17 September 2000

After days of listening to this ad on radio, I was lured to go this friendly soccer match between Apo..Ujang and Radio Reddifusion/RFM. The ticket alone cost 2 ringgit and I lost another 2 when they told me I can't bring my helmet into the stadium and store it in their locker instead. When I finally got in, it felt really awkward cause I was all alone and everybody else was like with their friends or family. My mates were all too lazy to come so that's why I became a lone ranger today.

Anyway I got a set right next to the field. The match didn't start until an hour later and they played in the pouring rain. Attendance was really poor and the stadium wasn't even a quarter full. The main reason I went there in the first place is to get to know the faces behind Ujang...Apo and RFM because I read the magazines and listen to their station like all the time. I didn't actually get to see their faces very clearly from where I sat but at least I got the free magazines that they promised. I left before halftime. To be honest I totally regret even going there. Felt like I wasted 4 ringgit for nothing but old copies of their magazines.

Several days ago I got Yuhaznel's phone number from the Internet. Yuhaznel who? Oh he's the idiot owner of my bike who didn't change his ownership of the bike and got a shitload of summons causing my bike to be blacklisted. He was also the reason I can't go to work since my road tax expired already. Anyway I called him for like a few billion time but nobody picked up the phone. Either he is deaf or he purposely didn't pick it up. I pray that it's the former. Sometimes I felt like cursing my like and also the idiot. But then again who's the impatient idiot who bought the bike in the first place without checking the documents?

2 September 2000

I just sat for my repeat C++ paper this morning. If you think ACCA or bar exam is difficult, they are nothing compared to my C++ paper today. Two days ago Rose and her family came down to KL to visit some relatives here. So in the evening while they were at this fun fair opposite The Mines, Rose asked me to come along to meet her. I was like, are you crazy? There's no way I'm gonna meet the parent and brothers and family this soon! That said, I did go in the end after much thought. So I went there and met her parent and everybody. Although I was quite happy to see her it was an all round awkward meeting. We didn't even get to talk much since everybody was like looking at me like a hawk. Maybe they're afraid I would try something funny like hold her hand while walking or something. Right. Fortunately for me the meeting was quite brief. Later that night Rose told me I was the first guy ever who dared to meet his parent and family. She was never allowed to have boyfriends more so relationships with any one before this. I don't know whether to be flattered or freak out. I mean I still don't know where this thing between Rose and I are going, you know. And what about H? Who knows she might run back into my arms tomorrow? That will be really awkward (ha ha you wish!)

Talk about H, I finally get to see her this morning. She looked just as stunning as always. And as usual she totally ignored me like I didn't exist. I don't know why I even bother hoping. It's like wishing for the impossible. Perhaps there is such thing as impossible in this world after all.

Anyway I my buddies and I went to Shah Alam on Independence Day eve you know, to celebrate Merdeka. It was a complete waste of time. I mean there's this little stage where somebody was singing and then a couple thousand people wandering aimlessly around. So boring.