4 December 2009

Check out my new pants. You'd probably never heard of the brand Navy-Navy but I got it for only 39 ringgit from a F.O.S shop at The Mines shopping mall. Today, for me, brand name is totally not important. I have absolutely no problem buying any brand of anything as long as they're the cheapest of the lot. Brand names don't mean much to me. The thing about losing 26 kilos is all my old clothes doesn't fit anymore. My pants is all baggy and loose and all my shirts looked oversized. Do I regret losing all those kilos? Absolutely not! And don't ask me how I did it. I've told everyone like a million times already but half of them thinks I'm kidding and not being serious which really annoys the hell out of me. You wanna lose weight? Don't eat. End of story.

Maybe it's the school holiday but it seems like everybody I know is getting married this month. This month alone, I got like half a dozen wedding invitations. Some are just nearby, a few are so far away. Some gave or sent me a nice little wedding card, a few finds it cheap just to send an invitation email to their wedding. They probably can save a few ringgits at most but to me it totally lacks class. Anyway, I probably won't make it to half of the weddings that I got invited to. No budget to be honest.

I wanna blog more. That's my new, new year resolution for next year.