21 December 2009

I spent the last 4 days of the week at client company a little bit further up north. I think we were too good that by the 3rd day I didn't have any computers or problems left to fix. Instead I began bugging the staff there now and then, asking if they have anything to fix.

When I got there, I got the shock news that their HR staff resigned with 24 hours notice. I say good riddance and about time too! What took them this long? He's lazy, incompetence and lately he's been too preoccupied with his part time business too concentrate with work. He'd been the bottleneck, the bureaucracy that slowed down all our transaction, business dealings and almost every stage of decision making we had with his company. Trust me, I bet a lot of people would be really glad now that he's left.

That said, I wish him the best in his business venture and everything that he does in life.