29 May 2011

One of my favorite words in the English vocabulary is SCHOOL HOLIDAY. Less traffic, no jams, no need to wake up early to send kid to school and pick him up later in the evening. Save on budget, save my time as well.

On the down side, my son followed his Grandma to go back home to Pasir Mas yesterday. That means I'll be all alone at home for the next 2 weeks or so, which also means I probably go mental until that 2 weeks end. And did I mention I also don't have Internet at home anymore? Yeah, I sent my broadband modem back home along with Adam so that my wife can use it. My computers, smartphone and the Internet is amongst those essential items I couldn't leave without and now I lost one of them. Will I survive without blogs and Twitter at home? Sure I can. After all I've been without my loved ones for nearly a month now and that sucks even more. Compare that, it's nothing.

Thankfully, I got things to do to keep myself occupied. You know, stuff like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, watching movies, hanging out with friends. So far I'm coping with it okay. Weekends are especially hard for me. There's only so much things you could do at home. Sometimes I felt suffocated just being at home. In the end I got to go out, somewhere, somehow. Be it a public park, children playground or my favourite eatery around the neighborhood. Man, being a single dad is hard.

25 May 2011

It's that time of the year again when the examination results comes out for UiTM students like me. Actually I didn't look forward much to it or anything. After 2 years it has become kind of a routine. Anyway, the results are out. Came into my inbox via email early in the morning. Thankfully they exceeded my expectation. This semester I got 3.75 GPA which is a vast improvement from the previous one which I got a lowly 3.48, my worst ever. That said, I certainly can do better because my highest ever pointer was 3.84 during my 2nd semester. Well, considering I didn't put much hope on one of the killer subject (which I got a B), this result is quite okay for me, I guess.

So now I'm quite hyped and very motivated to start the new semester which is early next month actually. Some of my classmates did get some good results while a few, not so good. Some will be joining me again next month but a couple of them will be extending their studies or worse quit altogether. I don't mean to sound arrogant or anything but you results reflects how much effort you put into your studies. If you always skip classes, didn't take your assignments seriously and didn't prepare much for the finals do not be so surprised when the results came out. I have heard so many excuses and reasons from some of them but it all comes down to you yourself in the end. You can give a million excuses or you can work you ass out like everybody else. Everybody, each and everyone of the ePJJ students is busy with either their work or family or both but they didn't let that become an excuse to flunk in your studies. You've come this far, it's a real shame if you don't make it to the finish line. If you wanted something badly enough, you will do anything to achieve it.

23 May 2011

Today is all good news for my brother Faiz. This year he finishes his teaching degree at UPSI and this month he finally finds out where he's going to be posted. Knowing Faiz, he would certainly not settle for any school near or 'normal'. Sure enough he asked for a school for troubled teenagers in Kota Kinabalu and you know what? He got it as well, last week when the results were out.

So at the end of this month, my brother and his wife shall be leaving for Sabah for good. I wonder how he would survive 3 months without pay there but again knowing my brother, he'll breeze through it somehow. Apart from that there's this small but exciting news that Siti Maryam, his wife is now just over a month pregnant. Before you know it, my mother will be the grandma to 7 grandchildren by early next year. Congrats to you bro. You take care now.

13 May 2011

My little sister Izni safely gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today at Kubang Kerian Hospital in Kota Bharu. That's my Mom's 6th grandchildren in a row now. There's Adam, Zuhairi, Mia, Delina, Hana and now Wan Nur Izzah.

Yes you heard me right, Wan Nur Izzah as in Nurul Izzah, Dato' Seri Anwar's daughter. You see Izzat is a strong opposition supporter just like me. So it's no surprise that they chose that name for her first child. Actually they wanted to name her Wan Nurul Izzah but my Mom didn't really like it. She being the only BN supporter in my family and all. Anyway congrats to you Izni and Izzat. Now let us all go on a diet hor hor.

9 May 2011

This weekend I took my family back home to Tanah Merah because my wife will spend the next month or so for her confinement period there. On Monday we had a little ceremony in the morning.

So now it's just my boy Adam Farihin and me at home. As always I am terribly missing my family especially this little girl here. June can't come soon enough.