22 January 2009

I love our new technician (code name 7E). Unlike my previous colleague/technician, this guy knows how to fix stuff and what's more he knows his way around town. Yesterday he got his GDL license and today he drove me around PJ and Shah Alam. At last I can relax on the passenger side while somebody else do the driving. Bo, I now officially hand over the sacred company cow (i.e the Kangoo) to you. Treat it good and it will not disappoint you.

There's a staff meeting at work today. The first one in months and also first time this year. If you're new in the company you'd be forgiven to think that every thing is bleak and gloomy here for the rest of the year judging by the tone of the meeting today. However I believe this company has got what it takes to survive this tumultuous times without sacrificing any of it's 'assets'. Let us hope so.

Bonus? Pay rise? Not anytime soon I think.

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