31 January 2002

My good friend's bike, Azizan got stolen last week. A few days after another friend of mine lost his TZM too. Same place and about the same time. Looks like the parking of the new lecture hall is hotbed for crooks and motorcycle thieves. Surely made me sleepless at night when our gate is left open. Poor Jai, he must be devastated although he didn't show it much.

The pre-registration starts again this week. The faculty has added a new feature to the system requiring students to report to their respective academic advisors before getting to enter the subject. Although their intentions where good, it proved to be a nuisance to me because my advisors seemed to be MIA all the time. I spent the last few days trying to find her and still end up not finding here anywhere. This is the time to be quick or be sorry when the quotas are full. Got a test tomorrow.

28 January 2002

Linda, Mak Cik and I went to Port Dickson today. Not really a good time to go anywhere since I was quite broke (what else is new). But then after she insist of going and promised to take care of everything I tagged along in the end. Sadly I forgot to bring my shorts so I had to watch from the beach as the had fun in the water. Linda was extra nice to me today. In fact she gave me a silly David Beckham t-shirt today before we parted. Even after I rushed home to watch the F.A cup on TV she seemed to long for my presence. Liverpool lost that match anyway, 0-1 to Arsenal. Interesting match though, 3 sending offs and numerous bookable offences. I was quite a frustrating evening. And a raiding party just ambushed our settlers in Civ 4!

24 January 2002

The day after was not that bad after all. But the moment during Dad's arrival in the evening was quite emotional. I just got back from the lab to hear them all so sad and low. Lina was arguing something while crying out loud. I didn't have the chance to participate because I went straight to Linda's place. I can't bear to see Dad's face at that moment. Linda was most helpful. She was exceptionally cheerful that night. I just can't be wrong about her now. It's all good. They can't be sad forever. Life must go on. No use crying over split milk. I've got a whole load of work in front of me. I just need to stop myself being preoccupied with those computer games that's all. Still, I always think that Mom should get along and took care of her mother first before someone else's.

22 January 2002

I found out I missed yet another exam. Now my chance of passing Discrete Structure is almost zero. The good news is, finished applying for the loan extension and finally found myself a project supervisor (thanks Dr Hamidah). Felt like I was relieved from a really heavy burden. The bad news is, Dad is tearing my Mom's heart apart. He just got back with his ex-wife yesterday. It's all done now. Somehow she lured Dad into spending the night with her and you know what that means. Poor Mom. She must be devastated. She looked like she lost all hope to go on. I as the strongest advocate of them being back together felt rather guilty too. Maybe it was just not meant to be?

And I sense a major change with my love life with Sharifah. Perhaps a change for the better?

8 January 2002

With all the excitement of the new year and the exam, I forgot to tell you about this life-threatening incident that happened to me a week ago. As I was driving our old Proton car, WBR 464 to KL to send our TV set to Linda, one of the tyres suddenly rolled out of its place. Lucky for me I still got control of the car or else I wouldn't be writing this right now. That's why I felt something wrong with the steering while driving from KLIA earlier that afternoon. I never knew the tyre was really bad. I called my friends to pick me up and got a two truck to take the car to a workshop. Must have cost my parent a bomb. That was the third time I've ever encountered a near fatal accident in my life. It's certainly not a pleasant experience at all.

After the Civilization 3 fever was over, I get to actually get on with my life. It's a good thing I can't load any empire anymore. There seemed to be something wrong with the saved game file. Took my Spanish test yesterday. Wish I'd studied much earlier. Went out with Linda again. She looked exhausted after coming back from her work. You got to be strong now girl.

Mom started living with us now. In the mean time, Dad is busy looking for another job. All the best to us.

5 January 2002

I was so engrossed in the Civilization III game, it took me 5 days to recover and return back to the real world. This game is really addictive. I skipped several classes, slept very late at night and only stop to eat (and pray and shower). Mom and Dad were here several days ago and I got an earful when Lina told them about me skipping classes. Thanks a lot sis.

On new year's eve, Linda and I went to KLCC to celebrate. Half an hour before midnight she said something hurtful and I stubbornly refused to forgive her until the next year. But then when next year came, it was she that's still mad at me. In the end she just left me alone at Vista Angkasa's parking lot. Me being mad would be an understatement. And as always she called me back at home a few moments later and we then made up with each other. We just can't fight for long. We loved each other too much.

I start work again today. Linda started her practical on Monday.