30 March 2010

Last night we ate a new eatery in Taman Puncak Jalil called Makan-Makan. We passed this place like every day of the week so we thought we'd give it a try.

Some of my friends have eaten at this place and they all said the food was okay. We felt like eating satay tonight so we ordered some. The waiter said sorry but no satay on the menu yet. Then I ordered an ABC drink but that also not available too. So in the end we ordered some plain old fried rice and nasi lemak with regular drinks.

Eateries, they have only one chance to make an impression to me. Screw up first time then I most likely won't visit that place again. Apart from the limited amount of menu, there's nothing special about Makan-Makan. Most of the food are priced an average of 5 ringgit a plate and 3 ringgit for the drinks. For some really ordinary tasting food, 5 ringgit is way too much. We can get a decent and real tasty meal at Kafe Ayamas for that price. So, we'll probably won't be coming back there again, any time soon. Sorry, you blew it.

Alterchart e#17

01 If we ever meet again - Timbaland feat Katy Perry

02 Crazy - Pitbull feat Lil Jon

03 Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce

04 Today was a fairy tale - Taylor Swift

05 Rock that body - Black Eyed Peas

06 Nobody - Wondergirls

07 Smile - Glee Cast mp3

08 One day - Matisyahu

09 Baby - Justin Bieber

10 Hey, Soul Sister - Train

29 March 2010

Before you know it, today is my last class for this semester. This is our class picture along with our kind little lecturer, Pn Ayu (far right in white). There used to be so much more students in this class. Half of them either didn't make it from last sem or skipped this last class. Today's class is especially horrid though. Somehow the air-conditioner in our class decided to break down so we had to sit in a hot and stuffy class all day long.

So now we'll wait for the examination time table to come out next month and hopefully study a bit until then. Most of my carry marks are okay but they certainly can be better. I simply must do extremely well in my finals to maintain my good grades.

28 March 2010

Good news! My wife received her annual bonus this week! In conjunction with that, she generously treated is with dinner at Pizza Hut today.

We decided to sample the new chunky loaded pizza from them. It's made from crunchy crust pizza topped with layers of mozarella cheese, tortilla strips and crust, tomatoes, chicken toppings, roasted vegetable mix and napolitana sauce.

Final verdict? The pizza was good especially the tortilla strips and crust but the thing is rather thin. I mean we ordered a large pizza for 4 but still they are not enough. They should have made it thicker.

27 March 2010

Prior to today's visit we've never been to Rasamas restaurants, another franchise from KFC holdings. So today we decided to give this place a try.

We ordered the Hainan chicken rice family menu which comes with chicken rice, some vegetables, garlic bread, mushroom soup and drinks. The rice and everything else was okay but I didn't like the chicken much. One thing I dislike most about going to full service restaurants such as this is the ridiculous 10% service and 5% government tax. Some place like Pizza Hut gave a really crappy service, I'm shocked that they had the audacity to charge for 'service'.

However the service at Rasamas Sri Serdang is quite excellent today. Especially the one given by this really cute waitress. :)

26 March 2010

Just when I thought that my car's windows are not covered by insurance, they are! Apparently my wife thoughtfully paid an extra 75 ringgit to cover all our windscreens as well. What would I do without her.

So I went to this panel windscreen workshop for Allianz insurance in Serdang Raya to get my rear windscreen replaced today. The name's Dr. Cermin and they did a swell job at fixing my car. Although I had to wait in line for 2 hours, I didn't have to pay a thing because they too care of everything about the insurance claim. Just had to bring the cover note, that's all. If you're looking to fix or replace your windscreen, call Dr. Cermin at this number - 0123313625.

25 March 2010

Shit happens part 2. Just my luck. Like movies, my rotten luck also have sequels. Last month a motorcyclist crashed into my car. This afternoon when I returned to office from work, somebody told me my rear windscreen is broken. Just like that.

I'd like to believe that it broke by itself due to the hot weather and immense pressure from the inside. It is unlikely that somebody sabotaged my car due to the pattern of the crack. When I got there, the entire screen is already cracked and very brittle. If somebody threw a stone or something the impact pattern would have been quite different. That's my deduction anyway. Another theory would be this is what you get for buying our awesome local cars!

The bad news is, we didn't insure both the front or rear windscreen. The kicker is, my pay is not due until next week.

Looks like my windscreens are covered by insurance after all! Going to replace them tomorrow. Hope we don't have to pay first.

24 March 2010

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. And for me, I always look for the place with the best food for my breakfast. If I could, I'd go to Kak Na's stall every morning but her stall is so far away in Sri Serdang. Sometimes if I'm already late, I'll have to skip her stall and eat somewhere else.

A new favourite stall for me is this chatty and nice lady's stall along the Besraya highway next to the Esso station heading to The Mines. She sells nasi lemak with all kinds of dishes and the sambal is simply hot, just the way I like it. And you can choose any dishes you like, they all won't cost more than 3 ringgit. Awesome stall.

20 March 2010

Have you tried KFC's new Colonel Royal Briyani meal? Well I did last week. The temptation was too great to resist.

For 10 ringgit, I get to have 2 fried chicken and some briyani rice with soup. If you discount the greasy soup, I think this meal is quite good. Even better than some regular mamak briyani that I tasted before. But of course that one cost slightly less although you won't get that cool alarm clock.

14 March 2010

Last month was my brother, Faiz's wedding day in Perak. That was on the bride's side. It is customary for the groom to hold a wedding reception as well at his place. So today we had a little kenduri ceremony at my Mom's place in Seri Serdang. It was a small event with a little under 200 guests attending but my Mom, other family members and our relatives came nevertheless to celebrate the event or lend a helping hand.

Now I should be there at the thick of the action but alas I've got a class to attend today in Shah Alam where I had to see for a test and also submit my assignments. So I missed all the fun and only got there later in the evening. Anyway congrats again to my brother. I think I did pretty well in both of my tests today, so at least it's all worth it.

12 March 2010

Once every new moon, some of my colleagues and I will be involved in moving IT stuff from somebodies office. Today is one of those day where we packed and moved a couple dozen of PCs, servers, UPS and stuff from Bukit Jelutong to Glenmarie both in Shah Alam.

Although both offices is not too far apart but the preparation and worked needed to transfer and re-setup a data center is enormous. You have to shutdown everything, pack and organize them carefully, move them to the new place and re-organize and reinstall everything until they are all up and running without a glitch. This exercise is usually done during weekends, after office hours so not to interrupt other people's work. And usually it will take at least 24 hours or more. This year's exercise for example to nearly 36 hours.

It was a lot of ,work and staying up until 3 to 4 o' clock in the morning is no easy feat but we didn't complain even when we look like zombies and had to sleep on the cold hard floor afterwards. . We just do our job that is entrusted to us and enjoy each other's company. And since many hands make the work lighter, at the end of the day we finished our task successfully.

Alterchart m#18

01 Ku bukan aku - Tilu mp3

02 Suara ku berharap - Hijau Daun mp3

03 Cinta kosmik - The Fabulous Cat

04 Mainan jiwa - Rini

05 Helah maya - Awanband

06 Lihat cara dia memandangku - Bre

07 Pemuja dari jauh - Ruffedge

08 Susun silangkata - Aizat

09 My Facebook - Gigi

10 Ajaib - Spider