31 May 2008

Today will be the last day at work for my friends Nora and Fiza. Ipah left earlier last week. Nora will be joining another company while Fiza will be furthering her studies at UniKL. Well good luck and all the best for you both. Sorry if I've deliberately or inadvertently done something wrong. To err is human and I'm sure we're all humans :) Hey even computers and robots make mistake too.

Goodbye, friends.

30 May 2008

Today 30th of May is Bujal's birthday. He turns 35 this year. That's all. Nothing important, move along.

This morning Bujal and I were planning to deliver a dozen PCs to several companies in Shah Alam but it was not to be. My boss asked me to accompany him to Ipoh to deliver some documents so I went there instead. We left around 9:15 AM and 205 kilometers and 2½ hours later we arrived in Ipoh. After submitting all those documents we stopped at McDonald's for lunch (thanks for lunch Boss!). Then we headed back to KL but not before stopping at Gopeng for the Friday prayers.

After the prayers my boss decided to visit his grandpa's place, just a stone throw away from the mosque. There we had lunch again although I'm still full from eating the large Big Mac meal. You know it's not polite to decline an invitation. Today I actually ate a fish, First time in like many-many years (big deal!). On the way back, I took the turn to drive my boss' 4 wheel drive all the way back to Seri Kembangan.

Earlier this evening I picked my wife from the Sungai Besi LRT station and around 8 o'clock we went to the Kajang train station to send off her sister. She's spending the rest of her holiday's in Tanah Merah.

Now, I'm totally exhausted and I want to sleep. That's all, thank you.

Alterchart e#8

01 Bye bye - Mariah Carey mp3

02 Feedback - Janet Jackson

03 Dem girls - Caprice

04 I'm yours - Jason Mraz mp3

05 American boy - Estelle feat Kanye West

06 With you - Chris Brown

07 Touch my body - Mariah Carey

08 Whoopsie - Sayle feat Dina

09 Take you there - Sean Kingston

10 No air - Jordine Sparks & Chris Brown

27 May 2008

Yesterday was Linda's first day back to work after 2 months of maternity leave. It's never easy for a mother to leave her 2 months old baby for 14-15 hours a day.She'll miss her baby terribly and her breasts will hurt from all the unfed milk. But c'est la vie.

Adam is having a terrible cough and a fever. He threw up at least once a day now. I think there's simply too much dust and pollution in this house of ours. Time for spring-cleaning this weekend.

26 May 2008


A breath of fresh air.

25 May 2008

Today I brought everybody to the Jusco Cheras Selatan store. We're tired of going to Jusco Equine Park so I decided to go there instead for a change. First thing I noticed, you have to pay parking at this Jusco. Save for Mid Valley, I thought parking at all Jusco stores were free? Apart from that there sure is a lot of people there at Jusco today. Remind me not to go there again on weekends.
While Linda & co goes shopping, I took the task of looking after Adam. We went to the video game/ride area and while we're walking past the toys dept Adam started throwing a tantrum. He demanded that I bought him one of those expensive toys. I'm sorry kid, I don't earn a 5 figure income and I definitely cannot buy you just about any toys you want just to make you happy. When I was your age, I wanted the same thing too but I could only look longingly at those toys every time we went to the supermarket. I didn't make my mom buy it for me or anything cause I know she couldn't afford them. I never cried or throw a tantrum cause I know my mom won't buy it anyway. And if I insist, the only thing I will get is a scolding and a pinch in the butt.

I think Adam cried for close to 30 minutes at Jusco Cheras Selatan today. From the 1st floor down to the ground floor and all the way to the supermarket. Urgh the shame of it all. That's it, I'm not taking you anywhere after this until you're 18.

24 May 2008

Equine Park Petronas staff is very farnee. This morning I went to fill up at that particular petrol station and while paying up at the counter, the staff there asked "you want spicy or original sir?". This is what happens when you work next to KFC day in, day out.

I don't follow much the Akademi Fantasia program (I despise them even) but since everybody else in this household (Linda & family) watch it like every single day I couldn't help but notice. For me Akademi Fantasia (AF) and similar reality shows like Gangstarz, Mentor is just a cash cow for those TV companies (and their sponsors) to generate easy money from gullible viewers and hopeless friends and family members of the show's participants. These people are just like cows, totally brainless.

I mean let's face it, each SMS costs at least 50 cent and with the soaring goods price today one would have thought twice before wasting their hard-earned money (or their parent's) for those useless reality shows. While the winners win cash, cars and bungalows and what not, what's in it for them? Nothing, zilch, nada, none. It's nothing wrong entertaining yourself watching these shows but wasting your money voting for them is big no no. I can think of a zillion better things to do with the money used to send those SMS. There's a few millions homeless cyclone victims in Myanmar and I bet those people in China could do will all the help they can get. If these reality shows really wanted the viewers to do their part, they can always open up a website or something and people can vote from there instead.

Back to tonight's show. To be honest, I have no favorites for tonight. After watching their performance, I think they all sucks. Their singing sucks, their songs sucks, even the show's critics sucks. And using songs from amateur song writers is really a bad idea. I suggest the producers stick to established composers instead of being so cheap by using songs from just about anybody.

Last year I thought a woman would never win AF but Mila did. This year I seriously think a Sabahan would never-ever win AF but Stacy proved me wrong again. This proves that if everybody from Sabah unite and donate their monies together, they can beat those suckers form the peninsular. Then again since everybody at the final tonight sucks, I didn't give a hoot who wins anyway. Stacy is not that good in my opinion. She completely ruined that beautiful Rossa song and her original number was none the better.

23 May 2008

Earlier this morning Linda's folks arrived from Tanah Merah. They're planning to go to a relative's wedding in Malacca this Sunday. My parent in law, Linda's little sister, her grandpa plus her other sister and Pak Tam plus Linda,Adam, Mia and me. So you can say our place is a little crowded at the moment. Not that I mind of course. For one thing, my mom in law is a great cook and Adam has many other people to play with and there's always someone to look after Mia, yay!

All day at Puncak Alam again today. As usual after quite a while not going there, I was stumped with work. I didn't get home until 7:15 P.M. Nevertheless I would like to iterate here that I'm quite capable of doing all those work myself and there's no need to give me a new partner or something.

22 May 2008

Good news everyone! Linda's interview for the permanent post at her old work place has been successful. Tomorrow she'll be taking her appointment letter and undergo her medical test as well. Alhamdulillah :)

Alterchart m#8

01 Ingat kamu - Maia mp3

02 Kenapa singgah kalau tak masuk - Flava

03 Cintamu - Siti Nurhaliza

04 Buronan cinta - The Lima mp3

05 Aku lebih tahu - Mila

06 Hanya kau yang mampu - Aizat

07 Melawan kesepian - Siti Nurhaliza

08 Dua hati menjadi satu - Gita gutawa feat Dafi

09 Gembira hidup ini - Farah

10 Menjaga hati - Yuvie & Nuno

20 May 2008

Tis' the season to be leaving?

It is confirmed that at least 3 of my co-workers will be leaving the company come the end of the month. Although I am a little bit sad that some of my good friends are leaving, I'm sure they have their own valid reasons for doing soon. One will be furthering her studies while 2 others decided to accept better offers elsewhere. As they say, c'est la vie. People come and go all the time and life must goes on.

So to Ipah, Fiza and Nora, so long and good luck to you guys and may you succeed in all your ventures.

19 May 2008

Today we started giving Mia Ariana formula milk. Of course we're all for breastfeeding but Linda will be starting work soon and chances are she'll be coming home late as usual so she can't guarantee our baby a steady supply of breast milk. If I can have it my way I'd ask Linda to breastfeed her for 2 years or as long as possible.

It breaks our hearts to see her reaction when we first feed her the formula milk...

17 may 2008

Hace 2 semanas he solicitado una tarjeta de crédito en una sucursal en CIMB Seri Kembangan. Dijeron que va a procesar mi solicitud y quiero saber dentro de dos semanas. Después de casi 2 semanas y no llamar, yo pensé que mi solicitud no tuvo éxito. Luego, el jueves sorpresa! Ellos me llamó diciendo mi Mastercard está listo para su colección.

Estaba tan feliz y sólo hay una cosa en mi mente: Asus AEE PC. Sé que no debería pasar más allá de mis medios pero luego si no me compra que el bloc de notas, se me fallo hasta que yo pero un día. Así que ayer me tiró todos los precaución al viento, conducir a baja Yat plaza y yo compré el portátil Asus.
Yo pensé que mi esposa iría balísticos en mí y yo estaba preparado para lo peor, pero es sorprendente que ella no. Esposa, que está tan cool! Por lo tanto, el pasado 36 horas o así que he sido bricolaje con mi nuevo y primer bloc de notas cada vez, la instalación de Windows, Ubuntu e incluso Mac OS X sobre él. Ayer He actualizado los 2 GB de RAM y también compró una tarjeta SD de 8GB (que sólo tienen un disco duro de 4 GB). Hoy he swipe fuera otros 300 cien dólares para el exterior delgado DVD-ROM.

Sí sé que va a ser cargado de deudas para los próximos 2 años, más o menos, pero la satisfacción de ser dueño de mi propio bloc de notas muy seguro de que vale la pena.

16 May 2008

Today my co-worker's cat gave birth to 2 lovely twins (Susy & Geno). So today, Ipah treated everybody with nasi impit and rendang for breakfast.
Okay, I'm just kidding. Ipah's cat didn't have any kittens. She bought us breakfast because she's a good person, that's all. As usual Nora had 3 (three) helpings :)

15 May 2008

It was that time of the year again where I have to bring the company's vehicle for service. Why me? Maybe because I drove that Kangoo like everyday? Besides, nobody else knows how to get to TC Auto Service in PJ Section 13.
Today's service was for the 30000KM mileage. If you think sending the car for a service is easy, think again. I have to wait for 7 hours in the air-conditioned customer's lounge, watch satellite TV with free drinks and browse the Internet on the PC provided when I'm bored. And they didn't even provide lunch! Yes, it's a tough job but hey, somebody's got to do it.

13 May 2008


Anyway, the new management of company X is a little bit on the stinking cheap side. They would rather haggle me/Bujal over the phone to resolve complicated problems with their PCs/server rather than pay us for technical support. Being the professional guys like we are, Bujal and we will gladly guide them over the phone up to the point where they started pulling their hairs in frustration. Still don't expect them to call us to come there yet. Not until their boss' PC contract every known virus/spyware in the universe and their Windows system fails completely then only they will call us to come there.

After we finished fixing up their PCS and clear up all their mess, then we will then hear them complaint about our exorbitant charges. Oh puhleez, you guys made millions from various projects every year so don't tell me paying us a few hundred bucks every 2 months is 'exorbitant'. Sheesh.

12 May 2008

Re-formatted, again.

Last Saturday I tried to upgrade my office PC to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron from Ubuntu 7.10. The upgrade process went well but after reboot, my PC hanged. After twice rebooting and it still hanged, I know I've screwed up my Ubuntu installation. So moral of the story is, my beat-up office PC cannot support Ubuntu 8.04. It's a 11 years old PC anyway, Celeron 800Mhz with 384MB SDRAM. Even the onboard graphic is almost fried. But I'm not complaining or anything. I'm still lucky I guess, considering the fact that some of my co-workers don't have any PCs to work with.
Anyway today I had to revert back to Edubuntu 7.10, that's the only Linux distro that I can install on my PC. It took me nearly two hours to finish that. I think I've installed two many unnecessary programs on my previous installation and this fresh installation sure felt so much lighter with minimal programs installed.

After work I went to Taman Puncak Jalil to pick up my wife and kids. Linda has a friend there, a former co-worker from CIMB. Puan Hajar came to our house from time to time and sometimes we would go visit her house. Today, she came to pick up Linda and the kids and they stayed at her house all afternoon. By the way, Puan Hajar has 2 younger sisters and they're like, how I do say this, hmmm, hot? When I say somebody is pretty then she must be really beautiful, trust me. I heard her sister is working at Jusco in Equine Park now. So guys, I've got Puan Hajar's number and if you'd like to have a go at her sisters, you know what to do he he!

Alterchart e#7

01 Feedback - Janet Jackson mp3

02 Dem girls - Caprice feat Damien V.E mp3

03 American boy - Estelle feat Kanye West

04 With you - Chris Brown

05 Touch my body - Mariah Carey

06 Whoopsie - Sayla, Dina & DJ Division

07 Little girl - Melissa Indot

08 When you look me in the eyes - Jonas Brothers

09 Take you there - Sean Kingston

10 Realize - Colbie Callait

10 May 2008

2 days ago my brother-in-law started working at the KFC restaurant next to the Petronas station in Equine Park. So if you happened to stumble into a boy named Hazrol, say hi to him will ya (just don't expect any free food/favors from him yet). For now, he's still very enthusiastic about going to work even after his manager told him to do overtime almost everyday. This particular KFC outlet is definitely understaffed and their present staff overworked according to Pak Tam. Sometimes he would bring back fried chickens and burgers. I'm sure we all will be tired of eating KFC very soon. Here's a tip from Pak Tam, avoid the Thai Chili sauce whenever possible. They recycle those from unfinished bottles.

Today I received some e-mails from my long lost schoolmates. Apparently they're still active and are planning to do a grand reunion some time this year. That's a great idea. Just make sure they don't cost an arm and a leg (I'm not willing to pay for anything more than a hundred ringgit). Gosh, it's been over 10 years now and I don't think I remember some of their faces anymore. You can see them at the Yahoo Group here.
Tonight we went to IKEA again. Linda had been wanting to eat their tasty curry puffs for ages and since she has already finished her confinement period, we decided to go there tonight. Linda bought a few things but I didn't buy any. It was pretty much the same. Even Adam didn't stay for long at Smaland tonight. Faiz will be going to Indonesia soon for one of his tabligh mission. I suggested that he go to Myanmar instead but Mom wouldn't have any of that.

Alterchart m#7

01 Cintamu - Siti Nurhaliza mp3

02 Kenapa singgah kalau tak masuk - Flava mp3

03 Sempurna - Andra & The Backbone

04 Dua hati menjadi satu - Gita Gutawa feat Dafi

05 Melawan kesepian - Siti Nurhaliza

06 Hanya kau yang mampu - Aizat

07 Sampai syurga - Faizal Tahir

08 Aku lebih tahu - Mila mp3

09 Sebelum cahaya - Letto

10 Menjaga hati - Yuvie & Nuno

9 May 2008

Red Hat Linux workshop

Today Fiza and I went to a Red Hat Linux workshop organized by ECS (a major IT vendor) in Kelana Jaya. It was not really a workshop, more like a briefing session on how to be a Red Hat Linux distributor/reseller.
We were the first to arrive there at the ECS training room, 3 minutes from time. Out of the 12 confirmed attendees, only half showed up. Elvin (pic above) basically explained stuff about Red Hat, the products and how to be a vendor. To be honest, I find his explanation a little bit hard to comprehend. No disrespect to him but he did sound like an insurance agent/VCD paddler to me.

Furthermore, I've never heard of some of the products that he mentioned. Maybe that's my fault for not doing some reading on Red Hat beforehand but as the organizer he should have find out his target audience. I bet the Microsoft guy next to me didn't understand a thing what he said.
Some more, since he's promoting Red Hat Linux, the least he could do is actually use the product himself. Instead, he uses regular Windows XP and Microsoft Office for his presentation, things that he could very well do with Linux and OpenOffice.org. Now I'm not sure whether he uses Linux at all. Not very convincing if you ask me.

The product he's trying to sell us is Red Hat Linux Enterprise edition which is aimed at client/server system and web applications. The only advantage Red Hat have over free Linux distros such as Ubuntu or Debian are certification from major software makers (such as Oracle & Sun) and 24/7 Premium technical support.

In my opinion, I don't think our clients are ready to adopt Red Hat or any other Linux systems yet in their organizations. Although we're capable of implementing and providing support for them, they are likely required to hire a Linux technology specialist to oversee and maintain the system if they're really serious about this. While there's endless supply of Windows/Cisco experts out there, Linux experts are still hard to come by in this country.

Nevertheless, I think this workshop was not a complete waste of time cause we did get a free mini torch light and a Red Hat t-shirt each he he!

8 May 2008

Having fun with office news ticker

Besides being good at fixing servers, computers and debating about chicken and eggs, our FM manager is also good at tinkering with electrical & electronic stuff. He loves to buy small little electronic parts and build something himself rather than buy a complete package off the shelf. Recently he build an LED news ticker and program the thing himself at the office. You just type some text on the PC and the text will scroll across the news ticker. So for the past few days we've been having fun entering interesting words and phrases into the news ticker.

Here's some interesting lines we saw today:

"Bujal love F"

"Khutbah hari ini: Telur atau Ayam?"

"Hafiza sengal"

"Boria Kampung Pinang"

"Jangan kawan Afif, dia dapat t-shirt free hari ni"

"Hafiza: ehek - ehek"

"Sapuan gay"

"Boss, bila dapat bonus? (dari Bujal & Kabut)"

"Kedai basikal Ah Fatt. Menjual beskal LeRun, Mountain Bike, Roda Tiga dan lain-lain. Takde duit? Boleh pinjam. Harga mulah-mulah. Kawan-kawan boleh kow-team"

"Kepada pemilik kenderaan DAW 1895, sila hubungi Bujal segera (saya minat awak!)"

7 May 2008

Today the three of us, Bujal, Pijoi and me went to work at Puncak Alam. Pijoi had to bring back a generator while Bujal and I went there to resolve some pending issues.
Bujal acted a little strange today. On the way back from Puncak Alam he started talking in a northern Malaysian accent (you know like people in Penang, Kedah and Perlis do). Owh camon! You didn't take that Fasha Sanda rumors seriously did you? I know Fasha Sanda hails from Penang and everything but this is too much! Besides, you sounded more like a lost Thai national than somebody from Penang.

6 May 2008

Have you thought of registering an e-mail address for your children? Well I did. I registered an e-mail address for Adam a few weeks after he was born and just now I registered another one for Mia. While you can choose just about anything as your e-mail address, an address that spell out your exact name is quite a commodity nowadays. Especially so if your name is quite common. Yes you can probably come out with a fancy name like kinky_girl2004@gmail.com or something but for official business, an e-mail address like mia.ariana@gmail.com would sound more business-like.

So if you'd like to send an e-mail or something to my kids, you can do so at the following addresses. Adam: adamfarihin[at]gmail[dot]com and Mia: arianaafif[at]gmail[dot.com. Don't worry, I'll make sure they reply all those fan mails themselves he he!

This morning we had some nasi impit with kuah kacang and beef rendang for breakfast courtesy of Bujal. They were superb. Next month we'll be having nasi minyak next at his wedding. Okay just kidding. Everything that I said yesterday were all also rumors. Bujal said he's still waiting for Fasha Sanda to take his hand in marriage. Dude, I know that you're super-handsome and stuff but maybe you should consider setting your target lower or something?

I went to 3 places today during work so I'm quite tired at the moment. Think I'm going to retire early tonight. While we sleep on our comfy beds and air-conditioned rooms tonight, just remember that our brother RPK will be sleeping in the cold hard cell of Sungai Buloh prison tonight. It's not that he can't afford to pay for his bail, he did it as a matter of principal. To YM RPK, I know that you're a tough guy but please - please accept the bail and come home to your loved ones tomorrow. I know you can handle your time in prison but think of your wife and kids. Besides, you're probably much better off being outside doing your thing then staying inside. Whatever it is, you be strong now (I'm sure you will). All our prayers and hope with you.

5 May 2008

Bujal is still on leave today. In fact he's been on a little holiday spree since last Thursday. Rumors has it that Bujal had finally found a candidate as a wife. Why, congrats dude! Anyhow I only want to say that it doesn't matter if your partner looks like Snow White or Princess Fiona. The most important thing is, she accepts you just the way you are. I mean just look at Shrek here.
My brother in law went to an interview at KFC next to Petronas today and he'll be starting work there soon. Frankly, I'd rather be working at McDonald's than any other fast food joint. From my experience, McD is a lot more hip and happening than KFC. There's where all the cool kids and chicks hang out. The managers are about your age and you'll have loads of fun working with your peers. KFC on the other hand have the knack for hiring ugly girls and chances are you co-worker hails from Dhaka or Katmandu. Plus some of the managers are so strict (and old) you'll be surprised if you last the whole month there.

Is it just me or it's so hot in here lately? I can feel the heat even when my ceiling fan is at top speed and I'm wearing just my kain pelikat at home.

4 May 2008

Earlier this morning, I cleaned up the kitchen at home. It's about time too. My brother in law, Pak Tam is in town. He's staying here for a while for his semester break.
Later this afternoon we went to Linda's friend's house in Kampung Dato Keramat in KL. We've know Nina since our bachelor days and now she has 3 kids already. Her real name is also Arianna, Siti Arianna. I'm sure that's purely a coincidence he he. Too bad I can't show any of her pictures here cause she wore t-shirts and shorts today, hmmmmm.

3 May 2008

Today Mia Ariana had her hair cut by me. Now my girl and her papa look the same.

Earlier this evening we went to Sinar Bestari Ceria kindergarden, the same place Nora sent her kid. We had a little chat with the staff there, check out the place, ask about the price. The conclusion: it's not cheap to have children nowadays.

2 May 2008


したがって、今私たちはお互いにもうない話をしています。待つ、言い直させてください。彼女はもう話をする私です。たくさんのことを思い出させる古い時間確認メモリ不足です。私は、今すぐに話をするのは、 1つのオフィスを除いて、ここchickyです。保管彼女は私のすべてを通じて、これらの困難な時代に行く。どうなるか分からない私は彼女なしです。とにかく私の'ベストフレンド'は、すべてのベストにして配信します。あなたと私の赤ちゃん希望されるセーフです。

1 May 2008

Chelsea 3 - 2 Liverpool
Champions League Semi Final

Make us dream? It was more like a nightmare. Liverpool really needed to score a goal at Stamford Bridge earlier this morning and they did thus bringing the game into extra time but everything went downhill from there on. On a night where lady luck, the referee, even the linesman were on our side, Liverpool FC was simply not good enough against Chelsea who could have made the score line 6-2 if not for some unlucky break and questionable decisions from the officials.

I can't believe I'm saying this but Chelsea is definitely the clear winner tonight and they deserved to be in Moscow next month. Go on and give those Mancs a drubbing will ya. For yer all Liverpool fans, well there's always next year. Sigh.