31 January 2009

Today we head to Pantai Medical Center again for Adam's follow-up check up. First it was cool coming to that expensive hospital, using the exclusive amenities and stuff but now it's more like a chore, a real burden. Expensive parking (RM3.00),long waiting time and distance. Plus, we thought Adam is already as healthy as can be. I think the reason they kept telling us to come back is so that they can squeeze more money from the payee (i.e my wife's employee). So after today's visit, we thought that would be the last.

Before the check up, we stopped by Pantai Dalam to have lunch at this one place that serves this really delicious beef soup. As the norm with many good, under-hyped eating places, this one also has no name also. But if you know your way around Kerinchi/Pantai Dalam, there can only be one place. This one in front of the little police kiosk. We had beef (extra hot) and stomach soup (RM4.50 each) plus rice and 3 drinks totalling to RM14.80. And the soup has real 'kick' if you know what I mean. Great to have during cold rainy days and to clear you blocked sinus.

30 January 2009

We are proud to present... Tadaaa! Mia's first two pearly whites teeth!

Okay maybe you cannot see anything there but they're there, we can feel it in her mouth. My baby girl is 10 months old now and she can already walk a few steps (3 tops) before stumbling down. And oh yeah she can climb the stairs unassisted too.

29 January 2009

For all the delicious nasi berlauk, nasi lemak, nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, chicken curry and ayam percik that you sold to me...

I now declare you, gerai No. 4 Kak Na as a National Treasure. And the kiosk where you sell your trade as Unesco Heritage Site. You totally deserve it.

Come visit them at the MPSJ Kiosks near Maybank Serdang.

28 January 2009

Today I took Al-bohari to a factory in Rawang, as usual to show him around the place and introduce him to people. We spent like 4 hours there fixing stuff. But before that we stopped by that famous chicken rice place near the junction from Bukit Beruntung around Kg Sungai Choh. It's a famous restaurant all right, the place was over-flowing with customers including foreign tourists during lunch time. The chicken was superb and the price was affordable too. Too bad it has no name. Either that or I didn't catch one.

From Rawang we went to Puncak Alam because I had to drive a company's vehicle back to the office. Boy, how it rained today. It rained all the way till midnight. You know what ought to be good during this cold and rainy nights? You guessed it. A good night of sex with your partner. Pity I didn't have any because we're both so tired by bedtime.

I'm in no mood to blog. See you guys again in like 39 year's time. Bye.

27 January 2009

Went to Alamanda shopping mall in Putrajaya today meaning to buy meself a much needed pants. I looked all over the place but they simply don't sell a single Charges pants. Damn. That's the only brand that doesn't make my ass look fat. So I'll have to make do with another brand. A cheap Carrefour brand pants which will make my ass and thigh look fat but for only RM35.90, I can buy myself a shirt to match as well.

Is it just me or the lady on the left is smirking on lady on the right? Anyway the one in pink looks like a typical government civil servant working in Parcel C. Hah, maybe the did hire someone from there for this banner!

Check out the cheongsam! (is it?). His name is Rizman and he likes to play football and watch movies (it's stated there at the counter).

After Carrefour, we strolled along aimlessly around Alamanda. The boycott thingy is going on full force alright. All the American made fast-food chain is not empty but they're certainly not bustling with customer either. Look at this McDonald's outlet for example. It's 1.30 and lunch hour on a public holiday and over half the tables are empty. I'm sure American firms are going to think twice before opening business in the country in the future. Keep this up and we might as well cancel the FTA with U.S next.

26 January 2009

It's that time of the month again where we went to the hypermarket to do our groceries. But first we must eat.

I still can't forgive those idiots at Al-Azwath (a mamak restaurant) who forgot to serve my drink when I last ate there so all this while I've been going to Haji Tapah instead. Don't be fooled by that name. They're a 100% mamak restaurant. So listen now. Haji Tapah is MY restaurant. Everybody go to some place else ha ha!

Just kidding!

We were like their first customer of the day or something because they treated us really well from the moment we stepped out of the car until we left. Linda and Adam had roti canai while I had a plate of this signature mee goreng mamak (mamak style fried noodle) with what else, a glass of sweet teh tarik of course. I bet you can't find this anywhere in London right Ieda? Even if you do, I'm sure it'll cost a bomb. Anyhoo, the friend noodle was so-so. Not too bad but not that good either. I missed my fave mamak haunt, Restoran Maulana right in front of padang in Seri Serdang. They're closed indefinitely at the moment. No idea where'd they go.

After breakfast we went shopping. Not in Puchong, not in Cheras but in Mutiara Damansara. Yup, we shop at Tesco, the evil Tesco today. Giant is too expensive for our liking and I don't like shopping at Carrefour either because of their lousy staff. At least Tesco Mutiara Damansara got a little play area where Adam can play.

Right after that we went to IKEA next door. Now most people don't know this but a few years back I signed a MOU with IKEA. That's why I need to visit any IKEA branch at least 10 times a year in exchange for their unconditionallove and devotion for me he he.

Okay-okay I'm just messing with ya. There's no MOU and I went there voluntarily. Since we spent nearly 2 hours at Tesco earlier, by the time we got to IKEA it was already crowded there. Chinese New Year or not, they just kept coming to IKEA.

First we left Adam to play in Småland (their play area). Now that's what I love about IKEA. Their store is very family oriented (not like Tesco). They've got a big, dedicated play area, lots of baby changing room and many things were set up with family in mind (like the restaurant, trolley, stairs, etc-etc). That's the way to treat your customer. Meanwhile in Tesco, you'll find only 3 benches for everybody to sit in the entire store. So cheap.

We didn't buy anything much in IKEA except for a clothes rack, a small cushion and a children stool for Adam. The cushion was meant for that exchange thingy Linda had to do every once in a while at her office. So anybody want a black Granat cushion, you can change your (good) stuff with Linda on Wednesday. Our last clothes rack was destroyed by our neighbours cat and Adam needed that stool to do his homework. So everything we bought today is all justified, thank you very much.

Of course before we leave we had their famous/cheap 2 ringgit hot dog and curry puff.

25 January 2009

It seems like God has answered our prayers. It rained heavily so there's no ear-piercing and head-numbing fire crackers being lit tonight. At last, this year we can sleep in peace. I just don't get it with you people. Hari Raya Puasa - firecrackers, Deepavali - firecrackers, CNY - obviously, Christmas - also firecracker wan!!

24 January 2009

Today I was supposed to help my friends in Puncak Alam. But since Linda had to work today and tomorrow and there's no one to take care of the kids, I was excused. Thank God.

Looking after sweet Mia was easy. Adam on the other hand requires a large amount of patience and self-restrain.

I was contemplating on going to try out Wendy's in IOI today but after much thought, I didn't. Previously I will always regret all my visit to any fast-food joint. I will regret spending my hard-earned money on those expensive food, I will regret eating those fattening food and today I will regret supplying the Zionist with ammunition to massacre our Palestinians brothers. 3 regrets is way too much to swallow. Instead I treated my family with a sumptuous diner at our regular place, Sri Mutiara of course (where else?). And just for a mere RM19:00 we had a delicious, complete wholesome meal.

My wife found a mysterious lip liner in our car today. I know she doesn't own any and so do I so I was quite at loss to explain that to her. I can make up stories like maybe Fasha Sanda dropped it when I gave her a lift last week but I think that's a bit far-fetched. So I just told her the truth, I have no idea how it got there. I'm just as perplexed as she is about the lip liner. Who could it belongs to? I remember the last time another woman took a ride into that car was Fatiha, our HR exec who followed Mr. Muzafar and I to look at some houses a few weeks ago. So anybody who lost an Avon Baby Pink Lip Liner please collect from me okay? And stop throwing stuff into my car again in the future.

Alterchart m#14

01 Patri - Jinbara mp3

02 Selamat ulang tahun sayang - Imran Ijmain

03 Benar-benar - Adam

04 Jat da da da - Dia Fadila

05 Gagap - Stacy mp3

06 Yang terlewatkan - Sheila On 7 mp3

07 Mau yang besar - Pianka

08 Planet hitam - Tyco

09 Situasi - Bunkface

10 Disampingmu - The Divine Masters

23 January 2009

Every Chinese New Year, my company receives a few dozen boxes of Mandarin orange from our dear suppliers. Too bad I don't eat oranges (and most type of fruits for that matter) but my colleagues get to eat oranges sampai lebam.

Today one supplier gave us 42 boxes of orange. Crazy fella.

22 January 2009

I love our new technician (code name 7E). Unlike my previous colleague/technician, this guy knows how to fix stuff and what's more he knows his way around town. Yesterday he got his GDL license and today he drove me around PJ and Shah Alam. At last I can relax on the passenger side while somebody else do the driving. Bo, I now officially hand over the sacred company cow (i.e the Kangoo) to you. Treat it good and it will not disappoint you.

There's a staff meeting at work today. The first one in months and also first time this year. If you're new in the company you'd be forgiven to think that every thing is bleak and gloomy here for the rest of the year judging by the tone of the meeting today. However I believe this company has got what it takes to survive this tumultuous times without sacrificing any of it's 'assets'. Let us hope so.

Bonus? Pay rise? Not anytime soon I think.

21 January 2009

After weeks of searching I finally found a Blogger template that I really like. The previous Japanese theme is cool, light coloured with minimal graphic. But so is my other blog, Afif PLC. I'd really like Afif Chronicles to be different and I'd prefer it to use a dark-ish theme here. So today I stumbled upon this gorgeous template called Hemingway and it was created by a web designer named Warpspire. It's so cool, I'm even gonna link the credit to his site. Something I didn't bother to do to the previous themes that I cilok-ed.

For the uninitiated, Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest writers of all time. He was accoladed numerous awards including the coveted Pulitzer Prize and even a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. Hemingway the blog template resembles his namesake in many ways. Simple. Concise. Graphical parades have no purpose in a blog template. Templates should be simple. Blogs should be simple. Hemingway is simple.

I think I'm going to keep this template for a long-long time.

20 January 2009

If you always tune it to the various radio shows in the morning, you'd probably notice that there's a pair of new announcers for Era FM. I usually listen to Hot FM in the morning because Era DJs are usually self-absorbed and sound like little divas but there's something different with the new hosts this time.

I've known Din Beramboi since his THR days and he was totally hilarious even then. And everybody knows (and love) Aznil, the award winning presenter/host with decades of experience in show business. I think Era finally got it right this time. This is a winning combination. For the first time I can say that Era's morning show is better than Hot FM's.

Nonetheless I think the couple won't last more than 2 months together (3 months top). We all know Aznil is a really-really busy artiste with a few dozen shows to run. Din Beramboi is also a popular actor and from my experience, artists/singers/actors don't make a good DJ. Especially for morning shows where they have to get up around 5 in the morn and get ready to go on air by 6:00 AM. Yeah they probably can do that for a month or so but long term, not a chance. That's a job for a proper DJ.

19 January 2009

Today in pictures
Check out Adam's new hair cut! Don't you think he looked so handsome and dashing, just like his Dad? Manja and Nur Aisyah will sure melt when they see Adam's new look today (yes there are 2 of them now!).

I wore my yellow for work today. I don't really like that yellow shirt before but since my wife already ironed that shirt for me (since last week) I have no choice. It makes me look fat. Anyway my colleague/partner Mr Radzi also wore a yellow shirt so there's two of us in the office today. The guys were having a ball making fun of our 'new department uniform'. Ha ha very funny. No picture for that (for obvious reasons).
Today I'm supposed to send the company's vehicle (Renault Kangoo) to be serviced. This time it's for the 60K major service which costs over RM1.2K and what's more I had to leave the Kangoo at the service centre for 2 days. I asked Bujal's favour to pick me up from PJ section 13 but as always, Mr. Support Engineer here is perpetually busy with his work. Heck, he's even busier than the prime minister sometimes. No time to help a fellow colleague. And since Bohari and everyone else is also busy with work, I had no choice but to take the public transportation back.
Lucky for me the people at Renault was kind enough to give me a lift to the nearest LRT station. I think this is the first time I took the LRT in ages. The LRT service was quite efficient. I didn't have to wait long for the train to arrive (less than 10 minutes). RM1.60 for one way trip from Taman Jaya in PJ to KL Sentral. Since it's already 11:30 PM, the LRT was not crowded at all. There's plenty of seats and room to stand. Try taking the LRT at 7:00 AM. It'll be jam-packed like sardines.
And how the heck did Bujal got his picture plastered here? I never knew Bujal is an endangered species now (single and old people). The little one in yellow is his adopted child.
The ride from Taman Jaya to the KL Sentral hub took less than 15 minutes. I haven't been to KL Sentral in ages too. There's a lot more stalls and shops there now making the place looking even more crowded. I didn't hang there for long. Bought the Komuter ticket to Serdang and went downstairs to wait for the train. RM1.90 from KL Sentral to Serdang. Waited half an hour for the train to arrive.
Again the Komuter train was largely empty considering the fact that it's post rush hour. There's a bunch of school kids and students and several senior citizens that's it. There ride from KL to Serdang took approximately 25 minutes.
In Serdang I have to option to take a cab or a bus. I chose the latter because it's much cheaper. However I had to wait for another 25 minutes for the bus to arrive. To get to my office there's the no 8 Metro bus and the 432 Rapid KL bus. The Metro bus came first so I hopped onto that one. One ringgit from Serdang to Bandar Permai. The bus ride was the least comfortable of them all. Smell of diesel fume and sweaty construction workers and school kids. Thank God it only took 15 minutes to get to my office from there.
Later this evening we went to Adam and Mia's old nursery to pay for their long overdue over time money. Although it's only 11 ringgit, we felt obliged nonetheless to pay it. Tak berkat nanti kan? Adam was ridiculously shy upon meeting his former minders tonight. Silly kid.
Then we went to Jusco Equine Park nearby to get some supplies. A week from Chinese New Year so not surprisingly you can see everything CNY on sale in the store. I wanted to get myself a pair of new trousers but since I lost 2 dress sizes already I simply cannot find one that I like that fits. Dang.

So that was my day. The end.

18 January 2009

I don't usually layan Muzik-Muzik or Juara Lagu but tonight since my wife is an avid fan of the show and there's nothing else good to watch on TV, I pun watched lah Juara Luga 23 ni.

My 2 favourite of the all finalist are Aizat and (surprise-surprise) Elyana. Unfortunately Aizat's performance was nothing out of ordinary and Elyana, as sweet as she was, too lazy to stand up and sing, I got the feeling both of them ain't going to win anything toight. Minus 10000 points for AJL 23.

When Faizal Tahir won the first category (Best Performance) I jokingly said he's going to sweep all the awards clean. And then he won Best Vocal and the Ballad category. I was pretty sure he's gonna win Juara Lagu as well. So predictable. Minus another 20000 points. And then who's that fat ugly lady I saw on stage? OMG!! TELL ME THAT IS NOT AUNTY ROSIE!!!! Gawd, so giler glam this woman. Minus 3 million points for TV3. What's she got to do with Juara Lagu is beyond me.

Then Meet Uncle Hussein won the Pop Rock category. Big deal. I didn't like that band much. Everybody was expecting Faizal Tahir to win the competition and when they finally announced the winner, you can see the shock on everybody's face. Audi Mok couldn't believe his ears when Meet Uncle Hussein was announced the winner. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Meet freaking Uncle Hussein beat Faizal 'Superman wannabe' Tahir and the other losers ha ha ha ha ha!! Joke of the century ha ha ha he he he. 20 billion points for TV3 and the judges ha ha ha!

17 January 2009

I'm sure everybody should know by now the Kuala Terengganu by-election result. Having been previously won by BN, I think even if PAS were to win this one, it's gonna be close. Naturally I was glued to the computer tonight waiting for the result while occasionally glancing at the TV. Online, I saw PAS was leading by a few hundred votes but on TV, Astro Awani reported it's BN that's leading by 700 votes. I thought this could be a real disaster for Pakatan or maybe this is just another spin by the mainstream media.
By 9:00 PM though, it was clear that PAS was leading by at least 1500 majority. By 9:30 PM the PAS candidate was officially declared as winner. And since it's BN who lost here, the TV was very late on reporting the result. So very typical of them.

Alhamdulillah PAS won. Thanks to the great work by each and every member of PR be they PAS, DAP or PKR. We would never have done this without everybody's effort.

On the football front though, things were not so good. Chelsea beat Stoke City while the Mancs beat Bolton all last gasp winner all by one goal. The scums now overtakes us at the top by one point and will stay there should we draw or loose to Everton on Monday. Bleh

16 January 2009

If you go to the mosque that I went for Friday prayers today, you will know that the public sermon for today is about the Palestine issue, specifically the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. The khatib (sermon reader) was really passionate today. I know because I sat right below the speakers and he was literally shouting to the public today. I think all my earwax is cleared after he's finished. Basically he was asking us to do more about the situation in Gaza. Donating funds and effort for the cause and openly calling for the boycott of American products. He even casually mentioned McDonald's which is situated just a hundred meters away.

I must admit I was initially cool about this boycott thing. I thought like what's the point? It's not like the American or Israelis gonna give a hoot about our boycott. Not like it's going to change anything. Plus I thought this boycott is just going to be short-lived just like all our previous boycotts. Besides, if you look around you, 7 out of 10 things you see would be made in America. That HP PC you're using and the Windows OS that's running it. That TV show you're watching. That American artist you're singing along to. In addition to that, we are U.S 10th largest trading partner. It's practically impossible to boycott everything American.

Then I thought there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. If half of them thinks the way I do, the Palestinian will continue to be massacred and there will never be no peace in the middle east because nobody cares enough. It's no secret that the U.S contribute at least 3 billion dollars annually to Israel and where do that 3 billion came from? From their economic might. And who contribute to the American economy? American companies and firms of course. And that includes all American brand you see here and everywhere around the world. You can argue that they do employ local staffs and their franchise here is owned and operated by locals but the fact remains that a portion of the profit will go back to their homeland (America) and eventually to the hand of Israelis. For everything American we bought (McDonald's, Starbucks, etc) we are indirectly contributing to the Zionist. We are in fact supplying them ammunition and weapon to kill innocent Palestinian kids, woman, everyone.

Yes we might not hurt the mighty American economy even if every Muslim Malaysia boycott all American products but if all 1.5 billion Muslim band together to do this, it might just work. The problem with Muslims nowadays is they're simple divided. Heck even the Palestinians themselves are divided between Hamas and Fatah. United we stand, divided we fall. Yes I know it's impossible to boycott everything American. Just do the best you can. I know you probably can't live without this American Operating System or work without that American brand computer, that's okay. Just boycott everything else you can live without like their fast food outlets or their clothes chain. Like my friend Hasniza Zairin said, do we just sit and wait and do nothing? Let's do this boycott thing. 1.5 billion Muslims can make a difference. Let's make this happen.

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15 January 2009

Overheard in Taman Universiti...

Mama: Do you have many friends at school Adam?
Adam: Yeah I got a few
Mama: Really? What's their names?
Adam: Manja
Mama: So are you close with Manja?
Adam: Yeah
Papa: Do you like Manja dude?
Adam: Yeah I like Manja!
Mama: Is she beautiful?
Adam: Yes, very much
Papa: Would you like to marry her someday?
Adam: Yes!
Mama: Adam ni gatal la
Adam: Yeah just like Papa!
Papa: What! What, who's gatal???

Let it be known that Adam had her first crush at 5 years old on a girl called Manja. I'll try my best to get a picture of her.

When I said Adam was stressed with school, I was not kidding. He would cry if he didn't finish his home work. And they give him one every day, 5 days a week.

Today we managed to escape the horrid traffic jam because we left the house about 10 minuts before 7:00 AM. Even then it already started to crawl in front of Pasar Borong. What, has everybody drive their car to work nowadays? What's with the petrol price is so cheap and stuff. Nobody take public transport anymore? Sigh.

14 January 2009

Fellow friends and readers, lend me your ears. Forgive me for I have neglected this humble little blog a bit this past few days (surely 3 days is not that long is it?). Anyhow the reason I let a few cobwebs appearing on this blog is simply because I'm totally swamped with work at the moment. Both at the office and also at home.
After I was transferred to a new department last week, a new guy came in to take over my place. He began his first day here last Friday. His name is Bo... Al-Bohari. He's mid 30s with 3 kids and 1 wife (so far) and he lives in Subang. Since Bujal is so lazy terribly busy with his work in Puncak Alam, I took the honour of taking Bohari around town, introducing him to our regular clients, showing him their office locations and taught him a thing or two about his new work. Not that I need to teach him much. He's got like 10 years of experience in the IT field under his belt so there's little he didn't know about this line of work.

My first impression about Bohari is he's quite friendly and really warm. So friendly that he just couldn't stop talking. I'm gonna call you 7-Eleven store #2 from now on ha ha! (#1 is En. Mazlan). Okay jokes aside, I think Mr. Bohari is going to stay here for quite some time to come. He told me of horror stories about his old place. And from what I've heard, I can tell you this Bo. Our company compared to your old company is like heaven and hell. The grass is so much greener this side I assure you.

So, welcome aboard buddy. Hope you'll enjoy your work here.

13 January 2009

Adam Farihin is stressed! You have no idea how much home works he brings home every day. And some of them are really difficult too. Amongst the subjects he took this semester are Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Ancient Runes, Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures. Today for example he has to write a 3 page essay about the magical properties of the dung beetle. Now how is he supposed to finish that? We looked everywhere on Google but we just couldn't find anything magical about dung beetles.
I wish the professors at TCSN wouldn't burden our kids with so much home work. Do they want our kids to be smart like Airis or something? Let them have fun some times. *shrugs*.

12 January 2009

I don't know how many cars are there in this country but today all of them seemed to converge between Pasar Borong Selangor and the LDP exit near my office. The traffic jam nowadays is absolutely horrendous. Before this we left our home around 7:00-7:10 AM and the traffic was not that bad. Today if we go out after 7:00, it's gonna be a 15 minutes crawl just to get from the Pasar Borong to the highway.
I think all residents of Equine Park, Taman Universiti, Lestrai Perdana, Taman Puncak Jalil and Taman Pinggiran Putra would agree that it's high time the authorities widen the exit to LDP or build alternatives routes out of this place. This is a job for you Gobind. Are you reading this?

11 January 2009

You know it's Siti Nurhaliza birthday when all the local radio stations play her songs 23/7. And I'm pretty sure they'll be playing her songs all day long tomorrow as well.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with Siti Nurhaliza whatsoever. She worked hard to be where she is right now and she totally deserved each and every accolade she's won since, well the past 10 years or so. It is just that we, the bachelors/ex-bachelors of Malaysia don't really agree with her choice of husband that's all. Yes that's the hidden fact. You know, we guys would never admit this out loud but all of us mourned the day Siti Nurhaliza tied the knot with that Datuk K. It's an open secret that half the single bachelors in Malaysia secretly harbours a hope that one day, they might just strike lucky and get to win the heart of Malaysia's no 1 singer.

And then BAMMM!! All of our dreams were dashed when suddenly this divorcee with 4 kids get to screw Siti Nurhaliza! What were she thinking? I don't care if he owns 2 dozens companies or his moustache bedazzled you, but you and Datuk K is just plain wrong. You know why you guys still cannot get a kid until now? It's either he passed his shelf life or the curse of 10 millions single bachelors in Malaysia is started to work their effect on you.

10 January 2009

While waiting for Adam to be discharged from PMC today, I took that opportunity to visit Low Yat Plaza to buy some stuff for a friend. After finding the thing that I wanted, as always I walk around the place looking at the new gadgets and those lovely notebooks (that I can't afford) and when I finally reached the ground floor, I saw these tents set up near the lobby.
It was a Windows Mobile 6 road show thingy organized by Microsoft along with 3 other partners (Sony-Ericsson, HTC & Samsung). I don't usually waste my precious time visiting those roadshows but today, somehow I got roped into seeing all the stalls and they managed to convince me to attend this 40 minutes workshop on Windows Mobile 6. The only reason I let myself go through all that is because A) They promised to give me a sling bag if I attend the workshop and B) I get the chance to win a brand new Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1 PDA phone.

So after spending 40 minutes drooling over all the fantastic features of Windows Mobile 6, the workshop ended. Did I get a sling bag? Nope. And when they asked who'd like to join in the treasure hunt to win the Xperia, I magically put up my hand and joined the 9 others hopeful participants. We were divided into 2 groups and they sent us scurrying around Low Yat for clues. Being the unluckiest guy in the world as I am, my group lost the stupid treasure hunt. Well could have had better chance had not the stupid marshall (from the organizer) bugged and pestered us at every turn. He caused us to loose valuable seconds. There goes my brand new SE Xperia X1.

Some people seemed to have all the luck in the world. Maybe I'm just plain unlucky. The day I won something big would be the day it snows in KL.

Windows Mobile 6 is not that good anyway. My next phone will be Apple's Iphone 3G and it will run on Google's Android mwahahaha! (Windows, you sucks!).

8 January 2009

Normally, I don't like taking unplanned leaves from work but today, I just have to. Linda stayed with Adam for the night while I took over in the morning. My mom took some time off from her very busy school schedule came to visit this morning.
Today the paediatrician came in and ran some checks on Adam. Dr. Eric Lee (the paed) said the infection is still minor but they'll have to hold Adam there for 5 days at least. Said he got some liquid in his lung. For someone who's supposed to be ill, Adam is quite cheerful today. Save for last evening when he cried when they prod that huge needle into his arm (for the IV drip), Adam is quite himself now. And he ate all the food the hospital served him. This morning he ate a bowl full of chicken porridge while for lunch he had breaded fish, fries, fruits and orange juice. Talking about the menu, they do serve good food here. Not only they want you to get well, they'd like you to get fat as well. That's how good the food is.

Linda came back later in the evening with my mom. I had to go home with Mia. It's back to work tomorrow. Lucky for us Linda gets 3 days compassionate leave. On Friday night all of us we'll be sleeping over at the hospital.

7 January 2009

So I guess it's going to be just the two of us tonight Mia.
Mama had to accompany abang Adam at the hospital tonight.

6 January 2009

Yo yo yo, wassup guys and girls? Check out my new desk. I know it's a bit messy right now but I'm working towards keeping everything in order soon. It is only my second day on the job you know. Miss Hajar left so suddenly and all her unfinished work is left hanging for me to continue. Add the fact that I've very little previous knowledge with invoices & accounts and you get one very confused procurement guy.
If all your invoices and POs and quotation moves rather slowly this week, it's all because of me. I am still learning the ropes here and it will be a while before I get the hangs of things. My new head, Mr. Radzi looks completely swamped. You hang on there bro.

5 January 2009

There's this rumour flying around the office last week. Although almost everybody I met said it to me, I refused to believe it until I heard it with my own 2 ears. Today I heard it myself and the rumours are true after all. I've just been transferred to a new department today. From Operations to Sales & Procurement. To be honest, I didn't mind changing to a new job description. In fact I think this is a great opportunity for me to acquire new skills, learn new things and adds up another pointer in my resume. A new year and a new portfolio and a new pay (hopefully?). I really could do with a few ringgit extra at the end of the month right now. With the price of everything has gone up and new obligations to fulfill, I'm rather stretched at the seams at the moment.
Although my new desk is just a few meters away, I'm still gonna miss my old place by the window. Never mind that I've only been there for a few months. So, goodbye desk. You take care now. Tomorrow, is a new day.

3 January 2009

For those who never bothers to buckle up (at the passenger seat and at the back), remember the new ruling requires that all do so. Just look at this fine example set by these fine ladies. They voluntary buckle up without even been asked. It's for our own safety anyway plus you can further save a few hundred ringgit from being donated to the government.
The main agenda for today is to visit Linda's friend house in Semenyih. Their family held some makan-makan and since Linda has been friends with this one since school, we felt obliged to go. Taman Pelangi Semenyih is not exactly easy to find especially without any maps or directions. I'm positive anybody who just arrived here would get lost a few times before finding it. But since I'm so very good with directions, I found the address with out much difficulty.
So this is THE Azlina Che Jian that my wife been talking about for the past 5 years. It's always Eina who works as a high paying accountant, Eina who drives a Kembara, Eina this, Eina that. Back in her old school (MRSM PDRM in Kulim), she and her 5 best friends had this clique called the Secret Six. As you might have guessed, they help the authorities to solve crime and mysteries around their school. And even after they separated and went their own ways, the Secret Six still keep close contact with each other until now.

Okay I totally made up that last bit. They were close indeed but there's no such thing as the Secret Six. We had a delicious tomato rice and my wife is kicking herself with regret when she didn't have a second helping of that extra delicious prawn petai sambal. Yeah it was that good.

2 January 2009

That's it. I cannot eat another KFC for the rest of the year.

You see for the past 2 months or so my sister in law Hafida lives in with us to take care of Adam and Mia during her semester break. Hafida or Kak Cik as she is popularly known as already has a boyfriend, a former school mate who joined the army some time back. I've seen that obnoxious video clip she made for him. It's quite disgusting, I'm sorry to say. Anyway despite calling this boyfriend Papa and stuff, Kak Cik still goes out with other guys/friends. Everytime she gets the chance to take a break from baby sitting our kids she would go out with them. I think all these while she's been out with at least 3 guys already.

Not that I have any problem with that. One guy in particular (let's name him Najip) went the extra mile to win her heart. Najip went to see her mother (my MIL) when she's about to depart on the bus, he bought Adam biscuits and sweets and yesterday he bought us a barrel of KFC containing about a dozen chickens or so. Of course he also brought Kak Cik sightseeing around KL, treat her at the movies, etcetera-etcetera. The problem is, Kak Cik doesn't really like this guy, at first. She wanted to stay loyal to her army guy (uwekk!). But now after Najip had been so nice to her (and her immediate family member) she's starting to have doubts. In fact yesterday she said she started to like this guy. Ah Girls, they always fall for the guy who brings them food. I know, I did that before :)

Not trying to be a busybody or anything, I say dump the soldier and get on with Najip! You have no future with that other guy. Besides, who knows Najip will bring me A&W or Wendy's next. His family's rich and he'll take a really good care for you. Trust me. And I'm not saying all that because of the free food. Honest!

p.s: Don't forget next time you guys date eh, go to A&W or Wendy's.

1 January 2009

Since it's public holiday, I woke up a little bit later than usual. 6:30 is later than usual. I usually woke up before 6:00. What for? Ader lah (wink-wink). After breakfast (around 9:30-ish) I went back to sleep and woke up around 1:00. At 3 o'clock we all went to Taman Bukit Jalil, finally. I've been wanting to take Adam there for ages. But things always came up. Adam not feeling well, rain, snow storm, Godzilla attack, you know the drill. Today although we saw tiny drops of rain on our windscreen, we kept on going while hoping that the rain would stop.
It did stop and Adam had a blast playing and running around the playgrounds. About an hour later we decided to call it a day there and went straight to Giant in Kinrara next.

Yes you heard me correct. I actually did the unthinkable and really went to Giant! Since Tesco (M) Sdn Bhd hasn't had the manners to reply to my e-mail/complaint, I've decided to boycott them (well sort of) for the time being. I know I have a slim chance that a big multinational corporation like Tesco entertaining me, but hey, there's no harm trying.
I don't know why but every end of the month I have this weird craving for beef steak/barbecue. I guess I still can't get that yummy barbecue that my sister made many moons ago out of my head. Today instead of wasting our money on substandard local western restaurant food, we've decided to cook the barbecue meat ourselves at home. Never mind that we don't have a grill at home and the fact that we've never tried this before.

The end result: It was a complete disaster. Our barbecued meat tasted something like a cross between old chewing gum and a flip-flop (selipar jepun). I should have known that not just any part of the cow can be make into a steak. We should have done it on a real grill. It's a valuable lesson for us alright. A 20 ringgit down the drain lesson.