19 January 2009

Today in pictures
Check out Adam's new hair cut! Don't you think he looked so handsome and dashing, just like his Dad? Manja and Nur Aisyah will sure melt when they see Adam's new look today (yes there are 2 of them now!).

I wore my yellow for work today. I don't really like that yellow shirt before but since my wife already ironed that shirt for me (since last week) I have no choice. It makes me look fat. Anyway my colleague/partner Mr Radzi also wore a yellow shirt so there's two of us in the office today. The guys were having a ball making fun of our 'new department uniform'. Ha ha very funny. No picture for that (for obvious reasons).
Today I'm supposed to send the company's vehicle (Renault Kangoo) to be serviced. This time it's for the 60K major service which costs over RM1.2K and what's more I had to leave the Kangoo at the service centre for 2 days. I asked Bujal's favour to pick me up from PJ section 13 but as always, Mr. Support Engineer here is perpetually busy with his work. Heck, he's even busier than the prime minister sometimes. No time to help a fellow colleague. And since Bohari and everyone else is also busy with work, I had no choice but to take the public transportation back.
Lucky for me the people at Renault was kind enough to give me a lift to the nearest LRT station. I think this is the first time I took the LRT in ages. The LRT service was quite efficient. I didn't have to wait long for the train to arrive (less than 10 minutes). RM1.60 for one way trip from Taman Jaya in PJ to KL Sentral. Since it's already 11:30 PM, the LRT was not crowded at all. There's plenty of seats and room to stand. Try taking the LRT at 7:00 AM. It'll be jam-packed like sardines.
And how the heck did Bujal got his picture plastered here? I never knew Bujal is an endangered species now (single and old people). The little one in yellow is his adopted child.
The ride from Taman Jaya to the KL Sentral hub took less than 15 minutes. I haven't been to KL Sentral in ages too. There's a lot more stalls and shops there now making the place looking even more crowded. I didn't hang there for long. Bought the Komuter ticket to Serdang and went downstairs to wait for the train. RM1.90 from KL Sentral to Serdang. Waited half an hour for the train to arrive.
Again the Komuter train was largely empty considering the fact that it's post rush hour. There's a bunch of school kids and students and several senior citizens that's it. There ride from KL to Serdang took approximately 25 minutes.
In Serdang I have to option to take a cab or a bus. I chose the latter because it's much cheaper. However I had to wait for another 25 minutes for the bus to arrive. To get to my office there's the no 8 Metro bus and the 432 Rapid KL bus. The Metro bus came first so I hopped onto that one. One ringgit from Serdang to Bandar Permai. The bus ride was the least comfortable of them all. Smell of diesel fume and sweaty construction workers and school kids. Thank God it only took 15 minutes to get to my office from there.
Later this evening we went to Adam and Mia's old nursery to pay for their long overdue over time money. Although it's only 11 ringgit, we felt obliged nonetheless to pay it. Tak berkat nanti kan? Adam was ridiculously shy upon meeting his former minders tonight. Silly kid.
Then we went to Jusco Equine Park nearby to get some supplies. A week from Chinese New Year so not surprisingly you can see everything CNY on sale in the store. I wanted to get myself a pair of new trousers but since I lost 2 dress sizes already I simply cannot find one that I like that fits. Dang.

So that was my day. The end.

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  1. alalalala adam...rindunyer nak dgr celoteh adam..antara yg masih diingati 'kenaper sumer org suka adam??' hahahah cute!!!!