30 June 2009

Earlier this afternoon I received a surprise call from somebody from Google in the U.S. The lady was trying to promote the Adwords program to me which I signed up earlier this week but I didn't finish signing up because it required me paying for the registration fee first before I can get the 100 ringgit free Adwords credit. When I pick up the phone she said "can I speak to Mohd Afif Mohd Rais please?" and she spelled Mohd as in 'Mod' since she had no idea it was actually Mohamed, and that sucks. It's time like this that I wished my Dad had spelled my name properly (like Mohamad or something) so that some time in the future a nice, sweet lady from Palo Alto would not spelled it incorrectly har har.

Anyway I didn't buy her sales pitch, not because she spelled my name wrong but because I don't have any use for Google's Adword for my blog or website for now. Besides, I don't have any serious product to sell right now. In the future maybe, but for now, I'll pass. I forgot her name, was it Sherry or Mary? Whatever.

27 June 2009

It was a boys only day out. Time to spend some quality time together.

I remember the last time I went to the Lake Gardens, Adam wasn't born yet.

26 June 2009

Scenes from a car.

How to take action movie while driving.

23 June 2009

28 years ago around 5 in the morning a baby girl was born in the little town in Tanah Merah. Her name was Sharifah Haslinda and today she has been my darling wife for 5 years now.

I bought this chocolate mousse cake for her birthday which is small but quite delicious nevertheless. We probably won't finish anything larger than that anyway. I also bought a little card and a pair of running shoes for her birthday.

Happy Birthday Mama, hopefully we'll be together for many more years to come.

22 June 2009

Adam is having a rather bad cough these past few days. Last night was the worst when he threw up a couple of times after dinner. We brought him to a clinic in Serdang early this morning and the doctor suspects he's suffering from asthma.

He made Adam breath through that gas mask which was filled with some medication at the clinic. After 2 sessions, this morning and later in the evening Adam's condition improved tremendously. We were prepared for the worst you know in case he had to be warded again. Thankfully he's all but recovered by now.

21 June 2009

By the end of the day, I'm officially a student of IS 110, Diploma in Information Management. It's just a diploma not degree or PHD no big deal really. It's been one heck of a tiring day. My back aches from all the standing and queueing. I can run for 4-5 miles but standing in line is pure torture.

At least now I can brag that Yuna and I go to the same place. You can have her ring tone all for yourself Zeffri but me and Yuna, we are like buddy-buddy right now he he.

I'd like to thank my Dad for helping to make this happen. You know I can never repay your kindness. I promise to make it to graduation day this time as my sign of gratitude. Happy Father's Day.

20 June 2009

This is supposed to happen tomorrow but since I can bend time and space, I get to post them today instead. Cool huh?

My 5 years old son made this little card for me for Father's Day. I know it's not up to Hallmark's standard but it's the thought that counts right?

In case you cannot read it, it says "Thank you Papa for taking care of Adam and Mia".

Aw Adam, I'm so very touched. And all I've been doing is scolding and yelling at him all the time for his little mischiefs. Excuse me while I stand in the corner and cry for a while.

19 June 2009

I just realised that I don't have any passport-sized photos for my registration tomorrow on Sunday. It's been ages since I needed to register for anything. So I went down to Serdang today to have my picture taken. There was to photo studio to choose from when I got there and somehow I chose YS Foto Studio on my right.

Which proved to be a mistake. The shop stinks, literally. When I went inside to the studio, I can smell a foul odour emitting from inside. I suspect it came from the toilet and I can smell it everywhere inside the shop. And just my luck, the photographer took his own sweet time to snap my picture.

After the photo shoot, he took another 15 minutes to process and Photoshop my picture, you know to remove eye bags, bleak heads and touch up here and there. He used an old but still cool-looking Mac computer and some fancy tablet pen thingy. I've got to get my hand on that graphic tablet someday. Fortunately my suffering ended once he printed my pictures, 4 copies for RM13.00. So ladies and gentlemen, you might want to try the other photo studio when you come to Serdang.

18 June 2009

Yesterday evening while I was lounging with my family at home, my Mom suddenly called asking for help with her printer. Apparently she got paper stuck in there so I told her to just remove it. Then she said the paper is gone but she still can't print her extremely urgent, must finish now school work. So I had no choice but to travel some 24 kilometers (to and back) to her place and fix what's wrong with her printer.

I got there, click on printer properties and cancelled all the print queue that was stuck after the paper jam and that's it. After everything that she'd done for me, how could I complain?

It looks like everybody's leaving Taman Universiti. First my neighbour across the street to left moved away to their new house. Then another neighbour 2 doors away to my right left. And some time last week my dear next door neighbour (you know the single girl with the Myvi) packed her bags and left too. As much as I'd like to take credit, it wasn't because of me ha ha! Now who's going to water all the plants she left behind? Poor thing.

17 June 2009

Motivational poster for the day.

Not that I'm saying my friend Zack here is not good-looking or anything :)

16 June 2009

I don't usually say this to people but today I'll just have to make an exception. My landlord is an a**hole. A few weeks ago we received a letter from Syabas asking the owner of the house to change the water meter's ownership from the developer to the landlord failing which they will confiscate the water meter. It took my landlord one week to come here to pick up the letter and 2 weeks later he still hasn't change the ownership of the meter. So when we came home yesterday surprise-surprise, we found our water meter missing from the pipe.

I immediately called yelling and cursing at him, telling him what an idiot he is. Well actually no, I was too polite and well-mannered to do that to him. Instead I told him very sternly the trouble he caused us with his lacksidal attitude. He apologized and promised to take care of this matter first thing tomorrow which he did but he also said the people from Syabas might take a couple of days to fix the water meter back. WTF? Last night I had to perform a little tribal dance outside to start the rain and collect the water in some buckets to shower and cook. Don't tell me I'll have to wait until Friday to get the water supply back!

Lucky for me I've got a friend working at Syabas* so I called him and after he pulled some strings there, we got our water meter back later this afternoon. Dude, we are so moving out of this house next month.

*Thanks a lot Jali, I owe you one!

15 June 2009

If I could describe X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie in one word, it would be AWESOME! Hugh Jackman's performance as Wolverine is exceptional, I love the fast-paced storyline - there's never a dull moment in this movie and the special effects were out of this world.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Logan a.k.a Wolverine from his childhood and his journey troughout life until before he joins the X-Men team. This movie will tell you how Wolverine got his super-cool claws and invincible body (he can't die by the way), his love life and a sneak preview of some early members of the X-Men like Gambit and Cyclops. This is simply a must-watch movie and if you only want to watch one movie this year, go watch this one.

Freshness rating: 90%

14 June 2009

Instead of spending your weekend for the usual shopping and eating, why not take your family to a park nearby for a little round of exercise? That's what we did this morning. Usually we went to Bukit Jalil park so that Adam and Mia can play at the numerous playgrounds there. This time we don our tracksuits and running shoes for a little bit of work out.

Since we brought the kids, of course we had to take turns to jog. To our surprise, this Bukit Jalil park is really HUGE! They've got miles and miles of running track and if you ran through the entire trail you may have completed a mini-marathon.

Compared to jogging around my neighbourhood, going around this park is so much better because the green surrounding and fresh air. Remember to bring a bottle of water or two to drink and if you brought along breakfast, you can have them at any of the many benches and tables around the park. A fresh change for my weekly routine, definitely.

13 June 2009

If you haven't watched the movie Angels & Demons yet, I'd really recommend that you read the book first. As always with most novel/book turned Hollywood movie, this one ommits and cut a lot of details and plot to cramp into it's 2 hours storyline. The book is okay but the movie kinda sucks.

A word of advice though, if you're not really into ancient history I'd give this movie a miss. Angels & Demons the movie is a real snorefest. Heck I didn't even finished watching this one (at home of course).

12 June 2009

Today we went to the tailor's to cut our baju Melayu dress for the upcoming Hari Raya. Yes I know, Raya is like 2 month away but it's never to early to do these things. Come Puasa, some of these tailors might not even accept new orders because they are fully booked.

We surveyed a few tailors from Sentul to Serdang before deciding to cut our dress at Aden Tailoring right here in Serdang. They offer a real affordable price, RM80.00 for adults and RM65.00 for kids about Adam's age (5 years old). Of course we already bought our own fabric from Nilai 3 before. Some tailors ask from RM90.00 to RM100.00 for both adults and kids which are clearly cutthroat prices. Visit Aden's Tailor at No 37G, Jalan 18/34 Serdang (in front of Padang) or call 019-3591617.

11 June 2009

If you're in the mood for some boycotting action, now is a good time to boycott KFC because they have just raised the price on the menu from 5.6%. Okay maybe you just had to try that new spicy fried chicken but after that you might want to skip KFC for some other place (try the local pasar malam for a change).

Apart from the new KFC Filler breakfast menu (which is a lousy Colonel burger with egg) for RM2.90 everything else is expensive.

10 June 2009

I love my staple remover. You have no idea how hard it is sometimes to carefully remove used staples from paper without tearing them up.

I love my Faber-Castell True Gel pen. It writes smoothly without smudge and I love the super-fine tip.

I love my standard USB HP keyboard. HP just makes the best keyboard around. I love the tactile response that every stroke gives and I love it sturdy build and design.

I love my new Kingston 4GB Data Traveler thumb drive. I just love the new aluminium swivel design.

I still love my old Sony Walkman. I use it everytime I jog in the morning and it keeps me company when I'm bored. It's no iPod but hey, at least it got FM radio.

I like my Power running shoes. Although it's over a year old it still doesn't wear and look that old. And for RM75.00 it's truly worth it.

I used to love it but I don't like my Nokia E61i phone anymore. It's bulky and heavy and the phone's response is rather slow. That's why..

I'd love to have this brand new iPhone 3GS! I want! I want! I want! I want!
It's my dream phone but sadly it's not here yet and I probably have to break the bank to own it. Sigh.

9 June 2009

I love Transformers. I grew up watching the cartoon but I don't like the new movie much. Optimus Prime and Co looked totally different from what I used to see them. Those ain't no Transformers anymore. Those are foreign alien robots trying to take over the world.

Another thing, I'm so not buying these Transformers t-shirt from Petronas. Imagine going for a stroll around town and stumbling into a few hundred other people wearing the same freaking shirt. Oh that should be a real Kodak moment. I might buy the action figures but definitely not the t-shirts.

7 June 2009

Today is my colleague's Syamsurizal's wedding. Coincidentally the wedding is in Ampang albeit slightly further away. Unlike yesterday, I didn't get lost today because I used Google Maps on my phone.

We arrived just when the bride and the groom is finished sitting on the wedding dais. I didn't get to see my Syam much because he was too busy changing clothes.

A lot of my colleagues from the office was here.

Including former colleagues like Zakiah Hanum here who is as thin as stick ever.

We had to leave early because we can't stand to listen to this crazy lady singing. Where did she came from? I didn't see any mental hospital nearby. And why did they have to turn up the speaker's volume so freaking loud? I said it before and I'll say it again, karaokes ought to be banned from all future weddings. It's really annoying and it's not our culture.

Anyway congratulations to my friend Syam on his wedding.

6 June 2009

It's the annual mating season again. We went to our first wedding ceremony today. Tomorrow's another one.

It was our good friend Khairunisa sister's wedding. Although we've been to her house twice already, we still managed to get lost a bit there at the Ampang area.

It's time to catch up with other friends too. Some got married, some stayed single.

This is the best wedding food I've sampled this year. The fried chicken, beef and mutton rendang and the nasi minyak were simply marvelous! Anyway congrats to you Aziatul Nureen and your husband.

5 June 2009

Yesterday I saw Batman in Serdang. His was showing off his acrobatic moves, you know swinging on the bench while waiting for the train to come. Honestly, we were not impressed.

My Mom leaves for home by train tonight, school holiday. Bon voyage ma mère.

4 June 2009

Tucked deep inside the commercial zone (shop lots) of Equine Park there's this one stall that sells a variety of Kelantanese dish such as nasi dagang, nasi berlauk, nasi kerabu, mee/bihun celup and also nasi lemak.

Unfortunately they are not as good as what Kak Na made and the noodles soup back home tastes much better. But if you happen to have an unusual cravings for these stuff you can head on to this stall right in front of the Seri Baling Mini Market.

3 June 2009

Busy busy busy. My other blog (Afif PLC) just gave me RM70.00 in advertisement commission so I've been really motivated in keeping that blog up to date. Hence why this one is rather neglected for the time being. Don't worry, I will always try to give my utmost commitment to all my blogs as much as time permits. Stay tuned!

2 June 2009

First things first, this is not the sequel to Monsters Inc, it's a whole new movie that got nothing to do with the former. Monster vs Aliens tells of a story about Susan (voiced by Reese Whitherspoon) who was hit by a meteorite on her wedding day and transformed into this huge giant so the government lock her up in a secret facilities for monsters. Hmm sounds like a typical episode in Smallville minus the cheesy love triangles. In the facility Susan made friends with other monsters, which surprisingly there only 4 of them namely B.O.B, Dr. Cockroach, The Missing Link and Insectosaurus.

While the older inmates were resigned with the fact that they will never get out, Susan felt incredibly isolated and wishes to return to her old life. To cut the story short, one day the evil alien Gallaxhar came to earth and tries to invade it so the government sent these monsters to fight him and they won and everybody lived happily ever after.

Like Monsters Inc, I actually liked Monsters vs Aliens. The story line is simple and straight forward, there's a few funny punch lines here and there and the characters were simply adorable. I foresee a profitable merchandising franchise with this movie. In fact they've already got the Monsters vs Aliens action figures with every Happy Meal at McDonald's. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I'd definitely recommend this movie to everyone. Adam however didn't find this movie interesting enough to watch and prefer to see Tom Tom Bak instead. Dude, I'm so not taking you to the movies anytime soon.

1 June 2009

It's never too early to book and cut your Raya dress from your favourite tailor. Well didn't have a favourite tailor because I usually buy me Raya clothes ready-made. This year though I've decided to try and cut my baju Melayu at the tailor's.

We went to a friend's place in KL. Her mother is a home-based tailor so we thought we'd give her a try since her price is pretty reasonable. So I got there, told her our intentions then something made me change my mind. Let's just say I didn't have the confidence to cut my baju Melayu there.

And they should have at least made him sleep elsewhere whenever guests come. I know maybe he's super-tired or something but seriously, manners.