17 January 2009

I'm sure everybody should know by now the Kuala Terengganu by-election result. Having been previously won by BN, I think even if PAS were to win this one, it's gonna be close. Naturally I was glued to the computer tonight waiting for the result while occasionally glancing at the TV. Online, I saw PAS was leading by a few hundred votes but on TV, Astro Awani reported it's BN that's leading by 700 votes. I thought this could be a real disaster for Pakatan or maybe this is just another spin by the mainstream media.
By 9:00 PM though, it was clear that PAS was leading by at least 1500 majority. By 9:30 PM the PAS candidate was officially declared as winner. And since it's BN who lost here, the TV was very late on reporting the result. So very typical of them.

Alhamdulillah PAS won. Thanks to the great work by each and every member of PR be they PAS, DAP or PKR. We would never have done this without everybody's effort.

On the football front though, things were not so good. Chelsea beat Stoke City while the Mancs beat Bolton all last gasp winner all by one goal. The scums now overtakes us at the top by one point and will stay there should we draw or loose to Everton on Monday. Bleh

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