26 September 2010

Today we had our first mini open house/house-warming/get-together-with-family at Casa Riana apartments. We have thought about doing something like this since we moved here. It's only now that we got the chance.

It's nothing major really and we purposely didn't invite everybody because we meant it to be a family/neighbours affair. Besides, we couldn't possibly accommodate everyone had we done so. Still, nearly a hundred people came by today, mostly family and relatives. I really had no idea we had so many relatives living hear in Selangor until they all came by today. Thank you guys for coming.

25 September 2010

This Hari Raya season we didn't get much open house invites, surprisingly, unlike last year when we couldn't even cope with the overwhelming invitations. Today my company had our own Raya open house at the boss' place.

Although nearly a quarter of the staff were absent, that didn't damper the mood of the occasion. There were lots of food and everybody looks forward to the hampers lucky draw. I didn't give much hope to that because I'm like the most unluckiest person in the whole world when it comes to lucky draws and stuff. But today though is my lucky day because I won the biggest hamper in the house. I'm sure that won't likely repeat again in the future. It's like one in a millionth thing. Next time I win something like this is when an asteroid hits the earth.

9 September 2010

I have half a dozen empty green Raya packets but no money to fill them in.

Well, it could have been worse. Think of all the poor people with no home and things to wear in flooded Pakistan. Or the folks in New Zealand who were affected by the recent earthquake. Count our blessings. At least I have my family to celebrate Raya with.

Selamat Hari Raya.

8 September 2010

In a fortunate series of event, the doctor at Putrajaya Hospital decided that my brother Faiz is now much better and he can after all, go back home to celebrate Raya. And although my Mom & Faiz is now without any means of transportation to go home with, lucky for them Izni's husband offered to give them a lift for Hari Raya today. So everything is fine and dandy now.

My Raya holiday starts today. We left KL around 7-ish and didn't arrive until about 11 and a half hours later in Pasir Mas. Traffic is quite smooth from KL up until Kuala Lipis since we took all the alternative routes. In Kuala Lipis and Kuala Krai however, we were stuck in up to 10 mile crawl at one time. Needless to say my poor legs are numb & sore with fatigue. But what matters is we got home safe and sound.

5 September 2010

My brother Faiz has had fever since last Wednesday. So he went to the Serdang Hospital to get himself checked. He waited for 2 hours for his turn to come but they never did. So angered and exasperated, Faiz drove all the way to the Putrajaya Hospital next. It took him less than 30 minutes to see the doctor who also took his blood sample for further tests.

Today Faiz got admitted into the Putrajaya Hospital because they suspect he's been infected with dengue. My family members from near and far came to visit him today who looked really weak and can barely talk. To say that Hospital Serdang suck would be an understatement. I have heard numerous complaints from many people who had some kind bad experience or another there. Top of the list would be the ridiculously long waiting time. I took my 2 year old son there once because he sprained his shoulder and we waited for nearly 2 hours to see the intern. First class infrastructure but third world mentality would best describe Serdang Hospital.

3 September 2010

Although I still thinks buffets for any occasion is a huge waste of money and food, if somebody treats us with one and we don't have to spend a penny, bring it on!

This year another one of our kind supplier treated us for break fast at Hilton Hotel Petaling Jaya. Some 20 of us braved the mad rush hour traffic to get to the hotel this evening. The food at PJ Hilton is quite good I must say. A refreshing change from IOI Mariott hotel that we've been going to these past 3 years or so. I must recommend this hotel if you got money to burn. Thanks again supplier!

1 September 2010

For my concerned friends & colleagues who wondered why I shaved my hair again, these reasons might answer your questions. Pick any one.

a) I was abducted and subjected to inhumane experiments by aliens
b) An old man with white robe and long beard told me to do so in my dream
c) My dandruff problem is getting out of hand
d) I started to look ugly with this hair do
e) PERKASA lodged a police report against my hair (for not being Malay enough)
f) My budget for conditioner, shampoo and hot oil treatment has gone overboard
g) Paul the psychic octopus predicted that I would shave my head

9 months. That's the longest I've been without a hair cut.