23 May 2011

Today is all good news for my brother Faiz. This year he finishes his teaching degree at UPSI and this month he finally finds out where he's going to be posted. Knowing Faiz, he would certainly not settle for any school near or 'normal'. Sure enough he asked for a school for troubled teenagers in Kota Kinabalu and you know what? He got it as well, last week when the results were out.

So at the end of this month, my brother and his wife shall be leaving for Sabah for good. I wonder how he would survive 3 months without pay there but again knowing my brother, he'll breeze through it somehow. Apart from that there's this small but exciting news that Siti Maryam, his wife is now just over a month pregnant. Before you know it, my mother will be the grandma to 7 grandchildren by early next year. Congrats to you bro. You take care now.