6 November

Major festive celebrations in Malaysia have one annoying thing in common: fireworks. Be it Raya, CNY, Deepavali, even Christmas, somebody, somewhere out there will have some fireworks to burn. I don't mind them celebrating and shit, just don't do it next to my ears please. Lucky for me since I moved here I was spared the horror. Although I can still hear the explosion now and then in the distance, it is tolerate-able at least, compared to last time.

Staying up burning the midnight oil last week for the finals had cost me my health. As of now, I'm still recuperating from my cold & fever. They always come in pairs. Been catching up with my television series and movies collection. Just finished watching Amélie. Good movie. If you're into French. That picture above was taken with Instagram, a free cool photo-sharing app made exclusively for the iPhone. I can't stress enough the importance of investing in a good smartphone. If you're about to lavish over 2K for a phone, might as well aim for the best. And I don't mean Nokia, Sony-Ericsson or Samsung. There's only one phone that is worth buying and using out there.