1 January 2009

Since it's public holiday, I woke up a little bit later than usual. 6:30 is later than usual. I usually woke up before 6:00. What for? Ader lah (wink-wink). After breakfast (around 9:30-ish) I went back to sleep and woke up around 1:00. At 3 o'clock we all went to Taman Bukit Jalil, finally. I've been wanting to take Adam there for ages. But things always came up. Adam not feeling well, rain, snow storm, Godzilla attack, you know the drill. Today although we saw tiny drops of rain on our windscreen, we kept on going while hoping that the rain would stop.
It did stop and Adam had a blast playing and running around the playgrounds. About an hour later we decided to call it a day there and went straight to Giant in Kinrara next.

Yes you heard me correct. I actually did the unthinkable and really went to Giant! Since Tesco (M) Sdn Bhd hasn't had the manners to reply to my e-mail/complaint, I've decided to boycott them (well sort of) for the time being. I know I have a slim chance that a big multinational corporation like Tesco entertaining me, but hey, there's no harm trying.
I don't know why but every end of the month I have this weird craving for beef steak/barbecue. I guess I still can't get that yummy barbecue that my sister made many moons ago out of my head. Today instead of wasting our money on substandard local western restaurant food, we've decided to cook the barbecue meat ourselves at home. Never mind that we don't have a grill at home and the fact that we've never tried this before.

The end result: It was a complete disaster. Our barbecued meat tasted something like a cross between old chewing gum and a flip-flop (selipar jepun). I should have known that not just any part of the cow can be make into a steak. We should have done it on a real grill. It's a valuable lesson for us alright. A 20 ringgit down the drain lesson.


  1. Well let me tell you this..

    Google has still not responded to my emails ok.

    so tough luck for you too..don't harp on it too much.

  2. But this is different. The future of our children depends on this!