31 December 2007

It's work as usual for me today despite being the last day of the year. Irwan and I went to Kinrara, Shah Alam and Puncak Alam today and punched out only after 6.30 in the evening.

No we didn't plan to go celebrate anywhere tonight. I stopped going to crowded places long time ago. Instead we made the sensible decision to stay at home and enjoy each other's company (wink-wink!). My dad and little step sister is in town today but I didn't get to meet them since Linda and I am working and we couldn't agree on a suitable time for all of us to meet and presumably celebrate new year together. Maybe tomorrow then.

Today was a kaleidescope of emotion from me. I was anxious, embarrassed, nervous, disappointed, sad and happy all in one day. It's amazing what a person could do to another. But then again we're only human after all.

27 December 2007

I don't like computer virus. Today Irwan and I go to do a technical support at a company near Changkat Raja Chulan in KL. Two computers was infected with viruses.

Cleaning Windows computer infected with viruses is the most boring and mundane task in my line of work. Sometimes I think they totally deserve it. Who told you to surf porn sites, download those stupid screen savers, use Internet Explorer in the first place? But then sometimes they're just a victim of the idiot who plug their virus infested USB drive into their pc. The point is we spent 4 freaking hours at that company today cleaning up viruses. Removing their expensive but totally useless antivirus software (TrendMicro, Norton), installing McAfee, update and scan for viruses in safe mode, cleaning up their start up programs with Crapcleaner, installing AVG Antispyware and scanning for spywares.

Today is the boss' birthday and we held a little party to celebrate.He talked about acquiring some multi-million contracts for next year and also about us receiving a grant from the Bill Gates foundation. Hey maybe he should consider giving me a raise now that we've got so much money?

Adam was super-duper naughty today. He played around with me pc, slam on the keyboard and refuses to follow me to pick up his mom at the train station. And when I drag him into the car he cried until he threw up on the back seat. Gawd, sometimes I think I'm gonna loose it. Having kid is a stressful, full time job man and I got another one coming in 4 months. Sigh.

In other news, Afif PLC was featured on two more sites. Fsdaily.com and StumbleUpon. Thanks people, you guys rock too!

p.s: Rina rocks too, take a peek into her daiLy fascinating life..

25 December 2007

The worst of my fever and cold was over today in fact I felt so much better as I'm writing this. Yesterday was like crap. My nose was runny all day long and I kept sneezing like hell. We dropped Adam at his baby sitter's house so that I can have a peaceful rest alone.

My mother, grandma, Faiz and Izni slept over last night. They've just arrived from Kelantan yesterday evening.

Today we went to a relatives' house in Taman Putra Perdana in Puchong. Uncle Din and family came over also so we had a little family get together there.

I wanna watch Miss USA on tv tonight but the mothership banned me from watching ha ha!

24 December 2007

I wake up today to hear this song playing over and over again in my head..

My immediate thoughts were for me Dad. Wonder how he's doing right now :(

22 December 2007

Tis the season to be sick. Adam is down with a cold, so is his Papa meanwhile Mama just recovered from a week long cold. Usually my cold with be gone with a pop of those magical tiny little yellow pills but they're just not enough this time. I guess all those nasty viruses had developed an immunity against them pills. I think I've popped about a dozen of them this past 5 days and it only worked for a while before the cold returns with a vengeance. So now Adam and I are still nursing our cold this time without Mama's TLC cause somebody made her go to work all this weekend.

It seems that I have evolved to have a super sensitive nose. I mean I can detect smells that some people can't seemed to detect like a gas leak, bad body odour, dandruff, smelly feet plus I can smell people's fart from miles away. I don't know how's that useful in my daily life though.I wish I had evolved into something cooler like flight or tissue regeneration or invisibility or something. That explains why I get the flu when it's too cold in the morning and whenever I'm around other sick people. My nose is really sensitive to the environment. Poor me. Now I can't do this, can't do that, go shopping bla bla bla.

21 December 2007

One thing I don't like about festive season in the city is all my regular stalls, food joints and restaurants are closed for days, weeks even.This Aidil Adha is no different. I ate breakfast at KFC again this morning since many of my regular joints are closed and I don't feel like eating mamak food again this week.While eating at KFC today I found this brilliant set of excuses if you ever run late for work on their placemat. See if you can use any of them! ;)

  • The roads changed over the weekend so I got lost
  • You mean, it's not a public holiday today?
  • My goldfish turned silver so I had to re-paint it
  • My little nephew came over yesterday and set my clock to UK's time zone
  • I helped my hamster give birth this morning
  • My Feng Shui master told me today was a bad day to come early to work
  • My road tax expired so I had to take public transport
  • I couldn't find matching socks
  • I had to study for my blood test <-- Ha ha good one!

20 December 2007

What do you do on a boring Hari Raya day? Go to IKEA of course! I think this should be the fifth time we went to IKEA this year. That's nothing really. When I was single, I go there like every month. They don't award me honorary member of IKEA Fan Club (Malaysian Chapter)* for nothing you know. Turned out we weren't the only bored one this Hari Raya. The place was quite crowded when we get there.

We left Adam to play at Smaland, this time legally too since he's already 3 years old. The play area admits kids from 3 to 9 years old only.We didn't buy anything much today just a few cups, a glass, plastic bag dispenser and I got my self a light bulb socket (yay!). Adam had so much fun at Smaland he didn't even realize we were gone. It's only an hour later that he started crying for his Papa.

Later we stopped by the food court next to Giant Kelana Jaya for dinner. Since it's public holiday only two restaurants were open tonight. We picked the one which was more crowded thinking that the food ought to be good with so many customers. So we ordered a plate of fried rice each and waited while watching Resident Evil on the projector screen. For the uninitiated, Resident Evil 2 was a movie about flesh eating mutant/zombies. I had a tough time trying to distract Adam from watching that horrible movie. Why they choose to play this violent/gory movie at a restaurant is beyond me. Not only that we were made to wait for nearly an hour for our food. In fact we were ready to leave when our food finally arrives. One thing for sure that'll be our first and last visit there. I hope Adam won't be having nightmares or something tonight.

* Okay I made that up

19 December 2007

Today Iwan and I was made to deliver 10 pcs + 10 monitors up to the 2nd floor of JCSB. After we're finished I felt like my leg is about to come out of it's socket. I know it's part of work but it would be nice if more people come to aid us. This is all Bujal's fault.

Anyway I learned of some pretty interesting news from Bujal also this afternoon. I don't want to get my hopes high though but we'll see how it goes from here (wink-wink ;)).

2 weeks ago we planned of going back for Hari Raya. Most of my family members were home and it'll be great fun to be together again. But then after revising our budget and priorities we decided against going home this time. We simply can't afford to do that right now. Well this wouldn't have happened if somebody give me a raise already!

Ah well, the important thing is we're together, my family and I. Salam Aidil Adha to all!

18 December 2007

It's Adam's birthday again today. Both Linda and I took today off to spend some quality time with our precious. We promised to take Adam to the playground last week but we didn't get to bring him there until today. When we promised Adam something we better keep it cause he'll remember like an elephant. So I brought my family to the park at Bukit Komanwel. The weather was perfect to go out today,shady and breezy.The park was nearly empty obviously since it's a working day. Adam get to play at every playground all afternoon.Too bad there no other kid around for him to play with.

Later we stopped by Jusco to get him a birthday cake. Adam didn't like the chocolate cake much but he sure loves to blow the candles out. He got several birthday wishes from his uncles and aunts in Tanah Merah today. We decided to postpone his birthday present until payday because err we wanted to get him something special he he! Has it really been three years? It felt like it was just yesterday I rushed Mama to the Putrajaya hosptal. Sigh.

15 December 2007

I've been under the weather lately. It rained a lot lately and I've been running around in the rain almost everyday it's inevitable that I'm gonna get sick sooner or later. Plus my hair is getting longer (than usual) which (believe it or not) partly contributes to my well being. For me long hair = bad health. Seriously.

These past few weeks I've been keeping myself busy with Linux. There haven't been a single day goes by without me tinkering with my Linux machine at least a few hours a day. You'll find out all about it in my upcoming post at PLC. That's why I've been neglecting my blogs a bit lately.

14 December 2007

I would like to congratulate the Rin and Farid couple today for the birth of their first baby boy, Mohamed Zidane Eusoff. According to Rin the baby headbutted the doctor just after delivery which left the referee no choice but to give him a straight red card. The couple has yet to appeal on the official's decision :)

p.s: If you think raising girls is hard, wait until Zidane grows up a bit. But I'm sure you guys will manage alright kan? ;)

13 December 2007

Today will be remembered as the day I kicked the front door open. Linda accidentally locked the door while leaving the keys inside. It's my fault really. After Linda lost the spare keys I kept forgetting to duplicate them. That's like a disaster waiting to happen. And so it has. After wrecking the doors to both room upstairs, I had officially wrecked every door in this house save for the back door which I had lost the key. Somebody has a lot of explaining to do to the landlord..

28 November 2007

Linda and I took a day off together today to bring Adam for his final medical check up at the Seri Kembangan Comunity clinic. We've been taking Adam regularly to this clinic for the past year or so and we're just glad that this gonna be the last time we go through all the hassle of coming here.

The Seri Kembangan clinic is just a small clinic and they've got the entire population of Seri Kembangan coming there almost every day so we had to wait for hours just to get Adam checked up. Two hours wait for a mere 5 minutes check up. Then again like the French say: Cest la vie.

Later we drop Adam at his nursery and went shopping at Tesco in Puchong.

27 November 2007

Remember the recent Petronas Hari Raya ad where the kid repeatedly asks his dad about the bird's name? Well that happened to me too.

Since my wife was required to do overtime every single day, I get to spend a lot of time together with Adam. In another word, I had to look after him everyday after work until his mom gets back. What, me, complain? Nahh. I don't mind really. Eventhough he gave me a big headache everyday with his cheeky mischievous ways. Kicking and screaming, creating a huge mess all over the place.

Anyway, I think my almost 3 years old has arrived at the phase where he ask questions, lots and lots of questions about everything. In short, I became his official Information counter of sort. Here's a typical conversation between Adam and me in the car:

Adam: Papa tu apa atas tu?

Me: Tu kabel

Adam: Kabel apa?

Me: Kabel letrik

Adam: Tu apa pa?

Me: Lampu

Adam: Lampu? Lampu apa pa?

Me: Lampu jalan

Adam: Banyak nye lampu jalan! Ada 1, 2, 4, 7 , 16 lampu jalan. Tu kereta apa pa?

Me: Kereta Honda

Adam: Kereta Honda apa?

Me: Honda Civic

Adam: Honda Cibik ke? Bukan kereta Toyota?

Me: Bukan la

Adam: Habis kereta Toyota mana?

Me: Tu kat depan tu kereta Toyota

Adam: Tu kereta Abanza la

Me: Whatever!!

Adam: Tu kereta apa pa?

Me: ...

Adam: Tu kereta apa paa?


Me: Tu teksi la, kan semalam dah cakap!

Adam: Teksi? Teksi apa pa?

Me: Teksi buruk

Adam: Teksi buruk? Siapa buat?

Me: Mana la papa tau

Adam: Siapa buat paaa?

Me: Sigh, Ah Fatt buat

Adam: Tu motor rempit ke pa?

Me: Ye, motor

Adam: Abang naik motor rempit tu jahat ke?

Me: Tak ah, nakal sikit jer, macam Adam

Adam: Adam tak nakal la. Motor tu nak gi mana pa?

Me: Mana la papa tahu

Adam: Papa tanya la dia

Me: Malas ah



Motorcyclist: ...

Me: Dia tak jawab pun

Adam: Kenapa dia tak jawab?

Me: Sebab dia manyak sombong, Ipoh mali punya mwahahahaha!!

Me: Dah la Adam, sakit kepala papa

Adam: Papa sakit kepala? Siapa buat?

Me: Adam la buat! Popet-popet jer cam mak nenek!

Adam: Adam tak popet pun, Adam minum susu jerrrr. Pa tu kabel apa pa?

Me: Arghhhhh!!!

You see, I don't mind answering all his questions from time to time but not all the time! Not like he'll understand all of them anyway. Okay, first thing I;m gonna teach him on the computer is how to use Google.

26 November 2007

It's another manic Monday.

Ok that's lame, I don't like The Bangles that much. Today I went to Changkat Raja Chulan to fix stuff. Stayed there until 6 something. Thank God for SMART tunnel. Else I'd be stuck in the traffic jam all the way to DesaPetaling.

Earlier this evening Adam was stung by a bee. We were eating at the Selera Waris restaurant near home when suddenly Adam cries in pain. I quickly rushed him to Klinik Jameaton where he cries even louder upon seeing the clinic. Thank God Adam didn't develop any allergic reaction to the bee sting. I've heard of fatalities involving bee and similar venomous stings.

Now Adam didn't even look like he'd never been stung at all. Brave kid.

25 November 2007

Today we went to Hentian Duta in K.L to send my in laws to their sister's place in Manjung, Perak. I had my doubts about going anywhere near KL especially when a few thousand people were holding illegal rallies there which mean road blocks which ultimately mean massive traffic jams. But I had to anyway. Tickets were sold out at Henitan Duta so we no choice but to go to the Puduraya Bus Station in the city centre. Luckily the rallies are over and traffic was smooth all the way. The kids left with their bus around 7.30 p.m.

24 November 2007

Hey it's my birthday again.

Went to work as usual this morning. Abang Din was the first to congratulate me. I know he's got a software that send out reminders of every body's birthday nevertheless it's still thoughtful of him. I'm still recovering from yesterday's cold so I still feel slightly drowsy at work today.

In the afternoon Linda bought me a chocolate cake. Mother came by with Faiz to visit. Tonight we had some of Linda's friends come over since she made some nasi kerabu for dinner. I ate a lot tonight. Did I say I wanted to diet on my 27th birthday? Ah well maybe I'll start in January.

27 and still much more to accomplish in life. Get married by 24 - check, get a kid by 24 - check, take over the world by 40 - err still in progress :)

23 November 2007

I woke up late this morning and rushed to take my shower, pray and everything. Normally I would wake up earlier, stretch and warm up a little bit before I head to the bathroom but not today. As a result I got a bloody runny nose that turned into a full-fledged cold by noon. Miserable - that's all I can say about my day today.

Cold or not, I did go to Subang today to do my job. Since the boss is away in the States, everybody slowed down a bit with work. I went to get my cold prescription from Kilink Jameaton later today which made me really-really sleepy afterwards. So sleepy that I slept for half an hour or so on my desk today. Never before had I slept at work. 5 o'clock I punched out and head straight home to sleep some more.

Tonight I was in a rather foul mood. I get easily irritated with everything and everyone including my loved ones. I'm just so tired and I really need to get some rest. Sorry Mama and Adam okay? Superdad is off tonight.

22 November 2007

We worked at Puncak Alam for the whole day today. Did a lot of physical work, moving heavy around stuff around. Dead tired man.

Today my boss and two of my colleagues from the Computer Facility Management System (CFMS) team left for Boston to attend a two week course on the Archibus software. Takpe-takpe, korang tak ajak aku ye!

Bujal's dad got admitted to the hospital today. Hope he gets well soon man.

21 November 2007

Irwan and I travelled about 190 kilometers today. Damansara, HP, PNSB before ending our trip at Low Yat Plaza in the middle of K.L. We were looking for a specific type of power supply unit there. We visited almost every single shop there and found none. Went to pick up Linda at Wisma Nusantara on the way back. It's not often that I get to pick her up from work. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife but going to her workplace everyday is simply out of the question. It's mental. For example today it took us one hour to get from the city centre back to my office today. I definitely can't handle that kind of stress day in and day out.

I would like to congratulate my little brother in law or Abang Chik as he is affectionately called for successfully taking care of our Adam Farihin for one whole day with all his limbs intact. Taking care of a 3 year old is one heck of a stressful job for me alone let alone for a kid half my age. Poor Abg Chik went to bed rather early today. That's okay, get some rest son. You've got two more days before your sufferings ends.

20 November 2007

Bedtime story

Adam: Good night Papa

Papa: Good night

Adam: I love you

Papa: I love you too

Adam: I love you too...

19 November 2007

Dear readers,

Firstly I would like to extend my apologies to my fans (ada ke?) for the lack of update on this blog and Afif PLC. Actually, these past few weeks I’ve been practically stumped with work. Sometimes I wish there’s more than 7 days in a week. I have little time to update my blog at work and with my Maxis Wireless Broadband application rejected, I don’t have the mood to write anything of late.

Today I took an annual leave to take care of my kid since his usual baby sitter takes a week off to balik kampung. That’s a whole week of paid leave mind you. Tomorrow’s gonna be Linda’s turn to look after Adam but for the next three days, it gonna be Linda’s 15 years old brother’s turn to take care of him. I wish you luck man (you’re gonna need it).

Nothing interesting to report today. I finished the entire laundry. Adam been playing F1 2003 on my pc the whole day long. They’re so easy even 3 year olds can play. He just press the A (for acceleration) key and off they go. But the downside is now I’ve got to fight for the right to my pc with my 3 years old. You know who gonna always win right?

12 October 2007

Alhamdulillah I made it safe and sound to Tanah Merah despite the awful driving condition (sleepy + traffic jam) . We spent the first two days of my holiday here because tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Hari Raya in Pasir Mas. As usual I did pretty much nothing here in Tanah Merah since I’m practically useless in the kitchen. So I did the next best thing i.e sleep and sleep some more he he!

My in laws were clearly delighted to have Adam back in town. He’s like the centre of their universe. Everything revolves around him today. Yesterday Linda and I went to the Pantai Timur supermarket nearby for some last minute shopping. The road leading to that place was congested with people but lucky for me we went with a bike so we could just cilok through traffic and get there in no time at all. Yesterday’s buka puasa menu was home made ayam percik and salak (sarak) lada, two of my favourite dishes in the whole wide world during Ramadan. This time I made myself a bit useful and helped to lit up the charcoal grill.

At night I let Adam play some sparklers in front of the house. He really enjoyed himself playing with those sparkers. So much that he cried when we ran out of them. Linda’s sister arrives around 4:30 pm today and we left for Pasir Mas shortly after that. At least they can turn their attention towards baby Hani then. I tried to pay my zakat fitrah at the Tanah Merah mosque but the queue was quite long I gave up after 5 minutes and left. I was expecting a major traffic jam on the road leading into Pasir Mas but traffic was surprisingly clear today largely thanks to those traffic cops who were directing traffic and making sure nobody parks along the road causing unnecessary congestions. Thankfully there was hardly any crowd queuing to pay their zakat at the Pasir Mas mosque so I’m done with my responsibility in like less than a minute. It’s RM14.40 for 3 persons this year.

All my siblings, Lina, Faiz and Izni were already there we arrive at Lot 173 Lorong Che Nor Pesaka today. Faiz and Izni arrive on the two days ago with mother while Zaidi dropped of his wife and kid and disappears into thin air. Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with that guy. Even if you don’t like our grandma much, at least he should have had the courtesy to come into the house and meet my family for a while. Were where his manners?

Enough about that, tonight we played some more sparklers on the porch. Adam was having the time of his life burning more than a dozen sparklers tonight. Lina’s kid was to small to be playing with them so he could only watch from afar but still enjoyed himself tremendously all the same. If you were a foreigner who just got here tonight, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d arrive in some kind of war zone, hearing all those loud explosions coming from numerous firecrackers from around the neighbourhood. Like I said before, it’s not so hard to get your hands on illegal firecrackers here. They were sold literally everywhere and the stalls grew like mushrooms on a rainy day during the last week of Ramadan.

Okay it’s almost 2:00 am now and I really should be sleeping if I’m planning to stay awake at the mosque tomorrow. And yes I did manage to connect through dial up networking tonight but with Faiz’s notebook instead. Go easy on your loan money bro cause they won’t last forever you know.

p/s: Zaidi had just arrived a few seconds ago. Looks like he doesn’t drive back to JB after all.

11 October 2007

6.00 am
Missed Yet another sahur today.

7.15 am
Send Adam to the nursery and Linda to work

8.15 am
Fill up car and check tire pressure

8.45 am
Do laundry and write a few posts for my blog

11.30 am
Finish my blog posts, read newspaper

1.15 pm
Finally get to sleep

4.10 pm
Waken up by my phone alarm. Still feel I haven’t had enough sleep. Must go to a cyber cafĂ© in Serdang to publish those posts

4.50 pm
Finish posting entries for blog. Went to bazaar Ramadan nearby to get some food for berbuka

5.25 pm
Pick up Adam from nursery, went to 7-eleven for mandatory daily visit

7.04 pm
Berbuka at home with Adam. Chicken rice was ok but Linda's nasi lemak ayam goreng berempah looked and tasted so much better

7.25 pm
Pick up Linda at KTM Serdang

8.00 pm
Try my best to get some sleep. Attempt proved to be futile. Adam kept bugging me nonstop. Still feel sleepy. Sure die wan like this.

8.45 pm
Give up on sleep attempt. Wait for Angkasawan blast off on tv. Poor dude. They couldn't have chosen a worse time to go to space.

9.35 pm
Mom came by to park her car here along with Faiz and Izni. They'll all be leaving in the morning

10:00 pm
Sets off rom home. Turn back after 200 metres. Linda left her make up stuff at home. Although she said it’s okay if I didn’t turn back I know deep inside she’ll blame me if she doesn’t look pretty this come Hari Raya.

10.35 pm
Finally sets off from home. Traffic from Seri Kembangan to Gombak generally clear save for a few congestions in Wangsa Maju and Cheras. Loads of car on the road but traffic was smooth. Saw at least 2 accidents along thev way

10:50 pm
Stop at McDonalds somewhere in Hulu Klang. Bought Chicken Foldover meaning to eat for sahur

11.40 pm
Arrive in Bentong. Decide to take alternative route through Sertik/Mempaga to raub. That road sure very quiet one. If woman in white dress sits at the back, I hope she’s not wearing seat belt ha ha!

1.00 am
Stop for toilet break just outside Raub. Felt sleepy already here

3.05 am
Passed Kuala Lipis. Traffic started building up right about this time. Came to a complete standstill several times from Lipis to Merapoh. Rain doesn’t help. People cutting queues %#±&@!

4.10 am
Arrived in Merapoh. Too sleepy to drive. Stop at a desolate surau to sleep. Wake up half an hour later to eat Chicken Foldover that I bought earlier.

5.35 am
Arrive in Gua Musang. Stop at Shell for fuel

6.00 am
Stop at a R&R outside Gua Musang for toilet break & subuh prayer. The place was packed with people but no choice. It's the only R&R you'll find in Kelantan.

7.45 am
Arrives in Kuala Krai. Felt sleepy like hell.

8.35 am
Arrives safe & sound in Tanah Merah after 10 hours & 470 kilometres of driving. I don't think I can do that anymore in the future, drive at night especially without enough sleep. It's just too dangerous. Sleep all morning

9 October 2007

As today is my last day of working, I tried to finish all my unfinished jobs before I balik kampung tomorrow. I hate to take a leave or holiday knowing that my colleagues will be doing my job when they have other things to do (how noble!). So last night Bujal and I went to Taman Melawati to deliver a notebook and a printer to a customer there. She’s one fussy woman. She made us setup everything, test the fax machine, printing and Internet connection as well. We didn’t finish until around midnight. Then this morning we went to deliver another pc to Setapak. Lucky for us I knew the Gombak/Cheras area a little or else it’ll take us forever to locate those addresses. Then we head straight to Puncak Alam to continue what I didn’t finish on Monday. It’s not my fault really. I waited for hours for a transport (a 4WD) to take me to Satellite B and after I got one the owner of that Kembara called me after just half an hour asking to return his ride. Now how are we supposed to do our job like this? If you’re low on transports, for God’s sake buy more! It’s the same story today. There’s no 4WD left to borrow when we got there this morning. So we waited for a while and then we left. Next time you want us to do anything at the site offices, better get a 4WD ready or just forget it.

Back at the office, The Boss made us do a little bit of gotong-royong you know cleaning up the storage rack and stuff. So everybody in our department worked together re-arranging things and dispose off a lot of junk and boxes. We were exhausted and dirty all right but since most of us start holidaying tomorrow, it doesn’t matter much. After that we did the annual bersalaman & bermaafan ritual (shaking hands & asking for forgiveness) with each other and of course with The Boss. I was the first to salam with the boss cause I was in a hurry to leave and he was sitting there by the doorway so I thought what the heck, let’s get it over with. It’s true what they say, sorry seems to be the hardest thing to say (especially to The Boss). Why, he also asked the same from me and the rest of the staff. After all we’re only human and we make mistakes all the time. I left office feeling really good today. Like an enormous burden being taken off my shoulder. Lastly to Bujal and Irwan, you guys take care now. I know you’ll be working for two more days one because you guys hail from Selangor and two because Irwan is still new so like all good new colleagues do, they stay back so that people from far away land like us can go back early he he.

Today my family went for berbuka at Giant in Kinrara. Yes you heard me right. It’s just too hard to ignore and resist really since I drive past it almost every single day. Nevertheless after today’s visit I still say Giant sucks! The chicken rice I tried at their food court sucks, the Milo drink is rather stale and the security guard almost didn’t let me in with my sweater on. Fer fook’s sake it’s raining and cold out there, can’t you leave a man and his sweater alone? Do I look like a thieving crook to you? Do they assume all their jacket-wearing customers are out to steal from them? So no class there at Giant. Anyway I said almost because I did get in with my sweater on but my wife did notice one security guard pointing to another about my sweater as I walked in casually into the store. Had they stopped me at the entrance I swore I will let they know exactly what I think of Giant to them out loud and then go home. They last time they did that to me in Kelana Jaya, I grab my wife, turn back immediately and left. To Giant Malaysia and GCH holding, YOU GUYS SUCKS BIG TIME! EVERYBODY, DON’T GO TO GIANT GO TO TESCO OR CARREFOUR!!INSTEAD BECAUSE IT’S A LOT CHEAPER THERE ANYWAY!! There you have it.

7 October 2007

Today I missed sahur again for the umpteenth time. I did set my alarm at 4.45 a.m but I woke up , turn it off and woke up an hour later too late to eat anything. Usually I’m the one who wakes up the wife to cook but when the alarm clock himself overslept then no sahur it is. All the same, I went on with my plan of washing the car right after the Subuh prayers. About time too cause my car is like so filthy after going to the construction site in Puncak Alam week in and week out. I choose to wash the car early in the morning cause I’ll get all sweaty and very thirsty if I did it during the day. Finished washing the car (wash + vacuum) around 7.30 and then continue with some house cleaning. Linda was pleasantly surprised when she woke up to find the house all clean and shiny. Most of the time I’m a lazy slob at home but sometimes when I got the cleaning bug, I could surprise a lot of people.

This weekend I spent most of my time playing the demo version of my all time favourite pc game, Football Manager 2008. Anyone who lived under the same roof with me for the past 3 years should know by now whenever a new version of Football Manager came out, I’ll be hooked to the pc 23/7 (only 1 hours to eat/sleep/bath/everything else). So for a couple of week every year, Linda will loose all contact with his husband because of that game. Let’s just say she’s not a fan of that game. But lucky for her it’s only a demo version. This demo version ends during the January transfer window and I can hardly wait for the full version to come out this Christmas.

Later this afternoon we went to Alamanda in Putrajaya meaning to berbuka at the food court. Alas when we got there all the tables were fully occupied and it’s only 6 o’clock, over an hour to go before Maghrib time. So we decided to eat at Seri Mutiara instead and after another round of a really sumptuous meal we grew to like that place more and more every time.

Did you catch that new Proton commercial, the one with the ghost in it? It’s freaking hilarious!! But I’m gonna be surprised if it doesn’t get complaints from certain quarters soon. Adam was terrified with that ad. I can’t forget his petrified look. I hope he won’t be having nightmares or anything after this though.

5 October 2007

Previously it was my house. Now my office, particularly my department is one big mess. Today for example the workers drilled several holes on the wall beside my desk causing thick layers of dust everywhere. Nevertheless I know all those mess is temporary and the whole renovation process is for our own good. So I guess I’ll have to cope with all that for a while. I’ll be working for just 2 days anyway next week cause on Wednesday its balik kampung time! Yippee!!

I didn’t go to Puncak Alam today. Instead I had to deliver 2 servers and one notebook to Shah Alam. Went to pick up Linda at Bukit Jalil LRT station later in the evening. That’s when we got caught in some major traffic jam in the Bukit Jalil – Kinrara area we only get to eat after 7.30 p.m. That’s it. Next time I’ll use the PLUS highway no matter what.

In the evening as I was trying to fill up my car, suddenly I saw the dreaded DECLINE message on the screen at the pump station. I’m pretty sure I paid at least half of my credit card bill last week, why they still do this to me?? So I called up the credit card company and they said there’s a bit of a delay from CIMB in updating my payment. No wonderlah, ceh.

4 October 2007

Back to work as usual today. Off to Puncak Alam again first thing in the morning (like what else is new?). Today I’m tasked to create Internet sharing at Satellite A. That’s the construction site way up the hill, some 4.5 kilometers from the main site office. I’ve never done that before so I had to follow some instruction from Bujal over the phone. So by then end of the day I’ve learned how to create Internet sharing using a Free Proxy software. It’s real easy really. All you need are two network cards, an Internet connection and the Free Proxy software. Once you get it all set up, you can share one Internet connection with all pcs in the office.

I’m just amused to see the shiny happy faces of the people in Satellite A when I got them hooked to the Internet. It’s like Hari Raya came early for them or something. Now they can finally surf the net, check e-mails, download porns stuff, not to mention YM like crazy. I spent almost the whole day there and things weren’t all smooth sailing you know. My first attempt at creating the connection worked intermittently and not until an hour later did it finally works. Then I had to set up the proxy numbers into all the pcs in that office. I finished work around 4.30 p.m and got back just in time to pick up Linda, then fetch Adam and we berbuka at Port Aroma today. We went to Seri Mutiara for berbuka twice already and Port Aroma is like crap compared to them. But then again I heard Rina like, own that place or something cause they go there like everyday so I had to ask explicit permission from them first before I go there often :P

3 October 2007

As you all know, my company has acquired the office block next door a few months back. The renovation works started a few weeks ago and at the moment I can say it’s almost halfway there. Last week they’ve hack a hole through the wall just a few metres from my desk to fix a door going next door. So you see my entire department is all dusty and messy due to the ongoing works next door. My desk is covered with dust everyday and it’s a matter of time before I get sick from all the pollutants in the air.

Nevertheless I have to commend my fellow colleagues like Rizal, Bujal, Pejoi, Sudin, Irwan & Abg Din who’d been burning the night oil working next door these past few days. Although we’ve hired a contractor to do most of the renovation job we still had to do the electrical and cabling jobs ourselves. First because to save cost and second, we’ve got people who’re more than qualified to do those jobs rather than pay somebody else to do it. They started working from around 9:00 p.m until the wee hours in the morning. Wish I could help them too but alas I have other obligations to fulfill (ye ke?).

Today I’m sorry to say that I didn’t fast. I had a serious bout of diarrhea since yesterday and up till this morning I’ve been coming and going to the loo about 6 times already. So the doctor gave me a jab in the butt and advised me to take those medications for my own good. So I didn’t fast today. It must have been those ice cubes that I bought from the mini mart nearby. I’m the only one who drank iced drinks in this house and since my wife and kids are unaffected my guess is those ice cubes must be polluted with germs. Coincidently my wife also didn’t go to work today cause she’s been having some serious stomach pains and nausea all morning. So there we were just the two of us at home, Adam sent to the nursery earlier and guess what we did? Nothing of course! (what were you thinking?) You know we can’t do it during the day (or else there’ll be grave consequences) but I must confess the temptation was there and my wife chose this very moment to be extra horny friendly with me!

Lucky for me those pills I swallowed made me very drowsy and I slept (all by myself) in the living room all afternoon. Oh what bliss! For once I can sleep all I like during the day without Adam bugging me. Then again when I had my dinner during Maghrib prayers, somehow I felt slightly gloomy and not so cheerful probably because I didn’t fast today.

Anyway Linda’s on her third month of pregnancy already and she started wearing her maternity clothes to work everyday now.

30 September 2007

To say that my house is a mess would be an understatement. It’s more like a chicken coop (reban ayam) as the Malay sayings say. Therefore today we did some major cleaning up of the place from morning until noon. Then we went to a clinic nearby to get Linda’s m.c. Yeah she had to fake an m.c even on Sunday, how sad is that? Of course it’s a lot easier to get it now that she’s pregnant and all. She can always blame it on the pregnancy like today for example its pregnancy induced vomiting and nausea.

After that I slept all afternoon. Well, not much of a sleep really cause Adam wouldn’t stop bugging me while I’m sleeping. For buka puasa today we went to Kajang for what else, some satay Kajang of course. And surprise-surprise I ate way too much again today, people would have thought it was me that’s pregnant! Maybe I’ll diet after Ramadan is over. Yeah, right.

One more thing. Somehow I can't figure out how to remove my sim card from my new phone. I tried and tried but it simply would come out. So for now I can't post my posts using GPRS everyday no more.

29 September 2007

Today I don’t have to go to work because of the public holiday for the state of Selangor. It’s the Nuzul Al-Quran day, commemorating the day the Al-Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Nevertheless since Linda works in K.L, she has to work anyway today and tomorrow. I sent Linda straight to her office in Jalan P. Ramlee this morning and then went to Low Yat Plaza with Adam to get my wife’s phone fixed. While waiting for all the phone shops to open, I bought Adam some really delicious smelling pretzels from Auntie Anne’s. Mmmm so yummy (and tempting), especially when you wash it down with a glass of ice-cold lemonade. Of course I could only watch as Adam took his time having his breakfast (and he didn’t even finish them!).

Around 11:00 o’clock when many of the shops were open, I went to get Linda’s phone fixed on the 2nd floor. Apart from Pertama complex in Jalan T.A.R, Low Yat Plaza has got the widest range of hand phone shops in K.L. They replaced the LCD thingy on Linda’s Motorola V3i for only RM120 which previously got a blank screen when she dropped it on the tarmac road the other day. I’m pretty sure the Motorola Service Centre in Damansara Uptown would have charged a lot more for that.

Anyway I bought another phone that day. A Motorola W220 for RM260. It’s a basic phone with colour screen, polyphonic ring tone and FM Radio, very crude compared to my previous phone. But I just had to get a new phone cause my stupid PDA phone got something wrong with the speaker and I can’t even hear people’s voice on the other end unless I turn the loudspeaker on which is really troublesome at times. Yeah go on, make fun of me.

Later today we went to my mother’s place in Serdang for buka puasa. My brother Faiz and sister Lina were there with his son to join us this evening. Lina’s hubby was also there earlier but he disappeared when he got mad with Lina cause she forgot to bring Hairi’s medications along. Talk about moody husbands! Actually we’re quite used to his antics by now. For some reason, he didn’t get along well with our side of the family. My mother fixed us some delicious ayam percik for dinner and it felt great to get together with the family sometimes like today.

After that we went to Tesco in Puchong to buy our monthly groceries. Although the new Giant hypermart in Kinrara is much closer, I’d rather drive a little bit further just to shop at Tesco and continue my ongoing boycott on Giant. Don’t ask why but you know I got some serious issues with Giant. Tesco was packed with people during this time of the month. I have to tend to Adam for over 90 minutes while Linda shops. So tired.

28 September 2007

Today was a super-busy day for moi. We left office on 8:45 a.m, to deliver some printers to PNSB in Shah Alam. Then Irwan & I went straight to Puncak Alam to finish off where we left yesterday. This week alone we went to Puncak Alam for 4 times. There's always something wrong somewhere in Puncak Alam. Honestly with so many work to do, I think it's about time they hire a proper IT personnel instead of relying on their main ICT contractor. Then again, that's not my decision to make.

We went to satellite B today, right in the middle of the construction site and managed to finish off everything by 3 o'clock. Then we rushed back to office to attend a staff meeting with The Boss. The meeting drags on until 6 o'clock and then I rushed to Sg. Besi LRT station to pick up Linda. After dropping her at home, I sprinted to Mariott Hotel in Putrajaya for my company's annual buka puasa dinner. Got there 5 minutes late.

We had a really good time at the dinner. I ate 3 plates of everything there, rice, satay, cakes, nachos, ice cream just to name a few. Seriously, I think I've gained back all the weight I loss these past 2 weeks of fasting tonight. The Boss was real friendly tonight, chit-chatting and cracking jokes with all his staff. Everybody had so much fun.

So here I am at home nursing my bloated stomach. Adam is sooooo naughty tonight. You just wait, someday you'll have kids that are just as naughty as you!

26 September 2007

Today Irwan and I went to Puncak Alam. As always there's so much to do there we almost had to stay back to finish our job. Fortunately it rained later in the afternoon and we couldn't possibly go into the construction site in that condition so we're lucky to go back early today.

For berbuka we ate at Seri Baling Restaurant in Equine Park. They're the only decent restaurant left in Equine Park. I don't go to Al-Azwath anymore.

Adam make us go to 7-Eleven like everyday now. Silly kid.

Sahur at McD anyone?

25 September 2007

Ouch, my back!! That pretty much sums up my day. Actually I've been having back ache since yesterday and it got worse this morning. So I went to Klinik Jameaton and got myself an injection on the butt. The shot did make me feel slightly better but up until now I can still feel the pain every time I move, get up or lie down.

Today I delivered two brand new Apple Macintosh computers to Syabas HQ. Those mac were so cool I was drooling all the way there. But at RM4000+ per machine that's as close as I can get my hands on one. Sigh. Later Abang Din and I went to Jalan Pasar in KL to get some quotations for cctvs and door lock. That would have been so boring if not for the fact that they've got a lot of interesting stuff being sold there like electronics, car accessories and lots of toys. I bought myself a card holder for ten bucks there. Oh we went there with the company's Renault Kangoo. This is my first time driving that vehicle and the ride was quite okaylah.

In the evening we went for berbuka at Kenny Rogers Roasters at Jusco Equine Park. It's Linda's treat this time because yesterday I did took my family to Pizza Hut next door for berbuka. We often do that, tit for tat. Oh did I tell you we were served a pizza with a tiny little cockroach inside? That's what Linda found yesterday when she was about to consume her slice of pizza. I meanwhile already devoured one slice of pizza already when she alerted me about the extra topping. So we informed the waiter who in turn told the manager who apologized profusely and offered to replace our pizza with a new one. He even gave us free salad on the house while we wait. Having worked at a fast food joint before I'm not too perturbed or anything with this little incident. I totally understand that those things do happen once in a
while so I didn't make much of a fuss about it.

By the way, the Kenny Rogers dinner costs a whooping RM56 for two people. That's about as expensive as the dinner that we had at Medan Muara Ikan Bakar a few months back! Although we could afford to spend so much money on food once in a while, I still feel slightly uncomfortable spending our hard-earned money on them. Well, if you came from a lower middle class family like I do, you'd probably understand.

Other than that I stop by Jusco to exchange the baju raya that I bought yesterday. Yeah I bought my baju raya already yesterday and I mistakenly took a size M cloth instead of the usual XL. 17 years ago I could have easily fit that dress but today, I'd shred it to pieces. For this raya we first planned to have an all white dress but since we couldn't find a single white baju melayu dress for me and Adam we
decided to settle with purple instead. Barney would have been proud!

Okay that's about it for today. I'm sending this post with my pda phone via GPRS to blogger.com. It's much easier to tap in this post using the on screen keyboard as oppose to spelling it out word by word using a hand phone. My problematic pda is quite useful after all eh? Good night.


I started keeping a diary when I was in secondary school way back in 1994. It was not exactly a cool thing to do keeping diaries for boys my age especially where I came from but then sometimes I just love to write, muse about everyday stuff et cetera. Back then I wrote almost every single day about practically everything so naturally I kept my diary very well hidden from my friends. Then again if they did found my diary I don't think they'd understand anyway since my hand writing was, let's just say 'unique' and their English comprehension is not exactly up to par.

Anyway I kinda lost interest halfway and eventually stopped writing altogether when I was preoccupied with other stuff like exams and co-curricular activities. Then a few later I started writing again in my university days beginning my first year there when I kept 5 volumes of hand-written journals (that's what I prefer to call them) spanning 4 years. I still kept those journals up until today, not so-safely stacked with my other books and magazine in the living room, vulnerable to the mischiefs of one Adam Farihin.

Earlier this year I started writing again but this time in the form of weblogs or more commonly known as a blog named Afifplc. But since I don't want to dump everything there, today I decided to start another blog for the sole purpose of writing about everything that has happened today in my life.

In a nutshell, I created Afif Chronicle to chronicle my daily activities, stuff that is too trivial to put on Afifplc (my very serious blog ha ha!). So, happy reading!