10 January 2010

Today marks the start of the new semester for me and my fellow classmates in IS110. Class starts at 8:30 AM again as usual, 5 times once a month from now till April. Our class at block C at Intec today is visibly less crowded than less year. First because this particular class is much bigger and second, we lost about 8-10 people who dropped out at the first hurdle. C'est la vie.

After doing quite well last semester, I aim to improve much further this semester. This time I took 4 subjects as well with 11 credits altogether. I think Principle of Management is okay, it's not that easy but if I study hard I think I can score this one. The second one is another English subject which I think should be a breeze but I won't take it for granted nevertheless. The lecturer for this English subject didn't show up today for whatever reason. First day already playing truant? The third one is an Islamic subject which is a lot of theories but should be within my grasp. The last one is IT in Information Management which is right within my alley and I think I don't have any other option but to score A+ for this one (don't be overconfident!).

Okay I must blog less and start studying like right now!