31 January 2009

We visited IOI Mall in Puchong today, the first time in 5 years I think. Last time we went there, Linda is still carrying Adam in her tummy and we went there to eat some pizza at Pizza Hut. Although IOI Mall has added a new wing and a whole lot more tenants, I still don't find them as classy or as desirable place to visit compare to say Alamanda or Mutiara Damansara. They have to hire a much better interior designer.

The main reason I even came her in the first place is to get something from this Daiso store here. Daiso is a store where they import stuff from Japan and sells everything for RM5.00. Whether it's a big China plate or a small pencil case, they're all 5 ringgit only. Yes the concept is nothing new but since everything is said to be from Japan, they've had a steady stream of customers since it's inception last year.

The funny thing is, all of the products sold there is actually made in China (you can check the labels). Whether the goods ever set foot in Japan or is imported directly from China is anybody's guess. Whatever it is, one thing you can learn from Daiso is, you can make a lot of money just by sticking some Japanese labels on stuff since people is going to think they're cool, imported things.

If you're looking for some unique, cheap birthday or wedding present then Daiso is the place to go. That said, you can always go to that cheap 2 ringgit store in a neighbourhood near you which sells the same made in China stuff. Your pick.

Alterchart e#16

01 Nobody - Wondergirls

02 One day - Matisyahu

03 Sexy Chick - David Guetta/Akon

04 Empire state of mind - Jay Z/Alicia Keys

05 Fifteen - Taylor Swift

06 21st century berakdown - Green Day

07 Run this town - Jay Z/Rihanna

08 Imma be - Black Eyed Peas

09 Bad romance - Lady Gaga

10 Kings and Queens - 30 seconds to Mars

27 January 2010

My wife is really upset today after she found out her KPI result is the lowest in her department. Usually when anybody got a result as bad as this it's either he or she is really a real slacker OR it's because the supervisor or the boss has some issues with him/her. I believe my wife falls into the latter category. Rumours has it my wife got a really crappy KPI simply because her Boss doesn't like me. Apparently he is quite displeased with something that I wrote on my blog a long time ago (which I already removed) and he's taking it all on my wife.

Well if my wife did a really sucky job with her work and deservedly got a bad KPI, I'm cool with that. However I (and most of her colleagues) can testify that my wife always committed and gave her utmost dedication to her job and the real reason she got low marks for her works is simply because her boss doesn't like me. Talk about professionalism. Even more so when this result will affect her appraisal and future bonuses.

I can write a 10 page blog post dissing him here, telling the world all the horrible things he did to his staff but then I would be just as low as him. I believe God is fair and great and most compassionate to his servants and He has His reasons for everything that happened. If my wife had been unjustly punished or victimized here, I do believe He will mete out his sentence accordingly if not immediately here in this world, in the afterlife. Today might be your day at the top but always remember, the higher you are, the harder you'll fall.

18 January 2009

Today is the Wear-A-Gorilla-Suit Day where people all around the world don the gorilla suit to work, school or wherever to celebrate the big, beautiful primate. Today is also incidentally my colleague's Nadia birthday. Usually we don't give a hoot about anybody's birthday round here but since Nadia is cute and single and she has a few dozen BFFs (Best Friend Forever and Ever), they've decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her this afternoon.

Yes I am jealous because nobody threw me a party on my last birthday. I realise I'm not cute or single or likable. Well, at least I get to eat that delicious blueberry cheesecake and the super-yummy imaginary Domino's pizza that Bujal bought (yeah thanks a lot Bujal). When I was 24 I was already married so Nad, if Rahman hasn't brought you to meet his parent already then it's about time he does.

17 January 2010

My water broke yesterday. Nah I'm not going into labour anytime soon but my water meter broke and now we're left without water. I don't know what happened really. First it was leaking and then after a while it just burst open, the pipe connecting to the meter and somehow causing the meter to be unusable. And according to SYABAS, even if some UFO landed there and accidentally broke the meter, we're still have to pay for the replacement. That's 73 RM out the window.

So we had no choice but to crash at my Mom's place in Serdang since yesterday. The water people said they will be fixing the new meter tomorrow. Screw you. Yet another reason why we can't wait to move in into our new home. We're now stuck at finalising the S&P agreement because the previous owner have yet to furnish our lawyers with all the required documents. February cannot come soon enough.

10 January 2010

Today marks the start of the new semester for me and my fellow classmates in IS110. Class starts at 8:30 AM again as usual, 5 times once a month from now till April. Our class at block C at Intec today is visibly less crowded than less year. First because this particular class is much bigger and second, we lost about 8-10 people who dropped out at the first hurdle. C'est la vie.

After doing quite well last semester, I aim to improve much further this semester. This time I took 4 subjects as well with 11 credits altogether. I think Principle of Management is okay, it's not that easy but if I study hard I think I can score this one. The second one is another English subject which I think should be a breeze but I won't take it for granted nevertheless. The lecturer for this English subject didn't show up today for whatever reason. First day already playing truant? The third one is an Islamic subject which is a lot of theories but should be within my grasp. The last one is IT in Information Management which is right within my alley and I think I don't have any other option but to score A+ for this one (don't be overconfident!).

Okay I must blog less and start studying like right now!

8 January 2010

Who needs PSP when you've got creativity?

5 January 2010


Previously for dietary purposes, now more for necessity. Diet? Not any more for me. I think I have achieved my target/ideal weight now so for a change I'd like to eat like normal people do. The only problem is, I can't afford to do lunches at the moment. So these 2 would do.

If I become well-off and super-rich in the future, I must look back at this post with humility and reminisce.

Alterchart e#15

01 Bad romance - Lady Gaga

02 21st century breakdown - Green Day

03 Fifteen - Taylor Swift

04 You found me - The Fray

05 1,2,3,4 - Plain White Ts

06 I can transform ya - Lil Wayne feat Chris Brown

07 Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars

08 Let it all hang out - Weezer

09 I'm broke - Dareyno Vi Be

10 Time for miracles - Adam Lambert

1 January 2010

1st January is just another day of the year. Forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm. But if you barely scrap through day in and day out and you don't look forward to your pay day anymore cause you know very well they won't be enough, you'll understand how I feel. Life sucks. There's nothing to look forward to in the new year.

That said, my new year resolution is try to make a little more money to make ends meet. Since I can't put much hope on a pay rise at work, I've got to look for other avenues for that. Being broke all the time does sucks. I hate that feeling.

Also, my other resolution is to grow my hair long again. Last year I got till 7 months before I had to shave them after I got chicken pox. So take a long hard look at this bald head. Because they won't be like that for long.

Happy New Year!