30 June 1999

If you haven't already noticed, i'm writing with a brand new ball pen. Lost the previous one (as usual). That's the problem with ball pens, lost them before you can use up all the ink. Skipped the morning class because Jimi woke up late. I could be kicked out of university if this goes on. Watched 'The Mummy' on vcd. It was so-so.

Finally got used to those noisy diploma boys. I asked one of them to shave my head and he was really good. Now he can shave my head for me everytime. I started to think Jimi is not so comfortable with me using his pc all the time. That's why i should get one myself and quick!

29 June 1999

Bought my first text book ever. Cost me a whooping 47 bucks. My gosh i can't believe H looked at me this afternoon. Oh well, perhaps it's just a look, nothing more. Sat my first exam in UPM. The questions were quite difficult tonight. Thank goodness she sat not so far away so occasionally i gave a look and my brain started working immediately. And man she's got a car too, a maroon Kancil with the registration WGX 368. I'll remember that number like an elephant. Now that i know she's rich, it could prove difficult for me to win the heart of somewhere like that. But i believe she's not the type who look down at poor people like me. We'll wait and see. Called home tonight. Mom gave me a sound advice about my spendings.

28 June 1999

Izwan had a little fight we Jimi this morning and some heated words were exchanged. Found out my chance of getting that 1000 ringgit advance was gone because the dateline passed. Just hope that mom will manage to get her loan somehow. I really need to get that computer. Tomorrow is exam day already. Did a little bit of studying tonight. What a scary thought. The first exam and i'm still lost in a few topics. Guess i'll just take it as it comes a always. Why can't these people leave me alone? Why are there some many people in my room all the time?

27 June 1999

Woke up very late today, near 11.00 am. Shame on me. Uncle din took Azri and me to town to do some some shopping. I can't find my fav game Ultimate Soccer Manager anywhere here in KL. Maybe i didn't search in the right place. Anyway, uncle dib and family came to pick me up this evening. I felt more comfortable talking to them than uncle din. Perhaps because they spoke the same language. Perhaps because they were not so rich and seemed to me a lot friendlier. Uncle dib even gave me so money before i left. Thanks a lot for that. I'll remember you guys when i become a millionaire someday. Back to college. I bet nobody missed me here.

26 June 1999

Did nothing much today except finish my assignment, play more games and watch Kuch-kuch hota hai (again). Unlce din and co all went o Raub to visit Miza except Azri who stayed with me. Dead boring really especially when i'm left alone when Azri goes to school. Later we had dinner at some restaurant nearby. I managed to find only one restaurant in such classy neighbourhood. Perhaps because it's still new. I felt obligated to pay for our dinner which costs some 15 bucks. Don't expect Azri to be paying for that do you? Lucky me, aunty anum paid me back later. Slept around 3 am watching Mr Bean. He's so funny.

25 June 1999

I heard that the closing date to submit that RM1000 loan advance will be today. If that's true, i'll be screwed because my form is still at home with mom. Called uncle din telling that i'll be crashing at his place this weekend. Got some printing work to do. Drove Jimi's car to the mosque today.Not bad really but it's not easy driving another car. Uncle Din came to pick me up tonight.

So here i am at his place. I thought he'd bought a new pc or something but he didn't. His present computer is still there broken as always. But i got the chance to use his Dell notebook which was really cool. Wish i could have one of those. Oh i'd be in heaven. Slept in Miza's air conditioned room. Ah this is truly heavenly.

24 June 1999

Guess what? Today i got a letter from Kak Long who's now studying in UPM Terengganu. It felt so good getting a letterr from someone who you used to and still cares about. How my heart lit when i read her letter. But then how about Arip? Nah, i'm sure she intended to write to me as a friend, no more than that. I still remember vividly how happy she was together with Arip. I thought they will get engaged or something and nothing in the world could come between them. I guess people do change. Arip will be mad if he know about this. I know that they were deeply in love before and i still believe they do. Well, whatever.

23 June 1999

Actually i slept awfully late last night, around 4 in the morning. You have no idea how sleepy i am in the morning especially when i got class at 8. In the afternoon we were all supposed to enter the cross-campus run but hell i won't. Again i followed Isa to Mines where i bought a couple of shirts and not forgotting my fav Happy Meal. Today i also got my matrix card (finally). This cool smart card allows me to withdraw my money at an ATM machine. I spent over 50 ringgit for those shirts. Got a letter from mom and it was truly touching. Almost made me cry.

22 June 1999

Thankfully i managed to catch the Subuh prayers this morning unlike the past few days where i missed them. Finally got my RM400 but they were in cheque. This afternoon i succeeded in staying in the KOM class for the whole 3 hours. The atmosphere were simply horrid with the small hall packed with some 500 people, imagine my suffering. At least there's always some beautiful girls to look at.

Tonight somehow, Isa whose room is right opposite mine took me to see Star Wars at the Mines Shopping Fair. It was very unexpected and an exciting experience for me. Now that i've watched Episode One, i can't wait for the next installment. I return home only to find my friends watching porn in Jimi's room. I of course joined in.

21 June 1999

Woke up awfully late today, about 15 minutes to 8 which is when my class starts. We managed to get there just a little late anyway. I hate going to that post office. I had to line up for hours just to buy some freaking stamps. Still did not get the 400 ringgit that we're supposed to get today. The officer in charge took M.C today. How irresponsible. Now with Jimi's car, we can eat out at the most affordable place in town (the padang). Jimi is yet to claim the mileage from us. I have no problem with that, just hope that it's reasonable. Called home tonight and got a good news from mom. She's borrowing some money from the teacher's co-op to buy me a new pc. Oh mom, i'm so touched..

20 June 1999

Ouch my head still hurts very badly from yesterday. And the pain increases everytime i take a shower. Now i felt like murdering Izwan. Jimi's car proved to be very handy this afternoon when it took us to the cheapest eateries around. Tonight Rafi and i along with Kamal and his roomie went to the same place, but this time we met this Siti Nurhaliza look alike. Of course with a face like that, i would be very surprised if she didn't have a boyfriend already. Bought some hangers. Somehow that sounds rather odd, me buying hangers. Usually i just took it from somebody else's cupboard. I guess i'm to good to do that now. I've been a really good boy these past 2 years.

19 June 1999

Got a hair cut from Izwan today. It was a total disaster. He almost cut my brain out. I end up with a few cuts and bruises on my head. That's the last time i'll ever have my hair cut by an amateur like him.He's not only got no skill, he's also stupid and dumb as well. i felt like kicking him in the head very hard. Anyway, we went to the highway side to eat. The place was filled with people. Again i had my eyes on those lovely girls. It was nothing really. Read the controversial 'shit' book by Shannon Ahmad. As the title suggests, it was the most shitty book i've ever read. I don't know what he's talking about. He just kept cursing the Dr. Mahathir over and over again. No wonder those westerners rate it as the shittest book ever written in history.

18 June 1999

Everybody got up late today, resulting to us missing one class. It's okay anyway because that class was cancelled (so i heard). Got the RM1000 advance loan form today and i send it home right away. My roomies are getting on my nerve, making so much noise while i'm trying to sleep this afternoon. I wonder how long i can stand this. Lets hope that nobody got hurt soon. Surprise-surprise, found out that the new roomie, 'pretty boy' actually smokes. I'm guessing he just got started. I tell you son, once you start, you can never stop. It would only do you more harm than good. And oh yeah, i did sleep very late today. Hmm, 3.30 am. Not bad..

17 June 1999

Jimi surprised us today driving us to class with his brand new old second hand car. Though the quality was far from excellant, it was something cause at least we won't have to take those darn buses again. Had a little row with Izwan this evening but now i realised that i can't bear to have rows with him for long. It felt so terrible. Guess i'll have to be more patient next time. Seeing Jimi with his pc made me so jealous. Maybe i'll borrow one from uncle din. Maybe i'll bring the one at home here instead! A brand new boy come in to this room today. Quite good looking i must admit. Just hope he's not a snob or anything.

16 June1999

The quiz was a disaster. I suppose i need to do more exercise for this paper because the examples shown was simply insufficient. It's no big deal though cause once again i can see that lovely angel of my heart. The good news of the day was somehow that odd, annoying boy that i've been talking about has left. Yup, you heard me right, gone, poof. Looks like he's having problems coping with campus life. His mom and dad came by to pick him up along with his stuff. I believe that boy got some mental disorder or something. You can't blame him though. It's just too good to be true. Afterwards i felt a little bit guilty about it even though it's not my fault at all.Oh well, good luck mate. (just don't ever show your face here again!). :-)

15 June 1999

Hmm. What did i do today? Virtually nothing useful i guess. Just loitering around. Skipping another class just to find out later that there's quiz in that class. Shit, should have gone to that class. Then again the last experience was a nightmare. The lecture hall was packed like sardine and the air con broke again. Oh well, guess i'll go next week. Made it sound so simple huh? Oh man, i just realised there's supposed to be a quiz tomorrow. Got to study mann!! But oh wait, i just remembered i'm living with this odd, annoying boy. Could get rather painful you know.

14 June 1999

'Kia karo haie, kuch-kuch kota hai', believe it or not, that the lines that's been playing in my head lately. I guess i've changed so much in these recent years. Once i can't bear those pathetic Malay and Hindustan songs. Now, it's a different story altogether. I guess love does changes everything. Hmm, back to the weekdays. Gosh, isn't it hot today. The good thing is, i can start staring at H again. Wish i could talk to her someday but then she's always so far away. And oh yeah, today i did some part time work at the administration building. Just keying in some forms. Piece of cake for me. But then i have to wait for like ages to get my pay. 30 cent per form is quite allright for me.

13 June 1999

Sunday - sunday here again in it's tidy attire. Ah it's the day for the diploma intake. Saw a lot of lovely girls again! As usual i don't give a damn about them cause somehow i felt guilty towards H just think about it. I don't know what to expect from my new roomies. One was already quite irritating. he can't listen to music when he's asleep and i won't be surprised if he couldn't bear me smoking either. Well boy, you got to cope with it if you want to stay here. I have a good mind that he won't stay here in the same room for long, you just wait! For the second time we went to Sunway Pyramid where this time i bought a pair of Converse hi cut snickers. Costs me a fortune there. Finally got ourselves to the all important & historic Pyramid bowl.

12 June 1999

It's dark and cloudy all day with occasional sunlight. The perfect weather to go out but somewhow i don't feel like it. Perhaps another time. Some people here are getting really busy preparing for the diploma intake tomorrow. I wonder who's my new roomie shall be. Whoever they are, one thing for sure they must be younger than me and they have to learn to accept that and show some respect. Tonight also Izwan told me and Badrul his experience with this girl in a cinema. And he did it not once but twice mind you. Oh what's happening to the youth of today? I would never do that. Never ever..

11 June 1999

Nothing unusual to report. Just plain old boring UPM. Again i skipped the Friday prayers this afternooon. Felt terribly guilty again afterwards. Thank goodness it rains this evening. Oh i can't wait to have that pc. It's just one of those horrible feeling when you wanted something so much but you have to wait.

10 June 1999

Much ado about nothing. I don't know how long i will stand living without a proper transportation. The daily bus service is the least reliable transport available here. It is also the only means of transport i can take. Then i heard Jimi is going to bring his car here. That's cool. Hope you can afford the fuel and everything. Shit, i wish i had a bike or something. I wish i was born in some wealthy family. But that's just wishes. Today somehow i decided to pay the kindness of those sweets girls by giving them a bar of Kit-Kat. Of course it won't go any further that that. What was you thinking maann!!

9 June 1999

This smoking habit is turning to be less and less fun. You know what. I can really kick this bad habit if only someone would tell me so. Someone that i love. But that doesn't inculde mom of course. I loved mom, but she doesn't count. Perhaps HF maybe? Lets hope that nobody else got her first (tough luck son!). Izwan is desperately searching for a pc. Oh, i understand you very well. That's the excitement you feel when you started to be good at computers. We're planning to share our money to get one. The problem is I don't have much! Guess he'll have to wait till i got some. I wonder if this RM400 advance loan will do.

8 June 1999

This is the problem with UPM. There's just too many pretty girls around. Not to mention the fact that there a ration of 3 to 1 girls to boys here. But as always, i only stick to one (you know who). Still haven't got my matrix card. It's just too much fuss. I can't bear lining up for ages just to get that stupid 'smart card'. And again i hate it when we had to push ourselves just to get into that stupid Communication class. Don't understand why they make it compulsory in the first place. Furthermore the broken air con in the hall made me more reluctant to stay which is why i left in the middle of the class.

7 June 1999

Too bad that my monthly fever had arrived so soon. I felt so horrible today. Clearly i'm not fit to be seen by the world with this runny nose and all. Oh shit, i just spilled tea all over my table. By the way, it won't be long now before i get my hands on that computer. Mom is trying to get an advanced loan from the DOE.

6 June 1999

After telling him how good it was at Sunway Pyramid, Izwan begged me to tag along there today. As usual, the trip was hell at first. Furthermore with this cold and fever i'm having. That silly Izwan lost RM30 at that stupid horse-betting game which he dearly regretted later. Hate to tell i told you so. My excitement of visiting Sunway Pyramid is totally ruined by this horrid cold. Why must it bug me now? Especially when it's work day tomorrow. Oh well, can't do much about it now except swallow those Panadols. Oh yeah and i got myself this lovely black t-shirt which i'm sure to be the best buy of the century. Shit i hate this cold. I really do.

5 June 1999

Looks like everybody woke up late here. I wonder if they ever miss the Subuh prayer. Got nothing much to do except watch their huge tv and some vcds. Finally i got the chance to watch the most talked about movie in Bollywood, of course it has to be Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I must admit that particular song was exceptionally good. So good that i'd repeated it about a dozen times. I can't bear sitting there any longer so i asked them to send me back tonight. So here i am back at Kolej 10. At least i got somebody here who i felt most comfortable talking with.

4 June 1999

I had a tough time deciding how many credits to take this year. Guess i'll just ake 17 after all. Quite many people is going home this weekend. I'm going to uncle din's home in Kinrara. He did helped me to settle my i.c at the national registration centre. Tonight we went to the all famous Sunway Pyramid. You should have been there i tell you. Just look at those lovely girls everywhere. Then again it was not so fun because i was walking around with uncle din and family. It would be much different without them. By now i really now they're quite rich. If only they could spare me a dime for some old p.c. Though i guess they'll never know plus i don't want to be a burden no more.

3 June 1999

Thank God that i managed to draw out my money today. Now i'm not that broke anymore. Finally got to meet my academic advisor (P.A). She suggested that i take 19 credits this semester which could rpove to be quite a burden for a freshmen like me. But i did it anyway. Now that i got some money, i'm planning to pick up my i.c down in johore though mom was not to happy about it. Tomorrow i could be staying at uncle din's house for the weekend. Finally got myslef a proper diary. Well, not really a diary because it print 'Camel Square Book' up front. Oh well, this will do i guess. No idea where else can i get a proper diary this time of the year.

2 June 1999

My P.A is really getting on my nerves. While almost everybody else is finished with their registration, i'm still nowhere nere. And the weather was no help at all. It's been scorching hot for days now. Found out another free internet access here. Now i can certainly send e-mails everyday to my loved ones. Uncle Din and his family did came by tonight. I can't deny that they'd been very helpful to me all these years. How can i ever repay their kindness. And now that i've got myself that lovely little radio, it won't be so lonely and quiet here anymore. If only i can get myself a pc now, life would be heavenly.

1 June 1999

Somehow I failed to find the class for this particular course. In the end we end up slipping this lecture alltogether. Problems after problems seem to be cropping up. I'm planning to take it as they come. I guess i've come to the treacherous point of this fragile life. Just hope that i don't crack under pressure. And i still trust that despite all this mess, God will always have mercy upon his humble servant and i dearly need His mercy more than anything at the moment.