23 December 2009

I won't work. Jus Mate 5, Herbalife, Appeton Weight Loss, Sendayu Tinggi, you name it. If you read the fine details or actually listen to what the sales person said, every one of the diet products require you to also take a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Just buying and consuming those products per se won't make you lose wight. It's no use drinking Herbalife in the afternoon when you eat breakfast, dinner and numerous snacks in between like you just don't care. It doesn't work that way.

I think I have covered it pretty thoroughly here how I did it. How I lose 21 kilos in one whole year. Yes I did it the hard way, without spending anything more than the price of my running shoes. There's no short cut to success.

Another tip I can give you is like this. Buy one set of meal for dinner and let your ravished kids have them. Then you go home and eat instant noodles or pasta or plain old bread. It'll save you money and you'll lose weight as well at the same time.