14 January 2009

Fellow friends and readers, lend me your ears. Forgive me for I have neglected this humble little blog a bit this past few days (surely 3 days is not that long is it?). Anyhow the reason I let a few cobwebs appearing on this blog is simply because I'm totally swamped with work at the moment. Both at the office and also at home.
After I was transferred to a new department last week, a new guy came in to take over my place. He began his first day here last Friday. His name is Bo... Al-Bohari. He's mid 30s with 3 kids and 1 wife (so far) and he lives in Subang. Since Bujal is so lazy terribly busy with his work in Puncak Alam, I took the honour of taking Bohari around town, introducing him to our regular clients, showing him their office locations and taught him a thing or two about his new work. Not that I need to teach him much. He's got like 10 years of experience in the IT field under his belt so there's little he didn't know about this line of work.

My first impression about Bohari is he's quite friendly and really warm. So friendly that he just couldn't stop talking. I'm gonna call you 7-Eleven store #2 from now on ha ha! (#1 is En. Mazlan). Okay jokes aside, I think Mr. Bohari is going to stay here for quite some time to come. He told me of horror stories about his old place. And from what I've heard, I can tell you this Bo. Our company compared to your old company is like heaven and hell. The grass is so much greener this side I assure you.

So, welcome aboard buddy. Hope you'll enjoy your work here.

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