27 July 2000

Got a worrying phone call from Mom yesterday saying that Grandma is not feeling well at the moment. She's having some difficulty breathing. I hope she gets better soon.

It is life as usual here in UPM. There's this new parking rule where we can't park at many places that we're allowed to park before. Now we can only park at the designated places or have our vehicles clamped. So troublesome. Had to work 200 meters just to go to class. Imagine if it rains or worse on a really hot day! Then again SOMEBODY is quite happy with this new rule. Saw her walking and smiling hand in hand with that guy at the parking lot the other. Bleh.

Found out I've got tons of assignment, books to read and a website to finish at the moment.

26 July 2000

It was the accident that changed my life (and my teeth) forever. It was the end of the semester and most of my mates had already gone home or planned to go back to their hometowns. Some of my housemates were coercing me to join them to ride the back home, something which I've never done before. My Mom and Grandma were totally against of the idea but somehow maybe because of peer-pressure I decided to go along.

I remember clearly it was a fine Saturday morning 15th of July 2000. We started early in the morning which was freezing cold riding on the bike. I was like shivering my timbers all the way to Raub. Things were going fine though, we were riding not very fast but me, I was swerving left and right dangerously through the long and winding road to Kelantan. Somewhere about 100 kilometers to Gua Musang, somehow I lost control of my bike and crashed into the roadside. I don't know exactly why I crashed. Maybe it was the steep hill, maybe it was a fast corner. One thing I remembered was getting up from the ground with my mouth full of blood and checking my bike. I thought I was the only one who rode straight into the hill but it turned out my friend Zul also suffered the same fate.

Since I was still strong enough to get on my bike, I rode for the remaining 100 kilometers to the Gua Musang hospital. Zul on the other hand fractured his right arm and had to hitchhike on a pickup truck to get there. I got 4 stiches on my chin and of course the usual bruise and wounds everywhere. I suppose my face hit the ground really hard because the pain on my gum is killing me. I'm afraid I'm going to lose a couple of my teeth forever. All the while I was at the hospital I kept thinking not of my  Mom or family but of who else, that H girl. Silly me.

From Gua Musang both Zul and I took a trip with an ambulance to the Kota Bharu General Hospital. It was my first ambulance ride ever, but it's definitely something I'm eager to try again. Zul had a piece of metal inserted into his broken arm while I was told to come back the next day for some dental checkup. I called my family in Pasir Mas and naturally they were really shocked at hearing the news. Well who wouldn't? At least I'm still alive and didn't become a statistic. Mom came to pick me up and back home I started to feel to full force of the crash. My body was aching all over not to mention my teeth. Sometimes I wished I could trade Zul's broken arm with mine. At least his bones can grow back. Grandma treated my wounds and bruises with so much love and tenderness and I was deeply touched and moved by her kindness. I must never forget all that she has done for me.

The next day Mom had to attend some conference in KL so it was Uncle Nan and Aunt Yati who took me to Kota Bharu for my follow-up check. At the hospital, the doctor confirmed that they would have to take out one of my front teeth and said I would need to see a specialist to re-arranged my damaged lower teeth.

This holiday, I spent most of my time at home, obviously. Needless to say at was bored to near death sitting at home doing nothing. Later that month Grandma took me to see a masseur to get my left leg fixed since it was aching pretty badly. From now on I will be known as the guy with the front tooth missing. Tell me how am I supposed to face the world looking like this? Dentures is simply out of the question because I would hate to wear them. It's a real hassle and the upkeep would be torture. I guess I'll just bare it all out. I'm sure not everybody would judge me from the way I look. It's the inside that counts. Wonder how H would react when she sees me like this. Oh don't tell me, I know - she won't care ha ha!

My friends Rose and Zetty Nadia was full of sympathy for my plight. Rose even bought herself an ADAM 017 prepaid number so that she can call and text me more. She even said "I love you" to me a couple of times which really freaked me out and I didn't reply because I don't really feel the same way towards here. It wouldn't be fair to her since my heart belongs to somebody else. This so wrong. A couple of months back I told her that if she wanted to be my girlfriend she had to fill in an application letter first and send it out to me. And guess what? She really did and now I've got this cute little girl whose crazy over me. Wait till she sees my ugly new face. Perhaps she would change her mind if she did.

In another development I'm currently riding around my bike with an expired road tax. The previous owner had a few summons and his name was blacklisted so I cannot renew my road tax until he pays up or we officially change the bike's ownership. The problem is I had no idea where this guy lives or how to get in touch with him. So until I do, I am literally breaking the law everyday. Pray that nobody would stop me in the middle of the road or something.

I spent nearly 150 ringgit fixing my bike and also buying a brand new helmet. Thankfully Yus, my housemate said I don't need to pay the transportation fees to get my bike here until the end of the month. Yus, you are a very good person.

11 July 2000

It's been a long time. I shouldn't have abandoned you my dear journal. Actually I twisted my right arm while I was asleep and it took quite some time to recover. It was not a very pleasant experience at all I tell you. I cannot use my hand properly, cannot life anything heavy or do too much hard work. The worst thing is I can't pull my bike's brake properly thus resulting in this minor accident where I bumped into somebody's car from behind. Lucky for me there was no visible damage and the guy just let me go scott free. Now who's gonna pay for my broken left signal beam?

These past few weeks I felt I've been getting rather close with Zetty Nadia. Too close for my comfort. I tried my best no to get to friendly with her cause you now I don't want her to be Tini part 2. Once is enough. Plus I finally saw her face for the first time some time back and let just say that she was not what I had expected.

Rose and I on the other hand, I felt we got this chemistry going on between us. After she got my number, she's been calling me like every week without fail. Plus from the tone of her voice I can feel that she wanted us to be more than just friends (or is it just my imagination?). I always thought she was like a really good and close friend to me and suddenly she wanted to be serious. What should I do? I didn't have the heart to let her down. Maybe I just play along with her. Besides she does looks like my all time favorite TV character at the moment. Who else but Ally McBeal/Calista Flockhart. Isn't she like the cutest thing ever?

I sat for my first exam paper 3 days ago. Out of 4 questions I only managed to answer 1. Guess who is going to repeat this paper next semester?