17 January 2010

My water broke yesterday. Nah I'm not going into labour anytime soon but my water meter broke and now we're left without water. I don't know what happened really. First it was leaking and then after a while it just burst open, the pipe connecting to the meter and somehow causing the meter to be unusable. And according to SYABAS, even if some UFO landed there and accidentally broke the meter, we're still have to pay for the replacement. That's 73 RM out the window.

So we had no choice but to crash at my Mom's place in Serdang since yesterday. The water people said they will be fixing the new meter tomorrow. Screw you. Yet another reason why we can't wait to move in into our new home. We're now stuck at finalising the S&P agreement because the previous owner have yet to furnish our lawyers with all the required documents. February cannot come soon enough.