11 January 2009

You know it's Siti Nurhaliza birthday when all the local radio stations play her songs 23/7. And I'm pretty sure they'll be playing her songs all day long tomorrow as well.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with Siti Nurhaliza whatsoever. She worked hard to be where she is right now and she totally deserved each and every accolade she's won since, well the past 10 years or so. It is just that we, the bachelors/ex-bachelors of Malaysia don't really agree with her choice of husband that's all. Yes that's the hidden fact. You know, we guys would never admit this out loud but all of us mourned the day Siti Nurhaliza tied the knot with that Datuk K. It's an open secret that half the single bachelors in Malaysia secretly harbours a hope that one day, they might just strike lucky and get to win the heart of Malaysia's no 1 singer.

And then BAMMM!! All of our dreams were dashed when suddenly this divorcee with 4 kids get to screw Siti Nurhaliza! What were she thinking? I don't care if he owns 2 dozens companies or his moustache bedazzled you, but you and Datuk K is just plain wrong. You know why you guys still cannot get a kid until now? It's either he passed his shelf life or the curse of 10 millions single bachelors in Malaysia is started to work their effect on you.

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  1. i think datuk K shud expecting a "grandchild" not a brand new "child". hahaha! u are too old man!!