29 June 2008

So here I am sitting on the first floor of McDonald's at Bukit Bintang, surfing the Internet, having my breakfast, just chilling while watching the crowd outside once in a while. This is exactly what I always wanted to do. Sit in a secluded corner at a cafe somewhere with my very own notebook and Internet access. This is the very reason why I bought myself this EEE PC notebook in the first place. Too bad my wireless broadband modem is HUGE or else I'd look so cool. I've got to have one of those small USB modem some day.
Last week I was sick with conjunctivitis. I didn't go to work on Thursday and Friday and also on Monday. On Tuesday (the 24th) just when I was about to recover from conjunctivitis, I had a fever. A really-really bad high temperature + headache type of fever. So on Tuesday I didn't go to work also. On Wednesday when I did go to work, I had a little bout of diarrhea. Just my luck. Thank God the diarrhea was not that bad and I soon got better after a visit to Jameaton's.

So you know why I have been missing with my regular updates this past week. I'm just too sick or tired and not in the mood to blog. Today though, I'm I feel great. No more sickness or ailment (at least for now). So expect my blogging to resume at the normal pace.

This morning Linda bought 65 packs of nasi lemak with eggs at Kak Na's stall for her office mates. I had to drop her off at her office today with all those food. Mia came along with us today and she's currently staying with her mom at her workplace. I've got 2 more hours to go before I pick up Linda and go home.

KL is cloudy this morning and it has started to drizzle as I write this. God it is cold here in McD. I wish they wouldn't turn on the radio so loud. I'm currently sitting in front of a 42" LCD TV and I bet the place is crowded with people when football is on. For now though it's turned off. I'm so glad Spain gone through to the final. Actually I've never been a fan of Spain or any other foreign country but since they've got half a dozen of Liverpool lads in there, it's the natural choice. I don't have any favourite country in the World Cup too. I want my country Malaysia to qualify and I want to support them. If the Koreans and the Japs can do it I don't see why we can't.

I'll definitely be staying up for tomorrow's morning final. I know it's a working day but I simply can't miss this. I just have to sleep in early then. I know many people is putting their money on Germany to win but I beg to differ. Those Germans players play like robots, no entertainment at all. Spain on the other hand is so delightful too watch with their graceful passing and goals. Nevertheless I won't be heartbroken or anything if Spain do loose. C'est la vie amigos.

26 June 2008

It's gonna be a busy-busy day today. Lots to do but we've got the whole day.
The Seri Kembangan clinic was filled with people as usual. Good thing we came early.
Next stop Jusco Cheras Selatan. Parking was aplenty and the place was literally empty. After all it's a working day. I have some reservation on eating at Old Town before but I guess I threw caution to the wind and eat there anyway. Last time I had a curry mee. It was delicious. The javanese mee I had today was superb too. The toast was okay but I think I ordered the wrong iced tea today. It was small and it was strong, too strong for my liking.
Okay this is me wearing my official outing t-shirt®. Somebody buy me a new t-shirt already!! Oh wait, Linda did but it was too small (or I grew?). I still say GSC made the best pop corn in town. TGV's pop corn is just plain ordinary.
No I didn't record the entire movie with my camera or anything. We sat at the back on the normal seat which got an arm rest. The couple seat don't have that so they can grope and snogg and what not conveniently. Oh camon, don't tell me you never did that when you were young? No? Get out of here! The cinema is not even a quarter full. I think there's about a dozen of us inside that morning.
At first I didn't mind seeing Adam leaving for Tanah Merah at all. I thought that's a whole week without Adam! One week in peace and quiet. Now that he's gone though I must admit I missed him. A bit. Okay-okay a lot. This is going to be his first train ride ever. I do hope he doesn't his seat or something. We did ask for the bunk bed but only the top bed is available.

24 June 2008

Yesterday was Linda's birthday and she was a little upset that I didn't post anything about it on my blog. Yeah I know I'm guilty especially when I did post something for some other people's birthday there. I'm so so sorry darling. The thing is I was planning to put something there, something special, not just some plain happy birthday wishes. But then you know I had to look after Adam and Mia later in the afternoon and my eyes still hurts plus I'm feeling very feverish right know and I'm just so tired to write anything. Heck I didn't even go online at all today.

But you know what, I will put something special there. Although belated, it's the thought that counts right? Love you.

19 June 2008

First day at home with conjunctivitis. My precious daughter is at home with me too. She hasn't fully recovered yet so we can't send her at the nursery just yet. Mia I can handle but Mia + Adam is simply too much for me. It will be easy if Adam just mind his own business and leave me and Mia alone but NOOOO, he just had to disturb us every 5 minutes. Thank goodness Adam didn't have conjunctivitis yet and we can still send him to his kindergarten during the day. But then I still have to pick him up before 6:30 PM. And then drive to Sungei Besi LRT station to pick wifey. Same o, same o.

18 June 2008

I think it was just last week that I bragged to Bujal that I didn't take a single sick leave yet from work for this year. Yesterday though, when I woke up in the morning I saw both my eyes red with conjunctivitis. Nevertheless I still go to work today, red-eyed and all. Tomorrow, I'll be off for two days to nurse myself at home (and hopefully) be well by Monday.

Mia made a rather slow recovery with her conjunctivitis. My wife had to take an emergency leave for two days straight to look after her because the people at her nursery refused to take her in for fear of infecting other kids. Funny, I thought Mia got it from the other kids in the first place. Nevertheless she looked much better now. At least she can open her eyes now although slightly.

Have you heard the news? SAPP is planning a motion for a vote of no confidence against Bodowi on Monday! That's the best news I've heard in weeks. I know it is highly unlikely to succeed but at least it's a start. I do hope we can get the balls rolling until September.

But IF the motion actually got through, I think now is the time for the MPs from BN who'd been making so much noises, threats and complaints all these while to make their move and kick old sleepyhead out of office. I don't know how they'll vote but if it's a secret ballot, the time is perfect for ya'all to do your part and save this country from destruction. Remember, you're elected to serve your people and last time I check, the people is SUFFERING under the current regime. Tell me one person whose happy with all the rising fuel and goods price? No? Time to change and the time is NOW!

17 June 2008

It's scandalous! I can't seem to find Dumex's Dupro Follow-up Formula Step 1 milk anywhere! I've searched at Jusco, Tesco, my local groceries and even went to Giant but they all said they're out of stock, some for as long as 2 months now. I wonder whether this is a deliberate plot by Danone to raise the price some more for my baby's formula, hmm.
But boy, I've got news for you people, it won't work! As of today, I've changed my baby's formula to Dutch Lady so, so long you greedy suckers!! Ha ha! Lucky for me Mia didn't notice the difference at all. Besides, Dutch Lady's formula is waaaay cheaper than Dupro.

15 June 2008

1. As I said before, my new routine left me with little time to do things that I love to do (i.e blogging). So if you find my posts to be far and few in between from now on, you'll know why. After a day at work and looking after Adam and Mia afterwards, I'll be very tired in the evening and will usually retire early to bed (before 11:00). Besides, I usually blog at home and not anywhere else (i.e office) because I just can not concentrate or get any inspiration on what to write.

2. If you noticed, I tried blogging by number a la Che Det today just to see if I can get more points to write (you should check out his cool and immensely popular blog by the way).

3. Mia got conjunctivitis on her right eye a few days ago. Now her eye is swollen, itchy and watery and she can barely lift her eyelids. Poor thing. I suspect she got it from one of the kids at the nursery.

4. We brought Mia to Klinik Jameaton earlier this evening to get her eyes checked up. While we were there, Adam did something truly unexpected. He casually groped the boob of this young woman who was there to see the doctor too. I was shocked of course but I keep it cool and I casually told him off and warn him not to do it again, EVER! Sigh, kids nowadays, they learn so fast. I wonder where he learned that one. I hope that young lady would understand plus she looked like she's already married type. Well, I hope so. But I'm sure Adam didn't mean to and it's purely accidental.

5. The recent fuel price hike had really put a strain on me, financially. I had to really squeeze the most out of every penny I have and buy only the very necessary things in life daily (like breakfast and lunch). And to think that our ministers got only 10% of their entertainment allowance cut. I bet they got like a dozen more allowances every month not to mention their 5 figure income. I only got one thing to say... SCREW YOU DOLLAH! (and your ministers too).

6. I don't follow Euro 2008 much. In fact the only match I managed to catch was the Sweden versus Spain game last night. Staying up late in the morning is simply out of the question for me. Heck I can barely stay awake after midnight nowadays on weekdays. The only football games that I'm willing to stay awake for are Liverpool Champions League games and the FIFA World Cup. They rest is just not worth it. Okay maybe I'll stay up for the semis or final of Euro 2008. Of course I'll be rooting for Torres & co and my prediction is it's gonna be a Holland vs Spain final (I hope).

13 June 2008

I don't know what's going between the two love birds (Bujal & Suzen) but I'm sure they're good because Bujal can't seem to put his phone down lately. Well, good luck to you guys. Don't forget to invite us to your wedding.
FYI, Bujal is a really important (and popular) guy at the office. So once everyone got news of his new found girlfriend, they started teasing him non-stop everyday. I of course played no small part in this. Like the day I put up his girlfriend's pic on our 49" TV for everyone to see. Bujal said he will kill me but I'm sure he meant to say thank you or something. You're welcomed dude!

Apart from that I wanna make one thing clear. I am no match maker and I assure you this Bujal - Suzen thing is a one off thing and purely accidental. Plus, it's my wife who did all the hard work, I'm just the messenger. So to Ujang, Hajar and anybody who'd like to find a steady, girlfriend, study-group mate or whatever, you contact my wife here ;)

10 June 2008

Earlier this morning, my son woke up and vomited for about an hour. He has a temperature and he complained of headache. So we took him to Linda's panel clinic in Serdang at 5 in the morning but unfortunately Klinik Penawar was closed. I remember that particular clinic operated 24 hours before. Anyway, I had to turn back and we went to Klinik Alam Medik instead which is open around the clock. The doctor confirmed that Adam had a high fever which explains the vomiting and headache.
Poor Adam was looking frail and exhausted after so much vomiting. Linda had no choice but to take an emergency leave to look after him. He is definitely in no shape to go to the kindergarten. Adam also lost his appetite and didn't eat anything until early in the evening. Tonight his temperature did came down a bit bit he still looks weak and tired. Get well soon buddy.

Thank God for panel clinics. Now that my wife is a permanent staff, she now enjoys all the benefits regular staffs do like unlimited treatment charges, maternity and delivery, allowance for spectacles, etc-etc. Plus her company has like hundreds of panel clinics and hospitals everywhere in the country.

Traffic situation in Taman Universiti and Seri Kembangan in general is going from bad to worse every morning. We had to leave before 7 every day and not a minute too late to avoid being stuck in a terrible jam. Like today when I overslept after coming back from the clinic and woke up at 8:00. It took me 15 minutes to get to work instead of the usual 5. And I thought there would be less vehicles on the road after the fuel hike.

9 June 2008

The reality of the recent fuel price hike finally hits me today when I filled up my company's vehicle this morning. For 20 ringgit worth of diesel, I can barely make it to Shah Alam and back. From now on I had to spent at least 30 ringgit (plus another 12 for tolls) everyday. The future looks bleak for me. Damn.

Alterchart m#9

01 Robot - Adam mp3

02 Hanya ingin kau tahu - Republik mp3

03 Kumahu kau tahu - Hujan mp3

04 Cintamu - Siti Nurhaliza

05 Ingat kamu - Maia

06 Kenapa singgah kalau tak masuk - Flava

07 Aku lebih tahu - Mila

08 Cuma dia - Sonar

09 Jawapanmu - Misha Omar mp3

10 Ayat-ayat cinta - Rossa

5 June 2008

12 hours after the price hike and the general population mood is still angry,angry, angry. People on the streets are angry, people in the kampongs are mad and Badawi-bashing is the favourite topic in the blogosphere today. My friends Safuan and Bujal also have something to say to Mr. Badawi but I can't write it here. Let me give you a hint though, it starts with 'b' and ends with 'i'. Go figure.

Today the three of us went to a ProCurve Networking training in PJ. Their hardware is not as expensive as Cisco's but also less reliable and more complicated to deploy. We've been selling primarily Cisco products to our customers but lately we also recommend ProCurve products as a cheaper alternative. The workshop is targeted at System Engineers who are familiar with switch configurations (i.e Safuan). Still Bujal and I gained some valuable inputs from today's training.
Like I said, lunch was superb. It's common for training, workshop and seminar organizers like them to take a really good care of the participants by providing breakfast or lunch and the obligatory goodies. Although we have some reservation about who cooked that lunch for us, the goody bag handed out later on kinda make up for it. Safuan bragged that he got better treatment and gifts from all his Cisco training. The presenter even initially declined to share his slides with us but after Safuan threatened to buy Cisco products instead, he relented. Whatever it is, I don't mind going to these trainings and workshops really. Just count me in.

4 June 2008

I'm sure everybody in this world already knew about the shit that happened this evening. Okay let's say they're right, the oil price hike is inevitable and they just have to increase the price sooner or later but today's midnight dateline was truly inconsiderate and idiotic to put it mildly. I'm sure when he made that announcement at 5:00 PM today, he and his wise cabinet members obviously didn't think of the panic buying that will ensue. Talk about lack of foresight. This is what happens when you vote in idiots into power. Okay maybe people say Mahathir is many things but one thing for sure he's a man with vision and is at least 100 times smarter than that sleepyhead on the 5th floor. The dude practically dug his own political grave. If you think 8th of March is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet mister.

I must say I can count myself lucky today. I had just left my office and was heading home when I heard about the news on radio so I drove straight into the Caltex station near my house. No queuing for hours at petrol stations. Others meanwhile were not as fortunate as me. I think all roads located near a petrol station was jammed real bad tonight. From Perlis to Sabah, people flock to the nearest petrol pump to fill up before the price increase on midnight. Imagine a few millions vehicle cramming into several thousand petrol station in like 6 hours. As expected some stations reported to be out of fuel by 10:00 o' clock (or pretended to) while temper flares as people queued for hours in this feeding frenzy. I hope somebody learned a lesson from today's fiasco.

One word: Incompetent.

2 June 2008

Today is Adam's first day at his first kindergarden. He's been really excited these past few weeks to go to school. He kept asking us when will he finally get to go to his kindy, make new friends, learn stuff. Adam just loves making new friends and playing with other kids.
This morning he didn't complaint when he had to get up and shower and get ready for school. When we first got there, he's a little bit shy at first but he showed no hesitation and went straight inside without even looking back. Later when I picked him up the only complaint that he made was that his new friends were a little bit loud. Funny I didn't see Nana anywhere.

We left Mia at a nursery just a few metres away from Adam. It's still under the same management but at a different house just for infants and toddlers. According to Adam, his first day at kindy was just great. He played, ate, shower and slept together with his friends. As for Mia, we can only guess how she's been today. Oh and we found out there's another 3 more Mias at her nursery today. I suppose Mia is the in name for this year.