29 February 2008

I feel much better today, thank you.

This morning I bought everybody in my department breakfast. Finally they get to taste Kak Na's famous nasi berlauk. They loved it so much that all 12 of those nasi berlauk are gone within half an hour despite the fact that I bought 2 extra packets. That's why Pijoi next time anybody offer you anything, take it immediately. Not linger around pretending to be not interested and make a ruckus when the last of Kak Na's famous nasi berlauk were all gone. I mean were talking Kak Na's nasi berlauk here, not the kakak's stall upstairs or restoran Nizam or Port Aroma! Unless you go to Sri Serdang everyday like me, forget about tasting that extra delicious meal anytime soon.
I'm happy to report that Adam is 70% potty trained right now. He rarely (if ever) wears his diapers during the day, at home or when we go out anymore. Potty training is not that hard to do after all if you do it right. First we didn't let Adam wear his diapers during the day or whenever he's awake. We also asked him to let us know whenever he wants to pee or poo so that we can let him do it in the toilet. It doesn't matter if your kid didn't know how to use his birdie or whatever, kids when they got to go, they simply got to go! Then we used some psychological approach like telling him he's a big boy now and he's going to school soon and school goers don't wear diapers, stuff like that. Adam loves it when we call him a big boy and he can't hardly wait to go to school. I know that this may sound trivial to y'all bachelors out there but to us and most parent, getting your kid potty trained is a significant achievement in parenthood.You don't have to buy and change diapers ever again and no more waiting by the toilet to see if they're finished doing their business. Now we just have to teach Adam how to wash his weeny and wipe his ass by himself and then we're FREE! Free like a bird!

28 February 2008

Going outdoors in the wee hour of the morning with only my kain pelikat on was really a bad idea. I sneezed uncontrollably a few times and half an hour later I'm down with cold. Needless to say I had a crappy day afterwards at the office. For once Bujal does all the driving because I'm too drowsy to drive after taking my medications.

My friend is leaving us soon.

Alterchart m#4

01 Selepas kau pergi - La Luna mp3

02 Sebelum cahaya - Letto

03 Dua hati menjadi satu - Gita Gutawa feat Dafi

04 Chantek - Altimet feat Adeep Fabulous Cat

05 Meninggalkan aku sendiri - Hujan

06 Bukti - Fiq

07 Cinta dalam hati - Ungu

08 Ular - Anita Sarawak

09 Mila bila cinta - Mila

10 Ku mahu - Siti Nurhaliza

26 February 2008

Today I get the chance to have lunch with Linda in KL. We don't normally get to meet much because she works in the middle of the city while I usually work around Shah Alam. We ate at the Chow food court on the 4th floor of The Weld. The place was crowded since it is lunch hour but we managed to find a table and have a lovely yee mee hotplate together. After that I walked Linda across the street to her office before parting our ways.

Later I got my hair shaved at the barber. Usually Linda does the honor for me at home but seeing she's really tired every time she came back for work I didn't have the heart to bother her. I told the barber to use a razor blade to shave my head clean so that it would take longer for them to grow back. I can always count on my hair. No matter what I did to them, they always grow back, faster even. I wish you could see me now. I look very much like a Lex Luthor with too much tan (and too much fries).

24 February 2008

A few weeks ago I agreed to help a friend do his course assignment (for an agreed sum la, no charity work ok) and fast forward today I am still yet to start on that assignment. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake but after reading the questions thoroughly it turned out to be damn hard la wei. Now I'm cracking my brain even to answer the first question. Even Hermione says her Divination and Ancient Runes subjects are a lot easier than this. Gawd I don't know whay I got myself into this in the first place. Wait, I know why, it's about the money! Dang!After about an hour or so googling the Internet for references I've decided to call it a day and watch Gilmore Girls instead. You see I've downloaded the entire season 2 of Gilmore Girls recently and I must say I'm enjoying it to bits. I wish I had a really cool mom like Lorelai (no offence to my real mom okay? I love you all the same), Rory is like so adorable, I want to eat everyday at Luke's place and live in a crazy but fun and happening town like Stars Hollow. Oh and did I say Rory is sooOOOoo cute? But of course that's only a TV show and anything can happen in Hollywood. In real life, I'm stuck with neighbors who love to park their cars in front of their houses not inside their porch and make it so hard for me every time I want to enter my own porch and some days I feel like I wanna deliberately scratch their cars. I mean for God's sake the porch is meant to put your car in it and not your flower vases or pots/mini zoo/aquarium/artificial waterfall/pond/2 very loud dogs/washing machines etc-etc? But noooo , not in Taman Universiti. Here people put everything under their porch except their car and they would rather have their cars stolen or broke into than their little aquariums or flower pots.

23 February 2008

Houston, we have a problem.

Yes we have a problem. I made a mistake a few days ago and I am severely punished by it no matter how many sorries and apologies I uttered. I could say that people, human beings make mistakes all the time but this is one too many. Serves me right. This cold-treatment is tearing me apart.
On other news, I watched the Pathfinder movie earlier this evening. After the first 500 heads butchered or so I fought back very hard my innermost desire to fall asleep or do something else more productive. I think Pathfinder is the wrong title for this movie, it should have been " Path - Kill! Kill! Die! Die! You Savage Vikings /Hopeless Indians - finder". This movie is also great to be watched with kids especially if you'd like them to have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Final verdict: Dreadful

22 February 2008

I have fans! And they're gonna create an Afif Fan Club soon!

Okay la just kidding, I don't really have fans but lately I have several requests from my gentle-readers to join me on YM and I even chatted with a few of them this afternoon. To be frank I haven't got the time to YM or chit-chat with anybody nowadays unless on a few rare occasions cause I'm stumped with work. Therefore I don't think I'm gonna be online much so to my new friends don't be too disheartened ok? (Yeah, like so many people wanna talk to me or something).

Anyway I got a really really really really really good news at work today and it got something to do with $$$! Stay tuned for further news :)

Adam is his usual self today, active, talkative and super naughty. He spilled his drink twice this evening and when we went to the pasar malam just now he ran away like he just don't care. Sigh.

While chit-chatting with my new friends earlier today, one of them told me about my old website he found on the Internet. I made that website about 8 years ago and I'm surprised Fortunecity.com still host them after all these years. It was like my 2nd or 3rd attempt at building a website and it was absolutely dreadful. Still it brought back many fond memories and it surely reminds me some of the silly things I did back then. 8 years ago I was actually a fan of Britney Spears (shocking, I know!), I have this huge crush on Calista Flockhart and I'm still crazy about Rose. You can also catch a glimpse of the old me there, my home in Pasir Mas, some family album and an early version of Alterchart. But be warned it has some really graphic pictures and it's definitely not for the fainthearted ;)

21 February 2008

A boring day at the office and news of a friend leaving us soon.

When I picked up Adam today he has a temperature. We thought he was kind of warm yesterday and now he has a fever. No wonder he's really quiet today, he sat quietly playing with his PC, watch the TV and he didn't even disturb me even once. When we went to pick up her mom just now Adam just sat quietly beside me without playing with the radio. Earlier I gave him his medications and he drank all of them without a fuss. I'm so proud of him but still I'd like to have my old mischievous Adam Farihin back. Get well soon buddy.
Today I watched the movie Stardust at home.Synopsis: Tristan Thorn promises the most beautiful girl in the rural, English village of Wall, Victoria Forester, that he will retrieve a fallen star for her from beyond the wall that borders their village and separates it from the Faerie realm. Tristan bravely sets out to fetch the fallen star and therefore win the hand of his love, along the way encountering witches, faeries, and bad-ass princes. In the end of his adventure he finally finds his true love.

The beginning of this movie was a bit slow for my liking but it got more interesting as Tristan and Yvaine's adventure unfolds. I thought this movie was gonna be as bad as Pan's Labyrinth but I was totally wrong. I can't keep my eyes off the ever so gorgeous Claire Daines and this movie turned out to be quite good.

Final verdict: Exceeds Expectations

Exceeds Expectations

20 February 2008

Nothing like starting your day with news of a historic Reds victory against the Nerrazuri at Anfield. I must confess before this morning's game I had jumped on the sack Benitez bandwagon after our shock defeat against Barnsley a few days before. Yeah we got a 2 goal lead but I'm not celebrating anything until after the 2nd leg in San Siro next month. Until then I just wanna enjoy this bragging rights against my Chelshite supporter friends (who drew goalless) and the Devils who's yet to play :P

Irwan and I just went to one place in Subang today and for the first time in weeks we got back to the office just before 3.

If we can beat Inter Milan I'm pretty sure we'll go all the way and keep old big ears for the sixth time! :)

19 February 2008

Always look on the bright side of life.. :)

Alterchart e#4

01 10:04 - One Buck Short

02 Stop and stare - One Republic

03 Don't stop the music - Rihanna

04 Knight rider - Timbaland feat Magoo

05 Give it to you - Eve feat Sean Paul

06 Low - FloRida feat T. Pain

07 Clap, move - Altimet feat Ruffedge

08 Clumsy - Fergie

09 Happy birthday - The Click 5

10 Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

18 February 2008

Bujal just had to tell everybody at my office about what happened on Saturday. Not that it concerned me much or anything. I just don't like the extra attention that followed suit.

As always, Monday is an extra busy day for us (Irwan and I) since it's the day we resume things that we left off before the weekend. Today is no different. We went to four different places today, mainly delivering stuff but we still did some technical support on demand nevertheless. We thought we just want to deliver stuff today but since the Internal Audit guy in Subang paid for our lunch we didn't have the heart to let him down tee he he!

A HP Designjet plotter is one heavy sheet. A HP Color LaserJet 5510 is even heavier. We had to transport both of them from Puncak Alam to the HQ this afternoon. My poor back.

17 February 2008

A few moments ago I just finished watching episode eleven of of the second season of Heroes. Sylar @ Gabriel Gray just got his powers back and we've probably seen the last of Adam Monroe @ Takezo Kensei. I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait for the next episodes of Heroes! Bleh.

This afternoon I picked up Linda from work at her office at Jalan P. Ramlee. I thought the roads are sure to be jammed because of the silly Le Tour de Langkawi but surprisingly there weren't. Jalan Tun Razak was clear, so was Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail. I can even park my car in the middle of the road if I want too. Okay that's too far-fetched. The only time you can do that in KL is during the first day of Raya Puasa.

16 February 2008

As a blogger, I always tried to be neutral and apolitical when it comes to politics. I have friends and family members from both sides of the fence so I choose not to discuss much about politics around them or anywhere on my blogs. After discovering Malaysia Today.net though I started to follow the Malaysian political scene a lot more closely. Previously I was blissfully ignorant about anything that happened in the corridors of power, what the people we vested the power to lead us do in the public or hidden from view. However since the general election is just around the corner, I just can't lay back and pretend nothing happen. I have to give out my point of view. I must make my voice heard.

I've been contemplating of writing this piece of article here since last night. I have all the main points in my head as I lay on my bed. I was already giddy with excitement then but I choose to hold them off until the next day cause I'm way too tired to stay up after a rough day at work.

This morning I woke up just before 7, did my prayers and fired up my Ubuntu PC and started writing. 3 hours later I finished my first draft and posted it on my blog and did a ping to Petaling Street. I also send a copy of my article to Mr Labisman of Malaysia Today.net. After one hour I get about 50 visitors but still no trace of my article on Malaysia Today. 2 hours still nothing. Then I thought what the heck, I don't expect Malaysia Today to post just about any letters sent to them. They got a zillion hits per day and they should have other more important articles to attend too. So I cleaned up the house a bit and proceed with washing my car which badly in need of washing.

3 hours later I checked Malaysia Today again and there it was, my article published in the Latest News and Letters/Surat column. 10 hours later my blog received more than 1200 hits and counting. I didn't care so much about the hits but I absolutely loved the positive feedback and comments. I have made my point and I do hope that humble little article would contribute something for the good of the people. Time to change.BN: Not always the smarter choice.

And oh yeah, thanks Mr Labisman!

15 February 2008

Today Bujal and I went to Puncak Alam together-gether. We checked on some PCs at the Main Infra and went up to Satellite A of the UiTM Puncak Alam project to deliver a brand new PC. Our driver for the day was Mr. Suffian, a HR assistant manager there. After delivering the PC, Mr. Suffian invited us to tag along and check out one of the buildings under construction. We politely decline at first but since he insists we decided go along anyway. This building is 10 storeys high mind you and there's no lift services yet so we had to climb the stairs to the top. The climb was exhausting but the view from the top was magnificent. We could see only half of the entire project site from the top tough. The building that we stood upon is the highest building in the entire campus. If you ever get the chance to study at UiTM Puncak Alam remember to ask for the hostel on top of the hill.

14 February 2008

Today Safuan, Zefri and I went to Jalan Pantai Bharu to deliver one unit of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). It's no ordinary UPS, it costs several thousand ringgit and it weighs a ton. I almost broke my back moving it to the 32rd floor of the TM Annexe building this afternoon. I remember this building used to be an abandoned project, becoming a sore sight along the federal highway until TM bought it. Now it's almost fully occupied. Those lucky castard from Syabas get to work at the penthouse level some more. From the top floor you'll have a magnificent view of the Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam, UM and Petaling Jaya area. Sure brought back a lot of sweet memories for me..

Alterchart m #3

01 Chantek - Altimet feat Adeep Fabulous Cat

02 Meninggalkan aku sendiri - Hujan

03 Mila bila cinta - Mila

04 11 Januari - Gigi

05 Bila nak saksi - Spider

06 Kalis rindu - Elyana

07 Sayang-sayang - Alif Aziz

08 Ketahuan - Matta

09 Cinta dalam hati - Ungu

10 Pagi yang gelap - Hujan

13 February 2008

When I was in Subang today, my client gave me some fortune cookies to eat. They were halal of course and I was curious to know what's inside cause I have never eaten one before. The cookie tastes sweet and crispy but it's the little piece of paper that I wanted to read. I ate like 5 cookies today. Here's how my fortune for this year read:

" You will find a friend when you need one"
This one is rather vague and generic. I don't believe it.

"With a little more hard work, your creativity will take you to great heights"
Again it's too general and more like common sense to me. Off to the rubbish bin.

"You will take a shower at least twice a day"
I'll be darned! Now how the heck do they know this? I'm impressed!

"Although you worked very hard, you won't get promoted or receive any bonuses this year"
Dang, I thought fortune cookies only predict good things only. Sheesh.

"Jessica Alba reads and loves your blog! She wants to marry and have babies with you soon"
Now why do I find that hard to believe?

On other news, I'm sure everybody's heard about the big news today. Yeah the parliament was dissolved earlier today making way for Malaysia's 12 general election. I am excited too. I have never voted before and this is my chance to be part of history. My mom agreed to go back to Pasir Mas with me but it still depends on whether Linda had to work or not on Sunday, 9th of March the day after the election.

12 February 2008

Today I spent most of my time at the office coming up with a new company profile for my company's homepage. After cramming my brain all morning doing research and comparing corporate websites I only managed to come up with only two paragraphs. Writing nonsense on my blogs is easy. Writing a good profile for a corporate website is a different thing altogether. I think I have drained all my good brain cells when I finally finished writing this company profile below. That's it, I can't think anymore for the rest of the week.

Here's a snippet of what I've done all day. My friends thought they were good. I still think there's some room for improvement.

(The names have been changed to protect our corporate identity)

Cosmos Dynamic is a fast growing Malaysian based ICT services and solutions company with more than a decade of experience in Information & Communication Technology.

Established in 1997, our original focus was providing ICT solutions and products for business and organizations throughout the country. More recently we shifted into Computerized Facilities Management Systems services while preserving our traditional business roles. We believe strongly in the future of Facility Management which is the systematic practice of coordinating people and the work of the organization. That is why we have partnered with ARCHIBUS the global leader in facility management software and services for real estate, facility, and infrastructure management. We have been working closely with ARCHIBUS for the past 2 years to provide Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management services and consulting for our clients.

Cosmos Dynamic is powered by a collection of highly trained and experienced ICT consultants, project managers, engineers and technicians with many years of experiences and extensive knowledge in their respective fields

11 February 2008

Last month a colleague of mine brought his girlfriend for an interview regarding a vacancy in the company. Today his girlfriend started her first day of work here. Co-incidentally they both worked in different departments but on the same floor so basically they get to see each other every single day.

Before his girlfriend came to work here my colleague was a merry and joyous guy. He likes to fool around with his friends, especially the girls. But today my colleague is a totally different man. He didn't go around teasing girls, careful of what he says, in short he's quiet like a mouse today. I've known that colleague of mine for over a year now and I know very well how he behaves in the office and amongst his friends. When I heard his girlfriend got accepted I quickly think that's a really bad idea. True enough, today my friend is not his usual self anymore. He cannot do anything he wants and all his move will be watched by his girlfriend who happens to sit just a few feet away.

Me, I like to fool around too and teases my female colleagues all the time. In fact everybody does that here not just me. Unlike some of them though I know my limits and never crossed the boundary in my actions. I know I'm married, everybody here knows that so it would be foolish of me to do anything inappropriate. My colleague on the other hand is still single and while he and his girlfriend are a couple, they still have no strings attached between them. Working together in the same company and in the same dept could either foster their relationship or break them apart. I'm not judging him or anything but I can feel that my colleague here is not done with enjoying his bachelor's life yet. I mean if I with my meager wages could afford to tie the know and even raise a kid for 4 years now, what's stopping this fellow here who earns more than twice as much?

But then again I am not judging my friend here or anyone. What he does with his life, whether he marries today or 10 years from now is nobody's business including me. Nevertheless it will be definitely interesting to see how things goes on from here.

Today's commentary was brought to you by Dr. Phil (and not Afif, he didn't write this and claims no responsibility on future legal actions or whatever)





9 February 2008

If it wasn't for Astro, I would have died of boredom at my in laws place. Linda was happy to see her niece and sister of course but as for me what to do? So I spend most of my time there eating, sleeping and watching TV. Tonight we watched the movie Gubra on Astro Ria. Aside from the positive message conveyed by the story I can't help but compare some of the scenes in the film to Faizal Tahir. I'm sure you must already know the brouhaha he cause by going topless at a live show not too long ago. But if you watch Gubra, you can definitely see a lot more skin and flesh showed by the actors than what Faizal Tahir did. Gubra will make Faizal Tahir looks like a pope.

Don't get me wrong, I love Yasmin Ahmad and her commercials and films. I just don't get the double standard practiced by the authorities in this country. I know the actors and actresses are just following the script but the crux of the matter is, what they did is basically the same. You're telling me it's okay for Adlin and Harith to bear it all and Faizal Tahir can't? Where's the logic in that?
The next morning Sharifah Hazlin (my sister in law) treat us for brunch at this famous Nasi Kandar restaurant in Seri Manjung. She said their briyani rice is the best. I think they're okay but I still like our Restoran Maulana's briyani in Serdang better he he.
We departed from Seri Manjung at 4 o' clock and we arrived home around eleven after stopping three times and going through that massive traffic jam near Teluk Intan. I was meaning to find a romantic place overlooking the river for dinner tonight but too bad no such thing exists in Kuala Selangor. We end up having dinner at some not so romantic road side stall just outside Kuala Selangor.

8 February 2008

In the morning we went to the Teluk Batek beach nearby for a picnic. A visit to Manjung wouldn't be complete without visiting any one of their 3 famous beaches. To our dismay, the place was crowded. Then I remembered it's a public holiday so naturally people throngs to the beach. We walked to the far end of the beach to sit. Adam quickly ran towards the sea but after a few dips in the water he ran back to his mother. Silly kid. I was left all alone in the water. No family members or friends to play with. Boring.
We stayed there for an hour or so before going back. I stepped on Mr. Crab or something and cut my toe. Next time I'll bring my family to Pangkor Island instead (Amen!).

7 February 2008

Today my mom, grandma, Faiz and Izni left for Penang to visit some relatives over there. Few people know this but my dad hails from Penang so we have a number of relatives living there. Plus my dad's mother (my other grandma) was buried there a few years ago. My siblings and I used to go there a lot when we were kid but not anymore. I missed that house at Changkat Gelugor. I wish I could go too but I don't think we could afford to at the moment. So I settled with going to Manjung instead. Besides, I already promised Linda we would go there this CNY.

We left home around 1 o' clock. Taman Kencana was relatively easy to find and we only got strayed once (meaning we did get lost a little bit). We didn't see the puny Shell petrol station so we missed the junction to Taman Megah Jaya. The wedding was lavish (compared to ours la). They set up four tents and there was kompang and karaoke. Lucky for me we got there at the same time as the brides so we didn't have to endure those horrid karaoke singers. I met Nobet there. I didn't recognize her at all with her bulging stomach. She's the one who called out my name then I remember. I used to go to her office before to fix stuff. I don't know whether she still works there at JPSB or not cause I rarely see her nowadays.
Linda didn't see any of her old schoolmates except one. She said the bride was not as popular and as vogue as her in school so no wonder la nobody came ha ha!

We left the wedding after 2 PM. Stopped at Shah Alam for Zohor prayers and left for Manjung after 3. Three hours later we arrived at Seri Manjung. Nobody told us they have moved to a new house until I was already near her old place. We waited for 15 minutes or so for them to return from shopping.

6 February 2008

Yesterday while I was away doing work, the office was abuzz with rumors that I'm gonna get promoted. I don't know whether to believe that or brush it aside as just rumors. Then this morning The Boss called everybody in my department for a brief meeting where he hinted that several people is going to be promoted soon. Still I was not fully convinced that I have anything to do with that. Later Bujal and I had lunch at a restaurant near the office and The Boss came to join us. It was there that The Boss told me himself about my upcoming promotion. I was delighted of course. At last somebody noticed :)

The promotion will not come into effect until next month (I think) but I'm grateful all the same to God, my peers and The Boss of course for this recognition. Alhamdulillah.

5 February 2008

We departed from office really early today. I had to deliver the notebook adapter ASAP because he needed to use it this very morning. Then we head of to the boutique in TTDI again. Our mission today is to get rid of viruses and spywares from every pc in there. As I told you earlier, they don't have any antivirus installed on any of their pcs.
We started at 12:30 and finished 4 hours later. One pc got 849 viruses, while another two was infected by 551 and 110 viruses respectively. 849 freaking viruses on one pc! Wow, that should be a new world record. I don't know who's the genius who didn't install any antivirus in the first place but I'd like to thank him very much for giving us RM420 in service charges today. For those who are still doubtful on which antivirus to use, I just wanna say we found and cleaned over 1500 viruses and trojans using McAfee antivirus alone today.
According to RPK of the Malaysia Today website, Pak Lah will be having an audience with the King tomorrow. He'll be asking for a permission to dissolve the parliament on the 12th of this month to make way for an election which is likely to be held on the 1st of March. Now RPK almost always get his predictions right since he has access to numerous insiders and informers not to mention he is a member of the Selangor royalty. Whatever it is only time will tell.

4 February 2008

I started the day today with some nasi lemak, teh tarik and a runny nose. I thought I would go out as usual with Irwan today but my dept head kidnapped him and told him to do something else at the office. That's okay with me. I have nothing to loose.
I worked around PJ, Subang and KL today. I could have returned after 4 but a client called me to get something really urgent for him at Low Yat Plaza. I quickly cringe at the thought of going to Low Yat during weekdays. Traffic jams, zero parking space, that's enough to drive any mortal human crazy. This time though I had no choice but to go. Sure enough I was caught in a massive traffic jam to and from Low Yat Plaza. It's definitely not worth it. Mr. client, you suck big time you know that?

3 February 2008

My work requires me to travel a lot and since Irwan doesn't have a GDL license yet I became the de facto driver for our company's Renault Kangoo. It's not an enviable job I tell you. My legs and my hands now hurt for too much driving. When I drive I always listen to either my music cd collection or the radio. One radio station that I listen to a lot is Suria FM (105.3 FM in the Klang valley).My fave program from the station is Surialicious which runs from 10 :00 am to 1 in the afternoon. This show was hosted by this one dj called Myra. She has this sultry, super sexy voice that could melt any boy's heart. Some people said her voice is like a bit snobbish you know with that foreign accent. I think she sounded just fine. You can check out Myra's blog and Friendster page.
I'm sure Myra doesn't read my blog but still I just wanna say keep up the good work and don't give a hoot what those people say okay? You go girl! :)

2 February 2008

We have to work today so that we can have a longer Chinese New Year holiday next week. Irwan and I were called to Puncak Alam to fix something. It's been a while since we've been there so the problems sort of piled up over the week. Before we leave, my dept head complained that we went to Puncak Alam too many times. He said it's like we're so eager of going there all the time. Like duh? That's our job? People call and we go comprende? Trust me, Puncak Alam is the last place we wanna go. It's so far away, there's so much problem every time we go there and we always end up coming home late. I just don't get that old man. We did our job, he complaints, we stayed at the office and hang around he also complaints. Nothing we do is right to him. I thought he of all people should know. After all he used to do what we're doing right now. Whatever man. My job description does not include pleasing anybody except the client and The Boss. I do my job the best I could and when the problem is solved and the customer's happy, that's good enough for me. If you got a problem with me, than that's too bad cause I don't give a &*@# kepish?

Alterchart m #2

01 11 January - Gigi

02 Bila nak saksi - Spider

03 Meninggalkan ku sendiri - Hujan

04 Bila cinta - Mila

05 Kalis rindu - Elyana

06 Sayang-sayang - Alif Aziz

07 Pagi yang gelap - Hujan

08 Doktor cinta - Dewi-dewi

09 Ku mahu - Siti Nurhaliza

10 Aspalela - Apek

1 February 2008

Today I send my car for service at the Proton service center in Puchong. This time I didn't have to wait 7 to 8 hours for it to finish because my friend Irwan was kind enough to pick me up and drove me home in the morning. Later I asked my mom to send me back to the service center. So to Irwan and my mom, thanks a lot! What would I do without you guys? This 40000km service left us 500 ringgit poorer. Imagine what we could do with that amount of money. Sigh.

Linda didn't have to work today because it's Federal Territory day for KL, Putrajaya and Labuan. Yes you heard me right, her boss actually didn't make all his staff work on a public holiday! That's unbelievable! This is a cause for celebration for all mankind.
The previously vacant house in front of ours is finally occupied last week by a newly wed couple. Our next door neighbour meanwhile moved out to live elsewhere because the landlord wanted to live there instead. I didn't get to know my neighbours much and now they're leaving already. Err what's their name again?