30 April 2008

There was free breakfast this morning in celebration of the new tiles in my department. I know - I know this might sound silly but we really take pride in our flooring :) I'm not sure who provided breakfast but I'm guessing my company did. As usual, Bujal ordered the nasi lemak, bihun and kuih (cakes) from the makcik near his place. I had one plate, Ifidah had two, Ujang had 3 plates but Nora had four!

27 April 2008

Today we had breakfast at my fave Mamak place, (Restoran Maulana in Seri Serdang) and then head on to Alamanda in Putrajaya to do some shopping. It's been a while since we last go there so instead of going to Tesco, I thought why not. I didn't buy anything much except for the usual stuff (floor cleaner, flower pots*, tissues). Thank God nobody bought the entire ladies dept today so I managed to grab some sexy lingeries for Linda. (He he just kidding!) Later on we had lunch at the Rasa food court. Again I ordered chicken chop again but it tastes different this time. Maybe it's my sore throat.
Earlier this evening, my uncles and aunts from Kota Damansara and Sg Buloh came to visit.

*Oh yeah I have yet to replace Nora's flower pot that I break yesterday.

26 April 2008

3rd Saturday. Work. Half day.

The tiling works at my department has finally finished a few days ago and today we started moving back to our old place. This time I get to sit at the back which is just nice for me. After work, I ran to Jusco to pick up some present for my neighbour's wedding happening today.
To be honest I didn't really know my neighbour that well although he lives about 4 doors down from my house. Last week, his dad (I presume) popped up at my front door with the wedding invitation therefore I have no choice but to go. So right after work I brought my family including Mia to the wedding. The food was great and the host was pleasant plus they didn't turned up the volume too loud so for once I actually enjoyed going to this wedding. That's why I felt rather guilty towards the hosts later on. Earlier on at Jusco, I bought a jug for his son's wedding. It costs me RM7.90 and on top of that, it got 15% discount some more. I'm terrible, I know. Don't invite me to weddings after this.

Okay la, I don't do that to my family or close friends (I bought them REAL presents!). I mean I hardly know him so I thought why bother?

Although Yati from Astro said I don't have to pay my Astro bill until June, I got the bill already by post today. And guess what? It totalled to RM129.95. Not only I got my April bill already, they've also included the expensive movie package in the bill. I remember distinctly NOT subscribing to the movie package. That's why you don't see my post on Astro on Afif PLC anymore. The last thing I wanna do is make people think I'm in cahoots with these unscrupulous Astro people. Maybe this is an honest mistake on their part but until I get this thing checked up and verified, no more free promotion for them.

25 April 2008

This fine Friday morning, I was tasked to go to Subang (again) to fix a PC at that company (again). I'm not complaining about going to the same place again and again. it's just I hate fixing the same problem at the same PC caused by the same freaking person. I think between me and Bujal, we had fixed his PC about a dozen time. Not surprising since his PC is filled with hundreds of porn flicks. His PC is like the mothership of all porns in the Subang area. Man, I know guys do that all the time but at least have the courtesy not to do it at work and spread the viruses from those porn sites to everybody's PCs?

24 April 2008

My throat is still sore but all in all, I felt much better today thanks to a healthy dose of vitamin D from The Management yesterday he he!

2 consecutive days in Puncak Alam and twice in a row I only get home around 8:00 PM. Sigh.

Help! My 4 year old son had taken sole control of our TV set. For the past 3 days it's like morning: Astro Ceria, afternoon: Astro Ceria, evening - also Astro Ceria. Yup, it's basically Astro Ceria 24/7 in this house. Okay, I'll let you win this time but on weekend evening, the TV is mine, ALL MINE! MWA HA HA HA!!

23 April 2008

I am still not feeling well today. Maybe it's because I stayed up last night. Maybe it's the weather. One of the benefits of having satellite TV at home is I don't have to drive around looking for a Mamak restaurant to hang out and watch football. I can do it right in the comfort of my living room now. Like today for example, I can woke up at 3 in the morning, just in time to watch the Liverpool - Chelsea game. It's the Champions League semi final and I was almost certain we'd win this first leg until that really-really unfortunate own goal from John Arne Riise. Although I am really disappointed with that own goal, I can't blame him really. It's not like he did it on purpose (or did he?).

Anyway Adam has a fever too today. I took him to Jameaton later in the evening and our consultation today costs me a whooping 76 ringgit. Thankfully, my company got that covered for me and my family. I didn't feel well too. The doctor seriously think I lacked some vitamin D (for duit). Too bad there's no cure yet for this deficiency.

22 April 2008

Today I went to Fujitsu's office in KL to send a notebook for repair. The office is situated on the 15th floor at Menara Olympia but somehow I cannot seem to find the 15th floor anywhere in the lift. It was only after I stopped to ask the security guard that I found out that I went to the wrong tower, duh. The Fujitsu office was devoid of customers except for me that morning. It's either those Fujitsu products are so good that they never get broken or not many people buy anything Fujitsu here.
Meanwhile my wife went for her interview today. I helped her practise a bit last night so today I hope she'll do all her best for the interview. The interview went on smoothly. Plus Linda said so far, the signs are all very positive from the interviewer. I do hope she'll nail this job.

21 April 2008

Why is it everytime I came back from my home town I always get the cold bug? I wish I could rest at home today but alas I have to go to work. Hu hu.

The Astro installer came by today to install Astro at my house. I think it was only last Friday Yati from Astro called me offering that free decoder and satellite dish. 3 days later I have Astro all ready at my home. How efficient. Still we had to wait for like 12 hours before we get to watch anything.

20 April 2008

Although he didn't show it, I could tell my father in law is really sad to be parted with Adam. They've become quite close for the past few weeks living together. Linda's dad would always take him everywhere with his kapchai. And in late at night, Adam would follow his grandpa to town for a late supper. Adam meanwhile wouldn't let me out of his sight after I got here afraid that I will leave him behind again like last time.

Again I decided to leave right after the Subuh prayer so that we'll arrive some time in the afternoon. This journey took exactly 7 hours. When we finally got home, I wasted no time cleaning the water tank above our bathroom. You don't want to know what it is like in there after so many years.

19 April 2008

On Saturday we went to Pasir Mas to visit my grandma. Needless to say, she was delighted to see us come. She took us for lunch at Kamal restaurant somewhere in town. She talks highly of that restaurant although I can't remember she ever bringing me there when I was small. But it's okay.
After lunch we hang out for about 2 hours or so before returning back. That's when I decided to go to Tkrie's stall for some delicious mi celup (noodle soup) and coconut shake.

18 April 2008

In some places, the shaving of the baby's hair ceremony is done along with the Aqiqah. Here in Kelantan though we shave the baby's head first and the latter can be done anytime in the future. We didn't exactly shave their head bald, we just cut a little bit of hair while reciting the zikir and prayers. For this morning's ceremony, about 2 dozens friends and family came. Later on we had some yummy roti jala and curry (which was prepared last night) for breakfast. Mia slept all the way through the ceremony. In fact all that she does most of the time is sleep. I guess that is normal?

17 April 2008

At exactly 6:20 AM, I left for Tanah Merah with my car. Traffic was clear all the way to Bentong. I had breakfast in Bentong about an hour later and stopped for a toilet break in Gua Musang. After 6 hours and 45 minutes of driving I finally got to Tanah Merah, safe and sound.
Adam was rather shy upon seeing me for the first time in weeks. He kept running away when I tried to hug him so I gave his Mama a long big hug instead. Mia has indeed grown after 25 days. She gained over a kilo in weight. Adam has changed too. He talks fluently and he talks a lot. Plus he's now officially off diapers.
Later in the evening some neighbours came to help to cook and prepare the dishes for tomorrow's little bercukur (shaving) ceremony.

Alterchart m#6

01 Sempurna - Andra & The Back Bone mp3

02 Dua hati menjadi satu - Gita Gutawa feat Dafi

03 Melawan kesepian - Siti Nurhaliza

04 Sampai syurga - Faizal Tahir

05 Sebelum cahaya - Letto

06 Meninggalkan aku sendiri - Hujan

07 Makhluk Tuhan paling sexy - Mulan Jameela

08 Hanya kau yang mampu - Aizat

09 Dunia baru - Duta

10 Khayalan masa - One Buck Short

16 April 2008

It was as if everybody knows that today is my last day at work for this week. Everywhere I go today it was like Afif can you help me with this, Afif can you do me a favour, Afif can you take a look at this bla bla bla. But then since tomorrow is my Happy Day, I didn't mind at all doing all those chores. Only for today though.
I only got back to office from Puncak Alam around 7 o'clock this evening. Checked my tire pressure, tapau some nasi lemak for dinner and after Maghrib I did some quick house cleaning, you know, vacuum the carpets, clear away the dusts, mop the floor, stuff. I want the house to be spick and spank for Mia's homecoming this Sunday. I wonder how she looks like now. Yesterday Linda said she weighs a healthy 4.2 kilos now. Ah, my baby have grown and I've missed it!

I finished packing up my stuff too. By packing I mean throwing all my clothes into one of those IKEA carrying bags that I kept as a collection. Okay la, I folded them up nicely first before I dump them in the bag. I am driving the car back to Tanah Merah anyway. Still waiting for the laundry to finish at the moment. Tomorrow, I'll take off right after Subuh to avoid the morning rush hour. I won't be back until Sunday so I won't be blogging until Monday the earliest (wah like so many people wait for my posts :P). In the mean time, feel free to go back in time with me to the year 2000. Lots of things happened to me that year. So until then, pray for my safety and see ya!

15 April 2008

Since tomorrow is my last day as a bachelor, my new neighbours (yes, the girls!) were so kind as to organize a bachelor's partay just for me. How cool is that? The fun starts at 9:30 tomorrow night at my bachelor's pad. It's gonna be wet and wild and the theme is gonna be Dora The Explorer. Yes folks you heard me right, it's not Blue's Clue not Anak-anak Sidek or Pingu, it's Dora, D-O-R-A. All guests are required to carry a bag pack but bringing a monkey is optional. And oh yeah it's gonna be pot luck too so you guys have to bring your own food (Bujal don't be stinky, peanuts is NOT food!).
Ha ha that's so lame. No no, no party tomorrow but in case anyone do show up well they can help me pack.

So tired tonight. Bujal kidnapped me earlier this evening so I just got home about an hour ago.

14 February 2008

I got myself a new haircut today. I feel it is time I get a new style for my hair. Previously I've been keeping my head clean shaven. Today I got my head shaven again but this time only with the machine not the blade. So it's basically the same he he! That's why barbers love me to bits.

I also decided to retire from my bra-watching hobby. It's not fun really staring at them. I mean they didn't even move! Whoever invented this boring past time should be shot. Then again, if the bra is worn by someone, that's a different story.

I didn't feel really well tonight. I think I had a temperature. The doctor said I lacked vitamin L (for love). Ah well, another 48 hours to go.

13 April 2008

I've got a good news and a bad news. Let's hear the bad news first you say? Uh, okay. The bad news is Ratatouille is dead. Yup. I found him floating in a pail under my porch earlier this evening. Apparently somebody put him in there to drown and now he or she is trying to put the blame on me! How wicked! Anyway I've paid my last respect Ratatouille and gave him the proper burial he deserves (i.e dump him in the drain). Goodbye dude, I won't miss ya.

The good news is I'll be going back to Tanah Merah this Thursday (April 17th) to pick up my wife and kids for good! Yaaay! My wife had to cut her confinement period at home short because she has to attend this all important interview at her office. After almost 5 years working there on contractual basis, they've finally offered her a permanent post earlier this month (I say about fricking time too!). But first she has to go through this interview which according to my sources is just a formality cause they wanted to give her the job anyway (else why should they bother?). I hope my sources are right and Linda will get this job. I'm not saying this just because she's my wife but if anyone there deserves that post, Linda does. And just because she didn't kiss anybody's ass (like some people did) and opted to miss out on those extra curricular activities because of family commitments, they have overlooked her a for promotion all these years. Or maybe they found out all about Dr. Evil from my blog and decide to do something about it he he!

Well I guess we'll just have to wait and see now. If she does gets it then Alhamdulillah la kan. Like people say, rezeki anak.

12 April 2008

I had a dream last night. I got myself a gym membership under Malaysia's body-building champion, Mr. Sazali Samad. But before he agrees to train me, he had to test me and the rest of the new applicants there first. I did the 20 push ups he told me to do plus 10 more with one arm only (just to show off). So Mr. Sazali Samad duly accepts me and just when we're about to start our first session, my alarm goes off. Dang! FYI besides jogging, I also (ahem) pump some iron afterwards every morning so I guess that's probably why I got that dream last night. I hope I'll get the same dream tonight so I can continue where we left off yesterday. This way, I'll get buff like him in like no time at all he he!

Two days ago I found a mouse near my front door. It was a young albino mouse, all white with red eyes and everything. It just sits there on my door step. I quickly grab the mouse by his tail and threw it down the drain hoping that it'll drown or something. Cute as it is, once they've grown up, they'll still going to carry dirts and diseases to our household someday. And since I didn't have the heart to crush anything larger than a cockroach, I decided throwing it into the drain would do the trick. Yesterday when I got home from work, I found the same mouse sitting on my doorstep. Okay that's too much. This time I grabbed Ratatouille here (that's his nickname) by the tail again (he ran into the house first and I chased him under the sofa) and threw him at a pair of cats who happens to be waiting outside my house. Instead of thanking me for the free breakfast, those stupid cats ran away instead when I threw them the mouse. Anyway the mouse ran into my neighbour's house and that's the last I saw him until...

... this morning when I saw Ratatouille (surprise-surprise!) sleeping peacefully on (where else?) my doorstep. So I grabbed him with a piece of cloth, filled up a pail with water, threw him inside and close it with another pail. That's what my grandma always did back home in Pasir Mas anyway. Drown the mouse in water. Last time I checked on him, Ratatouille is still swimming and kicking inside the pail. Malik Maidin would have been so proud!

My wife Linda has always advised me to take it easy with my exercise. She said if I go jogging 6 days a week, I'll get down with fever on the 7th day. So did I listen to my wife who'd known me for more than 7 years, better than anyone else in my family? Noooo! So today, although I only work out for like 5 days straight, I'm already down with fever. Sigh. Hey maybe it's not the exercise! Maybe I'm under the weather. Maybe it's what I had at Seri Mutiara the other day. MAYBE, it's all Ratatouille's fault! I did hold him thrice already this week right?

Lately, I love spending my time outside my house, you know enjoying the view. Have I told you I got some new neighbours next door now? Today I stumbled into 2 of them while they were hanging their laundry outside. Being the shy-shy guy as I am, I didn't say anything but just grinned a friendly smile at them which they replied. Hey, you gotta be good to your neighbours right? Thank God Bujal didn't move in next door. If not I'd be looking at his face instead. It's bad enough that I had to see his face everyday at work he he!* Gosh, just how many bras does 3 women wears in a week? I saw 5 pairs hanging on the washing line today.

Today I went to Kuala Selangor and Pantai Bharu to deliver some UPS. The one in Pantai Bharu was like 100 tonnes and I think I hurt my left arm moving that thing to the 32nd floor. I need my wife back! Now!

* Just kidding Bujal! You know we all adore you! (Thanks for the lunch today and yesterday :))

11 April 2008

I woke up this morning and went on with my routine jog around the neighbourhood. But when I stepped outside the house, it started to drizzle a little. So I did my round a little bit faster today thinking that it might pour anytime soon to the point that I actually ran instead of my usual walk-jog-walk-jog routine. By the end of the run, my left knee and shin hurts like hell and it continues to ache all day long at work today. Climbing the office staircases was pure torture and I let Bujal do all the driving instead today.

Still I didn't get my legs checked up until later in the afternoon after I returned back from Subang with Bujal. The doctor suspected that I sprained my shin a little and she gave me a jab on my butt to ease the pain. So far I didn't feel any difference with my leg but my butt do still hurt as I'm writing this. The doctor then gave me some painkillers and an analgesic cream. At the moment I'm walking around with my left leg bandaged. A few of my friends told me I shouldn't be jogging with my current weight and all but somehow that made me all more determined to continue doing so.

In other news, I now have new neighbours on my right. I didn't notice when they moved in, I just came home from work one day and there they were standing outside trying to fix their washing line. So far I've counted only three girls but I'm expecting more to come now that they've seen their hawt next door neighbour haw haw!

Alterchart e#6

01 With you - Chris Brown

02 Superstar - Lupe Fiasco feat Matthew Santos

03 American Boy - Estelle feat Kanye West

04 Beat it - Fall Out Boy & John Meyer

05 Mercy - Duffy

06 Touch my body - Mariah Carey

07 Teardrops on my guitar - Taylor Swift

08 Low - FloRida

09 Stop and stare - One Republic

10 Don't stop the music - Rihanna

9 April 2008

To think that I seriously considered giving this game a miss and continue with my sleep, what a miss that would have been!

The thing is I've already slept for about 2 hours after I got back from work today. Therefore by 10:00 PM, I am still wide awake despite my attempts at trying to sleep. In the end I managed to sleep around 12:30 AM. At exactly 2:00 AM my hone alarm goes off and by 2:15 I'm already driving around Equine Park searching for a place to hang out. I planned to hang at McD at first but the place was overrun by about a dozen Turkish guys, obviously waiting for the Chelsea - Fernebache game to come on (you losers!!). I didn't know there was a substantial Turkish population in Seri Kembangan! So I went to Al-Azwath instead where the real action is. Moreover, I feel right at home there with my fellow Liverpool fans since their numbers far exceeds those of the Gooners.

The match didn't start until 2:45 AM. A teh tarik and roti kaya later, my heart sank as Abou Diaby scored the first goal for Arsenal. Thank God we managed to equalise through Hyypia's header and the first half ended with a 1 all scoreline. In the second half, The Reds took the lead from Fernando 'El Nino' Torres' fantastic finish and things looked pretty rosy for us Reds fans until Adebayor scored the equaliser 5 minutes from time. I was pretty sure we'd lost on the away goal rule until the good ref pointed to the penalty spot barely 2 minutes later when Ryan Babel was brought down by Koulo Toure. Stevie G didn't spur the golden chance and restored the lead with the penalty and while every Arsenal players came up to our half looking for an equaliser, Babel broke free with a counter attack to finish off the game with our 4th and final goal for the night. Final score: Liverpool 3 - Arsenal 2 and The Reds progress to the semis with a 5-3 aggregate.
This morning's game was definitely up there with the rest of our previous historic and great European nights. I screamed myself hoarse watching this game, every goal, every near misses, the God-sent penalty, the suspense! Frankly, you don't have it easy being a Liverpool fans nowadays. It's like compulsory for us to go through a heart stopping, roller-coaster emotional ride in most of our big games. But hey, if that's they price we have to pay for the ultimate glory, then just bring it on!

Keep the faith.
You'll Never Walk Alone.

7 April 2008

Dear Linda,

I have a confession to make. I've been seeing another girl this past 2 weeks. She's 17, young and sweet and she had been keeping me company all those lonely nights while you were not around. What can I say? I'm a guy and I have needs. You don't seriously expect me to wait for 100 days? I plan to break this to you sooner but I just don't have the heart to. She's got a really cool mom too. What's more her mother have no problem with me seeing her lovely little daughter. And oh by the way her name is Rory Gilmore and she goes to a school in Chilton. So far I've seen her in 7 episodes and that's only in the first season. Ha ha gotcha!!

You really think I'd cheat on my wife do you? It is very lonely here at night so I spent almost every evening watching Gilmore Girls. That's all. He he.

Contrary to what was reported in mainstream media, my office didn't actually smell like shit or anything. It's more like hapak + masam smell. Still the smell was just as bad and my nose must be cursing myself as I walk around the office today. This morning we removed the wet carpets and then only the stink subsides. At the moment everybody in my department moved next door to the new wing as a temporary measure. Coincidently my boss decided to tile the floor after all. Interesting.

6 April 2008

My mom came by yesterday and stayed overnight at my place. Actually she wanted me to help her do her school work which I did all morning today. Although they're about 2 dozen page long, I'm not complaining. It's the least I could do for my mom.

Then later in the afternoon I went to IKEA again. The place was packed to the brim with people. What's wrong with these people? Can't you all stay at home and clean the house or something? You'd be very lucky to find a parking space today. Anyway lady luck was smiling on me today cause I did found a parking space, right next to the entrance some more! Lucky me. I was really looking for a shoe rack or shoe cabinet today since our current shoe rack broke to pieces courtesy of one Adam Farihin. I wanted a shoe cabinet actually and the ones at IKEA were as expected, too expensive for my liking. So I went to The Curve, Tesco and even the Courts Megastore next door but didn't find the right shoe cabinet for me. In the end I drove back to Sri Serdang and bought a shoe cabinet there for 40 bucks.


I don't want to think how my office will look (and smell) like tomorrow. *Shrugs*

5 April 2008

You see, my wife and I made a pact that after her delivery, we'll both start dieting, seriously. It is for our own good above others. This way my wife will have a totally hot, hunky husband while I will have my equally sexy wife back. Yes, we'll bringing sexy back to our marriage heh!

Therefore I've started jogging again around the neighbourhood almost every morning now. I have plenty of time in the morning now that Linda and Adam's not around. At least for the next one month or so. I don't know whether one measly month would made much different but hey, it's a start right?

Today I have cleaned up the entire house all by myself. I've thrown out 3 large bag full of junks and the place is much more tidy and orderly now. My darling wife won't believe her eyes when she comes back next. That will be early May. I do miss her so. In case somehow you're reading this, just wanna tell you that Abang have been a really good good boy one. No hanky-panky, no going to places I'm not supposed to go. You don't worry okay? Give Mia and Adam my hugs and kisses. Muaaah!

4 April 2008

Today my office was flooded, literally. We've had some heavy downpour before but I think this is the first time water flowed into our office. This stinks (literally!).
Although I work outdoors most of the time, I'm still concerned with the after effects of this unfortunate incident what with the smell and all. If I had it my way, I'd remove all the carpets and replace it with ceramic tiles. I mean the stink is unbearable. I get nauseas just being inside even for a short while.
Then again, this decision fall on the hands of my boss. I'm sure he'll do what's best for the company and his staff. Meanwhile, this is a photo of my office mates who looked pretty jolly for someone whose office just got flooded. Takpelah, banjir pun banjir jugak, yang penting kita enjoy!
"Kat sini la akak tersembam hari tu Temah oii, malu betul!" said my fellow office mate / blogger Nora.

3 April 2008

Good news everyone! My little princess is finally out of the hospital this morning!! I guess the white light phototherapy worked it magic through. Moreover I believe our prayers were answered. Alhamdulillah. My wife even made a nazar (pledge) that if Mia gets out of hospital today, she will start calling me Abang from now on. Now a nazar is not something your play around with in Islam. You've got to really honour it (unless it's detrimental to oneself or someone else). Before it was just I and you between us, now it's gonna be Abang. It's going to sound rather strange to my ears definitely. But knowing my wife, I wonder how long this one will last though ;)

Now that my Mia Ariana is safe, I can finally live and work in peace.

Oh and yeah, thanks to The Boss for his very generous gesture earlier this evening. I was touched, really. Thanks Boss, I really appreciate it.

1 April 2008

No offence to Rin but at the moment, I couldn't care less about the Savvy recall. My 1 week old daughter had just been warded at the Tanah Merah hospital because of neonatal jaundice. Although this condition is usually harmless, I couldn't help but worry about my new born baby. Soon they'll prick my little daughter's arm for blood sample. Poor thing.

How I wish I could be by their side..