28 June 2011

Today was supposed to be just another regular day at work where I started the day by sending my son to his school at Taman Desaminium. However Adam Farihin, 7 years old decided that today he would like to jam his thumb at the car's door. After that we spend half the day visiting clinics & the hospital to fix his finger.

At first I thought it was just a little thump at the car door but when Adam couldn't stop wailing, I quickly brought him to see a doctor at my panel clinic nearby. The doctor (who was fashionably late by the way) suggested that Adam probably broke his thumb and advised that we go to a hospital. However since I dont have any insurance coverage anymore, I had to rush home to pick up my wife and kids and go to her panel clinic in Serdang to get her doctor's letter of recommendation before finally going to a hospital in Kajang. Adam was still crying on top of his lung for most of that time.

To cut the story short, Adam had his finger scanned and the x-ray showed no bones were broken from the accident this morning. Lucky for us my wife's company had it all covered. I shudder to think should anything bad happens to me. Maybe I should consider buying my own personal insurance. Right.

26 June 2011

This weekend we decided to take a short trip up north to Seri Manjung to visit our in laws. Linda's parent was also visiting there so we thought we'd joined them for a little family get together. Apart from that, this also happens to be that time in my life that you just cannot say no to your wife.

Okay I'm just kidding with that last sentence :)

Anyway, as always we took the chance to visit Teluk Batik beach nearby. This was Mia's first encounter with the sea I think. So far I think she likes it a lot. The beach near Teluk Batik can be very steep at some point so you better be careful just in case, especially with children. Never leave them unattended. I had fun. Been wanting to come to the beach for some time now. Today only I got the chance.

Being so close to the sea and surrounded by hills, Manjung is one very hot town. I mean literally. Here air conditioners are more of a necessity than a luxury. That probably explain why I spent most of my time here sleeping in their air-conditioned rooms all day. Well, when you get older, most of your precious little free time is filled with this one favorite past time - sleeping. Or maybe I'm just tired from all the driving.

19 June 2011

Wait, didn't I just sat for my finals last month? Yep, I did. Lucky for me UiTM decided to carry forward the academic time table and begin the new semester today. This time around my classmate Khairul from Johore crashed at my place for the night before we go to class together the next day.

Yes I did say I looked forward to this new semester but that before my new lecturers decided to swamp us with multiple assignments on the very first class. Not to mention the numerous exercises in our virtual iClass. Oh well. Life is never a walk in the park they say. You got to work, hard for success.

18 June 2011

This morning we send Adam to school so that he could attend his chess clinic. Yep, of all the sports to pick from at his school, we chose chess because it involves the least sweating and running. Don't get me wrong, I'd like him to be active but not now since he's got his skin condition and intermittent asthma. Who knows maybe he could be good at chess some day.

Later in the afternoon we went to IKEA. Just visiting. Leave the kids at the play area while we went for a stroll. Mia can finally enter Smaland now that she's 3 years old. Before we left, we had some Swedish meatballs, yes that one. Tasted just as good as ever. After that we stopped by Jusco in Equine to buy a new fridge. Our old one is packed to the brim with stuff that we could barely close the door. That's our report for the day.

12 June 2011

Last Friday I took the day off to go back to Tanah Merah to pick up my family. It just occurred to me that I don't actually have that many day offs to take so I'll have to make the most of every single one of them. Cannot simply take a day off to go vacation, shopping or job interviews or something unimportant like that. Anyway, I started off rather late in the morning meaning to avoid the morning rush. The funny thing was, morning rush decided to wait for me. 9:30 AM and I am still stuck in traffic for most of Ampang.

That said I survived the utterly boring 7 hours drive without any untoward incidents. Saw a lot of Red Warriors supporters making their way to Bukit Jalil. Made me proud for a while to see their spirit. Well we know that didn't end so good for them. Maybe next year. Of course I'm glad to see my 3 precious ones and their mother again after like 45 days apart. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Being apart from your loved ones for so long almost made me a wreck. Although I look like a tough guy from the outside, inside... well, you know what they say.

Saturday I went back to my real home town in Pasir Mas to see my sister and her newborn which is only one week apart from Hana Alisha. Glad to see them both alright. Early Sunday morning we left Tanah Merah to come back home to Seri Kembangan. Arrived safe and sound early in the afternoon. New member in the family. New chapter in our lives.