27 December 2009

Today we left our kids at my Mom's place and went for a date at Alamanda Putrajaya.

This picture tells of a story about:

a. This guy is showing off his new hoodie
b. He would like to have an iPhone 3G very much but he can't afford it
c. This is just a random picture in a shopping mall
d. None of the above

There Linda met her old friend from school who is still single and currently works in Putrajaya. Linda also bought a Meg Cabot book to read (whoa!)

We spent 2 hours in a freezing cold cineplex watching a really mediocre movie.

Then we ate Ipoh chicken Hor Fun and springy noodle with chicken ham and egg at Oldtown White Coffee. The End.

26 December 2009

Today is my colleague Ashraf's wedding with his fiancee Aishah. I didn't go to their first wedding ceremony in iPoh last week so I felt obliged to go to this one in downtown KL.

We got there around 3:30PM where the bride and groom were about to leave the venue. Still I managed to congratulate him and snap some pictures before they left. They looked so handsome and dashing in their blue wedding dress. Although it looked a lot like my baju raya this year, Ashraf didn't borrow them from me - for the record.

My wife thought the food catered at this wedding was marvelous. I'm just so hungry today so I finished a full plate.

Just a tiny bit of complaint though. Whoever drew the map to the wedding location is FAIL big time. Although the venue is located right smack in the middle of KL, I managed to get lost for almost an hour. Yes I saw 2 schools in the map but which school? I also saw 2 commuter stations there but what's their name? Which Tesco Extra is that? Whoever knows where the heck Sungai Mas Plaza and Crystal Crown Hotel are?

That said, I would like to congratulate Ashraf and Aishah for their wedding. May you guys live happily ever after. Take it easy tonight ya.

25 December 2009

I'm going to kill Bujal. He signed me up with this P48 Executive Plan with Celcom with the promise to include me in the company CUG thing but that never happened and now I'm left paying a really expensive carrier plan which I clearly don't need! I mean I only spend an average of 25 ringgit per month on calls and SMS so 50 bucks is waaay beyond my budget. And I didn't even get a free phone. Bleh.

Anyway back to the topic. When I got my latest phone bill last week, I was shocked to find out that I had to pay RM81.70 for data usage charges. WTF? I only accidentally use data once or twice the whole month and they charge me 81.70? Then I realised, my iPhone must have been sneakily downloading something behind my back. Damn iPhone.

So a few days ago I put up my iPhone for sale on the Internet and today the phone got a new owner. As much as I love my iPhone and its features, the truth is I can't afford to use it. Yeah it costs me RM81.70 to realize that. Besides, we needed the money to pay off the insurance and legal fees for our future home. So long iPhone. I will miss you.

And to replace the iPhone, I bought this cheap Nokia 5030 ExpressRadio phone today. It doesn't have camera, 3G, Wi-Fi or large 3" multi-touch screen but it does have FM radio with built in antenna, LED flashlight and it only costs me RM170. Yeah I know it's pretty low-tech but for now, this will do.

24 December 2009

Music Of The Day

Couple - Lagu cinta untukmu

Buat lagu cinta untukmu
Agar kau boleh cuba
Rasa perasaanku

Tulis lirik cinta untukmu
Agar kau boleh cuba
Rasa perasaanku

Ta ra ra
Ta ra ra
Ta ra ra
Ta ra ra ra


23 December 2009

I won't work. Jus Mate 5, Herbalife, Appeton Weight Loss, Sendayu Tinggi, you name it. If you read the fine details or actually listen to what the sales person said, every one of the diet products require you to also take a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Just buying and consuming those products per se won't make you lose wight. It's no use drinking Herbalife in the afternoon when you eat breakfast, dinner and numerous snacks in between like you just don't care. It doesn't work that way.

I think I have covered it pretty thoroughly here how I did it. How I lose 21 kilos in one whole year. Yes I did it the hard way, without spending anything more than the price of my running shoes. There's no short cut to success.

Another tip I can give you is like this. Buy one set of meal for dinner and let your ravished kids have them. Then you go home and eat instant noodles or pasta or plain old bread. It'll save you money and you'll lose weight as well at the same time.

22 December 2009

Music Of The Day

Rasopariso - XPDC

Rambut samalah hitam
Bila dipandang
Hati belumlah tentu
Sama warnanya
Di dalam tiada gambaran
Di dalam penuh dugaan

Walau apa telahan
Ada batasnya
Biarlah berpada
Kita amalkan
Hati perlulah dijaga
Rukunnya sepanjang masa

Perlulah bergandingan
Sepanjang zaman
Apa yang akan datang
Tetap bertahan
Biarpun susah bertamu
Akulah rakan taulanmu

Tak perlu mendabik
Dadamu yang sempit
Tunduk bak padi
Semakin berisi
Merendah tiada rugi
Dunia pun senang hati

Larilah ke depan
Mengejar impian
Hitam yang semalam
Jadikan sempadan
Kitakan orang harapan
Tak lekang hulurkan salam

Rasopariso dalam hati
Rasopariso tiada henti


21 December 2009

I spent the last 4 days of the week at client company a little bit further up north. I think we were too good that by the 3rd day I didn't have any computers or problems left to fix. Instead I began bugging the staff there now and then, asking if they have anything to fix.

When I got there, I got the shock news that their HR staff resigned with 24 hours notice. I say good riddance and about time too! What took them this long? He's lazy, incompetence and lately he's been too preoccupied with his part time business too concentrate with work. He'd been the bottleneck, the bureaucracy that slowed down all our transaction, business dealings and almost every stage of decision making we had with his company. Trust me, I bet a lot of people would be really glad now that he's left.

That said, I wish him the best in his business venture and everything that he does in life.

Alterchart m#16

01 Rasapariso - XPDC mp3

02 Hancur - Sam mp3

03 Cun saja - Sleeq

04 Syukur - Altimet mp3

05 Ketika cinta bertasbih - Melly Goeslow feat Amee

06 Khayal - Malique & DJ Fuzz mp3

07 Cinta ini - Siti Nurhaliza

08 Yang terbaik - Marsha

09 Kau aku - Aizat

10 Ku percaya ada cinta - Siti Nurhaliza

18 December 2009



15 December 2009

Rizal Ismail @ Bujal @ Bubu @ Bobot is not exactly Brad Pitt handsome or built. People have been calling him all sorts of name, some are not actually very nice but Bujal didn't take that to heart because he knows who he is and what those people said was not really far from the truth.

But that was then. Now Bujal has changed or at least trying to take steps to change himself. Rumours has it that he has been exercising quietly every other morning. Apart from that he had been skipping breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper as well. I wonder if he ever eats at all. And if that's not enough, he's also been wearing this black sweater every day of the week without taking them off even once. My sources said, he got that advice from the Dalai Lama. The wise man said "wear thick and dark clothes and you will shed weight like the wind". I think the Dalai Lama should get out of the mountain more often.

While we are very tempted to make fun of Bujal's efforts, as friends we must not do that and instead support and encourage him all the way. We must not tease him if he looked slightly thinner this week and we musn't mock him if he skips lunch or eats very little. Bujal may not look much different than he is yesterday but who knows with an strong determination and support from his friends and Rahman loved ones, don't be surprised if someday he'll looked something like me! You go girl!

14 December 2009

Just the thing I needed to cheer up my rainy and gloomy days. Today I received this new free Nokia 2730 Classic phone after I signed up for Celcom's executive plan with my company a few weeks ago. 3G, mp3 playback, SD card, FM stereo all for free! The market price for this baby is around RM340 each.

While most of my colleagues got that ugly free Motorola phone, I got this classic from Nokia. Yup life is unfair ha ha. Thanks Nadia?

And for the record, you don't need to charge new phones with lithium-ion batteries for 8 to 24 hours. For really ancient model with ni-cd battery yeah but newer batteries will simply stop charging when they're full.

13 December 2009

We didn't go to Safuan's house this morning because we had to take Adam to the clinic to get his asthma checked out. We didn't get to visit or swim in the beach, we didn't visit any of the tourist attractions, we didn't get to do anything much while we were in Kuala Terengganu. Well, we didn't go there for a vacation in the first place.

On the way back, we took the Terengganu-Pahang route which is much shorter than taking the usual Gua Musang road. Bla bla bla bla.

12 December 2009

To be honest, I almost changed my mind a few times before finally deciding to go ahead with this trip. Kuala Terengganu is not exactly near and the travel cost would be prohibitively expensive for my liking. Then again, it's not everyday that my good friend get married so in the end we decided to go anyway.

I drove no less than 700 kilometers today. First all the way to Tanah Merah for a brief stop at my family's place before heading south again to Kuala Terengganu. We didn't arrive at the Solehah guest house which belongs to Safuan's family until nearly midnight.

Early the next morning we left Kuala Terengganu and drove another 100 miles north to Besut where Hajar lives. The akad nikah ceremony was to be held at a mosque in the district. We did wait for a while before the bride arrive. Maybe she'd like to look her really best today hence the delay.

Since we didn't get the chance to have any breakfast and my kids were screaming for food already, we went to an eatery nearby to have a late breakfast. Little that we know the eatery serves expired cakes, ant infested paus and other rotten food at their place. Yuks.

But today is not about us. It's Safuan's big day so empty stomachs and prolonged waiting time are really no big of a deal for us. The important thing is Safuan's wedding goes smoothly as planned.

We didn't get to eat a proper meal until after 2:00 in the afternoon so understandably all of us we definitely ravished by then.

After the ceremony we returned back to the guest house and rest for a while before going out again, sight-seeing in Kuala Terengganu. Believe it or not but the last time I stepped my foot in Kuala Terengganu was at least 20 years ago when I was just a little kid. Actually we wanted to find a clinic because Adam is coughing really bad today but unfortunately since Saturday here in the east coast is like Sunday from where I cane from, all the clinics is closed for the day.

So in the end we just bought some cough syrup from a pharmacy and hope for the best. For dinner we stopped by a restaurant facing the Teluk Ketapang beach. Not only we had to wait for ages for our food to arrive, we also had to pay a cutthroat price for the average-tasting food. Moral of the story is: if you eat anywhere near a beach, be prepared to pay for the "sea breeze tax".

I do hope Adam feels better tomorrow. Poor guy threw up half a dozen times already this evening.

11 December 2009

Tomorrow is our good friend, Manesa's wedding but we wouldn't make it because we will be going back home to Tanah Merah around the same time tomorrow. So we've decided to drop by her house today instead to visit.

We've known Manesa for almost a decade now, way back since our McDonald's crew days in the year 2000. She has been a really good friend, kind, funny and really easy-going.

We're so sorry we couldn't make it to your wedding tomorrow Adik. We can only wish and hope that you'll have a lovely wedding and live happily ever after with the lucky guy, Muhammad Zaidi. Congrats babe!

9 December 2009

Tucked in a remote corner of my office, intertwined amidst cables and electrons sit a humble little plant in it's plain-looking but still beautiful little white pot. Already, I'm feeling a breeze of fresh air bellowing from the side of my table. An odd yet welcomed edition to my office stationary. Hello there little plant, let's be friends shall we?

Did I said I wanna blog more? It's a bit difficult when your life is dull as dishwasher.

8 December 2009

And the results are out... Not bad considering we have class once a month and I pretty much crammed my studying the last 48 hours before exam while babysitting the kids.

Of course it could be better. Must try harder next sem.

4 December 2009

Check out my new pants. You'd probably never heard of the brand Navy-Navy but I got it for only 39 ringgit from a F.O.S shop at The Mines shopping mall. Today, for me, brand name is totally not important. I have absolutely no problem buying any brand of anything as long as they're the cheapest of the lot. Brand names don't mean much to me. The thing about losing 26 kilos is all my old clothes doesn't fit anymore. My pants is all baggy and loose and all my shirts looked oversized. Do I regret losing all those kilos? Absolutely not! And don't ask me how I did it. I've told everyone like a million times already but half of them thinks I'm kidding and not being serious which really annoys the hell out of me. You wanna lose weight? Don't eat. End of story.

Maybe it's the school holiday but it seems like everybody I know is getting married this month. This month alone, I got like half a dozen wedding invitations. Some are just nearby, a few are so far away. Some gave or sent me a nice little wedding card, a few finds it cheap just to send an invitation email to their wedding. They probably can save a few ringgits at most but to me it totally lacks class. Anyway, I probably won't make it to half of the weddings that I got invited to. No budget to be honest.

I wanna blog more. That's my new, new year resolution for next year.

Alterchart e#14

01 21st century breakdown - Green Day

02 Starstrukk - 3Oh!3 & Katy Perry

03 You belong with me - Taylor Swift

04 Can transform ya - Lil Wayne feat Chris Brown

05 Let it all hang out - Weezer

06 Haven't met you - Michael Buble

07 Wait for it (revolution) - One Buck Short

08 Uprising - Muse

09 One time - Justin Bieber

10 Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus

1 December 2009

Last night we called Adam back home in Tanah Merah. We called just to say hi and find out how's he's doing. Suddenly Adam started to miss his parent and little sister very-very much and threw a huge tantrum, wanting to go back here. No amount of persuading and appeasing could change his mind about staying for another 4 days as planned.

Luckily for him, one of the neighbours were planning to return back to KL last evening and gave him and his grandma a lift here.

The good news is, Adam is back here safely in our arms. The not so good news is, they had start fighting again, Mia and his brother and the house is a total mess.