31 August 1999

It's independence day but i don't feel the atmosphere much around here in K10. Went window shopping at Carrefour today.

30 August 1999

Had a wonderful dream this morning. I dream that i met H and we talked. If only that was true. I guess when you thought of somebody so much, you'll start seeing them in your dreams.
Tonight i went to the Bukit Jalil stadium for the first time to celebrate our 42nd merdeka day. Never seen so many people in my life. Must be more than 100,000 people here. Some experience.

29 August 1999

Woke up around 1.30 pm today, it's a new world record man! Went to Kajang to Fairuz's brother place. Maybe i was too heavy cause Isa's tire was flat on the way. Felt guilty about that.

28 August 1999

I get to use Jimi's room for 2 full day since they are away. You won't believe what i did in that duration. Felt like i just got my money yesterday but they were almost gone today.

27 August 1999

Today i was supposed to be interviewing some MARDI officers. I always feel nervous and uneasy meeting new people. I deliberately woke up late this morning meaning to skip the meeting but it was not late enough. So i went anyway and in the end it was quite okay. Next time i'll be more confident in doing this stuff.
Mom did bank in some money tonight though not much. Very much appreciated mom. Called an old friend of mine, Rose from JB tonight. I like to hear her talk, so soothing.

26 August 1999

Rushed back early this morning worried what my friend would think borrowing his bike all night. Thankfully, he was quite cool with it. No class today and the day after.
Tonight i watched the most cruel and gruesome movie ever. Canibal Holocaust is truly sickening to the stomach. I don't know whether it's true or they just made it up.

25 August 1999

Enough about Siti Nurhaliza. With most of my class this semester over, i only got one class to attend to.Tonight i went to Arip and the gang's place in Balakong in the rain. Felt much more confident riding the motorcycle now. Decided to stay there for the night. It was good to be together again.

24 August 1999

Went to class alone today. Jimi was to lazy to get up. Felt rather lazy of going to classes this afternoon. Broke and hot and humid classroom and the possibility of not seeing H made it all so tempting.
Went to the convo fair again tonight. As expected there were some local artistes there. Too bad i didn't catch Siti nurhaliza. My friends were already leaving by the time she starts. Not that i liked her that much.

23 August 1999

I felt so far apart from her right now. Someday, when the sun begin to shine...
Went to the convocation fair again tonight. Sure is a lot of people there. Lots of loving couples too. Fortunately i don't see H as one of them. Sigh.

22 August 1999

They were supposed to be a cleaning up session downstairs today but i was too lazy to join. It rained again in the afternoon. I spent most of the day playing USM. Tonight i 'm totally broke. The atm machine is out of service. Not that i have much left. Finish some homework tonight.

21 August 1999

It rained from dusk to dawn today. Went to the Mines Shopping Fair this afternoon along with the guys next door. Met a handful of people from Sains Machang there all with their girlfriends. Dammit, like they know i don't have any. Meanwhile the 2nd convocation session has just begun. like always, there's a fair at Bukit Ekspo.

20 August 1999

Made it to the morning class. The good things about waking up early is i don't miss the Subuh prayer plus i can catch my break fast on time. Else they won't be much left. It rained blissfully this afternoon. Friday rain is so rare that when it comes, it really pours. That didn't stop me from going to the mosque though.
The head of our mutimedia biro sure knows a lot of stuff about web authoring. And just when i thought i knew a lot already, he knew much-much more.

19 August 1999

It's election day. Had my first experience of voting right after class this morning. This is quite different from what i had in mind. There was no party logos beside the candidate names. It's either you remember their names or their numbers which is quite confusing for us. And i don't remember the names of anybody from the pro aspirasi party. Oh, what the heck, i'll just cross on somebody.

16 August 1999

Lucky for me, the next exam is not due until 8 o'clock tonite. That's why i slept most of the morning. I did study a little in the afternoon. Come exam time, i was delighted to see H again after so long. All my worries about this difficult paper was gone when she smiled at me tonight. You can call me a dreamer but that got to be a good sign. Now all i had to do is come up and talk to her. Apart from that the election fever is up and running. They held public speeches almost every night here in K10. I don't care less about the election now that H smiled at me. :-)

15 August 1999

Exam day on Sundays were quite normal here in UPM. With thousands of student here it's inevitable. The first paper was difficult i must say. The second was a disaster. I doubt that i'll get good grades for that one. Followed H all the way back to her college later. What is this idiot doing?

In other news, Liverpool lost to Watford today by a single goal.

14 August 1999

Felt very confident walking into class this morning with new hair cut and all. The campus election is coming up soon. Today i can see posters showing up everywhere. I haven't decided yet who to vote. I'll take the first party who approach me. Stayed up to study tonight. There's so much to cover, so little time.

13 August 1999

Tada! It's friday the 13th today. Big deal. That number meant absolutely nothing to me. Missed the morning class cause i woke up late. Tried to find myself a barber shop today but all of them were closed today. Finally, Rafie and i shared to buy a brand new machine at the night market in the evening. After getting this hair cut, i felt an enormous sense of well-being. Nothing can describe the relief i felt. Some of those diploma boys are back.

12 August 1999

What do u know, exam is just around the corner. My money ran out again and i had to ask back up from mom. Quit playing USM altogether cause i just got sacked as manager for both Northwich Victoria and Liverpool. Wish that dickhead would return my shaving machine soon. I'm really turning uglier by the day, certainly not fit to be seen but the world. Slept around 4 am which was earlier than yesterday.

11 August 1999

She was here in class this morning but somehow i failed to see her. Finally got my loan form settled this afternoon. Now i'll just wait for them to ask me my account number. hopefully that would be soon because i really don't have much left. Seeing all the guys next door studying late into morning made me jealous. If they can study up to 5.30 in the morning, so can i, which was what i did today. In fact i slept only after breakfast that's 7 in the morning.

10 August 1999

Time sure is running out for me to get into the same class with H next semester. I had some plans this afternoon but i didn't go through cause she didn't turn up for the KOM class. Why does it has to be so hard? I want to study hard know and get that 1st class honours, hell yeah!

9 August 1999

I felt quiet and peaceful without those rowdy diploma boys. The pre-registration form for next semester had come out. I'll send my form a bit letter so that i can be in the same class with H (if u know what i mean). I stood in line for hours today to check my loan forms.

Got 3 more exam results today and thankfully i did quite alright.

8 August 1999

Got up pretty late today. The diploma boys were happy and gay now that the holidays had just begun. That means my room will be empty for a week or two, yipee! Here's a story i liked to share with ya'all. There is this friend of mine (A) who has a girlfriend (X) who happens to have a boyfriend previously (B). The thing is, now she leaving my friend A for her ex boyfriend B. Everybody said she X, left A for B for the money cause you see B is quite rich with loads of money and friends. B is butt-ugly i can tell you, fat and heavy. I don't know really. Maybe she fell for be just for what he is (fat but rich?). Well, she did got a brand new phone and he always takes her out with his car. Anyway, she invited my friend A to dinner with them tonight. If i were A, i would just laugh at her face but A accepted it instead. I think A is not getting the point. B is trying to show off his girlfriend X and also his money you idiot.

7 August 1999

While several guys here went sight-seeing at the Sepang F1 circuit, i went along with grandma to KL. Not so interested of the F1 circuit anyway, big deal. We walked around town and had lunch and poor grandma lost her wallet again. Poor thing, she looked totally exasperated.

I almost give up hope of ever getting those drivers from uncle din now. Looks like i have to get it from the internet somehow.

6 August 1999

What a sleepy friday today was. I can hardly stop myself from falling asleep in class. Slept all afternoon after that, missing the Friday prayer and all. H wore a baju kurung to class today which was quite unusual of her. Nevertheless she looks just as lovely all the same. Tonight i carried that overweight guy Izwan on a bike all the way to Sri Serdang. I swore that'll be the last time i ever do that. Grandma will be arriving tonight on a flight from Kelantan. Lucky you, i never ride a plane before myself.

5 August 1999

Got my results from the first exam which was quite alright. The electricty is back so now i can concentrate on my studies, yes seriously. Seeing all these Chinese people getting high scores just make me jealous. Well, you know what, kak Long is here but she's going back today. I heard that she came all the way here from Terengganu just to visit her friends (particularly Arip of course). I sure am glad to see her but too bad i didn't have the chance to talk to her cause she was in a hurry. Jimi and i gave her a lift to K6.
Finally got my pc free from viruses. Hope uncle din will bring those drivers tomorrow. It would break my heart if he doesn't.

4 August 1999

Missed all my classes this morning, firstly thanks to Jimi for waking up late and then to the PTPTN people for maing us line up for hours just to buy that stupid duty stamp. Well, at least i didn't have to cause a friend did that for me. In the end i didn't go to the briefing at all. Just a lot of waste really. The big news was that some people spotted Kak Long here in UPM, at the post office to be precise. The funny thing was, i was there for hours and i didn't see her anywhere. Maybe she did saw me but pretended not to. I don't know. Why i even bother about all that. One thing for sure, kak long must be around here somwehere cause 2 people can't possibly be mistaken.

3 August 1999

Rushed to class only to find it cancelled again. Perhaps it got something to do with the convocation. And oh yeah, there were so many people here today. Obviously for the grand occasion. Oh, go ahead. I'm quite certain that it would be my turn next in 3 to 4 years time. There was a black out here again that causes all the BSN branches here to close early, meaning i'm quite broke right now. It also causes the electric plug on the whole floor useless. Now, how i'm supposed to use my pc? It must be those electric guitars belonging to some knucklehead next door which causes the fuse to burn or something. I wonder if they got any brain at all.

1 August 1999

Sunday-sunday here again in tidy attire. Slept till afternoon after the Subuh prayer. The convocation fair is still going on but i don't feel the atmosphere here so far away in college 10. It would have been different if i got anything to do with it, a graduate, a businessman or perhaps i could take my girlfriend along to the fair. I'm still playing USM most of the time but not as much as i did before.