30 January 2000

The kindly Isa dropped me off here in Kinrara today because I'm spending the weekend here to do my assignments and also to watch Astro. Yeah my uncle subscribed to the country's first satellite TV not to long ago. Words cannot describe how cool this Astro is. They've got like 28 channels plus 13 radio stations plus some games channel. I'm totally spoilt for choice. My fave channels at the moment are without a doubt MTV and Channel V of course though I occasionally change to ESPN, Disney, Cartoon Network, HBO and Astro Ria. I'm like glued to the TV set right now. I've got to get one of this some day.

30 January 2008

This morning I was called by The Boss for a meeting with the two web developers of our company, namely Nora and Ashruff. I was tasked of joining them in managing the company's blog (well, or sort of). We discussed on how to increase the traffic to our company's website and blog, among others. I got a few ideas of my own but somehow I didn't get the chance to say them out loud. Besides, I don't want to act like some smarty pants to those two. Later perhaps.

'Hah, padan muka ko' (serves you right) was the first thing my dept head said to me when I came down. Let's just say he's not really fond of blogging and bloggers from the start. For me, I find this a chance for me to diversify my knowledge, a stepping stone to bring myself to another level.

Actually, I lied. That is not entirely how I feel about all that. The truth is creo que realmente necesita obtener un aumento salarial. Mi sueldo para el mes pasado está casi terminado y ahora es ni siquiera el nuevo mes aún. Está bien si desea utilizar, pero me tenga en cuenta mi situación aquí? No me pida usted sabe mucho. 500 ringgit más haría. Comprende?

I can't write everything that crossed my mind now can I? Dang.

Today Irwan and I went to Shah Alam and then to Subang. We only finished our job just after six in the evening. I didn't get Adam until a quarter past seven. Adam behaved really well tonight. In fact he's pretty docile by his standards. Usually he'll get really grumpy when I pick him up late. That's another reason why I can't stay back late after work. Linda almost never comes home before 8 every day and if I do the same, I'm afraid Adam wouldn't even know his parent next.

Sometimes I felt so tired of this routine. How I wish I could do a Hiro and teleport myself to far away places, say to Sweden maybe? Maybe my former employer Ingvar Kamprad could lend me a hand with this? No?

29 January 2008

Today is a truly momentous day for me because I successfully installed my first Mac Os X on a Intel pc. While this is nothing new since thousands other people had done this before me, at least I got the bragging right as the first one to do it here at my office. I even put it on display in my department for all to see he he! Even The Boss who happens to drop by was quite impressed with my achievement. Wait, let me bask in the glory... Aaaah.

Irwan finally gets his broken car today. I dropped him off at Jalan Chan Sow Lin to pick up his car this afternoon. He's clearly delighted to get his beloved Satria Neo back.

28 January 2008

Linda woke up this morning with a really bad knee pain. Actually she's been complaining about her knee all week but this time it's so bad she couldn't possibly go to work in such condition. So we went to the Jameaton clinic and get her knees checked up. The doctor gave her a jab on her shoulder , some ointment to rub on her knee and the day off.

Today was a pretty exciting day for me because I finally managed to download the Kalyway Mac Os X86 dvd from the Internet. This is a specially modified dvd which enables you to install Mac Os X on many Intel or AMD based pc provided that your hardware can support Mac Os (many of them do). Like how cool is that? I wasted no time installing the dvd on a high end HP workstation at my office and it worked! I mean the EFI installer booted up nicely but I didn't actually proceed with the full installation because it would screw up the Windows partition. So I went home today all prepped and eager to test this dvd on my pc but sadly after like 3 hours of trying I just couldn't get the installer to boot. Dang!

I read that getting the BIOS settings right is essential before you can install Mac Os on your pc. So anyone out there who successfully set up their Asus P4C800 deluxe motherboard to boot Kalyway Mac Os X86, could you please give me some guidance here? Please? I can't sleep at night until I get this right :(

27 January 2008

My mom slept over here last night and today we went to a wedding in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras. As usual there was food and karaoke at the function. The food was not bad but honestly, people of Flat Sri Kota has absolutely no talent in singing. They're the worst karaoke singer I've ever heard period! I think we should ban these karaoke singers from wedding in the future, anybody with me raise yer hands (I'm raising both my hands and feet).
Later we went to IKEA (again). Actually my mom wanted to buy some things and we tagged along to keep her company. It's little surprise that the place is packed with crowd today. End of the month, weekend, we had to park the car outside next to the main entrance. Did you know that when all the parking bays are full in IKEA you can actually park anywhere you like? Trust me, I know. It's the company policy.
We returned just in time to catch Anugerah Juara Lagu 22 on TV3. I don't really follow Muzik-Muzik but I definitely won't miss AJL especially after so much hype around it. The show just ended a while ago and here's my 2 cents worth:

Singers / bands that sucks or I never liked: Aishah, Ramlah Ram, Bob, Fiq, Fazli Zainal, Jinbara, Sofaz, Misha Omar & Andy and Mawi.

Jaclyn Victor sang really well tonight, so good that she totally eclipsed her partner Lah. No wonder they won best vocal tonight. Izinkan ku pergi is a terrific song but I much prefer the original singer Kaer than his replacement Sahri.Nonetheless Sahri did won the ballad category tonight so credits to him. I think all the songs in the etnik kreatif category totally sucks but Nora's song Samudera sucks the least so I think she deserved to win that category. I thought Siti Nurhaliza had a fair chance to win something tonight after her energetic performance but again she left empty handed just like last year. I'm starting to think those juries in AJL had something going on against her. And for the umpteenth time Mawi won the best performance category because he's got his legion of loyal fans sms-ing for him. He just can't sing, never has and never will, full stop.

I love that song Itu kamu by local alternative band Estranged, even featured their video clips here once. Nonetheless, I thought they wouldn't have a chance after seeing the juries line up tonight. Last year for example I rooted for Pretty Ugly and they performed magnificently but they won nothing. I thought rock bands will always have a slim chance of winning anything on AJL but I was proved wrong tonight. I was hugely surprised when Estranged won the pop/rock category and was totally bewildered when they went on to win Anugerah Juara Lagu tonight. I think the juries made the right decision tonight and for once the artiste that I supports actually win! So congratulations to Estranged, you guys rocks tonight! To the others, so long losers ha ha!

So for the complete list of winners for AJL 22:

Best Vocal: Ceritera Cinta by Jaclyn Victor & Lah

Best Performance: Angan dan sedar by Mawi

Etnik Kreatif Category: Samudera by Nora

Pop Rock Category: Itu kamu by Estranged

Ballad Category: Izinkan ku pergi by Sahri

Juara Lagu: Itu kamu by Estranged

p.s: I think the biggest loser tonight should be Faizal Tahir. His replacement totally sucks and I bet he'd win something tonight if only he wasn't so obsessed with Tom Welling :D

26 January 2008

Linda brought Adam to work today so we went out earlier than usual this morning. I drove all the way to KL to drop Linda right in front of her office. We set out at 7 o' clock and after a brief stop at McDonald's we got there at 8:00 am, only 30 minutes left to get to my office. On the way to KL we saw a 3 vehicle pile up on the opposite direction and I'm sure that road would be really congested right now. So I decided to ply the new KL - Putrajaya highway. I didn't know they start charging people for using that highway until this morning. The first toll plaza at Salak South costs RM1.50 and the Putrajaya exit costs another RM2.50, that's 4 ringgit altogether from KL to Putrajaya. That's the most expensive toll charges I've paid ever. However, traveling using the KLP from Jalan Tun Razak to Putrajaya took only 20 minutes (at an average speed of 110km/h) and another 5 minutes from Putrajaya to my office in Bandar Putra Permai. So for today I'm not complaining about the cutthroat fare yet. It is expensive but the up side is I can get from KL to Putrajaya super fast.

At the office today, The Boss told me to look at his personal desktop pc. After that he asked me to upgrade that pc so I suggested that he adds some more RAM. So later after work, Bujal and I plus a few other colleagues went to The Mines Shopping Fair. We had some McDonald's prosperity burgers before we left. Then I rushed to pick Linda at her office again. 20 minutes using the KLP got me to Jalan Tun Razak but it took me another 20 minutes to get to Lorong P. Ramlee because of the massive traffic jam.

I got home and installed the 2GB of RAM that I bought earlier and to my surprise there's only 3.25GB showing on the System Information. The pc already had 2GB of RAM before so add another 2GB it ought to be 4GB right? I was already worried that I might bought the wrong RAM type before I found out that Windows XP cannot fully utilize RAM bigger than 3GB. The only solution is to upgrade to a 64 bit Windows XP which is not really recommended because that version do not support a lot of hardware in the market. Duh, I was worried for nothing.

Earlier this evening while I was walking quickly to get inside the house under the pouring rain accidentally graze the gate and cut my toe. It bled and it hurts like hell. Sheet +5.

Bujal told me The Boss read my blog now.

Hi there boss! Welcome aboard :)

25 January 2008

Today I went to a boutique owned by some Puan Sri at TTDI. They wanted me to teach them how to use a cd burner but when I got there, there's not a single cd-writer installed on their pcs. Like duh? Before I leave, the lady in charge there made sure I check every pc for problems. Normally I would do it without any hesitation but then it was nearly 1:00 PM and I really like need to go to the mosque now and hello, it's Friday remember? Pray at the mosque? Also, I think that boutique is a disaster waiting to happen. None of the pcs there have any antivirus program installed and I'm pretty sure all of them are infested viruses. I asked my colleague about this but he doesn't remember removing any antivirus program from those computers. I expect to hear a distress call from them soon.

Back at the office there was a brainstorming session held by The Boss. I only joined halfway through the session so I'm quite at loss with what's happening. It got something to do with mind-mapping or something.

A few days ago some people from the air conditioner shop came by to install, you guessed it, air conditioners at our new wing. They spend the whole day here fixing those air conds. My collegues next door have been working in the sweltering heat for almost two weeks now. Today though we found out a number of our expensive network cables and one unit of walkie talkie is missing. We quickly suspects those contractors took them and our suspicions were confirmed when we checked the CCTV recording. So the towkey (boss) of the air cond shop came by this afternoon along with the suspects. He didn't believe his boys took them at first until he saw the recording for himself. When I left the office earlier this evening, the visibly furious towkey was still hurling abuses at his workers who I presume confessed to their crime. It would be interesting to see how this episode develops tomorrow.

Just now as we stopped by the traffic light en route to pick up Mama, Adam was complaining that the red light took so long to change. So I jokingly told him to blow at the traffic light until the lights turn green. Adam innocently thought I was serious so he really blew at the traffic lights until they eventually turned green. I think he believed blowing at traffic lights really works now cause he did that to every traffic lights we found along the way. Silly kid. I think I'm gonna enjoy seeing him do that a while longer he he!

24 January 2008

My partner Irwan is on medical leave until Friday. He's got some infection on his lungs, something called brontosaurus (or is it bronchitis?). The doctor gave him a good lecture on why he should stop smoking. He's only like what, 22,23? It would be such a waste to contract a terminal illness or something at such tender age. Anyway I'm not about to give anybody a lecture on the dangers of smoking. They all are learned and grown up people and they knew very well smoking is bad for their health but they did it all the same. I used to be a heavy smoker too but I stopped with just sheer will power. That's all you need. A rock solid will power. It's all in your head and your heart.

So today I'm a one man show in Puncak Alam. I cleaned 2 computers of viruses, formatted another and fixed a network printer problem. I got there around 11:00 and finish at 6 o' clock.

23 January 2008

Today is the public holiday for the states of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya for the Thaipusam celebration. Public holiday means that you don't have to go to work right? WRONG! Linda had to work today, from 9 to 6 mind you. You probably know by now why. Frankly, I'm tired of bashing that manager of hers.

So I'm left with the taking care of Adam. That's eleven hours of headache and anger management. He ate very little of the breakfast that I bought him and finish a packet full of Twisties instead. He threw his toys all over the place and turned this house into one big mess. When I scold him for switching off my PC over and over again he cried so hard, he threw up in the living room. Only around 6 o' clock that he fell asleep and leave me with a little peace of mind. 7 o' clock I went to pick up Linda at the train station. What a day. Most father would be more than happy to spend a day with their kid but I'm not most parent. Am I turning into a bad dad? Yea whatever. Sheet.

22 January 2008

Success - Kerana Cinta Aku Turutkan

Kerana cinta hidupku pun berubah
Cinta mengajarku erti
Kasih rindu dan luka
Tahukah engkau
Betapa aku sayang
Setiap hari kurindu
Dan terbayang wajahmu
Betapa syahdunya

Lumrah dalam cinta
Banyak dugaannya
Waktu sedang suka hidup bahagia
Resah dalam cinta
Pedih tak terkata
Bila hati luka jiwa sengsara

Kepada kekasih ku
Ingat pesanku
Jangan kau hancurkan hatiku... Oh..

Engkau dan aku pernah mengukir janji
Untuk terus bersama walau apapun terjadi
Jika ada silap kuharap maafkan lah aku
Demi kerana cinta kau takkan kulupakan
Demi kerana cinta kau takkan kulupakan

mp3 here


Okay before you throw up, let me say I used to hate sappy, sad and jiwang songs like that too. In fact I can't even stand them at all. I will quickly change the radio station or go far away from the source of such music.

But it all changed after I left school and went to do my matriculation course in Johor Bharu. It was there that I discovered that wonderful, funny and strange thing called love. I learned about girls and relationship, courting, dating, talking on the phone for ages, being lovesick, you know the drill. When you're in love, all those sappy, pathetic love songs suddenly sounded so beautiful to you. You'll find that you can relate to the poetic verses from the lyrics and they became oh so meaningful to you.

That song above used to be a hit during the year 1998 when I was doing my matriculation at Kolej Islam Johor in JB. Even after 9 years I get transported back in time and reminisce to the good old days whenever I hear this song. Yea I get to know a few girls back in the days but we're never like really serious or anything. Being so young and naive, I was definitely not ready for any serious relationships back then. It was more like puppy love than anything.

So to Aida, Syuhaida, Rose and Julia, thanks for the sweet (and sour) memories and the memorable experience. It's not everyday that you get to fall head over heels at somebody for the first time. :)

21 January 2008

Today Irwan and I went to a steel pipe manufacturing plant in Rawang. We seldom go there so once we got there we were flooded with numerous requests to fix this and that. In the end we spent the entire day there from morning till late afternoon.

20 Enero 2008

Soy un mal marido y un mal padre.

Hoy me siento en torno de dormir y no hacer nada mientras mi esposa se encarga de todo el trabajo. Yo no le ayuda en absoluto. Cuando mi hijo ansía de mi atención, yo le regañe su lugar. Mi secreto resolución de año nuevo iba a ser un buen padre y esposo y ayudar a mi esposa, pero me siguen viniendo con excusas. Mi cabeza duele, duele mi mandíbula, tuve un catarro, fiebre, y la lista continúa.

Quiero cambiar. Sólo necesitamos una motivación.

No voy otra vez. Más excusas.

19 January 2008

Like my new banner? I think they're cool too. Just now I finished watching season 1 of Heroes. Some of my friends have been talking about this TV series since last year and although I'm quite curious to know what it's all about, I have no means to get my hands on them back then. (Plus I hate to admit to Rina that I like Heroes too :P).

So when I got an Internet connection at home, the first thing I did was download this TV series, from The Pirate Bay. I love Sewdish people, they seeds all the time. Torrent connection with Maxis broadband is super-slow here though and they only became available after midnight so I had to wait over a month to download the entire season. I must say I'm very impressed with Heroes, a show like no other. I like how those seemingly ordinary people discover their special abilities and use them for good or evil. And the plot, well you know everybody loves a conspiracy.

Nevertheless I still think the story is a bit too far-fetched, realistically speaking. How the heck does all those people gained their special powers just by giving their DNA sample for the GNOME project? I've read about the GNOME project and the best result that they could produce from it is a cure for human illness, that's all. Haven't they heard? To gain superhuman abilities you've got to be bitten by a radio-active spider or you come from Krypton in a spaceship!

About the characters, I think Peter Petrelli is the coolest of all the Heroes. How I'd love to sink my teeth in his brain and gain all his power he he (just kidding!). Frankly,Sylar is way too evil for my liking. Hiro Nakamura - cute as he is I don't think he deserves to get his special ability. He need s to have some serious self-esteem first and not loose the the ability to use his power at critical and desperate times. Nathan is cool. I wonder why he wants to go into politics with a power like that. If I were him, I'd be jet-setting around the world all the time. Apart from Isaac Mendez, Matt Parkman seemed to have the weakest power compared to the rest of them. But then watch as he develop his powers in season 2. Micah's abilities is really cool. It's a bit weird though. His dad can phase through solid objects and his mom has superhuman abilities and the kid can talk to machines? Where's the connection in that? I mean Claire inherited her Grandma's regeneration while Parkman got it from his dad and Micah? Where got? I wonder if D.L is his father in the first place. I think Niki screwed up with somebody else first he he!

Anyway I look forward for season 2 of Heroes. I know the series's production stopped because of the current WGA strike but I've read about all eleven episodes on Wikipedia so I had the general idea what happens next. I don't think I can download season 2 anytime soon though. My electricity bill virtually doubled this month since I left my PC on all night long. Sigh.

18 January 2008

I still can't decide whether my teeth or my jaw hurts the most. I try wriggling all my teeth but they were still intact so I'm guessing it's my jaw. I can't talk much and my face hurts whenever I bend down.This morning also I only had breads for breakfast and I'm so hungry right now.

Irwan bought a brand new Proton Satria Neo last month and today he sent it to the workshop because the engine broke down. He spent half a day there at the workshop. Now he looks so miserable and worried. I feel you dude. I had a similar experience with my Savvy too. That's the prize you get for supporting our national car maker.

Adam has this habit of sleeping very late at night. Usually he won't go to sleep until it's well past midnight. Today for example he slept at half past one in the morning. I showed him the NickJr.com website earlier this evening and he's been playing those Diego and Dora online games since then.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go to KJ for check up.

17 January 2008

I am so not feeling well today. I don't know whether it's my gum or my jaw but it surely hurts there. When I brush my teeth last night there was blood on my toothbrush. And on top of that I had a cold fever as well. So you can just imagine how my day was today.

I don't like going to the dentist. It's not that I'm scared of them or something. I hate the hassle of going to a public clinic, waiting in line for hours. A private dentist meanwhile will charge you an arm and a leg for their service.

This sucks.

16 January 2008

Awie & Ziana Zain - Senja nan merah

Masihkah kita termanggu di bawah pepohon itu
Ketika hujan melunturi danau yang terusang
Tidak pernah dibilang hari
Hanyalah debar yang terasa… terasa

Setiap hari dibuai mimpi yang terindah
Dengan menghitung senja merah dihujung sinar
Mencipta kebeningan rahsia
Pada sehimpun kenangan
Menyimpul satu makna
Di ruang yang lurus ini

Kita mencari pada gunung dan lurah
Liku-liku curam insani
Kita mencari puncak mengilau cahaya
Dalam hidup seribu warna

Dibawah teriring ungkapan
Pada sebuah wajah
Yang lara kesepian
Haruskah kita mencari suatu
Senja dalam kepedihan

Kita mencari dalam senja begini
Kembali kita bertemu

Kita mencari dalam simpati wangi
Kembali kita bersama

Membilang kenangan yang abadi
Seperti menuggu mentari senja
Menghilang perlahan-lahan disebalik
Awan yang merah

Dibalik awan yang merah
Dibalik awan yang merah
Dibalik awan yang merah


When I was 16 at the height of my Alternative rock revolution I listen exclusively to English rock songs only. I don't like other genres much and I don't listen to Malay songs at all.

But that was then. As I grew older and wiser, I started to open up to other genres as well. I thought why limit myself to one type of music only when there's hundred of lovely music genres out there? So now I listen to everything, rock, r&b, hip-hop, jazz, classical,dangdut, practically every genre you can find in Winamp.

There was a time when I used to dislike Awie and Zaina Zain especially those crappy movies made by Yusof Haslam. But somehow, over time, I grew to like Awie (I still don't like Ziana Zain though), his band Wings and all his songs. This particular song has been playing in my head over the past few weeks. It was from the film Merah starring (who else?) Awie and surprise-surprise, Ziana Zain! The melody is good and Awie sings it like a real rock star. Rock on man!

So the moral of the story is, what you don't like today, you may like very much in the future. Duh.

14 January 2008

I had a slight cold this morning so I took my usual cold tablet which made me so terribly sleepy.I had a tough time trying to stay awake while driving today. I went to Subang 2 twice today thanks to Bujal.He forgot to tell me about Det's pc so I had to make a u-turn at the USJ toll plaza and drive back all the the way to Subang.

Today I had my appraisal done with my head of department. We had a good discussion and the result is fairly positive. Of course my marks are not as high as Mr. super-robot-shrek-hyper-force-go Bujal. He's good.

13 January 2008

We send my dad to the LRT station this morning and go window shopping at The Mines Shopping Fair afterwards. You can find all your IT needs at The Mines (hardware, software, movie dvds), no need to go to Low Yat really. The price difference is almost neglectable and if you consider the distance, parking fee and the traffic nightmare near Bukit Bintang, I'd rather go to Mines first and only go to Low Yat as a last resort.

We had lunch at Sri Baling restaurant in Equine Park. The noodle soup there is simply superb. It rained later in the afternoon. Linda and Adam slept all afternoon while I attempted to install Ubuntu Muslim Edition on my 1.7Ghz P4 machine. The installation process was successful but the system crashes after I changed the resolution to 1024x768. I'm starting to accept the fact that Ubuntu and some P4 machines don't go well together. Dang.

Linda woke up and cooked us some hash browns for tea. Eating those golden crispy hash browns with a cup of hot steaming tea is a perfect combination on a rainy day.

12 January 2008

It's been one heck of a day today.

This morning we had a staff meeting at the office. We worked until 12.30 PM today, half day on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Then I went home to pick up wifey and kid and drove to KL Sentral to pick up me dad. He's here for some re-union dinner with his old friends in Serdang. We had lunch at McD in Equine Park. We simply love prosperity burgers and twister fries. Too bad they only sell once a year.
5 o'clock Linda, Adam and I went to my mother's place in Serdang. My dad stayed at home. The two can't never meet. My aunt and uncle from Pasir Mas came by today joined by my other two uncles from Kota Damansara and Sungai Buloh. Lina and his kid were also present so we had sort of a family gathering in Serdang today.
My dad's dinner starts some time after Maghrib but since my uncles arrived so late we only went to pick up dad after 8 o' clock. Lina was supposed to join me and dad for his reunion dinner but since it's already too late to go, dad decided not to go. In the end we had dinner in Kajang.
Actually I'm caught in the balancing act. I just couldn't ignore my mother and not go meet my uncles and aunts but at the same time I've already promised my dad to join him for dinner. My dad paid hundreds of ringgit to attend that old boys reunion dinner at Mardi last night but he missed it because of us. FYI my dad used to study there in UPM when it was still called Kolej Pertanian Serdang. That's where he met my mother by the way. Anyway the dinner's was just not for old time's sake. There's plenty of big shots present yesterday and he's there on a business mission among others. What am I to do? I couldn't possibly please everybody all the time. Next time I'll just have to get my priorities right. Sigh.

11 January 2008

Yesterday I started to sit at a new location in my office. I'm still in the same department but my table had moved to the middle of the room right underneath the air-con unit. And oh yeah I get to share the table with Irwan, not that I mind of course. Being outdoors most of the time my head of dept thought we didn't really need any table to start with. That may be true but we also have feelings you know. Even the technical guys have tables of their own. Nevertheless a shared table is better than no table at all and I'm counting my blessings.

Today we just went to HP Service Center in Damansara and nowhere else. Bujal tried to make us his dispatch boy by delivering those letters and cheques but gave him a piece of my mind I politely decline. Later in the afternoon we helped Kak Doly and Kak Lily move their stuff upstairs. They have tons of stuff mind you, tables, chairs, cabinets, computers, a fridge, flower pots, anvils etc-etc. I don't know whatever they keep anvils for! Plus the new wing doesn't have air-cons installed yet so you can imagine the heat and sufferings we went through. Sigh.

Alterchart e #3

01 10:04 - One Buck Short

I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm always trying to get you off (me and you) - Fallout Boy

Knight rider - Timbaland feat Magoo

Tattoo - Jordin Sparks

Love like this - Natasha Bedingfield feat Sean Kingston

06 Give it to you - Eve feat Sean Paul

No one - Alicia Keys

08 Clumsy - Fergie

Baby love - Nicole Scherzinger feat Will.I.Am

10 Umbrella - Vanilla Sky

10 January 2008

I fasted today to replace the one that I missed during the fasting month. That time I had a severe diarrhea and I had to take my medication to ease my suffering. Being a public holiday (Muslim New Year) I took this golden opportunity to sleep all day.
In the evening I went to my company's doa selamat ceremony in conjunction with the opening of our new wing. Most of the staff came tonight and family members were also invited. I didn't bring Adam along cause I doubt he could keep quiet while we were praying. Maybe when he's a bit older. It was a simple ceremony where we recite the Yaasin verse together lead by an ustaz from a surau nearby. Then we ate the buffet dinner provided by the boss. He hired a caterer to serve the dinner tonight. The food was not as good as at Dayang's wedding but okaylah. I had a second helping tonight. Huh, so much for my fasting today.

8 January 2008

A lovely rainy day but yet I'm feeling the blues today. The wife hasn't come back from work yet and Adam is asleep. It felt so quiet and lonely around here. Yawn.

7 January 2008

A few months ago, Linda's folks gave us a tiny little Puyu fish (anabas testudineus). I don't really like to keep pets at home cause but since Linda said she'll take care of the fish I thought oh okay go ahead. Besides, some people believes that this type of fish could help to ward of evil spirits or something. Ooookaaay.

Anyway I thought the fish wouldn't last a month in that little fish tank that Linda bought. We left it for a week or so without food when we go back for raya and Adam used to tilt the fish tank once causing it to swim all over our living room but yet the fish survived all those ordeal. That was one tough fish. So the fish grew bigger and bigger each month under Linda's care and even Adam and I grew attached to that little fishy. We took take turn to feed the fish everyday, me, Linda and Adam. Yesterday though I think Adam put too much food into the fish tank because today I come home to find little fishy lifeless and floating in its tank. Our dear fishy is gone.

Today we lost not just a fish but also a dear friend and a good listener (Adam used to talk to the fish all the time).It was with great pain that flushI bury the little fishy in our backyard today and I hope it will rest in peace with its equally dead mommy and daddy fishy. Goodbye, we'll miss you.

p.s: Honey, it's not entirely my fault, I never knew it could fishes could O.D too! (You should blame Adam instead).

6 January 2008

This evening Linda is supposed to attend her company dinner at KL Convention Center. It's only for their employees so Adam and I don't get invited but that's okay. The funny thing was, when I was about to send Linda to the LRT station, somehow we couldn't find bot our house keys. We searched everywhere inside and outside the house but we just couldn't find the key! I swear I saw Adam playing with them moments before but when we asked him he said he couldn't remember. We searched for over an hour before we decided to give up.

Linda was visibly upset because she didn't get to go to the dinner. It's not often she get to go to such functions and she totally deserves them after working so hard all these time. I think it's rather odd that both our set of keys gone missing at the same time and while you might say it's just pure coincidence but I think it's divine intervention that stopped Linda from going out tonight. I'm always cool if Linda wanna go out and have some fun once in a while but tonight I think the missing keys must be a sign for something.

Anyway we found both our keys 2 hours later when the dinner was well over. One hidden under the rug and I found the other one outside the house under our grilled door. Maybe Dobby the house elf got something to do with this? Honestly that Potter kid should take better care of his friends.

Alterchart m #1

01 Pagi yang gelap - Hujan

02 La La La Kerjalah - Meet Uncle Hussein

03 11 Januari - Gigi

04 Sayang-sayang - Alif Aziz

05 Cinta dalam hati - Ungu

06 Bila nak saksi - Spider

07 Kalis rindu - Elyana

08 Perlu kamu - Kris Dayanti & Ajai

09 Aspalela - Apek

10 Ku mahu - Siti Nurhaliza

5 January 2008

Linda doesn't work today. What??! Am I hearing right? Is my ears deceiving me? Seeing Linda not working on weekends is just as rare as seeing a Dodo bird in my backyard.

The weather's fine today. It rained in the evening and the atmosphere is cool and just nice. Have I told you rain is my favourite weather? My mother sleeps over tonight.

Alterchart e #2

01. I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm always trying to get you off (me and you) - Fallout Boy

02. Tattoo - Jordin Sparks

03. Love like this - Natasha Bedingfield feat Sean Kingston

04. No one - Alicia Keys

05. Give it to you - Eve feat Sean Paul

06. Umbrella - Vanilla Sky

07. Baby love - Nicole Scherzinger feat Will.I.AM

08. Bubbly - Colbie Collait

09. Clumsy - Fergie

10. Over you - Daughtry

4 January 2008

This morning I had a terrible headache. It must have been all those cigarettes that I smoked yesterday. All those nicotine in one day is too much for my brain to absorb. My cigarette hangover lasted until afternoon.

Today we didn't go anywhere cause we had to re-organize the office. There's gonna be a lot of change around here in the next two weeks or so and I don't know where I'm gonna sit next. Damn tired today. And boring too.

3 January 2008

Today we had yet another virus-cleaning session, this time at Subang 2. Honestly, we've cleaned and destroyed so much viruses all these time, you should call us doctors by now! Dr. Afif and Dr. Iwan please proceed to ER 3 thank you, whoa! that would have sound so cool. Today we brought Rizal Shaari along, our network technician guy. He's really good at cabling and networking, he can just sniffs a broken network connection and fixes it in no time at all. However today he's really useless. I told him not to come but he tagged along anyway. Today he just hangs around doing pretty much nothing and farts all over the place. I'm not kidding, ask Iwan.

Today we can't drive our own car to the client's office or project sites anymore. We had to drive the company's car for that. And since Iwan doesn't have a GDL license yet, I automatically became the de facto driver. I think I've driven that Renault Kangoo more than all the other staff did. Heck they ought to call it Afif's car from now on he he! No offense Iwan, I know you'd driven the car had you had a valid license but I'm seriously tired of driving a hundred kilometers a day week in week out. Sigh.

Something happened yesterday which made me bought a pack of cigarettes and smoke my lungs out today. It is something that I'm not proud of and which I now regret. I've been clean from the cancer stick for over 10 months and in just 24 hours my lungs is dirty again. To my darling wife, I'm not mad at you at all for what happened yesterday, it's beyond our control and I shouldn't have burst out like that. Shit, now my breath stinks, my clothes stinks and my wife is stinking mad at me!

Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

1 January 2008

My first meal of the year was a lovely nasi lemak served with eggs, sunny side up and some tender loving care from wifey :) We cleaned the house a little bit and I washed the car for the first time in like two months. It rained just right after I'm finished.
Later we went to Jusco nearby to buy some groceries. The place is jam packed with people it's nearly impossible to find a parking place. It seems like everybody in Seri Kembangan came to Jusco Equine today.

Linda's folks arrived with her sister and brother this evening. Tomorrow my sister in law will be returning to UMS in Sabah. Again Adam become the centre of their attention and looks like he's really enjoying it. Tonight I had chicken curry with some home made sambal lada mmMMmm yummy!

Alterchart e #1

Once upon a time when I was in form 4 (16 years old), I started compiling a chart for 10 of my most favourite alternative rock songs at one particular time. Back then I exclusively listen to alternative rock music and nothing else although my music taste changed a very broad range of genres as I grew older. I used to write them charts in my school exercise book up till my university days and I think that book still exists, hidden somewhere in my drawers back home in Pasir Mas.

The name Alterchart comes from Alternative + Chart hence Alterchart and e stands for English. So today I'm gonna start Alterchart again listing 10 of my most favourite songs of the moment. The rules are simple. At least 2 new songs are needed before I can make a new chart and the songs can come from any year or era, not just the current hits regardless of genre.

Alterchart e #1

01. I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm always trying to get you off (me and you) - Fallout Boy

02. Tattoo - Jordin Sparks

03. No one - Alicia Keys

04. Love like this - Natasha Bedingfield feat Sean Kingston

05. Bubbly - Colbie Collait

06. Clumsy - Fergie

07. Over you - Daughtry

08. Give it to you - Eve feat Sean Paul

09. Hate that I love you - Rihanna feat Neyo

10. Just a little bit - 50 Cent