11 June 2000

I finally started seeing H in class again. But the expression she gave me everytime it's like I killed her favorite cat or something. Wonder what I have done to deserve this. Maybe that's it. I have not done enough. I was not good enough. Once I rode past her really fast and close I bet she jumped out of her skin with fright. She'll probably hate me more after this. Well. I promise I won't do it again.

Everybody was at home tonight doing nothing much except lazing around, playing games and generally wasting their time. Suddenly the boys were calling my name asking if I dared to race my newly modified up bike at the highway up front. Thinking maybe my bike is up for the task, I quickly agreed. This is the time I'll test my new exhaust. So at the beginning of the race my heart was beating like crazy and my legs were literally shaking. But there's no turning back now. It's the highway or bust. And the race begin. My bike was never that quick really. I was constantly either 2nd or last with the other 2 way up front. In the end my bike gave up on me and stalled halfway through the race. Yep I have gloriously damaged my engine. To call me a complete idiot would be the understatement of the year.

Later that night I sat in my room sad and remorseful thinking of my broken bike. Zetty Nadia this new girl I've been texting me tried to console me with her kind words. Although I barely know her and I haven't even seen her face somehow I felt quite connected to her. Maybe this is a start of a beautiful relationship, maybe I'm just kidding myself haw haw. But one thing for sure, tomorrow my wallet and bank account will be considerably lighter thanks to my stupidity. My engine will need at least an overhaul no doubt about it.

4 June 2006

Mom and my brother Faiz came by yesterday. Dad came to pick me up in the afternoon. He suggested that I join this company who will pay people to answer surveys for them. For RM25.00 an hour that sounded quite good. Who doesn't like 25 ringgit an hour? I'm really interested with this survey thing. So Dad, Faiz and I spent the afternoon sightseeing around KL today. Afterward I brought Faiz home and let him stay overnight at my place. I brought him to the Mines tonight cause he wanted to buy some pants. Early next morning I took Faiz for a grand tour of UPM before taking him to Uncle Dib's house in Sungai Buloh.

This evening you can hear shouts of joy and laughter from my housemates. Obviously their loan money has just come in. Little that they realize that they'll be paying for that for the next 10 years or so, if they got a good job. Me I'm not so thrilled with the news simply because I had to pay back Isa and Zul's money which is about RM1150. Yesterday I spent another RM115 on my bike and soon I will need to replace my dreadful rims. So you see while everybody is delighted with the news, I looked indiferent because I've got a whole load shit to pay. Poor me.

Right about now I'm starting to feel sad seeing H with somebody else. Not much I can do about it right now. No use wallowing in self pity. Life must go on.

1 June 2000

The first day of the semester went by without any incidents. I went to get my results fully knowing that I have failed 2 subjects. Waited for H in the morning but she never showed up. I returned in the afternoon and there she was walking together-gether with this boy like this perfect loving couple. Now why was I not surprised. So much for a great semester beginning. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm happy as long as she's happy. Right.

My wages finally came in albeit a day late. So now I am a proud owner of an underwater Sony Ericsson PF 768 which I got from the tax-free carnival at Bukit Jalil. The phone costs RM410.00 plus another 50 ringgit for the ADAM prepaid sim pack. Later on I found that my friend Zaharil dropped the 50 ringgit sim pack somewhere in Bukit Jalil so there go 50 ringgit down the drain. Don't know why I let him hold on to that in the first place. So the next day I had to buy another new sim pack. Basically I spent a hundred ringgit just for sim packs only. You a**hole Zaharil.

Syam just got himself a brand new RX-Z bike.