30 May 2001

What become of the broken-hearted?

Got myself a pair of brand new Michelin tyres and matching sport rim today. Made me smile all day long. Alhamdulillah again for all that. My wages is also in today. Somehow I still feel it's so little compared to my work at the store. I have a plan to sell my bike to Faiz, sport rim, tyres and all and get myself one Yamaha TZM. If he's not interested, there's a few people waiting in line ready to buy ABE. I'm pretty sure he will buy it.

The thing with Sharifah. She's acting so childish in this relationship. I wouldn't want to wait for her to grow up. It seems like she's got a whole world of secret inside her head and not willing to share it with me. Even refuses to tell me what's her grades are like. I suppose if we ever break up this instance, it wouldn't do her any harm at all. I used to love and still am loving. People like Rose and H. Rose sounded so consumed with her life at the moment. Wonder if she met another guy already.

Anyway, Mom would probably be enjoying herself in Sabah right now.

22 May 2001


Faiz has returned from his little tour in Perak and as a completely different and God-fearing man. That's all I can say. It seems like I almost didn't recognize him anymore with his long beard, Islamic clothes and all. Mom and Dad met for the first time in years. Lina, Faiz and I was there to witness this historic meeting. They sounded pretty serious about getting together again. I'm just so happy for them. Somehow Lina was not so enthusiastic. Grandma is even worse. She's worried that we the siblings might completely forget all about her. Don't be silly grandma. You know we will always remember and care about you for as long as you live.

The semester re-opens. I'm fully charged and raring to go. It's just that I'm missing Rose very much at the moment. I want to be the first person in the universe to wish her birthday later tonight. Still hanging by the moment with Sharifah. I guess time will tell. Thought about finding a couple of new girlfriends from college, you know as backup. H just looked better and better each time. At least she looks very happy from where I stood. She's happy with her man who I presume is a few years older. Old guy.

14 May 2001

Two days ago Liverpool F.C won the F.A cup. At first my heart was broken when Ljunberg scored that opening goal. Then Michael Owen scored two stunning goals within the last 10 minutes thus delivering the cup to the faithful Reds. By now, my real favorite color is truly red and red alone. Still got the UEFA cup to grab in 3 days time. Come on you Reds!

Lina has safely registered into UPM. Now we'll be pretty close to each other. I'm trying my best to make her feel at home here. Running errands one after another for her. The least I could do after all the naughty things I did to her when I was small. Grandma is here too at the moment and Mom will be following suit in two days time. My 5 days holidays from work at McDonald's starts today.

This heart is still hurt. I'm waiting exasperatedly for Rose to call. Chances are she won't. Guess I'll just have to wait for her birthday for my next call. Miss Piyah who taught me the Nokia phone trick got her phone bills already. So the trick does works after all. Still, I'm not so eager to start calling everybody just yet. Not until my own bill comes.

7 May 2001

Let's make it brief here.

Someone came by one morning to this house, to my room. Apai saw him very clearly and he claimed to be my friend so Apai just let him be. Next thing you know my brand new Nokia 3210 is gone. Just like that. I'm not angry with the thief. Maybe it is not my fate to use a brand new Nokia 3210. I am so very upset still. I worked my ass off for a month to get that phone and it's all for nothing. One moment you were asleep and the next thing when you woke up it's gone. Fortunately with the money Dad gave me, I could just bought another one. Life sucks without a phone. However that leave me completely broke again. Got rent to pay and gas to fill my bike with. That calls for the help of Mom who's always there when you need her. What's more my Store Manager just gave me a final warming about the trousers that I'm wearing. Said he doesn't want to see me in that thing again. That's just too bad isn't it. Wait till you see the phone bill mister!

And the thing with me and Sharifah Haslinda is all well. Although I spent RM9.00 2 days ago buying us lunch with very few money left in my pocket. Somehow I think it's all worth it. Now she's on her way home to see her Mom and Dad. I did get a chance to say goodbye at the bus station last night. She even surprised me with a phone call a few hours ago from the middle of nowhere. Perhaps she missed me already.

Called Rose too tonight. She sounded not so eager to talk to me. Maybe because of the exam she's sitting for. Maybe she's just tired of talking to me, Whatever it is, she's slowly fading away from this fragile little heart. Latest news: I am currently using Celcom. Clearly digital at it's best.

1 May 2001

Here come the happy days. First my wages had come in. I got around RM430+ after working for a month. Went straight to the phone shop next door at Uda Ocean and bought myself a brand new Nokia 3210. My second handphone ever. I actually had this thing against Nokia phones before since I'm like so loyal to Ericsson. However after actually using a Nokia phone for once, screw loyalty. I want the best phone there is. This Nokia phone is really comfortable to use. It's keypad is a pleasure to press and the sound quality is excellent. Not to mention the huge screen. Another reason I bought this handphone is because of this trick that Ms Piyah taught me. With a Nokia handphone and a Celcom registered SIM card, I can type in this secret code and call anyone for free. Although this sounds to good to be true being a poor student like me, it's too tempting not to try. That's why I sold my first ever handphone ever to Alina, a crew at the store and register myself at Celcom. The bad news is, I don't really know whether the trick above would really work. Even Ms Piyah is cautious of who she's calling since her phone bill is yet to arrive. In the mean time, I called almost everybody using Pendi's SIM card. Should this prove to be a hoax, I'll be selling one of my kidney to pay the bill.

In another development, Dad surprised me with a phone call just now. He was in town for some business so we arranged to meet at Central Market. We had lunch together and catch up on things. Later before we part, he gave me a generous 300 ringgit of pocket money. I was literally jumping with joy (on the inside). Just when I was about to regret spending 95% of my wages on that new phone. Now I should be able to cut myself a new trousers at the tailor. God knows how grateful I was for Dad.

Meanwhile the thing with Sharifah Haslinda is going pretty well too. At least as far as I'm concerned. She's always free to talk to me for hours on the phone. Maybe it was way too early to relate to her about my past with Rose. Let bygones be bygones. We finally decided not to go to Genting Highland later today. Came to a mutual conclusion that this outing would be a sheer waste of money and also most inappropriate this time of the year. Piyah, our organizer also pulled out at the last hour. So that was it. Another thing ism I don't have the heart to leave Ms Linda and one of my managers stranded at the store by themselves this labor day where people will be thronging into the store. That said, should Sharifah agreed to go, I wouldn't think twice (tee hee hee).

Mom, grandma and the rest of the family are worried on the whereabouts of my younger brother Faiz. From what I hear, he joined this little band of tabligh movement in Perak. We didn't hear much from him except for those 2 letters he sent home. Obviously Mom and Grandma were worried sick. Uncle Dib even called me a short while ago to ask if I know anything about Faiz's new little project. Naturally I knew next to nothing about this too since I don't really live with him or something. Let's hope all is well with Faiz.