18 January 2009

I don't usually layan Muzik-Muzik or Juara Lagu but tonight since my wife is an avid fan of the show and there's nothing else good to watch on TV, I pun watched lah Juara Luga 23 ni.

My 2 favourite of the all finalist are Aizat and (surprise-surprise) Elyana. Unfortunately Aizat's performance was nothing out of ordinary and Elyana, as sweet as she was, too lazy to stand up and sing, I got the feeling both of them ain't going to win anything toight. Minus 10000 points for AJL 23.

When Faizal Tahir won the first category (Best Performance) I jokingly said he's going to sweep all the awards clean. And then he won Best Vocal and the Ballad category. I was pretty sure he's gonna win Juara Lagu as well. So predictable. Minus another 20000 points. And then who's that fat ugly lady I saw on stage? OMG!! TELL ME THAT IS NOT AUNTY ROSIE!!!! Gawd, so giler glam this woman. Minus 3 million points for TV3. What's she got to do with Juara Lagu is beyond me.

Then Meet Uncle Hussein won the Pop Rock category. Big deal. I didn't like that band much. Everybody was expecting Faizal Tahir to win the competition and when they finally announced the winner, you can see the shock on everybody's face. Audi Mok couldn't believe his ears when Meet Uncle Hussein was announced the winner. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Meet freaking Uncle Hussein beat Faizal 'Superman wannabe' Tahir and the other losers ha ha ha ha ha!! Joke of the century ha ha ha he he he. 20 billion points for TV3 and the judges ha ha ha!


  1. shockingly surprise! tv3 memang camtu. meet uncle hussein is good tapi faizal memang giler best. anyway, salam dari london.

  2. Audi himself thought that MUH deserved to win AJL (http://batdude.blogspot.com/2009/01/this-is-not-false-modesty-but-song-that.html). MUH is under Audi's own label, btw. :)

  3. I didn't say MUH didn't deserve to win, I just thought it was a shocking result that's all.

    Salam from Seri Kembangan Asmida!