30 April 2010

A few days ago I got a call from my bank saying that we'll have to start paying the housing loan next month. The thing is our purchase of the house is not complete yet and our lawyer maintained that we can not moved in until everything is settled. Fortunately though after I called my agent who talked to the owner, he said we can move in anytime we like and he's cool with it. So suddenly we have like a month to get the house ready and prepare for everything.

It's all about money really. The grills will cost us at least 1.5K and installing the fans and lights with all the wiring will cost another 500 ringgit. Not to mention we have to pay some 500 more for the renovation deposit to the maintenance office. I've got like a million things to think about and I started to have trouble sleeping at night.

That said, where there's a will, there is a way. Casa Riana, here we come!

23 April 2010

Thank you. Thank you all.

22 April 2010

After 6 years working commuting to PJ and KL, my wife today begins her work at a branch much nearer to home in Serdang Perdana. I thought this day would never happen but it did! So now I can gave her a lift to work and pick her up later in the evening. Not to mention we will save about 200 ringgit in transportation cost, cut 45 minutes from our morning rush hour, fetch the kids earlier, go home and cook, make more babies and live happily every after. Still although her new office is only 7 kilometers from home, we still have to leave early send the kids and to avoid traffic in main road Seri Kembangan.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank her previous boss for approving making this happen. I take back everything bad that I said about him and I would like to apologize if I did or said anything mean or hurtful about you. People, they are full of surprises.

After her first day at the new place, Linda reported that her new boss was most pleasant and her colleagues was really nice. Okay now is the time to start anew and fresh babe and show them what you can do. Yes Sales is a new field for you, but I always believe you can do anything. Oh, anyone who would like to apply for a car loan can contact me or my wife ok?

21 April 2010

Examination time is here. As always, I spent the last couple of days revising. Didn't even have the time to update my blog or do anything online. Every time I opened my browser, I immediately thought what am I doing? I should be studying instead, like right now. Even both my elbows is hurt for sitting at this table for too long.

Islamic civilization and thoughts should not be that difficult of subject to score. That was what I thought initially. But then the lecturer didn't gave us any spot questions or any hints which topic to study so basically we have to read everything, all 5 chapters. So come exam time I was already stumped at the first question. Some of the were easy and clear cut but the rest was somewhat confusing. The essay questions were quite challenging to say the least. 2 hours is definitely not enough to answer all 4 questions. I thought I can nail this paper. After 2 hours I was more like a red-blue blur.

But that is behind me now. 1 down, 3 more to go.

17 April 2010

For a few weeks now, Adam have been complaining of his wriggling front teeth. So today we brought him to see a dentist in Equine Park to get his teeth sorted out.

We had to wait for about an hour for our turn at Klinik Alam Permai. Adam showed no emotion whatsoever on his first visit to the dentist. I remembered I was scared stiff whenever I visited the dentist when I was small. I can still recall the countless horror stories I've heard about dentists.

It took the nice doctor about 3 minutes to pull Adam's tooth out. First she applied some purple cream to his gum and the pluck goes the bad tooth. That's it. No scream, no tears. We are so proud of you kid. 20 ringgit to pull out a tooth.

15 April 2010

Last week my friend Bujal was admitted to the hospital for a little appendix operation. I didn't get to visit him until his last day there. Said he lost 3 kilos because the food there was horrible.

Of all places, Bujal chose the new and expensive Columbia Asia Hospital in Puchong. The final bill was about 10K RM for less than a week stay and still he has to pay 500 RM with his own money for the services fees before he left. Of course he can claim that back from MAA but that kinda sucks nevertheless. I hope I don't have to go into any hospitals while covered with MAA.

Get well soon Bobot.

13 April 2010

Back in my hometown in the east coast, Muslims go to the mosque on Fridays for only one reason that is to pray and hear the Friday sermon. They don't go there to eat or to shop. When I first came here to the west coast, people goes to the mosque for that and also to have lunch and do a little shopping at the many stalls set up around the place.

I suppose different places have different cultures. Perhaps the city folks have little time on Fridays to have lunch because of work. Hence the took the opportunity to eat first before going to pray and return to work afterwards.

Anyway the beef soup stalls here is always good. I hope the sellers do join us for Friday prayers also.

10 April 2010

Today I brought my family and mother to Taman Tun Dr Ismail, a posh neighbourhood in K.L for a relatives wedding. The groom is my father in law's son in law. I haven't met him before today.

Remind me next time to wear something more appropriate for a wedding in such neighbourhood. I looked like a real slacker with my sandal and t-shirt.

3 April 2010

It's been a while since I've last been to KLCC. To be honest KLCC is not the first place that will come up to mind when I want to go somewhere. I mean the average Malaysian definitely don't do their shopping there cause everything is so expensive and high class and there's nothing much new to see once you've been there a few times before.

Unless of course you'd like to enjoy walking and playing at the beautiful and free KLCC park or even take your kids for a bath at their artificial "waterfall". The waterfall/pool is more like the poor man's version of the waterfall with chlorinated water and not-so-natural falls. In the evening you can watch the little fountain show at the entrance while romancing with your loved ones. Be careful though not to overdo it or you'll be ambushed by some overzealous and crooked City Hall officers.

And of course you can always visit Petrosains discovery center like I did with my family last weekend which costs less than 2 packs of cigarettes.