5 January 2009

There's this rumour flying around the office last week. Although almost everybody I met said it to me, I refused to believe it until I heard it with my own 2 ears. Today I heard it myself and the rumours are true after all. I've just been transferred to a new department today. From Operations to Sales & Procurement. To be honest, I didn't mind changing to a new job description. In fact I think this is a great opportunity for me to acquire new skills, learn new things and adds up another pointer in my resume. A new year and a new portfolio and a new pay (hopefully?). I really could do with a few ringgit extra at the end of the month right now. With the price of everything has gone up and new obligations to fulfill, I'm rather stretched at the seams at the moment.
Although my new desk is just a few meters away, I'm still gonna miss my old place by the window. Never mind that I've only been there for a few months. So, goodbye desk. You take care now. Tomorrow, is a new day.


  1. x pindah keje.. pindah meja je lar.. hihihi.. all the best bro!

  2. Wow..you r in procurement eh?I guess I'll be chasing after u to prepare my marketing quotation..Ohh yes, the new project is starting..it'll be fun..*evil grin* hehe