19 September 1999

Went to the local cyber cafe since the lab is closed today with the sole intention of talking to H. unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. I do miss her a lot already. Wrote a long e-mail spelling out my problems, maybe she could help me out here. Didn't even she her during dinner tonight.

18 September 1999

Had our first real time chat on the internet this afternoon.I was pleasantly surprised to find her command of the English language is excellent. never talked to someone so good before. Tonight after a record of 30 hours without eating, i finally end my hunger strike now that i know she's safe and sound.
I'm really in a dilemma right now. Next semester i'm thinking about staying outside, renting a house with the guys next door. The thing is i don't have the money to pay for the 140 ringgit deposit. I wonder if mom approve of such idea.

17 September 1999

Can't wait for night time to come cause that's the only time when i get to meet H. To my despair she didn't show up tonight. I searched high and low, far and wide and even went to her college but to no avail. Man, this is driving me crazy. Perhaps she went to another place, perhaps i fret too much. All that almost made me forgot about my exam today. It was pretty damn hard too and she sat so far away from me.

16 September 1999

I was not in misery for long cause tonight we met again in Sri Serdang. Surely there are many guys trying for someone as gorgeous as her. We talked on the phone afterwards.

It's so hard to study when i kept thinking about her every 2 minutes.

15 September 1999

Felt terrible today. It broke my heart to see that they are waiting for somebody else during dinner. I could never forget the sight of 4 of them sitting together. Even worse, i just got her voice mail everytime i call her.

14 September 1999

I guess this is one of the happiest day of my life. Tonight i gat to chet with H personally. It was an unforgettable experience. What's more, i even got her phone number and she took my e-mail address. This is surely the beginning of something beautiful. I'm smiling to my ears all night.

13 September 1999

Last night i saw H in Sri Serdang again. Just like before, she arrived as we were leaving. It's like we're destined not to meet, ever. Plus i'm anxious that she's sitting next to someone else today. Perhaps it's an old friend. Next time i'll come early.

12 September 1999

Still recovering from that defeat we had against Manchester United yesterday. Oh i really hate those United supporters yesterday cause they were behaving like monkeys.

9 September 1999

I'm really tired of writing on you every single day of the year. From now on, I'll write whenever i feel like writing.
before u know it, it's exam time already. I had to rushed in early to find a good seat, else i would be seating on stage or up front.

4 September 1999

It's the same old routine everyday. Woke up in the afternoon. Had lunch in Sri Serdang. Play some games. Then play some more games. Have dinner. Play games again and sleep at 3.

2 September 1999

Ride home safe and sound. It's hard going around without a motorcycle license. I really have to get one in the future. My life wouldn't be complete without one.

1 September 1999

I can't believe i finally talked to H tonight. Although she only said 'hi' but that's a start. Anyway she was leaving just when i got there. Perhaps next time.
Later i went to Balakong again. On the way, i was stopped at this road block along Besraya. Thank God, the police officer didn't notice i only got a car driving license. It was really scary. I could be fined or worse locked up at the station. I'm definitely not riding any bike that far away again.

31 August 1999

It's independence day but i don't feel the atmosphere much around here in K10. Went window shopping at Carrefour today.

30 August 1999

Had a wonderful dream this morning. I dream that i met H and we talked. If only that was true. I guess when you thought of somebody so much, you'll start seeing them in your dreams.
Tonight i went to the Bukit Jalil stadium for the first time to celebrate our 42nd merdeka day. Never seen so many people in my life. Must be more than 100,000 people here. Some experience.

29 August 1999

Woke up around 1.30 pm today, it's a new world record man! Went to Kajang to Fairuz's brother place. Maybe i was too heavy cause Isa's tire was flat on the way. Felt guilty about that.

28 August 1999

I get to use Jimi's room for 2 full day since they are away. You won't believe what i did in that duration. Felt like i just got my money yesterday but they were almost gone today.

27 August 1999

Today i was supposed to be interviewing some MARDI officers. I always feel nervous and uneasy meeting new people. I deliberately woke up late this morning meaning to skip the meeting but it was not late enough. So i went anyway and in the end it was quite okay. Next time i'll be more confident in doing this stuff.
Mom did bank in some money tonight though not much. Very much appreciated mom. Called an old friend of mine, Rose from JB tonight. I like to hear her talk, so soothing.

26 August 1999

Rushed back early this morning worried what my friend would think borrowing his bike all night. Thankfully, he was quite cool with it. No class today and the day after.
Tonight i watched the most cruel and gruesome movie ever. Canibal Holocaust is truly sickening to the stomach. I don't know whether it's true or they just made it up.

25 August 1999

Enough about Siti Nurhaliza. With most of my class this semester over, i only got one class to attend to.Tonight i went to Arip and the gang's place in Balakong in the rain. Felt much more confident riding the motorcycle now. Decided to stay there for the night. It was good to be together again.

24 August 1999

Went to class alone today. Jimi was to lazy to get up. Felt rather lazy of going to classes this afternoon. Broke and hot and humid classroom and the possibility of not seeing H made it all so tempting.
Went to the convo fair again tonight. As expected there were some local artistes there. Too bad i didn't catch Siti nurhaliza. My friends were already leaving by the time she starts. Not that i liked her that much.

23 August 1999

I felt so far apart from her right now. Someday, when the sun begin to shine...
Went to the convocation fair again tonight. Sure is a lot of people there. Lots of loving couples too. Fortunately i don't see H as one of them. Sigh.

22 August 1999

They were supposed to be a cleaning up session downstairs today but i was too lazy to join. It rained again in the afternoon. I spent most of the day playing USM. Tonight i 'm totally broke. The atm machine is out of service. Not that i have much left. Finish some homework tonight.

21 August 1999

It rained from dusk to dawn today. Went to the Mines Shopping Fair this afternoon along with the guys next door. Met a handful of people from Sains Machang there all with their girlfriends. Dammit, like they know i don't have any. Meanwhile the 2nd convocation session has just begun. like always, there's a fair at Bukit Ekspo.

20 August 1999

Made it to the morning class. The good things about waking up early is i don't miss the Subuh prayer plus i can catch my break fast on time. Else they won't be much left. It rained blissfully this afternoon. Friday rain is so rare that when it comes, it really pours. That didn't stop me from going to the mosque though.
The head of our mutimedia biro sure knows a lot of stuff about web authoring. And just when i thought i knew a lot already, he knew much-much more.

19 August 1999

It's election day. Had my first experience of voting right after class this morning. This is quite different from what i had in mind. There was no party logos beside the candidate names. It's either you remember their names or their numbers which is quite confusing for us. And i don't remember the names of anybody from the pro aspirasi party. Oh, what the heck, i'll just cross on somebody.

16 August 1999

Lucky for me, the next exam is not due until 8 o'clock tonite. That's why i slept most of the morning. I did study a little in the afternoon. Come exam time, i was delighted to see H again after so long. All my worries about this difficult paper was gone when she smiled at me tonight. You can call me a dreamer but that got to be a good sign. Now all i had to do is come up and talk to her. Apart from that the election fever is up and running. They held public speeches almost every night here in K10. I don't care less about the election now that H smiled at me. :-)

15 August 1999

Exam day on Sundays were quite normal here in UPM. With thousands of student here it's inevitable. The first paper was difficult i must say. The second was a disaster. I doubt that i'll get good grades for that one. Followed H all the way back to her college later. What is this idiot doing?

In other news, Liverpool lost to Watford today by a single goal.

14 August 1999

Felt very confident walking into class this morning with new hair cut and all. The campus election is coming up soon. Today i can see posters showing up everywhere. I haven't decided yet who to vote. I'll take the first party who approach me. Stayed up to study tonight. There's so much to cover, so little time.

13 August 1999

Tada! It's friday the 13th today. Big deal. That number meant absolutely nothing to me. Missed the morning class cause i woke up late. Tried to find myself a barber shop today but all of them were closed today. Finally, Rafie and i shared to buy a brand new machine at the night market in the evening. After getting this hair cut, i felt an enormous sense of well-being. Nothing can describe the relief i felt. Some of those diploma boys are back.

12 August 1999

What do u know, exam is just around the corner. My money ran out again and i had to ask back up from mom. Quit playing USM altogether cause i just got sacked as manager for both Northwich Victoria and Liverpool. Wish that dickhead would return my shaving machine soon. I'm really turning uglier by the day, certainly not fit to be seen but the world. Slept around 4 am which was earlier than yesterday.

11 August 1999

She was here in class this morning but somehow i failed to see her. Finally got my loan form settled this afternoon. Now i'll just wait for them to ask me my account number. hopefully that would be soon because i really don't have much left. Seeing all the guys next door studying late into morning made me jealous. If they can study up to 5.30 in the morning, so can i, which was what i did today. In fact i slept only after breakfast that's 7 in the morning.

10 August 1999

Time sure is running out for me to get into the same class with H next semester. I had some plans this afternoon but i didn't go through cause she didn't turn up for the KOM class. Why does it has to be so hard? I want to study hard know and get that 1st class honours, hell yeah!

9 August 1999

I felt quiet and peaceful without those rowdy diploma boys. The pre-registration form for next semester had come out. I'll send my form a bit letter so that i can be in the same class with H (if u know what i mean). I stood in line for hours today to check my loan forms.

Got 3 more exam results today and thankfully i did quite alright.

8 August 1999

Got up pretty late today. The diploma boys were happy and gay now that the holidays had just begun. That means my room will be empty for a week or two, yipee! Here's a story i liked to share with ya'all. There is this friend of mine (A) who has a girlfriend (X) who happens to have a boyfriend previously (B). The thing is, now she leaving my friend A for her ex boyfriend B. Everybody said she X, left A for B for the money cause you see B is quite rich with loads of money and friends. B is butt-ugly i can tell you, fat and heavy. I don't know really. Maybe she fell for be just for what he is (fat but rich?). Well, she did got a brand new phone and he always takes her out with his car. Anyway, she invited my friend A to dinner with them tonight. If i were A, i would just laugh at her face but A accepted it instead. I think A is not getting the point. B is trying to show off his girlfriend X and also his money you idiot.

7 August 1999

While several guys here went sight-seeing at the Sepang F1 circuit, i went along with grandma to KL. Not so interested of the F1 circuit anyway, big deal. We walked around town and had lunch and poor grandma lost her wallet again. Poor thing, she looked totally exasperated.

I almost give up hope of ever getting those drivers from uncle din now. Looks like i have to get it from the internet somehow.

6 August 1999

What a sleepy friday today was. I can hardly stop myself from falling asleep in class. Slept all afternoon after that, missing the Friday prayer and all. H wore a baju kurung to class today which was quite unusual of her. Nevertheless she looks just as lovely all the same. Tonight i carried that overweight guy Izwan on a bike all the way to Sri Serdang. I swore that'll be the last time i ever do that. Grandma will be arriving tonight on a flight from Kelantan. Lucky you, i never ride a plane before myself.

5 August 1999

Got my results from the first exam which was quite alright. The electricty is back so now i can concentrate on my studies, yes seriously. Seeing all these Chinese people getting high scores just make me jealous. Well, you know what, kak Long is here but she's going back today. I heard that she came all the way here from Terengganu just to visit her friends (particularly Arip of course). I sure am glad to see her but too bad i didn't have the chance to talk to her cause she was in a hurry. Jimi and i gave her a lift to K6.
Finally got my pc free from viruses. Hope uncle din will bring those drivers tomorrow. It would break my heart if he doesn't.

4 August 1999

Missed all my classes this morning, firstly thanks to Jimi for waking up late and then to the PTPTN people for maing us line up for hours just to buy that stupid duty stamp. Well, at least i didn't have to cause a friend did that for me. In the end i didn't go to the briefing at all. Just a lot of waste really. The big news was that some people spotted Kak Long here in UPM, at the post office to be precise. The funny thing was, i was there for hours and i didn't see her anywhere. Maybe she did saw me but pretended not to. I don't know. Why i even bother about all that. One thing for sure, kak long must be around here somwehere cause 2 people can't possibly be mistaken.

3 August 1999

Rushed to class only to find it cancelled again. Perhaps it got something to do with the convocation. And oh yeah, there were so many people here today. Obviously for the grand occasion. Oh, go ahead. I'm quite certain that it would be my turn next in 3 to 4 years time. There was a black out here again that causes all the BSN branches here to close early, meaning i'm quite broke right now. It also causes the electric plug on the whole floor useless. Now, how i'm supposed to use my pc? It must be those electric guitars belonging to some knucklehead next door which causes the fuse to burn or something. I wonder if they got any brain at all.

1 August 1999

Sunday-sunday here again in tidy attire. Slept till afternoon after the Subuh prayer. The convocation fair is still going on but i don't feel the atmosphere here so far away in college 10. It would have been different if i got anything to do with it, a graduate, a businessman or perhaps i could take my girlfriend along to the fair. I'm still playing USM most of the time but not as much as i did before.

28 July 1999

This time H came and sat right in front of me. Again i was to shy to talk to her. Maybe next time. Urgh the pain on my ankle is killing me. Exam time and the room was so hot i could barely breath. I can't answer too questions and serves me right for playing too much game.

Went to my college's Mutimedia Biro meeting at 10.30 pm. Felt very important tonight spelling out ideas and stuff. Can't wait to build our very own college homepage.

27 July 1999

I don't know what got into me but i woke up after 10.00 am today and missed my class. Well, H is not taking this class so why bother. A friend of mine borrowed a Kancil and asked me to drove him to the KL general Hospital later today. He wanted to visit his friend who was warded there. That's the first time i visited the same Hospital i was born at some 19 years ago. After that we went sight-seeing around KL stopping at KLCC, Lake Titiwangsa, Sungai Wang, Imbi and The Mall. Finally found the USM game cd at Imbi which incidently the last copy available. Lucky me. But the trip made me miss the Zohor, Asar and Maghrib prayers cause everybody on board didn't pray. Felt so awfully, terribly guilt tonight. Naturally i played my fave game USM until 3 in the morning when i got one paper to sit tomorrow.

26 July 1999

This time i get to sit right behind H and yes she even smiled when she saw me. I'm the happiest man in the world this morning until the class was canceled and she left early. For now i still didn't have the guts to talk to her. Don't want to rush things really. Uncle din did came tonight but without the computer. Said something about the pc vendor taking a leave or something. Crap, guess i have to wait a little longer.

Rode the motorcycle to Sri Serdang again tonight. Somehow i burned my ankle when it accidentally brushed the hot exhaust pipe. The pain was unbearable.

25 July 1999

Slept most of the morning and woke up feeling very thirsty. Walked to the Petronas station nearby to get some drink but i still feel thirsty after that. Could it be that i'm showing symptoms of diabetes? God no, i'm to you to have such disease!

Ride a bike all the way to Sri Serdang later. I'm feeling more confident right now but i still have to improve my riding skill. Plan to get myself a proper motorcycle license some time in the future. I'm thinking of getting a bike myself next semester. Can't depend on Jimi forever right? Uncle din will be bringing back my pc tonight. Oh goody!

24 July 1999

Big day out for me. Went to class this morning and later Jimi brought me and some more friends to UKM to visit some of their friends. Met some girls in UKM, they were all quite lovely and friendly. We had lunch there and returned only after 3.15. Back at college i suddenly feel like visiting Wak Li and the others in Balakong. I was sorry to see how they live today, eating bread and water for lunch and how Azyzie and Wak Li taking a part time joob at Xtra Hypermarket nearby. I'm quite lucky compared to them. Arip was shocked to hear that Kak Long is very close to Gadaffi at the moment. How come i didn't know about that.

23 July 1999

Jimi had a fever this morning so i drove alone to class today hoping to see Ha. I did but she sat too far away from me. Had brunch later and slept all afternoon. Still no sign of uncle din. Really could use a computer right now. This new Pearl Jam song is really-really good. I never liked Pearl jam before but their song 'Last Kiss' is really something. Jimi is having problems with his pc. I suggested that he re-install windows and he did. Somehow i fell asleep on his bed tonight (no i'm not gay).

22 July 1999

There is a major water shortage here in UPM and the surrounding area. Jimi was kind enough to lend me his car so i brought my roomies to bathe and pray at the mosque. Went to my 10.00 am class only to find it canceled. Jimi and i went to see Zarawahida later. He got some business to finish with her. Zara looks a lot like H except she wore glasses and her cheeks a little bit chubby. The water supply resumed like normal this afternoon but in a yellowish shitty tint. We had no choice but to use them anyway. Felt slightly feverish tonight but after two Panadol tablets i'm good as normal.

21 July 1999

Woke up pretty early this morning. I seriously think H F is starting to notice me. Obviously since I'm the one who's staring at her all the time in class and everywhere else. I don't know, perhaps, well.

Called uncle din asking him to bring back my pc. The line was bad that he hung up before i could understand what he said. Tonight we ride around visiting other colleges here in UPM. We sure are lucky to be living in college 10. The other colleges were not so new.

20 July 1999

Now with only 2 people car pooling with Jimi, i had to fork out extra money for the fuel. I'm okay with that but when somebody borrowed his car and used my fuel money it really pissed me off. Jimi was too nice to say no.

Sat for the Islamic Civilization exam tonight. Wished i had studied more cause the questions was hard. Met H on the way back. She was driving a Proton Aeroback this time. This girl change car all the time man! Well at least she smiled at me tonight. That's the reason i was all cheery and smiley all evening. Urgh my hair is getting too long, must shave soon.

19 July 1999

Class starts today. Didn't see H anywhere today which made me feel so low. Well, life must go on. Jimi is playing Sim City 3000 like non stop today. It's all my fault cause i'm the one who introduced that game to him. It was one of those very addictive game. Felt very sleepy tonight .. zzz z

18 July 1999

Arrived in KL safe and sound. Waited for ages for the commuter to come before i realized i'm standing at the wrong side. Silly me. My computer is not fixed yet. I'm started to think uncle din has not succeeded in getting those multimedia drivers of a Myginie cd. I can't copy anything from the old hard disk cause it's so bad, can't read anything.

17 July 1999

Hey what do you know, it's time to return home to UPM already! Watched the Parent Trap again cause i liked it so much. Took another train back. The first hour on board was awful. No electricity from Pasir Mas up to Tanah Merah. Sat next to this man who slept all the way to KL, yes he didn't even need to use the bathroom. I had fully recovered from yesterday's fever by now. If you haven't take a train before, the temperature inside fell to like 15 below zero by 3 am and i was shivering cold by then.

16 July 1999

Woke up this morning feeling feverish. Come afternoon it was confirmed that i had a fever and like always a cold as well. Felt so miserable especially during the Friday prayer with my runny nose and all. I tried calling Kak Long again and her phone is still busy. Went to borrow some more cds. The Parent Trap was quite good. Lindsay Lohan were terrific. Plus she played two characters in the movie at the same time. Mas que nada by today's technology but two decade ago it must have been something.

15 July 1999

Followed grandma and Lina to Kota Bharu. Actually i wanted to find those modem driver at KBCC else i wouldn't dream of going through all the hassle. But the people at KBCC give me a hard time and little cooperation. They kept insisting that i bring along the modem for check up. Yeah right like i'm going to fell for that trap again. They'll pretend fixing it and charge exuberant price for nothing. Why, a single CDRW disc costs 50 bucks there, imagine how much they overcharge their customers. Went to pick up Izni and Faiz from school and drove home in the pouring rain.

Tonight taught Faiz a little d.i.y of fixing computers, particularly ours. In the future I hope he can fix it by himself.

14 July 1999

Yet another boring day at home. Wish i was back again in UPM. Can't wait to watch tv on my computer. For one reason or another, this notebook that uncle din lend me cannot boot itself. Keep seeing this stupid message 'can't read drive c'. Next thing i know the screen turn blank when i switch on the notebook. It's not my fault i swear! something's wrong with the power supply unit. Maybe the electricity here is unstable.

Went to town later meaning to call Kak Long but to no avail. Her telephone line is constantly engaged. Maybe she's to busy talking to Arip or somebody else. Well, if that so, good for you.

13 July 1999

Living at home with internet or USM is driving me mad. Words can't describe the boredom that i felt right now. Wished C-man is in town but i know he's still over there in UPMT. I can't believe i'm actually looking forward to returning to UPM. Nothing unusual to report. Grandma still suspects that i smoke. Gawd, i thought everybody knew by now.

12 July 1999

Home sweet home at last. Went to the local cyber cafe to write e-mails and find some cheat codes. The weather was cloudy and cool just the way i like it. Return back to find my pc broken again. Missing system file or maybe a virus attack. Life sure is boring here without my favourite Ultimate Soccer Manager game. Suddenly i was struck with Star Wars madness. Went to the local video store meaning to buy some Star Wars vcd but there's only Episode 1. Stopped by the old pump station to see my old co-workers. They still remembers my after all this while. Went to Florida bakery to see that cute girl who used to come to the station many times. She did look pleased to see me. I thought she had a boyfriend already what.

11 July 1999

Did some last minute studying before i'm off to take my exams this afternoon. The questions were quite alright. Late this afternoon my friends from across the room send me to the commuter station. I stood up in line for hours trying to get a ticket and by the time i got it i was worried sick that i might miss the train altogether. Alhamdulillah i did got there with a few minutes to spare. The moral of the story is: go out earlier next time. The train ride was okay with Lani next to me. The girls around was all plain and boring and the food sold on board was cutthroat.

10 July 1999

Mom came by again. This time she's attending the National Pemadam Conference. Uncle din took my pc to install the drivers. Went to uncle dib's house in Sungai Buloh and later to the train station to buy my return ticket. Lina is complaining how i spend so much. She still bitter having to pay all those internet bills used by me. Yeah like i'm the only one using the internet.

9 July 1999

Now i could not afford to miss breakfast at college anymore. Soon i won't even afford lunch for me. Saving up my money for the weekends. It's good to see H again. made me forget all of my worries for a while. Shouldn't have bought lunch or this cigarette pack today. Now that examinations is around the corner, i did a little bit of studying, well at least i tried.. Later i shaved my head again. It made me feel a lot lighter again in the head. Now perhaps i can stay up longer, wake up late and skip breakfast. I'm pathetic, well who cares.

8 July 1999

Called home today only to get more bad news. I guess i can forget about going back this semester break cause mom can't afford to pay for my trip. Wonder how long i can last with 20 ringgit in hand. I hate this mess. It all started since i planned to get that computer. Unless this purchase prove to be a good investment, i would have done a huge mistake. Apart from that did some laundry tonight. By laundry i mean washing it manually with my hands.

7 July 1999

Boy, isn't it rainy today. I love the rain, in fact i'm even happier when it rains. Withdrew everything i had in my savings account to pay for that new hard disk. Now i'm literally broke. Installing windows on the new pc was easy. The bad new was i haven't got the multimedia and display drivers for this pc. Currently i got a lowly 16 colours display with no sound etcetera. Got to get those drivers from uncle din quick.He did showed up tonight demanding his monitor and speakers back cause Azri had to use it. I thought the speakers come with the pc. At least he lend me his notebook, an Intel 80486. Not much but what the heck.

6 July 1999

Just as i had feared, people at the computer store confirmed that my hard disk is beyond repair. There goes my 30 bucks for nothing. Shouldn't have sent it there in the first place. Looks like i have to ask for back up from mom and fast.

This afternoon to my horror i saw H and another girl sitting around the same table with 2 other guys. I was thinking the worst at first but eventually i just assume they were long time friends. Let's hope that's true. Why am i feeling there's going to be more coming right between us?

5 July 1999

First day of the week. I got into class late again. H just completely distracted me from our lesson today. Me and my big mouth. Shouldn't have told anybody about her. Went to the computer store only to find he didn't even touch my pc yet. One word: stupid shit? I hate this. Waiting, so unbearable. Hmm, nothing much happened for the rest of the day. Nothing important like getting back my pc like new. Slept most of the afternoon. That idiot pc repairman.

4 July 1999

Big day for the Americans, big deal for me and the rest of us here. Woke up and jumped straight on my computer, still struggling to fix it. I do think i'll have to buy a new hard disk. The present one is full of bad sectors that i can't even format it anymore. In the end i send it to a nearby computer store with Jimi. I hope he can fix it with needing to buy a new disk. Oh yeah, zulkifli come begging from me this afternoon. He just lost his i.c and walkman. I still feel sorry for nearly crashing his bike the other day so i gave him some. W

3 July 1999

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. Somehow it turned out to be not so happy after all. Waited for hours for mom to come which she did at 4.00 pm sharp. While in the car, i finally got the guts to ask uncle din to sell me his pc. He duly agreed and here i am in my room struggling to fix my brand new old computer. It was me who screwed up this pc in the first place. So it serves me right having to fix it now. Getting this pc is only half on the story. The bad news was i can't keep this awesome 17" digital monitor cause it belongs to his office. Second, the hard disk is broken so i had to buy a new one which should be expensive. I must never forget poor mom who'll be paying for this pc (RM1400 minus the monitor). Nonetheless i'm grateful that i finally got a computer. Alhamdulillah.

2 July 1999

Yet another rush to the morning class. This one is special though cause i get to see H again. This is the first time i saw her in a beautiful baju kurung instead of the usual t-shirt and jeans. She was absolutely stunning.

I did finish my assignment today and send it to the lecturer in the afternoon. Met Ha again then. Wonder if she ever noticed me. I sure do notice her very much. Early this evening i woke up to see her sweet smiling face in my head. I suppose that's what happen when you like somebody so much. How my heart melts everytime i picture that smile. Erk.

1 July 1999

Hmm, what did happen today. Oh yes as usual i rushed to the morning class. Wait a minute, my class doesn't start until 10 and somebody crashed into Jimi's car at the parking lot so he had to send it to the workshop. Stayed up very late tonight, around 1.15 am. The next day went to the highway side to have some nasi lemak. Then waited for hours for Jimi to finish his assignment on his computer before i get to use it. End up sleeping around 5.30 in the morning.

30 June 1999

If you haven't already noticed, i'm writing with a brand new ball pen. Lost the previous one (as usual). That's the problem with ball pens, lost them before you can use up all the ink. Skipped the morning class because Jimi woke up late. I could be kicked out of university if this goes on. Watched 'The Mummy' on vcd. It was so-so.

Finally got used to those noisy diploma boys. I asked one of them to shave my head and he was really good. Now he can shave my head for me everytime. I started to think Jimi is not so comfortable with me using his pc all the time. That's why i should get one myself and quick!

29 June 1999

Bought my first text book ever. Cost me a whooping 47 bucks. My gosh i can't believe H looked at me this afternoon. Oh well, perhaps it's just a look, nothing more. Sat my first exam in UPM. The questions were quite difficult tonight. Thank goodness she sat not so far away so occasionally i gave a look and my brain started working immediately. And man she's got a car too, a maroon Kancil with the registration WGX 368. I'll remember that number like an elephant. Now that i know she's rich, it could prove difficult for me to win the heart of somewhere like that. But i believe she's not the type who look down at poor people like me. We'll wait and see. Called home tonight. Mom gave me a sound advice about my spendings.

28 June 1999

Izwan had a little fight we Jimi this morning and some heated words were exchanged. Found out my chance of getting that 1000 ringgit advance was gone because the dateline passed. Just hope that mom will manage to get her loan somehow. I really need to get that computer. Tomorrow is exam day already. Did a little bit of studying tonight. What a scary thought. The first exam and i'm still lost in a few topics. Guess i'll just take it as it comes a always. Why can't these people leave me alone? Why are there some many people in my room all the time?

27 June 1999

Woke up very late today, near 11.00 am. Shame on me. Uncle din took Azri and me to town to do some some shopping. I can't find my fav game Ultimate Soccer Manager anywhere here in KL. Maybe i didn't search in the right place. Anyway, uncle dib and family came to pick me up this evening. I felt more comfortable talking to them than uncle din. Perhaps because they spoke the same language. Perhaps because they were not so rich and seemed to me a lot friendlier. Uncle dib even gave me so money before i left. Thanks a lot for that. I'll remember you guys when i become a millionaire someday. Back to college. I bet nobody missed me here.

26 June 1999

Did nothing much today except finish my assignment, play more games and watch Kuch-kuch hota hai (again). Unlce din and co all went o Raub to visit Miza except Azri who stayed with me. Dead boring really especially when i'm left alone when Azri goes to school. Later we had dinner at some restaurant nearby. I managed to find only one restaurant in such classy neighbourhood. Perhaps because it's still new. I felt obligated to pay for our dinner which costs some 15 bucks. Don't expect Azri to be paying for that do you? Lucky me, aunty anum paid me back later. Slept around 3 am watching Mr Bean. He's so funny.

25 June 1999

I heard that the closing date to submit that RM1000 loan advance will be today. If that's true, i'll be screwed because my form is still at home with mom. Called uncle din telling that i'll be crashing at his place this weekend. Got some printing work to do. Drove Jimi's car to the mosque today.Not bad really but it's not easy driving another car. Uncle Din came to pick me up tonight.

So here i am at his place. I thought he'd bought a new pc or something but he didn't. His present computer is still there broken as always. But i got the chance to use his Dell notebook which was really cool. Wish i could have one of those. Oh i'd be in heaven. Slept in Miza's air conditioned room. Ah this is truly heavenly.

24 June 1999

Guess what? Today i got a letter from Kak Long who's now studying in UPM Terengganu. It felt so good getting a letterr from someone who you used to and still cares about. How my heart lit when i read her letter. But then how about Arip? Nah, i'm sure she intended to write to me as a friend, no more than that. I still remember vividly how happy she was together with Arip. I thought they will get engaged or something and nothing in the world could come between them. I guess people do change. Arip will be mad if he know about this. I know that they were deeply in love before and i still believe they do. Well, whatever.

23 June 1999

Actually i slept awfully late last night, around 4 in the morning. You have no idea how sleepy i am in the morning especially when i got class at 8. In the afternoon we were all supposed to enter the cross-campus run but hell i won't. Again i followed Isa to Mines where i bought a couple of shirts and not forgotting my fav Happy Meal. Today i also got my matrix card (finally). This cool smart card allows me to withdraw my money at an ATM machine. I spent over 50 ringgit for those shirts. Got a letter from mom and it was truly touching. Almost made me cry.

22 June 1999

Thankfully i managed to catch the Subuh prayers this morning unlike the past few days where i missed them. Finally got my RM400 but they were in cheque. This afternoon i succeeded in staying in the KOM class for the whole 3 hours. The atmosphere were simply horrid with the small hall packed with some 500 people, imagine my suffering. At least there's always some beautiful girls to look at.

Tonight somehow, Isa whose room is right opposite mine took me to see Star Wars at the Mines Shopping Fair. It was very unexpected and an exciting experience for me. Now that i've watched Episode One, i can't wait for the next installment. I return home only to find my friends watching porn in Jimi's room. I of course joined in.

21 June 1999

Woke up awfully late today, about 15 minutes to 8 which is when my class starts. We managed to get there just a little late anyway. I hate going to that post office. I had to line up for hours just to buy some freaking stamps. Still did not get the 400 ringgit that we're supposed to get today. The officer in charge took M.C today. How irresponsible. Now with Jimi's car, we can eat out at the most affordable place in town (the padang). Jimi is yet to claim the mileage from us. I have no problem with that, just hope that it's reasonable. Called home tonight and got a good news from mom. She's borrowing some money from the teacher's co-op to buy me a new pc. Oh mom, i'm so touched..

20 June 1999

Ouch my head still hurts very badly from yesterday. And the pain increases everytime i take a shower. Now i felt like murdering Izwan. Jimi's car proved to be very handy this afternoon when it took us to the cheapest eateries around. Tonight Rafi and i along with Kamal and his roomie went to the same place, but this time we met this Siti Nurhaliza look alike. Of course with a face like that, i would be very surprised if she didn't have a boyfriend already. Bought some hangers. Somehow that sounds rather odd, me buying hangers. Usually i just took it from somebody else's cupboard. I guess i'm to good to do that now. I've been a really good boy these past 2 years.

19 June 1999

Got a hair cut from Izwan today. It was a total disaster. He almost cut my brain out. I end up with a few cuts and bruises on my head. That's the last time i'll ever have my hair cut by an amateur like him.He's not only got no skill, he's also stupid and dumb as well. i felt like kicking him in the head very hard. Anyway, we went to the highway side to eat. The place was filled with people. Again i had my eyes on those lovely girls. It was nothing really. Read the controversial 'shit' book by Shannon Ahmad. As the title suggests, it was the most shitty book i've ever read. I don't know what he's talking about. He just kept cursing the Dr. Mahathir over and over again. No wonder those westerners rate it as the shittest book ever written in history.

18 June 1999

Everybody got up late today, resulting to us missing one class. It's okay anyway because that class was cancelled (so i heard). Got the RM1000 advance loan form today and i send it home right away. My roomies are getting on my nerve, making so much noise while i'm trying to sleep this afternoon. I wonder how long i can stand this. Lets hope that nobody got hurt soon. Surprise-surprise, found out that the new roomie, 'pretty boy' actually smokes. I'm guessing he just got started. I tell you son, once you start, you can never stop. It would only do you more harm than good. And oh yeah, i did sleep very late today. Hmm, 3.30 am. Not bad..

17 June 1999

Jimi surprised us today driving us to class with his brand new old second hand car. Though the quality was far from excellant, it was something cause at least we won't have to take those darn buses again. Had a little row with Izwan this evening but now i realised that i can't bear to have rows with him for long. It felt so terrible. Guess i'll have to be more patient next time. Seeing Jimi with his pc made me so jealous. Maybe i'll borrow one from uncle din. Maybe i'll bring the one at home here instead! A brand new boy come in to this room today. Quite good looking i must admit. Just hope he's not a snob or anything.

16 June1999

The quiz was a disaster. I suppose i need to do more exercise for this paper because the examples shown was simply insufficient. It's no big deal though cause once again i can see that lovely angel of my heart. The good news of the day was somehow that odd, annoying boy that i've been talking about has left. Yup, you heard me right, gone, poof. Looks like he's having problems coping with campus life. His mom and dad came by to pick him up along with his stuff. I believe that boy got some mental disorder or something. You can't blame him though. It's just too good to be true. Afterwards i felt a little bit guilty about it even though it's not my fault at all.Oh well, good luck mate. (just don't ever show your face here again!). :-)

15 June 1999

Hmm. What did i do today? Virtually nothing useful i guess. Just loitering around. Skipping another class just to find out later that there's quiz in that class. Shit, should have gone to that class. Then again the last experience was a nightmare. The lecture hall was packed like sardine and the air con broke again. Oh well, guess i'll go next week. Made it sound so simple huh? Oh man, i just realised there's supposed to be a quiz tomorrow. Got to study mann!! But oh wait, i just remembered i'm living with this odd, annoying boy. Could get rather painful you know.

14 June 1999

'Kia karo haie, kuch-kuch kota hai', believe it or not, that the lines that's been playing in my head lately. I guess i've changed so much in these recent years. Once i can't bear those pathetic Malay and Hindustan songs. Now, it's a different story altogether. I guess love does changes everything. Hmm, back to the weekdays. Gosh, isn't it hot today. The good thing is, i can start staring at H again. Wish i could talk to her someday but then she's always so far away. And oh yeah, today i did some part time work at the administration building. Just keying in some forms. Piece of cake for me. But then i have to wait for like ages to get my pay. 30 cent per form is quite allright for me.

13 June 1999

Sunday - sunday here again in it's tidy attire. Ah it's the day for the diploma intake. Saw a lot of lovely girls again! As usual i don't give a damn about them cause somehow i felt guilty towards H just think about it. I don't know what to expect from my new roomies. One was already quite irritating. he can't listen to music when he's asleep and i won't be surprised if he couldn't bear me smoking either. Well boy, you got to cope with it if you want to stay here. I have a good mind that he won't stay here in the same room for long, you just wait! For the second time we went to Sunway Pyramid where this time i bought a pair of Converse hi cut snickers. Costs me a fortune there. Finally got ourselves to the all important & historic Pyramid bowl.

12 June 1999

It's dark and cloudy all day with occasional sunlight. The perfect weather to go out but somewhow i don't feel like it. Perhaps another time. Some people here are getting really busy preparing for the diploma intake tomorrow. I wonder who's my new roomie shall be. Whoever they are, one thing for sure they must be younger than me and they have to learn to accept that and show some respect. Tonight also Izwan told me and Badrul his experience with this girl in a cinema. And he did it not once but twice mind you. Oh what's happening to the youth of today? I would never do that. Never ever..

11 June 1999

Nothing unusual to report. Just plain old boring UPM. Again i skipped the Friday prayers this afternooon. Felt terribly guilty again afterwards. Thank goodness it rains this evening. Oh i can't wait to have that pc. It's just one of those horrible feeling when you wanted something so much but you have to wait.

10 June 1999

Much ado about nothing. I don't know how long i will stand living without a proper transportation. The daily bus service is the least reliable transport available here. It is also the only means of transport i can take. Then i heard Jimi is going to bring his car here. That's cool. Hope you can afford the fuel and everything. Shit, i wish i had a bike or something. I wish i was born in some wealthy family. But that's just wishes. Today somehow i decided to pay the kindness of those sweets girls by giving them a bar of Kit-Kat. Of course it won't go any further that that. What was you thinking maann!!

9 June 1999

This smoking habit is turning to be less and less fun. You know what. I can really kick this bad habit if only someone would tell me so. Someone that i love. But that doesn't inculde mom of course. I loved mom, but she doesn't count. Perhaps HF maybe? Lets hope that nobody else got her first (tough luck son!). Izwan is desperately searching for a pc. Oh, i understand you very well. That's the excitement you feel when you started to be good at computers. We're planning to share our money to get one. The problem is I don't have much! Guess he'll have to wait till i got some. I wonder if this RM400 advance loan will do.

8 June 1999

This is the problem with UPM. There's just too many pretty girls around. Not to mention the fact that there a ration of 3 to 1 girls to boys here. But as always, i only stick to one (you know who). Still haven't got my matrix card. It's just too much fuss. I can't bear lining up for ages just to get that stupid 'smart card'. And again i hate it when we had to push ourselves just to get into that stupid Communication class. Don't understand why they make it compulsory in the first place. Furthermore the broken air con in the hall made me more reluctant to stay which is why i left in the middle of the class.

7 June 1999

Too bad that my monthly fever had arrived so soon. I felt so horrible today. Clearly i'm not fit to be seen by the world with this runny nose and all. Oh shit, i just spilled tea all over my table. By the way, it won't be long now before i get my hands on that computer. Mom is trying to get an advanced loan from the DOE.

6 June 1999

After telling him how good it was at Sunway Pyramid, Izwan begged me to tag along there today. As usual, the trip was hell at first. Furthermore with this cold and fever i'm having. That silly Izwan lost RM30 at that stupid horse-betting game which he dearly regretted later. Hate to tell i told you so. My excitement of visiting Sunway Pyramid is totally ruined by this horrid cold. Why must it bug me now? Especially when it's work day tomorrow. Oh well, can't do much about it now except swallow those Panadols. Oh yeah and i got myself this lovely black t-shirt which i'm sure to be the best buy of the century. Shit i hate this cold. I really do.

5 June 1999

Looks like everybody woke up late here. I wonder if they ever miss the Subuh prayer. Got nothing much to do except watch their huge tv and some vcds. Finally i got the chance to watch the most talked about movie in Bollywood, of course it has to be Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I must admit that particular song was exceptionally good. So good that i'd repeated it about a dozen times. I can't bear sitting there any longer so i asked them to send me back tonight. So here i am back at Kolej 10. At least i got somebody here who i felt most comfortable talking with.

4 June 1999

I had a tough time deciding how many credits to take this year. Guess i'll just ake 17 after all. Quite many people is going home this weekend. I'm going to uncle din's home in Kinrara. He did helped me to settle my i.c at the national registration centre. Tonight we went to the all famous Sunway Pyramid. You should have been there i tell you. Just look at those lovely girls everywhere. Then again it was not so fun because i was walking around with uncle din and family. It would be much different without them. By now i really now they're quite rich. If only they could spare me a dime for some old p.c. Though i guess they'll never know plus i don't want to be a burden no more.

3 June 1999

Thank God that i managed to draw out my money today. Now i'm not that broke anymore. Finally got to meet my academic advisor (P.A). She suggested that i take 19 credits this semester which could rpove to be quite a burden for a freshmen like me. But i did it anyway. Now that i got some money, i'm planning to pick up my i.c down in johore though mom was not to happy about it. Tomorrow i could be staying at uncle din's house for the weekend. Finally got myslef a proper diary. Well, not really a diary because it print 'Camel Square Book' up front. Oh well, this will do i guess. No idea where else can i get a proper diary this time of the year.

2 June 1999

My P.A is really getting on my nerves. While almost everybody else is finished with their registration, i'm still nowhere nere. And the weather was no help at all. It's been scorching hot for days now. Found out another free internet access here. Now i can certainly send e-mails everyday to my loved ones. Uncle Din and his family did came by tonight. I can't deny that they'd been very helpful to me all these years. How can i ever repay their kindness. And now that i've got myself that lovely little radio, it won't be so lonely and quiet here anymore. If only i can get myself a pc now, life would be heavenly.

1 June 1999

Somehow I failed to find the class for this particular course. In the end we end up slipping this lecture alltogether. Problems after problems seem to be cropping up. I'm planning to take it as they come. I guess i've come to the treacherous point of this fragile life. Just hope that i don't crack under pressure. And i still trust that despite all this mess, God will always have mercy upon his humble servant and i dearly need His mercy more than anything at the moment.

31 May 1999

I almost thought there was no more bus services here (what a scary thought walking a mile to class everyday!). Oh it's good to see that lovely face again. But then, i'm having this super-serious financial problem. My temporary i.c had expired and i can't withdraw any money from the bank at the moment. Sigh. However, auntie is due to come on Wednesday. So there's a glimmer of hope. Still, i can't really depend fully on that. Tonight, found out a truly amazing thing. Perhaps Kak Long did have some special feelings for me after all. That is according to Suyam of course, a former college mate of mine. Oh what the heck, she's so far away and even could be flirting with somebody else up there right now.

30 May 1999

Got up so late in the morning and it was one of those things that i'm not proud at all. There's no way i'm going to participate in the presentation tonight. I simply can't bear the forthcoming humiliation. Again we went to the highway side for dinner, but as i had half expected, this time there is no fresh graduate from USM to talk to. Just plain boring out there tonight. Met this interesting but somehow suspicious guy who's mission is to spread the ideas of PAS here in UPM. As always i don't give a damn about his dubious plans for i simply am not interested in politics. But i do have a good mind to vote for BN in the future though you'll never know something or someone could make me change my mind. Enough of this messy A4 papers diary. Tomorrow I'll get myself a proper book to write my diary in. And oh yeah tomorrow I really look forward to meet that lovely H girl.

29 May 1999

It was my first outing since i came here. Not a really jolly trip at all going there because we had to walk about a mile to the bus stop and then stand all the way in the steaming hot bus. We went to Petaling Street to buy some clothes where i bought a shirt, t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants. There you can watch the many facet of city life. Just look at that unfortunate drug addict begging for drugs from the pusher and also see how those stall people pushing their stalls away in a flash when the city hall people come raiding. But alas, it was a tiring day and i spent almost a hundred ringgit today. Tonight, meet a lovely fresh graduate lady at the highway side. Too bad i made no effort to tackle her. Let this be an important lesson to me. Crawl out of your shell and see the fascinating world lying right before you.

28 May 1999

Rushed to the lecture halls in the morning only to find out in vain that the lecturer never turned up. But i did finished handing over the loan form and it was quite an unpleasant thing to do writing down your father as 'deceased' in that form. But then it was a spontaneous decision that i made and there's no turning back. The residents of evil had seduced me to skip the Friday prayer. I felt terribly guilty afterwards. Yet another one of those stupid orientation session where facilitators thought that they were some big shot.

27 May 1999

Skipped my first ever lecture this morning. It was partly my fault really. Shouldn't have continued sleeping after the Subuh prayer. Nothing can describe the ultimate boredom that i felt this afternoon. I thought i was going mad. Oh well, what the heck. For the first time ever, i did have so much fun tonigh. Well, at least in the earlier parts. But then it was spoilt by that stupid game afterwards. Oh i do really need to get a radio!

26 May 1999

Living alone in this room did have it downside as well. First of all, i got no one to wake me up in the morning. One day, this could prove to be disasterous if i ever wake up late when the lecture starts early. Then i must admit i'm feeling quite lonely here. Perhaps when i get my hands on that radio i won't be so lonely no more. Perhaps . Haven't seen Hasrina today. She'd probably joined some other lecture groups. Oh well, like they say, you can't always get what you want. The orientation tonight was brilliant. I guess my presence is noticed after all. My money is flowing like water. Won't be long now before i got into one of those penniless days. Perhaps i should kick my smoking habit. Perhaps.

25 May 1999

I don't know for how long I'm going to write all the happenings on this stupid piece of paper. Today we have only one lecture. But again I had my eyes on that same girl who i mentioned earlier. Now i found out that her name is H. Guess we did have something in common though i'm sure she knew nothing about it. Well then, only time will tell if this going to work out. But the interest shown by one of my new friend did worry me a bit. Oh, we'll see who's going to be her man. I'm really sick and tired of this never-ending orientation. I have a good mind to skip all that is left of it. Wonder if i can bear this huge boredom that i felt sitting all alone in my room.

24 May 1999

Today the lecturers was supposed to start but we did had a hard time trying to find those lecture halls. We managed it in the end. Went to our huge library where there is this free internet service. So i sent an e-mail to Liyana. Hope that she'll get it.
Tonight i thought the orientation was over when it isn't so. There was a presentation session and we did fairly well though others were a lot better. Had my eyes on this interesting girl who i suppose from the medical faculty. I wonder if she's sick or something. And she does have a rather bad posture too.

23 May 1999

Hey, what do you know, it's the last day of orientation already! This morning was another session at the main hall. Met more and more old so-called 'friends'. Some was full of shit. Just a bunch of snob. Slept all afternoon later. Tonight there was a dinner with the principal. Some poor old Chinese lady. How dare that girl said that i look rather immature. I hate it when people said that even when it's quite true. Alright, so what if you look immature. It's my way of life and that shall be it. Don't need to listen to some silly girl how to run my life.
Later i discussed the time table with a course mate of mine from Kelantan. We end up dumbfounded because there was so many clashes in it. Oh well, decided to ak somebody else tomorrow.

22 May 1999

We walked all the way to the main hall for this morning's programme. Obviously it made me hot and sweaty. There was this cheering war among the resident colleges here and our college, simply because were new, don't seem to have any cheers to fuss about. So this afternnon we created some cheers and surprisingly it did work quite superbly. But all the cheering made me so tired that i slept late this afternoon and skipped the stupid exercise session. But that had resulted in me missingmy dinner. Partly thanks to my dear roomie for not waking me up sooner. Tonight there was a heated atmosphere during the questioning session. You can feel the political tense in the hall. But I don't care less about that. kept myself busy minding my own business and getting more intimate with my new found friends beside starring at those beaituful girls.

21 May 1999

Went for the first time to my faculty, the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. Hope the lecturers are a lot of sport. Had to walk all the way back under he scorching hot sun after the Jumaat prayer. I guess that's what you call campus life. Lot more talks at the huge main hall. But not huge enough to squeeze in all 6000 of us. My dear roomie wast always never present in my room and every night he goes home to Kajang. Actually i love it this way really. Met more friends from KIJ. Had my eyes on this lovely girl in the same faculty as i am. I don't know what's happening to me. I hope that she'll be in the same major as me. Of course i'm taking mutimedia as my major. Can't think of anything else to take when you're planning to be the world greatest web master!

20 May 1999

Sure is a lot of eye-catching girls here. This morning was the briefing of PALAPES. A semi-military like movemnet. There's no absolute way i'm going to join them. Found some more friends from the old KIJ. We were divided into groups today. My college was the furthest of all from the faculties. So far that we had to take buses to get there. And then there was this meeting with this big shot guy, Sanusi Joned. Just a lot of nonsense and rubbish. Tired like hell tonight.

18 May 1999


First of all, I would like to thank God the Al-Mighty for allowing me to live until the moment that i'm writing this. This the second diary that i wrote this year after that dreadful incident which resulted the loss of my dear original diary. Now I'm writing mostly from my very own room in UPM a local university here. But of course I do travel occasionally home and elsewhere along with this dear diary. If you're wondering what happened to my first diary, well sadly the truth is it got stolen on the first day of my campus life here. It's a great lost really because aside from the diary, I also lost some of my most treasured possession. So i decided to continue writing my daily life in this new diary. Whatever, here goes. . .

The day before I go. Bought some more things before my departure. Took C-man along with me to town with the car. Got my wages finally. At home I'm sleepless because there was so much to do. Things to pack and all. Around 7.00 pm arrive at the railway station. Matok, Lina and Aunty was there. The train arrived and stayed so briefly that I failed to give a proper farewell to my loved ones. The train ride was so-so. At least this one got a praying room for this particular trip from Pasir Mas to KL.

14 May 1999

I love to write. I started writing back in high school but I stopped half way cause I kind of lost interest mid way. One reason why I like writing journals or diaries is that I can always open up on of my journals one day and reminisce on fond memories of yesteryear. I can laugh back at the silly things i did or remember all the beautiful memories i had with my loved ones. Other than that, i'm sure my kids would love to read about my past and why we are who we are today.

I've already written 5 volumes of journal through the years and i could have keep going on until i bought myself a thumbdrive last year. It's a lot different writing on a book and posting your thoughts online. Previously I would keep my journals carefully worried that somebody might found and read it. Heck, i even hid it from my wife cause sometimes i wrote stuff that might hurt her feelings regardless if it's the truth. Some things are best left unspoken. I found blogger.com about 2 years ago and i started posting like 3 entries before i stopped altogether. Internet access were hard to find back then. And then one day i bought a thumbdrive and store all my thoughts in there and post it on blogger whenever possible. That's how I've been regularly posting my entries this past 7 months.

Then a few days ago, i decided to embark on a project to transfer everything i wrote on my journals to the internet. Typing 5 volumes of journals is no mean feat but I wanted to do it anyway. I'm concerned that someday somehow i lost my old journals and my memories will be gone forever. At least when i got them here online, I'm throughly convinced that those people at Googgleplex will keep my posts safe and sound. So far i'm not even finished with book one but given time I hope i will finish typing them all one day.

So guys and girls, put your seat belts on and get ready for a ride of your life time.

21 January 1999

Just one class in the afternoon today. Later on Isa and I went to MidValley Megamall downtown. It was my second only visit there. The first time I went with Uncle Din & family but even then I only get to see Carrefour, not the entire complex. This time around we toured the entire place. One thing for sure this place is HUGE! This is probably the largest shopping complex I've ever been. My legs hurt when we finally got out.

Later in the evening I ran to the Serdang KTM station to catch the 10:30 train to JB. The cool thing about being a student is i get half price for this train ticket.

So Johore Bharu here I come! The train is expected to arrive at 5.45 a.m. I still can't get in touch with Shahir. Then again I think I can manage without him. It's not like I'm staying there for long. Tomorrow around this time, I'll be returning back to KL anyway.A few people will be very surprised to see me for sure. At the moment I'm having both these seats for myself. Maybe somebody will occupy this seat later on. Still a long way to go.

15 January 2000

2:45 AM
So little time, so much to do (hey that suspiciously sounds like a popular pop song!). Finally I've got me hands on a brand new hard disk. It's only 4.3GB but it costs a whooping RM375 here in Kelantan. I bet they cost much lower in KL but then I don't know when I'll be bringing it back here again. So 4.3GB it is. That'll do for now. I'm going mad without my computer. Now I can finally concentrate on my homepage. This one gonna be my masterpiece har har! I must do it quickly here cause I got like 2 days left of the holidays. I can do it in UPM but my other PC there is like super slow with 300MHz and 16MB of RAM. I mean nobody use a PC like that anymore.

11:45 PM
36 hours to go before departure. I bought the Drive Me Crazy vcd today (you know, go-fight-win). I haven't seen it yet but I hope the picture doesn't look so bad (or dark). I can't wait for the original version to come out. Why am I so crazy about this movie you might say? Well, go figure. At the moment I'm currently doing a movie marathon. 1 vcd done, 8 more to go. Random Hearts was absolutely dreadful but Cruel Intentions was quite interesting. I smoked a lot tonight. Oh well, I don't think nobody would give a damn if I died tonight anyway. Especially not her. Well nobody except Mom and grandma. And maybe my brother and sisters.