25 April 2000

Al Fatihah...

In memory of Mohd Faizal who passed away a few days ago. May his soul rests in peace.

Last night while I was doing my usual closing duties at the back sink, suddenly I heard this commotion at the front lobby. When I went up front to learn more I heard that one of my colleague Faizal met with an accident and died. I've heard he met with an accident some time back, I have no idea it was that serious. So later that night we all went to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital to see him for the very last time. This is probably the second time I have ever seen a dead body in my life. The first time was when my great grandmother passed away eight years ago. All the girls was like crying when they saw him. Well, I didn't. Perhaps I didn't get to know him that well. It felt like it was just yesterday I talked to him at the corridor. Before you know it, he's gone today. Made you realize nothing is certain in life. You might be here today and you may well be gone tomorrow.

Okay enough of the sad news. The good news is, my manager had calculated my wages yesterday and they came to about RM600.00 nett. Oh what joy! Now my dream of owning an Ericsson PF 768 hand phone will finally become a reality. But of course that's not until next month. Dad finally got his computer EPF withdrawal approved. He'll be receiving the money in about 3 weeks time. Maybe I should ask him for some money to get an extra RAM. We'll see.

19 April 2000

Man am I broke or what. I got exactly RM24.40 in my wallet until my first pay day. I'm not too worried about hunger cause you know I've got this 3 inch of fat on my chest, stomach and fat ass not to mention my daily free meal at the store. So why the worry? Oh I'm just afraid that something unexpected might suddenly came up like a flat tyre or something and I had to use all my remaining treasure trove. You think I should stop smoking? Besides all of the people that I love doesn't smoke like my Mom, Grandma, Britney Spears, you-know-who. Okay Dad is an exception. Right. In spite of the fact that buying cigarettes is bleeding me money, I don't think I can stop right about now. Think of all the money I could have saved. Should be billions by now.

I came home this morning to find my PC sprinkled with water. No I didn't accidentally turn the sprinklers on (we don't even have sprinklers!) but this genius here forgot to close the windows. Despite my love-hate relation with rain, I still loves them mostly. I hope my laptop is still functioning.

14 April 2000

My day off finally. I've been working so hard that I felt like my previous day off was just yesterday. I woke up around 2:00 PM and went to the lab to what else, surf the Internet. Now that I'm a working class my, got to make the most of my free time. Feels goo to get to listen to Perfect 10 again. I once considered it to be the best radio station in the entire universe. Too bad the only chance I get to listen to them these days is on the Internet meaning not much anymore. Today I just listen to sHitz FM.

I called Roslinda yesterday evening. She was some girl I met while studying in Johore Bharu. She also happens to be Aida's BFF. Remember Aida? The girl who fell head over heel for me and I treated her like sHitz FM? I still remember vividly the first time I met her at the KIJ canteen. Back then I thought she was Aida and Aida was her, know what I mean? Call me slow but I took me a couple of months to realise that. Funny how we still keep in touch after all this time. I got another on of her letters a few days back along with a photograph of her. She's got this really long hair that looks not unlike a pontianak. Suddenly made me eager to see her again although that is not possible at the moment.

Here's the plan: Before my high school reunion next month, I'll grab a train ticket to JB first and meet her there. How's that for a plan? Then I would surprise her with my brand new look. Hell, I bet quite a number of people will be surprised to see me.

Still debating whether I should get a new mobile phone next month. If only they cost as little as an Apple Pie or strawberry Sundae but alas they don't. We'll just wait and see. Perhaps I ought to get a cheap second hand phone from Wan Mohd Yunus. See how Mom reacts to that. I'm sure Grandma would not be too thrilled.

10 April 2000

My old classmates from SM Sains Machang is planning this reunion next month for class of 97. I think I'm gonna go for that since this is my only chance to get back home to Pasir Mas before the Hari Raya holidays. Dad came by yesterday saying something about withdrawing his EPF savings to fix his computer and also to buy a house. Whatever makes you happy Dad.

Got my SAK 3101 results the other day and as expected I failed miserably. I should like really study seriously from now on and make sure I don't fail again. Right. I wonder what will my lecturer's reaction be when she finds out about this. Obviously Mom and Dad must never know about this. They will be very heartbroken and disappointed if they do. Especially when there's more where that came from!

3 April 2000

It's been raining every single day here. As much as I love the rain, riding around under the pouring rain and getting soaked wet in the process is definitely no fun. It's work as usual at McDonald's. So far I've been stuck in the kitchen. No chance to be stationed at the counter yet. Meeting people, communicating is no big deal for me. However handling the cash register does have it risks, i.e money shortages. I don't fancy having my wages cut for shortages at the end of the month. I've been there before working at Caltex in Pasir Mas. It's not something I'd like to repeat ever.

There's this girl at the store who I think she likes me. I jokingly asked her to give me a treat after pay day and guess what? She did! I hope she didn't treat me seriously. After Tini I have this aversion to not so attractive girls (ha ha bite me). I'd love to have those free Happy Meals but I don't want her to be Tini part 2. Nope, never again. Besides I have my eyes on this interesting girl named Fila in the store. She wore her hair short and yet she's like super-friendly with me and everyone. Charming as she is, somehow I don't feel like she's my type. After my world crumbled because of you-know-who, I don't think anyone can do. That's the problem.