24 November 2010

At three-zero I am still blissfully married to my lovely wife for 6 years now, I have 2 wonderful children and another one on the way, hopefully 5 months from now. I have been at the same company for the last 4 years, have our own car and our very own little apartment. Yes there are always good and bad times but that's life. And yes I wish I had fared better or be able to give my family and myself the best of everything in life. But the important thing is, I must be very grateful for all that life has given to me and count my blessings, which are too many to count. Always remember that there's still many people out there fighting a harder battle. Alhamdulillah for everything.

This morning my colleagues sang me happy birthday during briefing. I was so embarrassed that I became absolutely speechless. I don't remember them doing anything like this for anyone else. I also got several text messages wishing happy birthday and a few dozens more on Facebook. Thank you very much guys, I really appreciate it.