29 May 2011

One of my favorite words in the English vocabulary is SCHOOL HOLIDAY. Less traffic, no jams, no need to wake up early to send kid to school and pick him up later in the evening. Save on budget, save my time as well.

On the down side, my son followed his Grandma to go back home to Pasir Mas yesterday. That means I'll be all alone at home for the next 2 weeks or so, which also means I probably go mental until that 2 weeks end. And did I mention I also don't have Internet at home anymore? Yeah, I sent my broadband modem back home along with Adam so that my wife can use it. My computers, smartphone and the Internet is amongst those essential items I couldn't leave without and now I lost one of them. Will I survive without blogs and Twitter at home? Sure I can. After all I've been without my loved ones for nearly a month now and that sucks even more. Compare that, it's nothing.

Thankfully, I got things to do to keep myself occupied. You know, stuff like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, watching movies, hanging out with friends. So far I'm coping with it okay. Weekends are especially hard for me. There's only so much things you could do at home. Sometimes I felt suffocated just being at home. In the end I got to go out, somewhere, somehow. Be it a public park, children playground or my favourite eatery around the neighborhood. Man, being a single dad is hard.