31 December 2008

It's time to partay!! We had a little get together tonight at Bujal's place. Some of my colleagues shared to make this happen. It's true what they say, some things a great when shared. Most of my office mates were there. Bujal invited his whole villagers along. His sister, aunts, nieces, cousins, head of the village (Ketua Kampung) and mom were there. Hey, it is his place so who am I to complain? (Just kidding dude!) One person who didn't come was his ex-girlfriend, Suzen. She's probably too shy to meet her potential mother in law tonight. Oh come on! It's almost 2009 now, no need to be shy-shy anymore.
So much food, so many to choose from and yet I didn't eat any of them except for the barbecue chickens. I only took Adam along tonight. Linda just got home from work earlier in the evening and she's probably too tired to come along. After eating, chit-chatting and merry-making, we all retire to the pool for some fun and games.

Oh wait, Bujal didn't have a pool! He does has a huge monsoon drain next to his house though. They probably went for a swim there or something later on tonight. For those who choose to attend some other gathering, I must say, its your lost. It would be a long-long time before you get to sample my world-famous barbecue chicken again he he. (Okaylah I didn't prepare the chicken but I did cook them).

29 December 2008

Linda got her driving license about two years ago. Recently she replaced her old probation license with a new full license. Within that two years she only drove the car like 3 times or so. It's all my fault really. I didn't give her much chance to drive the car and I kept procrastinating on guiding her. Her friends who got their licenses much later than her can drive everywhere right now.
So starting from now I'm going to refresh her memory on how to drive again. This morning we went to the pasar malam site in Serdang and I let her drive around the parking lot for an hour or so. Only after a few heart attacks and stalled engines later that we went home. For someone who hasn't drive in two years, I think she's quite okaylah. Her driving is quite good but she really need to practice on parking and reversing. Don't worry dear, you'll be driving like Lewis Hamilton in no time.

Psst, don't tell my Mom we borrowed her car for this driving lesson.

28 December 2008

Michael Owen must have wished that he hadn't signed that 8 million pounds move to Madrid 4 years ago. He could have been a living legend at Anfield, cementing his place in the Liverpool folklore had he stayed through our tough and tumultuous times. Instead he choose money over loyalty and he's now nothing but a former has been. The Anfield faithful don't want him back, Rafa Benitez would rather sign lowly Emile Heskey than approach him again, The Magpies fans won't care if he leaves and even Fabio Capello snubbed him from the England squad.
It doesn't matter that he scored over a hundred goal in his Liverpool career. When ho chose to abandon us for Madrid he committed an unforgivable sin. A real Reds won't leave the club over anything. They only leave when they're old and grey. Tonight Liverpool FC effectively demolished Owen's Newcastle United and put any doubts over out title credential to rest once and for all. I don't hate Michael Owen, I just feel really sorry for him. (You traitor!).

27 December 2008

This morning we registered Adam at his new kindergarten, Tadika Cahayaku Seri Nilam, somewhere near the Pasar Borong Selangor. We were introduced to this new kindergarten by my mom's friend who has nothing but praises for this place. The moment we stepped into the kindy, the owner greeted us warmly at the door. After listen to her briefing, it didn't take long for us to make up our mind and sign up for the kindergarten there and then. I must admit I was really impressed with her sales pitch.

Since we were sending two kids to the place, she offered a really generous discount for us. We only need to pay RM480 for both of them. This kindy is a real kindergarten, one which actually teaches the kids real academic stuff unlike our previous kindy/nursery which only offered nothing but lip service. Adam will be learning Malay, English, Maths, Jawi, P.E, Arts and Computer among others. Apart from that, since we're leaving Adam for the rest of the day there, the place also teaches Islamic stuff such as aqidah, tauhid and qiraati (Koran reading lessons). And on the 2nd semester there will be graduation and prize giving ceremony some more, usually held at South City Plaza.
Adam is naturally, really excited and raring to go. He can't wait to wear his new school uniform and put his school books in the new bag. No son, this time you cannot bring any of your toys to school. You'll probably be swamped with home work anyway so where got time to play-play anymore after this. Adam will be 5 next year and now is the right time to send your kids to a real kindergarten you know so that they'll be ready for school, IMO.

26 December 2008

It was midnight and I was about to have my beauty sleep when the phone rang. It was my Mom asking me to drive her to the Putrajaya hospital because Lina is in labour pain. I couldn't fathom why Zaidi didn't pick up the phone. Had she failed to call her neighbours tonight, I shudder to think what would happen to her.
Anyway I didn't get home until about 2:30 in the morning. Usually I would automatically get up just before 6 even without my alarm clock. Today I got up just before 7. My body clock all haywire and disturbed.

25 December 2008

Nope we still didn't have Internet at home. Our Streamyx application was rejected (we got no telephone pole round here) and the Blue Cube/Celcom store at The Mines ran out of modem so we cannot register for Celcom wireless just yet. Secretly I think the government is exhausting all avenues to stop me from connecting to the Internet. Conspiracy theory? You tell me.
I typed all those new updates at home beforehand and then I carried my huge desktop computer to the Petronas/KFC outlet nearby and went online with the free WiFi service there. Yeah I know I looked stupid and ridiculous sitting at the table with all this but who cares? It's not like I didn't pay for this fries or something.

Things I would do for my readers, sigh.

20 December 2008

For those who missed our Mia Ariana (i.e my in laws), here's a little update.
Mia is 9 months now. She can sit upright on the floor (see pic) and definitely can stand up although only for a few seconds without holding on to anything. Assisted, she can walk everywhere. We can put her in her walker but she would only last 10 minutes top in there without crying.

She's got much more hair now and she can vaguely call her dad (first) and mom. That's babah, papa and mama. I don't exactly like it when she call me babah (do I look like Pak Lah to you?). She also loves to climb up the stairs when nobody's watching and would cry out loud when we frantically bring her down. I know, we need a child's gate.

She's had her solid food for some time now, usually blended rice and Rusk cookies. Not potatoes though (does KFC mashed potatoes count?). She would wake up around 7 every morning right before we leave for work. She's a good girl, rarely cries except when she's hungry or needed a diaper change or whenever his brother strangles her.

She started to recognize her family members now and she'd sometimes cry when strangers hold her. And she can clap her hands and copy whatever her mom thought her.

19 December 2008

I've been so busy lately. I've been camping up a hill somewhere in Puncak Alam. I'm still waiting for my Streamyx to be up and running. I don't know what's taking those streamyx people ages to get it done.

I miss blogging very much. I'm currently blogging from Gua Tempurung.

18 December 2008

Today Adam Farihin bin Mohd Afif turns exactly 4 years old. Being the great dad as I am, I took the day off to celebrate it with him (and also to send my 9 months old to clinic for monthly check-up).
The check-up took a long time (as usual) so we didn't finish until about mid-day. We left Mia Ariana at home with his aunt and head on to Alamanda in Putrajaya.
Lunch was on me. We had the long-awaited prosperity burgers while Adam had his usual Happy Meal. The secret is in the Campbell black paper sauce. You cannot buy that sauce off the shelf anywhere. After 4 years working part time at McDonalds, I knew all the recipes by heart but I cannot cook most of the food sold there at home simply because the ingredients is not sold anywhere. They buy it straight from the manufacturer. Large prosperity burger meal: RM15.00.
Then we head to Carrefour meaning to get Adam a tricycle. We waited forever at the bicycle section but the sales assistant never showed. We asked some of the staff wearing 'May I help you' vest but they were hopeless. In the end we left Carrefour and Alamanda minus the tricycle, seething inside. Carrefour, you suck! No point paying millions for all those ads and reality show when you can't even hire a proper staff for your store. Bleh.

Tough luck son. Maybe some other time okay?
Nevertheless we did bought him his birthday cake, a delicious coffee tiramisu cake with free candles (yay!). I know they're not as good as Rin's but for 39 ringgit, they're alright lah.

We wanted to take you to that huge playground at Taman bukit Jalil but since you're still scratching here and there, we decided against it. Sorry I did make your birthday much more exciting with party and stuff. We do love you very much, you know that right?

4 December 2008

Today everybody at my office had free lunch provided by err somebody The Society for the Welfare of IT Workers.
There were a dozen boxes of Pizza Hut (of various toppings) and half a dozen barrel of KFC. The chickens were first to go followed by the pizzas. That means Malaysians love KFC more than pizzas. What diet? No idea what you're talking about.

1 December 2008

Insaflah wahai manusia jika dirimu bernoda
Dunia hanya naungan tuk makhluk ciptaan Tuhan
Dengan tiada terduga dunia ini kan binasa
Kita kembali ke asalnya menghadap Tuhan yang Esa

Dialah Pengasih dan Penyayang kepada semua insan
Janganlah ragu atau bimbang pada keagungan Tuhan
Betapa maha besarnya kuasa segala alam semesta

Siapa selalu mengabdi berbakti pada Ilahi
Sentosa selama-lamanya didunia dan akhir masa

Keagungan Tuhan music by Gigi

1 December 2008

Saturday: Went to Jali's wedding in Shah Alam after work. Saturdays, 3 times a month we work up till 12.30pm. Not much productivity though cause everybody got nothing much to do except hang around and wait for noon. What's more with most associate companies also closed on Saturdays. The only reason we came cause boss said so. Anyway, I was reluctant to go to Jali's wedding or anywhere else for that matter since my wallet is almost empty this time of the month. But then, since everybody is going, I will be missed if I don't show up. One thing with weddings, you don't come empty handed. If you didn't bring presents at least giving some money to the parent is highly recommended. So we bought a 4 ringgit bowl and wrapped it up nicely to give to Jali. Of course we didn't put our names on it but wifey forgot to take off the price tag of the bowl. Imagine his surprise when it's time to open the presents! Hey, the others didn't even bring anything man, at least I brought something.

Sunday: Went to Uncle Din's place in Kota Damansara for a Majlis Doa Selamat. Uncle Din & Aunty Anum are off to perform Hajj tomorrow and they held this little ceremony before they depart. Lot's of people were there, relatives and office mates. Later that day for some mysterious reason, the tap in the bathroom upstairs broke while i'm using it. I swear i didn't do anything other than turn that thing like always. It just suddenly broke. Mother and grandma brought that nonsense about my hand being hard like why I easily break stuff all these time. Of course I'm right down pissed but come to think of it, sometimes I did break people stuff from time to time. But then, I am also quite capable of fixing up stuff especially when it got anything to do with computers. Seriously, I think it's all coincidence. I'm not all that unlucky. Duh.