3 January 2009

For those who never bothers to buckle up (at the passenger seat and at the back), remember the new ruling requires that all do so. Just look at this fine example set by these fine ladies. They voluntary buckle up without even been asked. It's for our own safety anyway plus you can further save a few hundred ringgit from being donated to the government.
The main agenda for today is to visit Linda's friend house in Semenyih. Their family held some makan-makan and since Linda has been friends with this one since school, we felt obliged to go. Taman Pelangi Semenyih is not exactly easy to find especially without any maps or directions. I'm positive anybody who just arrived here would get lost a few times before finding it. But since I'm so very good with directions, I found the address with out much difficulty.
So this is THE Azlina Che Jian that my wife been talking about for the past 5 years. It's always Eina who works as a high paying accountant, Eina who drives a Kembara, Eina this, Eina that. Back in her old school (MRSM PDRM in Kulim), she and her 5 best friends had this clique called the Secret Six. As you might have guessed, they help the authorities to solve crime and mysteries around their school. And even after they separated and went their own ways, the Secret Six still keep close contact with each other until now.

Okay I totally made up that last bit. They were close indeed but there's no such thing as the Secret Six. We had a delicious tomato rice and my wife is kicking herself with regret when she didn't have a second helping of that extra delicious prawn petai sambal. Yeah it was that good.

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  1. pelangi semenyih? i went there. easily to find one. sure lar, i got map. kekeke..