1 April 2012

Last week I sat for my final paper of this semester. As expected the subjects and final exam questions gets harder every time. Most of the time I spent close to 3 hours in the exam hall trying to figure out how to answer. Sometimes I get to answer many questions, other times I had to cook up something not to let the answer sheet go returned blank. I don't set high targets this semester. A couple of Bs is good enough. Yeah they're that hard.

Now that the finals is over I felt a slight relief from all those pressure. Like I said it's not easy juggling between class, work and family. It takes enormous will power and determination. So now I have like 2 months holiday from class. Not that I can actually go for a holiday anywhere. Next week I'll be going back to Pasir Mas to take care of some inheritance business. It looks like I'll be getting a plot of land in Pasir Mas. Not much but I'm grateful nevertheless. Wish I could play amongst the clouds in Genting. That won't happen any time soon.

Work still sucks but life must goes on.