28 November 2010

This school holiday we've decided to let the kids spend some quality time with their grandparent back home in Tanah Merah. Although my home town is actually in Pasir Mas but we send them back just to Tanah Merah because there's nobody to look after them in Pasir Mas. My little sister has very little experience with children and my grandma would not have the energy left to tend to those kids.
In Tanah Merah however, they've got their aunts and other grandparent whose more than willing to look after them for the next few weeks or so. We took the train to Tanah Merah on Friday and return home by bus yesterday. My wife was already teary eyed and crying at the bus station, on the bus and also when she returns home to find our empty apartment. Duh, whose idea is it in the first place? I have the feelings the kids would be home really soon.

25 November 2010

These are the boring days. I find my time stuck in traffic or waiting for something to be quite unbearable. I used to watch movies or TV series while stuck in traffic or read my RSS feed or surf the web while waiting for my wife shopping. Today I can't do any of that. I just sold my iPhone today.
It was not an easy decision really. I find my iPhone to be an inseparable item in my daily routine. Like I almost can't leave home without it. Then again I think it's time to move on because I'd like to have something better. No, not an iPhone 4, that's way too expensive but I'm saving to buy a magical and revolutionary device next. Yes you guess it right, an iPad. Now I only need to find another 800 ringgit from my dream machine. Boss, you have any 2nd hand iPad you wanna let go?:)

24 November 2010

At three-zero I am still blissfully married to my lovely wife for 6 years now, I have 2 wonderful children and another one on the way, hopefully 5 months from now. I have been at the same company for the last 4 years, have our own car and our very own little apartment. Yes there are always good and bad times but that's life. And yes I wish I had fared better or be able to give my family and myself the best of everything in life. But the important thing is, I must be very grateful for all that life has given to me and count my blessings, which are too many to count. Always remember that there's still many people out there fighting a harder battle. Alhamdulillah for everything.

This morning my colleagues sang me happy birthday during briefing. I was so embarrassed that I became absolutely speechless. I don't remember them doing anything like this for anyone else. I also got several text messages wishing happy birthday and a few dozens more on Facebook. Thank you very much guys, I really appreciate it.

22 November 2010

I want...

1.Window blind ($69)
2.GORM shelving unit ($160)
3.Homeplug ethernet ($180)
4.Second hand Mac Mini ($699)
5.Camcorder ($499)
6.iPad ($1760)
7.iPhone 4 ($2300)

The first and second is what I should be buying but number 4 and 6 is what I would really like to have the most. The others are on my wish list but not really essential. Of course after 29 years of living I know better than to wait for them to magically fall on my lap. Chances are I had to work really hard and save for it while balancing my other priorities.

16 November 2010

Yesterday evening Adam said that today school and nursery is going to be closed. Funny, I don't remember anybody saying anything about that. When I called the kindergarten, true enough the place is closed today. They said they already printed it out in Adam's Parent Notebook but we found no such thing.

So we scrambled to find someone to look after the kids today. My Mom unfortunately had to go to school as usual, our backup baby sitter had gone back to her home town already so apart from leaving them with total strangers, we had nobody to take care of them. And since my wife had just taken an emergency leave last week, I had no choice but to miss work today, seriously.

You think looking after 2 super-active kids is easy? You wish. I'd rather go to work.

12 November 2010

Baby X video number 2. See how active she/he is.

7 November 2010

Have you ever like known a person online for ages already but never really had the chance to meet him or her alive in the real world? Well, I did with Kak Tin until this morning. She sent out a distress signal for me to save her PC which is dying of blue screen of death. That's the first time I get to see her in person.

Kak Tin lives with her husband and 4 lovely children in an apartment in Petaling Utama. I only get to see Najihah & Fatihah today and the equally famous Mr Nahar who seemed to missing a lot. Anyway the problem with her PC, I suspect is all the dusts collecting inside the PC, blocking the air ventilation causing the motherboard or processor to overheat hence the blue screen. It might be also the out of date Kapersky antivirus which caused the bad pool header BSOD or maybe because some bad drivers that needs reinstalling or updating. I cleaned up all the dusts, deleted 8 viruses and 5 malwares using McAfee and removed all unnecessary programs from startup. Her Dell Inspiron PC now boots up in less than a minute and shutdowns in 15 seconds. That's something if you're using Windows Vista.

I hope her PC is okay now. If it still doesn't the final recourse would be to perform a clean install (format). If you have any problems with your PC or Mac, be it hardware or software just give me a call alright? I do these things sometimes after office hours and on weekends. You can contact me via Facebook or Twitter, anytime.

6 November

Major festive celebrations in Malaysia have one annoying thing in common: fireworks. Be it Raya, CNY, Deepavali, even Christmas, somebody, somewhere out there will have some fireworks to burn. I don't mind them celebrating and shit, just don't do it next to my ears please. Lucky for me since I moved here I was spared the horror. Although I can still hear the explosion now and then in the distance, it is tolerate-able at least, compared to last time.

Staying up burning the midnight oil last week for the finals had cost me my health. As of now, I'm still recuperating from my cold & fever. They always come in pairs. Been catching up with my television series and movies collection. Just finished watching Amélie. Good movie. If you're into French. That picture above was taken with Instagram, a free cool photo-sharing app made exclusively for the iPhone. I can't stress enough the importance of investing in a good smartphone. If you're about to lavish over 2K for a phone, might as well aim for the best. And I don't mean Nokia, Sony-Ericsson or Samsung. There's only one phone that is worth buying and using out there.

5 November 2010

To tell you the truth, I don't like Indian or Hindustan movies and songs very much. I find them predictable, stereotypical and downright boring. The last time I watched an entire Hindustan movie was Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham and that's only after my ex-girlfriend turned wife made me do it. I sat there for 3 fricking hours at GSC Mid Valley, it was pure torture.

But this song from the same-titled movie is different. 10 years ago I just got in college and stumbled into this exciting and wonderful new world. New environment, new friends and of course girls. At that time this movie was really-really popular that even I got hooked to it. I actually watched it more than twice. And the fact that I was in love, okay, more like syok sendiri for this girl at college made it even more special. Once my friends and I went to Sunway Pyramid and one of us bought a soundtrack from that movie and we would immediately play the cassette at one of the mini hi-fi on display at the departmental store. People watched and pointed at us, but we didn't care. Aah, those innocent and carefree years.

I would die in embarrassment if that were to happen today.Happy Diwali to Wan.

3 November 2010

This morning I sat for my last exam paper for this semester. Felt like a heavy weight had just been lifted from over my head. Past few months had been hectic. Work, assignments, exams, family, life.

Apologies to readers of this blog (if there are still any). As I said I've been quite preoccupied with life. Blogging would take a sizeable time and effort and I just didn't have that luxury, until today. Blogging on Afif PLC for example would take from an hour to 3 days. Here on Chronicles it's 30 to 45 minutes minimum. My latest blog at Posterous however takes only 5 to 10 minutes to update. My Twitter accounts meanwhile took 30 seconds to 2 minutes to update. So it's not surprising I've only been updating the last 2 accounts these days. Hopefully since these exams are over, blogging services will resume as usual.

1 November 2010

Dear @adamfarihin. Do you remember the time when you was six years old and you complained why we never celebrate your birthday at school like everybody else? Well, your birthday falls on the 12th of December when the school is closed so that's why we didn't celebrate your birthday at school before.

But since this year is the last time you go to school at Tadika Cahayaku Seri Nilam, your mother decided to do something special for you. Although your birthday is still a month away, we've decided to have it early so that you can celebrate it with your friends. That's why yesterday she spent close to a hundred ringgit on cakes, crackers, sweets and goody bags for your little birthday party today. Bear in mind that a hundred ringgit in 2010 is a lot of money. She'd do almost anything to make you happy. Remember that.