24 November 2001

This very minute exactly 21 years ago I was born into this world.

Finally it arrives, the most awaited day of the year. Linda was the first to wish me. Then Lina and Izni gave me some birthday cards. Today I realize that I've been horrible to Linda. In the evening she invited me to her place. All her friends were home of course. I had a taste of her cooking (it was okay). Afterwards she surprised me with a slice of that delicious blueberry cheese cake. Her friends even sang Happy Birthday to me. I was overwhelmed with kindness and lost for words. How I could I be mean to her ever again after all that.

18 November 2001

This is the good life.

I'm still recovering from the shock of these few days. It just gets better and I'm so grateful to the Al-Mighty. It all started when Dad arrived that morning with Mom. He was asking my expert advice on something about his work with his brand new Asus Pentium III notebook when suddenly he gave me his Cassiopeia. I could hardly sleep that morning thinking of all the wonderful things I could do with this handheld pc. Then Mom finally gave me the finance to upgrade my old desktop pc. So without further ado, I spent almost 500 ringgit on an Asus motherboard, Celeron 800 cpu and an ATX casing. Afterwards we went furniture shopping in PJ. Dad spent of a thousand ringgit on a fridge, a few tables and cabinets plus some mattresses.

Now it proves that being on the governing side of the family does has it rewards. I've been supporting them from the beginning and now I can taste what I sow. Still even the hardest opposition have enjoyed this development. Or perhaps, my parent has started to fulfil their responsibility again.

10 November 2001

So we went to the annual dinner. Although the sky was pitch dark and there was even lightning, I managed to pick her up and went to the hotel (for the dinner of course). We felt awkward dressing so smartly but riding a bike there. But then that's all we could afford right now. It'll be some time before I get a bit richer and afford a car. We did get ourselves a table and the other guys seemed to look surprised and happy to see us.

It was quite a happening and classy party. Partly because of the venue and also because of the crowd. In accordance to the "Hollywood and dance" theme, several people dressed rather daringly. But as sexy as they are, I'm still proud of my Linda. People even say we're quite a handsome couple. I got a lousy certificate, a tie pin and a mug for my one year service. Linda got nothing though. We were also not so lucky with the lucky draw.

People were dancing and enjoying themselves thoroughly that night. I having already ate for breaking my fast earlier was already stuffed when we got there. Linda and I didn't actually enjoyed ourselves much in this hedonistic event. To be honest I was expecting something special but was rather disappointed in the end. Besides, Linda was still a bit shy to eat together with the crews, I was too tired to make a fuss about that.

In other news, I did donate blood again yesterday. Linda has to wait for another 3 years or so to be qualified to donate blood. She's just not heavy enough. I hope she'll never qualify cause if she does, she won't be looking good (LOL). I love her just the way she is (right now). I hope she'll stay that way forever.

I've started to create the column 'People Profile' describing a few people that matters in my life right now. See below.

People Profile 1

Mr Abu Bakar

He's actually my Store Manager at the place where I work. Being the highest ranking person at the store, people know better than to obey him. He's altogether quite a kind person although I didn't like him much at first. I suppose that's normal because nobody likes the Store Manager sometimes. He's just got his first baby a few months ago, to my surprise too. By his appearance I thought he was married a long time ago with a couple of kids in tow. I guess looks can be deceiving. Mr Burn (as he is fondly known as) made a significant change to the store. Some of it I think was quite a nuisance but others was rather thoughtful of him. I especially love the new washing machine that he bought and the new CD-player. He's quite alright.


I've just read the poem that she sent me. It was so beautiful. Made me love her even more.

8 November 2001

The semester re-opens again. As expected I failed that elective subject. However does that? Take an elective subject and fail? They're supposed to help your marks idiot. The class starts from the very first day. A few confusion but it all went well in the end. Funny I didn't see H anywhere. She can't already graduated or worse dropped out already can she? Anyway that doesn't matter mch to me anymore. So here I am living with my elder sister who seemed to have a friend or two coming here to sleep over from time to time. Might as well put a Motel sign outside.

Living here in this terrace, I can turn up the music up 24/7 as before. At least not in the wee hours of the morning. Mr Indian neighbor next door can sleep peacefully with all that noise. He told me directly earlier this week. Naturally I was pretty pissed off myself but then again I have to respect thy neighbors. Who knows I might need his favor some day. Food is plentiful. Lina made breakfast and dinner most of the time. I wish my cupboard and table and that bed is here. Then I can't start living comfortably and concentrate on my studies.

This semester I'm taking Spanish as an elective subject. Aye caramba! Wish me luck. Later tonight we shall be attending our first ever McDonald's annual dinner. I do hope she would wear something blue the same as me. Adios amigo!

2 November 2001

I'll never take any bus ride ever again. At least not without Linda sitting beside me. It's dreadful. Sitting restlessly next to a stranger for hours on end and you can't sleep. I sat next to another UPM girl judging by the text printed on her t-shirt. Strangely enough I didn't say a word to her all the way to KL. Guess I'm so too loyal to Linda. Even talking to some other girl would make me feel guilty. Thank God Dad came by to pick me up in the morning along with Mom. We had this delicious together in Kampung Baru. Despite being all alone in this house I did clean up much of the place. I mopped my room, unpack my things a little and scrubbed the bathroom tile. Even bought myself a few important household items such as a cooking pan etcetera. Later on I went out and had some sandwiches with Linda.

Back to work again. Linda got her results yesterday and it was better than I am. Now I don't have to worry about bringing home food for my housemates again since I don't live with them anymore. I'm glad the guys was cool about me leaving. Tonight shall be the first time I sleep in this new house. Not that I'm scared or anything. Wish Linda was here though. Yeah right.