

4 January 2012

Today my kids started going to a new nursery, kindergarten and transit house. When we first started sending them to the Tadika Cahayaku Seri Nilam in Taman Pinggiran Putra 2 years ago, we were full of praises for that place. The owner was nice & very understanding, they took really good care of our kids and the fees was really reasonable too. We got a generous discount for sending both our kids there. But last year, the owner sold her business to another person. And this new management, let's just say that they were not really satisfactory. So much so that we decided to send our kids to a new place this year. Honestly, it was so much trouble changing kindies that we'd rather stay at the old place if only they weren't so bad.

8 months old Hana Alisha had no problems with the new nursery because she is still too young to notice anything. Adam Farihin likewise liked the new KAFA school immediately and he only spent a few hours at the transit point so there's no problem there. Mia Ariana on the other hand was rather hesitant of going to the new place. She cried and wailed when we left her at the new kindy today. The first day is the hardest for children her age. Thankfully by the 3rd day she made new friends and had no problem going to the new place every morning again.

Like I said, if I could I'd rather have their Mom stay at home to take care of all three of them. That's just not possible at the moment. Maybe in the future.

1 January 2012

Six months ago I decided to grow my hair long, again. Most of my life I had only 2 hair style, clean shaven or really long. So this is that time of my life that I let my hair grew long.

Funny though, I usually don't last more than six months. Normally some thing would happen that will make me want to cut my hair spontaneously. The last time I had a really big dandruff problem that I couldn't go another day without scratching my scalp. This time thank God for conditioners.

Hopefully this time I would last more than six months. Being bald is boring now. Happy new year.